100 thoughts to “Latest in the death of 6-year-old Faye Swetlik l 11 p.m. Monday 2/17”

  1. We so need to figure out how to spot these sickos like Coty. My heart felt sympathy for her family. Shes with the Angel's now

  2. Make all type perpetrators know that their is No excuse for their behavior, they will die by their own hand or by the living!

  3. Unfortunately I feel based on the evidence based on police coded wording that we will hear that Cody Taylor is responsible for her death however they can not openly admit to is prior to tomorrows medical examiners report. The question is no longer who did it in my opinion nor do I wish to know how he did it or what transpired as it will tear many more people apart and the aweful heartache for the family. I am positive police have went through his electronics in search of child porn or leads through social media , emails or what not and this should be announced soon, possibly tomorrow as well. I also believe any of his closest friends in person or people who he communicated with often on social media both public and on private message that he communicated with recently who seen communication or heard anything suspicious from him should contact the tip line.

    When I first heard of his death near her body and the evidence from the garbage can and linkage between the two deaths in addition to that there was no threat to the community, I ruled him out as a innocent victim who was killed once police said this followed up by they are not seeking a person of interest. In a case like this, they would if someone was at large in a recent murder otherwise. So this ruled him out as a witness and turned him into the subject. Then he was interviewed shortly prior by police so I feel he panicked taking his life shortly after. Unfortunately I don't see that a arrest will be made. To me, he went out as a coward. Rest in peace 🙏 Faye, you are deeply missed little angle. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Its absolutely horrible.. my child is the same age .. they both would turn 7 in june i could never imagine what her family is going through.. my prayers are with her and her family

  5. I am so sick of hearing how another child is missing , has been kidnapped , sexually assaulted , murdered….
    We have to figure out how to stop these monsters before they start. Breaks my heart to hear of a child being hurt in anyway.

  6. I would just like to say that : that coach was solid and very well spoken and I hope to meet her an shake her hand someday. Until then : good on YOU.

  7. She was so beautiful. Wish I was there to help her at that time and let her know she’s safe. But now she is in heaven. Rip little sweet Faye.

  8. At 23 seconds, I am pretty sure that the word written on this little Angels teeshirt is Peace. This is heartbreaking and so sad. Words just can't express the sorrow her family and friends must feel. We absolutely have to keep a close eye on children whether these kids are ours or not. Please watch out for them because they are innocent and unaware of the danger that can be so near. Community Watch is so important. Words just don't mean much right now but I am so sorry for your loss. God bless you and keep you always. Rest in Peace little one. Mike Pardue Numbers 6:24-26✌

  9. This is every parents worst nightmare. It is hard to even watch. Faye reminds me of my 5 and 8-year-old granddaughters. We are praying for the family here in Spartanburg county.

  10. This is horrendous that poor baby look at her beautiful hair colour so unique and stunning. Why is this world so evil, little children are all precious jewels that should be protected nurtured and loved. How anyone could ever hurt them in any way is beyond any decent human beings comprehension.

  11. Rest In Peace little one, you’re in a place filled with love and all good things.
    My prayers go out to family and friends, may the peace that passes all understanding keep and sustain you through the days ahead 🙏🏻💜

  12. Sending my love to Faye and her family and friends.
    Some many people around the world are with heavy hearts.
    My thoughts and prayers are with Faye and her family and friends.
    God bless.

  13. We need to execute those monsters every time they are discovered. We the people have to end this epidemic of pedophiles and offenders. Once and for all. I’m tired of hearing this same narrative. Legislators will never do what needs to be done. I wonder why they are so lax on offenders and pedos?😡 Anyone?

  14. Clearly he was a geek didn’t get no pussy and decided to take it upon himself to do the unthinkable and then throw her away after he’s done like a bag trash. And the pressure was on and I think the girl kicked in or who knows why he took himself out tell me otherwise

  15. ● The coach did good.
    ● Over and over again children & women murdered.
    ● What'll you bet Law Enforcement finds Child Pornography? Just as an interest in violent Adult Pornography or violence on tv, films & video games often precedes Sexually Sadistic murders of women.
    ● How heart-breaking. Over and over events like this. With all our knowledge of psychology & with all this amazing technology, is this really to best we can do with the world?

  16. My prayers n condolences go out to rge family n friends those who helped in anyway the recovery of Faye S. MAY GOD GRANT ALL COMFORT AND HEALING. THE STRENTGH AND COURAGE TO MOVE FORWARD. IN JESUS'S CHRIST NAME WE PRAY AMEN. MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN

  17. I love that little girl. My heart is so sad for her family. God bless everyone who is showing their respect. This is heart breaking. 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. They need to grind up his body and feed him to pigs to make pig shit out of him, then dedicate a landfill to bury him in. He's rotting in hell right now. Good for him.

  19. I'm so in love and respect this community for so much support and unity. My respect and blessings to all of those first responders 👏👏👏. Prayers 🙏 to the family .

  20. There’s been so many little girls in South Carolina taken, little cupcake not very long ago and another one and her mother, I pray for them all 😢

  21. First people please for the love of God, watch your children! We're supposed to protect them save them take care of them love them and raise them to be the best they can be….. Where not here to fail them. Get off your butt and stand outside sp they can play, get off your damn phone so they have eyes on them at all times outside the safety of their home's… I dont care how safe your area is , people are sick and evil and they will get what they want when they see the chance too, even if you're standing close by. Unfortunately we cant trust very many anymore even family and friends have evil hiding. No child should be missing raped murdered injured by someone who was given wnat they want… Access to the very gift God gives us to love protect nurture and never fail. Accidents happen, children in positions to be taken raped killed whatever….. Is no accident! Rest easy beautiful and prayers to her family who now cant change a mistake so many of have made in life.

  22. I have a 6 year old daughter and would go psycho for my baby I wouldn't even be able to think right smh this poor baby was just being a kid all babys r just being kids and still get beat up or tortured by sick despicable ppl and even worse there own parents smdh

  23. We should prevent this a put gps chips in our babys that way if they go missing u can see their exact location and put a piercing that's stay in the skin like a earing that dont come out with a mic on it so u can hear anything that's being said loud and clear 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤝🏻🤝🏻🤝🏻🤝🏻

  24. Stiffer penalties (death penalty) needs to happen to child predators. Not a slap on the hand, bond out and do it again. Our pathetic justice has definitely failed our children.

  25. Seeing all the love and support a community will pour into a child that has passed really pissed me off and made me sad. That same community probably shows no interest in supporting and loving those around them on a daily basis. I remember when every mom on the block was your mom! When neighbors looked out for each other. Now it seems as if we only come out and wave if we’re not looking down at our phones. If we can all start showing love and support in life maybe neighborhood kids will be a little safer. My heart aches for that family. It’s 2020 and we need to do better. 😞

  26. SHE WAS A SACRIFICE 4 THE OCCULT AND ITS BEING COVERED UP when are you people going to say enough is enough???? how many more kids have to give their lives for evil????? STAND UP 4 THE KIDS OF OUR FUTURE

  27. I'm sickened by this! How could this happen? People don't take your eyes off you children. Little Faye has left us and joined the Angels above. Please let's keep this live until the animal who did this is apprehended and made to pay the price.

  28. RIP babygirl fly high now in the arm's of God our Father in Heaven. God Bless always and be with this little girl's family thought-out hard times🙏

  29. Oh this terrible I don’t know what happened to this poor little girl exactly I am so heartbroken for her she’s so innocent and my heart goes out to the family also what to said terrible tragedy😩💕

  30. Fayes law school bus stop cameras at school bus for kids and teens ! And a number where if a person bad intentions to call a hot line if they feel the need to harm themselves or kidnap someone they can get the help they need ! Before they do those serious crimes against children or anyone and anything!

  31. Not trying to blame anyone or speak ill about her mom but I have 6 kids and I never let them play out of my sight ever. We need more parents to watch their children.
    I was at a park yesterday a lil boy started running across street he stood on the other side for about 15mins until i yelled whos child is that then the mom put her phone down an ran for him…like this is how kids go missing pay attention to the kids

  32. Our community didn’t have this much problems because those in our community watch out and over children in the community. Even if we were at the local park or playing in our yard couldn’t no stranger bring their ass into grandma or another neighbor yard and walk off with a child. That’s what we need to get back too!

  33. I don't understand why these young children are being left unsupervised to play outdoors where the perpetrators can snatch them. Children SHOULD be able to play outdoors but in our world today it is not advisable. Children MUST be supervised by an adult at all times when out in the public. There are monsters among us and they are preying on our children. It is a sad fact that children can no longer just be children and play like they used to only coming in when called for supper. Our world is growing worse and we absolutely MUST supervise our children. Even our little dogs are not safe in a fenced-in yard unsupervised. There was a rash of little dogs being snatched to be used as bait dogs for the training of fighting dogs recently in my area. I don't let my little dog go outside unless I am with her. She is my baby now and while I am in no way making a comparison of the loss of a dog to the loss of a child (I lost my youngest child and only Son to congestive heart failure when he was only 35 so I understand the loss of a child), I am just making a point about the evil that surrounds us.
    I am in no way blaming the parents of little Faye Swetlik or any of the other children lost to these monsters. The monsters are responsible. We just need to be aware that one of these monsters could be lurking around every corner and protect our children by keeping close watch over them. Children are easy prey. Evil abounds in this world.

  34. Death penalty for all child predators! Enough is Enough! It's time all states make their laws tougher when it comes to child predators. RIP little Faye, precious Angel 😭

  35. We need to know the past criminal activity of the killer and exactly who decided to release him back into society and why was he released .

  36. They can keep the story. Shouldn't even put it on the news. All the kids missing and they want to isolate one story as if it's more Significant than others. It's more than one kid missing right now. The truth is people sacrifice their kids and then turn into millionaires from fun raisers, GoFundMe. Not saying this happened in this situation but the thought needs to reside in the mind.

  37. People have laughed at me and made stupid comments because I am a “overreactive” and “panicked” and “exaggerated” person for NOT letting my kids play out in the front yard, and for always following my toddlers everywhere and watching them at parties and stuff, people have told me why don’t you stay and talk to the adults at the parties? Just let your kids go play with the other kids!!!
    AND also for not letting my oldest stay at their friends slumber parties….
    but at the end of the night I’m not worried, I’m glad to tuck my kids in their beds and kiss them good night! My kids are precious to ME, and I am responsible that they stay safe. So what other people say doesn’t matter one bit

  38. My heart is so saddened by this little angel snatched and murdered by a vicious monster. My condolences to the family and the community.
    So many sexual predators are here in our community, our families, our clergy and some strangers. I truly believe that these disgusting porn sites that are free to focus on ones particular type of perversion gives these people strength. They live anonymously and strike out snatching the innocent from the arms of loved ones free to violate and murder them. Many get away and some cowardly commit suicide, so they can't be brought to justice to identify them. Protect your little darlings. Trust no one with your little angels. Any one member of your family can be a monster. Or your neighbor you don't know. Or do know. Be viligant. Know where your children are. If you can ,meet them at the bus stop. Have a neighborhood watch of screened parents to keep an eye on those who walk home alone, not met by an adult that is trustworthy. Viligence. Protection. Responsibility.

  39. Times like this make me ask Why God Why and when will it all stop God? I have 3 great grandbabies I see the world today and I worry about what it will become.

  40. She was so beautiful,with the most pretty s blue eyes,iam so sad for her family and Faye's little friends.seeing her get off the bus she was so sweet and innocent.no one knew in minutes this sweetheart would be abducted and murdered,except the killer.my heart and prayers are with family

  41. Beautiful sentiment from the Coach and community. Thank you. This has been so difficult for all of us who search for missing children. We always hope for the best outcome. It hurts all of us when it ends so tragically.

  42. I live in uk my heart and prays go out to the family I wish I could give them a big hug because words dont help at the moment.

  43. If only the media had the same tenacity in punishing criminals instead of constantly posting their crimes. You pervs keep killing this child every time you show some "expert" giving the perpetrator attention. The Creator is going to whip your ass America, keep it up….

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