Latest Immigration News June 2018

Latest Immigration News June 2018

I’m here to talk to you about what’s news in immigration
there’s always something to
talk about in immigration as it seems to
be a hot topic of interest. The main recently changes have been
with the employer
sponsored visas ( the temporary skilled stream )
The new training levy fund that has been
proposed and has been on hold until
it has been passed; it was recently
passed through the Senate the other week
so just be aware that there are going to
be more costs for employers sponsoring
people either on a temporary basis or
permanent basis. You will be
required to pay an additional training
levy fund at time of lodgement of the
nomination. That’s not going to
affect any pending applications and when
it’s going to be coming into effect
we’re yet to know that it could come in
any day now. I’d say they’re just putting
the legislation together and it will
be introduced shortly so just be aware
if you’ve got a nomination pending, you
might want to look at putting it in.
This is going to effect employers because
the obligation is with the employers to
pay the fund. it’s legally are obliged to
do so and it is against the law to pass
any of these training levy funds onto
the actual employee. If you’re
lodging a nomination transfer for a
current 457 holder or
you’re lodging a new nomination for a
482 visa
you’re either going to be charged twelve hundred a year or eighteen
hundred a year per year for each year
that you’re wanting the temporary
resident for any employer.It
depends on whether your turnover is ten
million or higher or less than ten
million so if it’s higher than 10
million obviously going to pay the
higher fee. The same with permanent
residency, if you’re going to nominate
and support
an application for sponsoring an
applicant for permanent residency you
will be charged a training levy fear of
either $3,000 or $5,000 at time of
nomination so be aware, they are going to
be additional costs and if you’ve got a
number of applicants that is going to
affect your budget and your bottom line
now the other changes are with labor
market testing for the 482 visa as we
know it’s mandatory for all
occupations unless there is exemptions such
as international trade obligation but
the 21-day duration of having to
have the advertisement up and going has
increased to 28 days. Once again hasn’t
come into effect yet but it has been
passed through the Senate so that will
be a change or come through any time. It
possibly may not come through until the
18th of June to be in line when there
are other changes from the 18th of June
affecting labor market testing. In
regards to other news.. I know a hot topic
for a lot of people that have got their
permanent residency and got parents
overseas but don’t qualify for the
contribute or the non-contributory
parent visa, it was scheduled to come out last
July and was postponed. It’s still
pending we haven’t heard anything
further in regards to that long stay
temporary visa where the more
you pay, the longer they can stay and not
having to meet the balance of family and
have got to pay health medical etc that
hasn’t come through yet.So unfortunately
for those that are hoping to have their
parents out to help with child care or
just to be there for support,
we’re still waiting and we’ll let you
know when that changes. Citizenship..
there’s been no change with citizenship
that’s still going along as is. If there
are changes it will come into effect
from the 1st of July and will only
affect those applications that yet to
be lodged. It won’t affect any
citizenship application. I know the
biggest complaint from people that have
got their citizenship in is, how long is
it taking. Well, it’s very difficult to
know because it seems to be varying
dependent on where you’re lodging it
and your backgrounds scenario. There
is a lot more scrutiny into citizenship
especially background checking and
that’s where they’re reliant on third
party providers so that’s what some of
the delay can be depending on what
country you’re from. It may mean that
they’re relying on that country to
obtain third party information about
character and sometimes that can delay
the process. They do say on their website
currently it takes ten months from
application until ceremony date and I
know some people have been
waiting a year and that could be also
identity check as well if you’ve got
names that are spelt differently
sometimes you may not have a surname it
may have been listed in a visa
application as a surname and it may not have.
They’re just trying to meld it all
together to make certain that you are
who you are. It’s usually identity and
character checking that seems to be
delaying the citizenship process but be
patient. it will come through eventually.
As always if you’ve got
any further questions just about changes,
pending changes etc don’t hesitate in
giving us a call on 02 9419-5411
or send us an email [email protected]

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