Lara Trump reacts to Joe, Jill Biden defending son Hunter on ‘The View’

Lara Trump reacts to Joe, Jill Biden defending son Hunter on ‘The View’

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  1. How come the left never has solutions? All they do is whine n go to character assassination! Stop hating n help the solution?They r poor examples for the kids!

  2. Stone gets off cause McCabe lied to FBI, Congress, n American people isn’t prosecuted? Shift lied multiple times should go to jail but isn’t?
    So what that stone got a break!

  3. Did u know Stone’s jury foreman is a anti-Trumper and posted rants about Trump and the Stone’s trial on social media?! MISTRIAL!!

  4. The left are 'HATERS' pure and simple! If they get elected, the stock marked will go down the 'next day', and down for a while. Mark my words!!! George Soro can make $ billions again by buying and selling when everything is on the bottom. It happen before, after the 1st WW. France and England squeezed Germany out for reparation. They 'only' took gold as payment. At that time the currency was based on the Gold Reserves. In 1921 you could buy 1 million D.M. for 2 US cents. People came to Germany and bought Real Estate for pennies. Germans realized, 'in no time Germany will not belong to them anymore. Than came a man and said, "elect me and I will change all this". The rest is history.

  5. Trump supporters who are attacked for their politics need to press charges for a hate crime. Use their ammo against them. As with all bad behavior, the lack of consequences encourages more, increasingly escalating, bad behavior.

  6. At the Whitehouse, Secret Service agents, military staff, civilian employees and volunteers are held to higher standards than dear leader (only of his Al Queda/base)? LOL!! donald's base and republican senate/house members holds their children to higher standards, but in-turn, gives dear leader (only of his base) a perpetual pass. donald violates the oath-of-office as president (of our nation, not just his Al Queda/base), the rule-of-law, and just plain ole civility.

    Let's not forget the creepy, cringe-worthy images, videos, articles, and donald's own words and conduct in the public sexualization of his daughter, ivanka (some of the women donald is alleged to assaulted mentioned him comparing them to ivanka; and a few mentioned he was or tried to get a couple of these ladies into ivanka's bedroom). I suspect he molested ivanka. Also, I believe her mother (mother of donald's three eldest children, and whom they love and really care about) knows but has convinced ivanka to remain silent to ensure access to his wealth and perceived financial legacy. ivanka seems to be a shell of a human from my perception.

    Will lara allow donald to be alone with her daughter?

  7. If Trump wanted an investigation then he should’ve gone through the justice department, plain and simple. If he “didn’t know that,” as many republicans claim, then this demonstrates why he was never qualified for the job (no experience).

    This was political in nature and had nothing to do with fighting corruption. Republicans, democrats, and the world bank wanted that prosecutor gone.

  8. and I have MAGA stickers, and NRA stickers I dont DARE put on my vehicle, or dont DARE put a TRUMP SIGN in my yard, I WOULD BE VANDALIZED AND FIRE SET TO MY HOUSE!!!!! I would do it and call the police, but they dont care and dont get involved. These people are COWARDS OF COLORADO, and do it in the night!!!!! Even if they got caught, they would get off easily!!!!!!

  9. Lara…….if the Dems continue to attack Maga hat wearers…..I pitty the fools if a Demo cheats and somehow wins the 2020 election…..they will be pounded for wearing a Hillary hat…….. we have thugs too…….Harley riders for Trump

  10. Laura's exactly right. I don't outwardly show my support for Trump. I'm in TX, which is red, but turning. If I wore a MAGA hat it would be bad. And it's sad b/c I see others wearing their Beto shirts & Bernie stuff. My wife & I would like to wear Trump gear because we love & support our president, but we're not confrontational people & don't want any conflict. At work I don't tell people I support Trump & when someone speaks ill I just kinda go along with it. So yes, a lot of people will support this president (again) in NOV.

  11. This double standard of law is disgusting. I have lost all confidence in Justice, the intelligence community and Congress. If this does not change quickly our Nation is permanently damaged.

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  13. Matt Gaetz is going to be attacked on that Looney View this coming week.. I used to have much respect for Sunny (sp)in the past,no more. That is a hate show.

  14. Socialism and communism aren't the same.
    socialism: The government takes your money and evenly distributes it. communism: the government takes your money .

  15. Putin mentioned Ukraine originally to deflect away from Russia election involvement – Trump begins mentioning Ukraine too, to deflect away from his connection to Russia – Stupid right wingers fall for this story despite there being no evidence to support it and continue to repeat the same debunked right wing conspiracy theories just like Desperate Donald does. Complete bunch of corrupt power hungry nutcases.

    We are living in a limlted 🐇🕳 !AMERICA LAND OF THE FREE……LOADER-LEADERS!

  17. Truly hope the poison ☠️ ring crap wasn’t an actual dig towards the president inciting his daughter to do the unthinkable! God Bless our president!!! He needs it 🙏

  18. This Hunter Biden stuff is so dumb…Trumps kids are 10 times more corrupt. They run a hotel in Washington DC where foreign leaders and lobbyists buy $600 a night rooms for $6000 a night renting whole floors multiple nights…it’s real look it up…not fake news and that is way worse than whatever Hunter Biden did. Wake up ! Hello!

  19. It is because Trump and in the mind of the left because they think he's so terrible then anything goes. They believe they have every right to act any way they want, including being horribly violent, because their end justifies the means. The left has acted incredibly horrible.

  20. My 16 year old routinely wears his MAGA hat. I am often telling him that I worry about things like this happening to him. He wears it anyway because it’s America and we shouldn’t be censored because of our beliefs. He’s right, but as his mother I still worry.

  21. Lara can you be our next first lady please!! Can You talk your husband into running for the next-next President election….?? Let's keep the Trumps in the White House

  22. Where possible, Vote Early… don't allow the Never Trumpers rob you of your chance to Vote with their tactics on Election Day.

  23. They have to defend their son because they used him to line their own pocket so they are really defending themselves 💩🐀💩🐀💩🐀🐀💩💩

  24. Hunter Biden is a big baby; the shadow of a brother he couldn't measure up to. In the wake of his poor judgements stands a father desperately trying to minimize the actions of his addiction, infidelity, collusion, paternity fiasco, and obstruction. This father is seeking the same office of a person he was so enamored with for 8 years has yet to be considered as a viable candidate. An Obama flunkie of sorts.

  25. Literally, every one in the Trump family has class, is well spoken, successful, and is pro American. I wish Democrats would learn from them

  26. We have to take back the House & keep the Senate. The Presidency is seems to be a foregone conclusion but we can't rest until Nov. 4th.

  27. Lara " I never worried about Joe Biden " her and me both I never got why they thought he was a challenge . Why no worry bcuz we already have the greatest PRESIDENT in decades. Gotta love it 🇺🇲🇺🇲💗🇺🇲🇺🇲

  28. Yes I am going to get out and vote for President Trump. I won’t wear a MAGA hat or put a Trump 2020 sticker on my car because of fear of the ever tolerant and loving left. But, they can’t follow me into the voting booth

  29. That’s why Hunter is such a disaster of a human being. His parents have been excusing his behavior since he was 3. When you don’t make your kids accountable you create children with no character.

  30. I love the first family ( Don Jr and Eric rock .. Ivanka 😳) Lara is pure class , FLOTUS is most elegant . President does not need the agro , he is taking shots for US IN THE USA 🙏🏻🇺🇸⚓️

  31. Jill ?…….Oh, right ! Biden's 'mousy' wife that lets him sniff other women's hair and press up close behind little children !

  32. I brought a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT to the TRUMP rally in DALLAS we stood in line for hours and openly joked, " look this man is a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT, he's not getting beat up!!" We had a ball! Sooooooo soooo much love standing in line with Trump Supporters . GODS GOOD PEOPLE.

  33. Revolutionary reactions always come from the left. They mask their hatred in progressive talk of liberty for the underrepresented but it is where Nazism flourished as well as Communist fervor. The end is always violence and repression of thought because their ideas die in the light of truth.

  34. weird how haters in general found a niche when the TV told them orange man bad …it's like the TV and Maxine Waters gave them licence to hate and be violent.
    It is Not cool to be an INSURRECTIONIST….it's also a crime.

  35. Lara Trump ay be extremely wealthy but she sure seems like the lady next door. Trump and his family are doing a wonderful job forAmeri a.

  36. Trump’s 29th Trip To Mar-a-Lago Brings Golf Tab To 334 Years Of Presidential Salary
    The president often brags about not taking a paycheck, but his golf hobby has now cost taxpayers $133.8 million.

  37. So refreshing listening to intelligent people. I think Republicans are against violence and bullying, where as democrats lean more toward a communist like type behavior.

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