100 thoughts to “Kobe and Gianna Bryant Remembered at Los Angeles Memorial Service l ABC News Live”

  1. Dear Beyonce ,
    That was magnificent
    Dear Vanessa,
    You are amazing and inspiring
    Dear families who lost loved ones,
    You are in our prayers 🙏

  2. I am not an American nor do I live in the USA, but grandson and I were watching " A CELEBRATION OF LIFE " and my grandson said to me Nana, Kobe was the Mohammed Ali of basketball. I really did not expect to hear that from my grandson.

  3. I have to admit, I wasn't a Kobe fan, I liked him and admired him as a person, but I wasn't a fan of him as a basketball player, he was too good, he always made the shot and he always beat my team.. But more than basketball, he was a good human being. My heart hurts for him and his family. He will truly, truly be missed. I can't remember ever crying so much for someone I didn't know personally, but this really hurts.

  4. “ I won’t be able to tell her how gorgeous she looks on her wedding day.”This part got me crying 😭 . RIP Gianna💜💛💜.

  5. I find it disrespectful that no one mentioned his parents or siblings. They lost their child and little brother. No pics of them, no acknowledgement, nothing. Without his parents, there would have been no Kobe. He was the way he was because of his parents.

  6. I read the comments about Beyoncé and her so called inappropriate outfit: come on guys I don't think that Beyoncé would disrespect Kobe, Kobe's Family, or Kobe's millions and millions of fans by wearing something that she thought was inappropriate; I do agree though that the designer if it was custom made should have done one more fitting to tighten up the chest part because if you look closely every time Beyoncé moves her arms, the material moves and shows more of her boob than she herself would probably want to show given that this is a memorial. But as far as I heard, they were friends and she did an awesome job for HER FRIEND! Still 😢 crying!

  7. So, I have a story.
    A pretty funny one. Not funny enough to sooth the pain, mask it, or stop it.
    But my mother and father are die-hard Bryant fans who used to go to every single game they could. They had me and my sister, so life was not about the court the Lakers were in, or the newest Bryant baby, it was about taking your kid to the park and making dinner. But every chance they can they watch the Lakers now. But this story is about the past. My mother and father were at a Lakers game while Kobe stirred the court wild with cheers and chants of the mambacita legacy. But there was my mom, going wild watching him. And because nobody is perfect he slipped and fell on his toosh. Ngl everyone saw it but Kobe saw my mother pointing and yelling and laughing and, like a Magical Mabacita Mirror he did it right back sliding on his butt. Pointing at my mother. As she screamed and yelled and pointed, Kobe was right there. Doing it right back. So my mom had a sorta kinda a little bit not complete fan encounter with our cherished goat, flying across the ground on his you know what.
    Though it may not be significant, or it may not help a lot I thought you should know.
    My reason…

    Because Bryant. Because Mamba. Because goat.
    Because sliding on butts.

  8. Is that Kiandra Richardson behind Beyoncé singing? You know the lady that plays Damon Cross' daughter on Empire? Just asking!

  9. Kobe Bryant was a great basketball prayer and his daughter was great to both of you rest in peace missing you and your daughter. !!!!!!!!! 😪

  10. Beautiful ceremony but they packed up all the memorabilia that was around the Staples center? Dang havnt been able to see it for myself yet

  11. zero acknowledgement of his father, mother, siblings. well you can say all u wantabout what his parents did. Didnt they apologise in public? If its about that what do u say then about his other siblings? Vanessa did mention her own mother and zero about anyone from kobe's family.

  12. Respect and condolences. My heart goes out to the Bryant family and the families of all who were on that helicopter. Very sad 😢

  13. I believe this is what all his fans needed to have that final goodbye. We needed this closure. For all the families involved my heart goes out to you all. You all are not forgotten nor overlooked. We remember you!!! Kobe and Gianna you will forever be missed. RIH!!! 2/24/20 #Mambaout

  14. I'm disappointed that his. Mother and father didn't get a chance to say anything. Besides that it was very heartfelt. R I P Kobe Bryant

  15. My deepest heart felt condolences to the family. May you sleep well Kobe and Gigi. Gone but not forgotten.🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽💕

  16. Thank-you and GOD bless those who kept everyone safe today at this memorial service.I really can't take another hit right now.

  17. I'm sad for Kobe's parents, without them there would be no Kobe or Gianna. That was disrespectful for not allowing them to share their stories with the world. #KobeBryantRip #GiannaRip😓😓

  18. Strongest woman with so much grace. So much class. Respect! God bless Vanessa and all of the family members effected in this tragedy.

  19. The Black Mamba for Life 💛💜 2-24-20 I wish they would of gave a shout out to Kobe Dad. All these Dads are up here speaking and I never seen the man who brought him into this 🌏.

  20. Dear Basketball was the perfect way to end this… Wow! I believe so many men will be inspired to change because of the way he lived his life. And women too! What an inspiration! What a gift to the world and his family he was. God help me to affect lives like Kobe!

  21. I cried so much 😭 💔 Vanessa Bryant is so strong and is full of strength and courage 🙏 my heart goes out to her and her family she is a real mom ,wife she is compassionate I felt all of the love and hurt in her speech you're the MVM. RIP Mamba and mambacita and Rip to the other seven people

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  23. Its amazing how Kobe would give words of wisdom & passion & of truth to ppl that he would come into contact with. And how he could make ppl turn a negative into fueling their own inner fire.
    Lakers fan for 44 years now. Never saw a player like Magic and never will see a player like Kobe.. As a die hard Lakers fan i been blessed, we all been blessed…

    Thank you Kobe, thank you GiGi. And to all people on board, may God give strength to the families suffering, and may they all R.I.P.

  24. You're IN Heaven. God Took You Away. What A Great Relationship. What A Lovely Family. – DON'T W A S T E Another Day. You Wanted To G U I D E The World. They Will Be Missed. BLESS.

  25. I don't think it fair that two deaths are being remembered like this but what about the other people who were on the helicopter with them do they not matter do their lives not matter like seriously all the lives lost should be celebrated and remembered together not just a celebrity

  26. I would dare all those who disliked this Memorial for Kobe and Gigi Bryant, to do it openly and not in anonymity. Show your face and explain why you dislike this beautiful tribute.

  27. when staples Center opened or news that lakers was leaving the forum i was sad, but i thought we are gonna get this great new arena,since day one or year one & the 1st three yrs Lakers won championships in the building and that was great & great moments but now this is the second time this beautiful arena has had somber moments 1st the memorial for Michael Jackson another icon & now for KOBE, Gigi & everyone on that helicopter just very sad, i hope this year the Lakers ball out & win this championship for kobe & dedicate it to all those families that lost someone that horrible January morning, its gonnabe another sad/happy moment when kobe gets enshrined into the basketball hall of fame😢🙂

  28. kobe what a let down your folks auctioned off your memrobilla to make ends meet and you are spending millions on your goldigger's side of the family and cutting yourself off from you blood family rest in piss, you never achknowledged your folks that made you who you are instead, your wife's side of the family, who only gave you the time of day becoz of your job and money are your go to people rest in piss once again

  29. 413 people didn't like this. This is the memorial for a legend. always somebody. RIP kobe and the others who were involved.

  30. Well , I was confused too with such sudden incidents, for quite a while until I found out the truth, the truth about how the economics of the system works. Every event we see in life, like the birth, the accidents, the death will produce opportunities for others to make a living out of it. And this system is designed in such a way that it'll support the families who work in hospitals( people get sick or end up in hospitals for only one reason, which is to support all those doctors , nurses make living out of such customers) , car mechanics ( if your car gets in wreck ), families running funeral businesses, flower shop businesses, greeting cards, basketballs, sports gear, etc, etc, every possible thing we can think of.. As the population increases so are the different ways of making living increases.When my brother died in 1998 world population was 5.8 billion, but now it's 7.6 billion and it'll grow up to 9 billion by 2050, which means, no matter how many of us die , we are going to be replaced by few more humans. I'll not regret a bit if I die today ( I am 40 yrs now ) knowing that I might be born again (at the most )or I'll be replaced with two more new born within the same week. We are here to create livelihood ( even through our birth and death) to other fellow human beings. One last point to be noted:A basketball star like Kobe is already born replacing Kobe but he'll be busy with his training for next 20 years,then to come into limelight and the future generation will applaud him just like our generation applaud Kobe. Unfortunately most of us don't train our brains to think so deep into the future.


  32. I’ve never heard Vanessa speak she spoke so bravely and beautifully ! I am so sad for her and all the families that lost love ones ! I pray we all know God is in control and we meet amazing people everyday for a purpose and once it’s fulfilled their journey here is done but it doesn’t stop they will live on in eternity as long as their loving and living righteously!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Praying peace and understanding during this time

  33. The loss of Kobe and his extremely beautiful and talented daughter is a horrible loss to the world. God bless you both. I hope to see you and her in Heaven after I pass. To all of his family, friends, and fans. I offer condolences.

  34. Kobe you gave me so much great memories as a kid growing up I'll keep you for ever in my heart and use the Mamba Mentality in my every day life love you big bro rest easy

  35. Seeing GiGi in those videos makes me realize how young she really was and that her life was just starting along with the two other girls on the helicopter. Very sad.. :((

  36. Gigi was daddy’s little girl and athlete’s. You can tell they had such a beautiful relationship and they left this world together!. Rest In Peace Kobe and Gigi!!

  37. I love how Natalia is smiling and has such a positive attitude through out the whole program. She honestly inspires me so much without ME even noticing how much she inspires me. I can’t imagine what all the families are going through right now especially Lexi… R.I.P. to everyone. ❤️

  38. A lot of stuff has happened once 2020 started …. but this is the most shocking thing let’s be honest ! This will be in history books and our generation will always remember. We will miss u Kobe and others including GiGi😞👌🏼💜💛

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