Kim Kardashian TROLLED & DRAGGED By Taylor Swift Fans!

Kim Kardashian TROLLED & DRAGGED By Taylor Swift Fans!

Kim Kardashian is facing the consequences
of her actions after she asked for quarantine tips on how to keep her kids entertained during
isolation, when Swifties had no mercy and savagely dragged her. What’s up y’all, it’s Emile Ennis Jr.
bringing you all the breaking news updates here from my in-home Clevver studio as we
continue to practice safe measures. So if we didn’t know before, now we know
that Swifties don’t forget, you guys. You heard it here, engrain it in your minds
because apparently if you come for Taylor, you will suffer incessant trolling and dragging
via social media probably until the end of time. That said, Kim Kardashian’s 9-tweet-long
rant about the leaked audio from Taylor and Kanye West’s conversation earlier this week
clearly didn’t sit well with Swifties as they seem to find any reason to tear Kim to
shreds. Kim has since claimed that she will not speak
on the subject anymore, and has been hanging out with family while preparing for the season
18 premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. But with four children and one Kanye to fend
for, as well as a ton of time on her hands due to the quarantine, Kim seemed to have
run out of ways to entertain the West clan. Which, I find very interesting seeing as her
MANSION has a pool, endless backyard space and the kids playroom is stocked FULL of toys…
but I digress! Kim took to Twitter and Instagram yesterday
to share a photo of her family cuddling on the couch together, to ask for some quarantine
tips, asking fans, “What is everyone doing to keep your kids entertained??? As a family we are social distancing but need
some fun ideas of what to do! Any suggestions would help!” Asking for suggestions on what to do with
her own family instantly ignited a fuse within the Swiftie kingdom, as they haven’t exactly
gotten past her comments about the full leaked audio from the infamous 2016 phone call from
earlier this week. They began trolling the comments section of
both her Instagram and Twitter posts with comments like, “You can teach your kids
how to apologize.” Another user went IN on exact and detailed
instructions for Kim, writing, “Write an informal apology to @taylorswift from you
and your husband, deliver it and don’t make it public. Then talk to your children about owning your
decisions whether they are good or bad. Then explain to them that it is never too
late to do the right thing. xoxo.” This would definitely be a way to pass the
time, but it would also never be something that Kim would likely do. Another fan suggested that while the family
is sitting on the couch looking for something to watch on TV, they could always tune into
Miss Americana on Netflix, tweeting, “watch miss americana or reputation stadium tour
to see the woman who ended your career without having to move a finger, you won’t regret.” To add to all the trolling, fans then realized
that Kim began deleting comments off of her pages, which of course just added more fuel
to the fire. Then in addition to suggestions like streaming
Lover, watching Miss Americana and apologizing to Taylor, this user suggested Kim brush up
on her video editing skills. They said, “editing videos to ruin someones
life you should try it… oh wait.” So it seems like Kim has PLENTY to do to last
her until the end of the weekend, but sorry to rain on your rainbow parade, Swifties,
but the likelihood any of this actually happening is slim to none… On that note, I wanna hear if you guys think
the fact that Swifties trolling Kim’s social media is wrong, or did she kinda have it coming? Share all your thoughts down here in the comments,
and after that, you can click right over here to see what Taylor’s friend Todrick Hall
had to say in response to Kim’s And stay up to date on all the latest celebrity
tea by subscribing to our channel and ringing that notification bell. Thanks so much for tuning in, I’m your host
Emile Ennis Jr. and let’s all be a little nicer to each other today!

100 thoughts to “Kim Kardashian TROLLED & DRAGGED By Taylor Swift Fans!”

  1. I love this!! The rats asked for it 😂 she can’t be ruining Tay’s life for four years and then expects to let it go after four days… she needs to experience what she put Tay through. Maybe then she’ll understand..

  2. I have never believed Kimye….coz if the edited voice call was true Taylor would not have complaint about it

  3. Can t we be a bit kinder especially under these circumstances? We, for ourselves, doesn t matter if you are mean to a bad person or a good person by your standards, you re still mean and that says something about you not them. And we ask ourselves why we get all these worldwide calamities, we re learning jack shit.

  4. She had it coming she and her mental ill husband made Taylor’s her family and OUR life a living hell for four years! Over the truth! They canceled her for nothing!

  5. She put Taylor through hell. She needs to go through hell too. She needs to apologise to Taylor. Karma is a bitch maybe while editing the video she forgot the fact that truth always comes out and the victim always gets justice. what she did is a crime. A small trolling is not even enough.

  6. Not even a Taylor swift stan but it’s so amazing seeing the truth finally come out and her being free from the multiple false claims made against her. Taylor seems like such a sweet woman, I hope all goes well for her from now on, especially after all the hell she went through after this first started.

  7. I say who gives a rats ass! There is CLEARLY… Way more going on in the world other then this middle school girl drama.

  8. Idk WTF is so hard to just apologize to TS and keep it pushing. She can be such a fake humanitarian I literally do not understand why she is sooo AGAINST Taylor. And she’s almost 40. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  9. I don't agree with trolling or an eye for an eye, but clearly those Kardashians do so they need a taste of their on medicine. Maybe 4 years worth😒 They and thier fans bullied TS for years, and they've done the same to other people too. They need to be at the receiving end of their hate to learn that they CANNOT do this the people!

  10. I don't have to be a swifty to know right from wrong. If kanye did it for publicity, then Kim didn't have to open her privileged mouth and put Taylor in a bad position. I hate how the media is always in Kim side. Though this channel is fair and doesn't take sides, just the truth.

  11. But Kim did it to herself as she acted poorly. Now she’s using kids to buffer the rage. ewe! Kim AND Kanye need to reform their rights. and wrongs.

  12. and i'm not swiftie yet she deserves it and to add more to it! that was a stupid rquest to ask people, i mean seriously you're rich, you probably have all the latest entertaining stuff in your house yet you dare to ask normal people who some of them don't find what to feed their children

  13. im not gonna lie i feel like all this hate kinda just bonces off of her like i feel like shes veen thrpugh much worse then being cancelled by the swifties

    p.s. im totally a swiftie

  14. It’s not just swiftys because I’m not a swifty but I know right from wrong and Kim is wrong and manipulative and I have no problem calling that out! So you should change the Taylor Swift fans to just people because not all are Taylor Swift fans.

  15. Its So funny when i saw an article on her Instagram post i was like how about you teach your kids how not to lie and apologize 😂 but I don't have social media so I just had to scream it while i read it

  16. Okay listen broskies, y'all need to check yourselves before you throw shade. Don't just be plain out rude and offensive to Kim because of the scandal. I'm talking to those who are bashing on her looks and what she posts when it's business related. Of course she's going to try to move on, she has her own work to focus on too but what the REAL issue here is that she hasn't taken responsibility for destroying someone's career, she hasn't apologized but instead tried to downplay it and take the high road. That's where the anger should be focused on, not just rude random negativity. And for those saying she HAS to give her money away, no . She's a businesswoman too who made that money so she has the right to choose what to do with it just as you do when you make your own money. Yes it would be AWESOME af to see her focus her attention on donations but it's not fair to tear her down for choosing not to. Basically what I'm saying is, don't be a sheep and spread negativity if you don't even know why you're attacking. I am definitely a Swifty but definitely do not support negativity. Be mad and tell her to apologize instead of calling out her flaws and shaming her for not giving away her earned money. It's time to be aware of what you say because you never know how it can truly affect someone's day.

  17. It doesn’t even take a fan to defend what is right and what is wrong!!! TS was done wrong and now the time has come to make things right!!!! That rat needs to apologize and stop acting like she didn’t do something wrong! Acting and asking superfluous questions like, what to do to not be bored… are you serious right now?!?!? 🙄

  18. Oh yeah and she deserves the hate. Kanye and The whole kardASShian deserve the hate. They are boring. And always play victim. LIAR

  19. Kim Kardashian shouldn't have fired the first shot like that and then delete her own words if she knew that we can all she how she really thinks about Taylor Swift

  20. Just Cancel Them Already, if everyone gathers and make a plan to NOT watch their show the ratings will go down and that might cancel the kardashian

  21. Kim/Kanye made Taylor suffer for 4 years on something she never did, so Kim better buckle up, we’re coming for ya

  22. Why does the title make it seem like Kim didn’t do anything wrong? I think “People are now mad at Kim because she was lying for four years and framed Taylor Swift making the whole world turn against her, harassing her social media so swifties have every right to be mad” is a more appropriate title.

  23. She said Taylor keeps igniting this fire when it wasn’t her who leaked the footage. If anything it had to be someone from her Kamp tf

  24. I am not a swiftie but what she did really boil me .. it does not help that I don’t have anything to that to just sit and troll around 😂😂😂😂

  25. Definitely I think she got it coming 🤷‍♀️, if you do something wrong and never apologize for what you did , what do you expect ? 🙄

  26. The whole world is trolling her, not only the #swifties
    If you look into the lyrics of Look what you made me do, you'll see that it says: the world moves on another day another drama drama, but not for me not for me all I think about is karma and then the world moves on, but one thing's for sure MAYBE I GOT MINES BUT YOU ALL GET YOURS

  27. She must be happy with all the attention she's getting… it isn't like she cares if they are negative or positive.

  28. Leave Kim alone. At this point she’s working alongside agencies to try to get innocent people out of prison. Give a fk about Taylor’s ass

  29. Taylor Swift got put through hell four years ago and I'm not saying she deserves an attack on every component of her life because that's not fair but come on Kim you know everyone has to get theres. She lied and tried to lie again but the people are tired.

  30. I wish a new family would come into the picture to kick the kardashians out of the spot light. I’m so bored of them 😴

  31. Y’all saying she canceled but in the same energy will be running in to her show and wearing her makeup line 🤦🏾‍♂️. I can’t stand this trash either but stop talking and be protective by messing with her bag. Just a thought.

  32. Am gonna do this to Kim for the coming 4 years 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀
    As she did to my Taylor 😡😡😡

  33. America please stop watching that trainwreck of a family PLEASE! I'm sick of the losers and I want them to go away!! I dont want to see anymore about Kim's fake ass or Kanye crazy psycho mouth running. It's bad enough they are breeding and those poor kids have ZERO chance of turning out normal.

  34. Kim and Kanye deserve to be canceled please join my movement go to Kim's insta and put rat emojis thank you

  35. IF THEY TALK SHIT THEN I OWE THEM NOTHING, I DON'T REGRET IT ONE BIT CAUSE THEY HAD IT COMING (edited version of "I did something bad" by Taylor Swift -I hope you all know what "edited" means, unlike K*m-)

  36. People need to stop dragging, trolling and canceling people. Please if 2020 can teach the population anything it should be forgiveness. The people trolling Kim now were the same people who sent Taylor snake emojis back then.

  37. Let me quote: the world moves on another day, another drama, drama. But not for me, not for me, all I think about is KARMA"

  38. it’s funny when a artists career is at its low point and their fans start shading other celebrities just to the artist somewhat relevant. Lmao 💀

  39. Yeah bullying is wrong.. But she deserved it in every way since because of her Taylor was bullied for years lol.. Their family is actual trash..

  40. why are people paying so much attention, just drop it ffs, there are bigger things to be worrying about. kim, love you but, pay attention to your consequences, taylor’s fans, they need to chill the fuck out

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