Kids Interview ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Stars Sebastian Stan & Anthony Mackie | PeopleTV

Kids Interview ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Stars Sebastian Stan & Anthony Mackie | PeopleTV

100 thoughts to “Kids Interview ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Stars Sebastian Stan & Anthony Mackie | PeopleTV”

  1. The one movie I could watch every day for the rest of my life would be Infinity War because i already cry everyday, why not have another reason to cry😂😂😂

  2. Sebastian said "good old steve rogers" and mack realized that's only an inch from being a spoiler 😂😂😂😂

  3. It's almost like Sebastian always brushes it off with laughter when Mackie compliments him, he always seems so shy about Mackie complimenting him

  4. 2:48 why was sebastian so against soy can someone explain I think I read somewhere that it's not good for you but asians I think tend to eat a lot of soy so I don't see what's wrong with it

  5. "what makes a superhero if they don't have any superpowers?"
    seb: heart, courage––
    anthony: BuYiNg FaLcOn tOyS >:(

  6. Okay but can we acknowledge that these kids asked better questions than most interviewers. That's just sad

  7. “What makes you a good hero if you don’t have powers?”

  8. Anothy is a awesome dude but he needs to stop being so salty but no buddy perfect

  9. I like when Mackie confessing his preference to The Winter Soldier character and waiting for Sebastian to reply the compliment.

  10. Kid: "What superhero makes you laugh the most?"
    Seb: "Loki"
    Me *thinking*: That's my boy, my favorite loves my other favorite like a brother from another mother XD

  11. I love Seb but I drink soy because I’m allergic to dairy and I’m more healthy than half the kids in my school

  12. How is no one talking about the fact that the girl at 2:38 pronounced her name wrong? 😂 (I know she's small and it could have been stress In front of the camera but I find it quite funny)

  13. omygod… triangle love between them and Cap Rogers…
    LOLL Stan seems couldn't handle of Mackie XD he's be lyke '………..'
    How on earth Mackie knows about bakchoi !!! XDXD Stan be lyke '……..' again

  14. Okay, off topic but I don't get the Irish language. What sounds go with what letters to make Caoimhe sound like "KEE-vah"? Genuinely asking because I don't get it and that's not the only name that's confused me.

  15. 2:29 Sebastian never handles compliment well, not from a selebgram he once did live IG with, not even from mackie, and definitely not from sharon stone! He just giggles, looks down, lowkey says thx, or completely ignores the person complimenting him. Its cute!

  16. "bok choy is like quinoa but different"-Anthony Mackie

    hold on did I accidentally copy this from another comment
    deja vu

  17. Sebastian Stan energy level is same as when I'm doing math..
    He's like please finish this I'm bored go back home and sleep

  18. Kid : what makes you a Hera if you don't have superpowers

    Sebastian : umm heart , courage

    The Mackie : buying falcon toys , that what makes you a superhero

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