Key Moments From the Trump Impeachment Hearing, Day 2 | NYT News

Key Moments From the Trump Impeachment Hearing, Day 2 | NYT News

“It is in America’s
national security interest to help Ukraine
transform into a country where the rule of law governs and corruption
is held in check. Ukrainians who prefer to
play by the old corrupt rules sought to remove me. What continues to amaze me
is that they found Americans willing to partner with them,
and working together, they apparently succeeded
in orchestrating the removal of a
U.S. ambassador.” “And at one point
in your deposition you said that they —
that being Giuliani and the corrupt foreign
prosecutor general — had plans to, quote,
‘do things to me.’ What did you mean by that?” “I didn’t really know. But that’s what I had been
told by Ukrainian officials.” “Did you subsequently
understand a little bit more what that meant?” “Well, you know now with
the advantage of hindsight, I think that meant removing
me from my job in Ukraine.” “You had left Ukraine
by the time of the July 25 call between President Trump
and President Zelensky. Prior to reading
that call record, were you aware that
President Trump had specifically made reference to you
in that call?” “No.” “What was your reaction
to learning that?” “I was shocked,
absolutely shocked, and devastated frankly. President Trump said that I was ‘bad news’
to another world leader, and that I would be going
through some things. So I was — it was a
terrible moment. ‘She’s going to go
through some things.’ It didn’t sound good, it sounded like a threat.” “Did you feel
threatened?” “I did.” “As we sit here testifying, the president is
attacking you on Twitter, and I’d like to give you
a chance to respond. I’ll read part of
one of his tweets. ‘Everywhere Marie Yovanovitch
went turned bad. She started off in Somalia, how did that go?’” “Well, I mean — I don’t
think I have such powers, not in Mogadishu, Somalia,
not in other places.” “The president implicitly
threatened you in that call record and now the president
in real time is attacking you: What effect do you think
that has on other witnesses’ willingness to come forward
and expose wrongdoing?” “Well, it’s very intimidating.” “You don’t have a lot of
facts and information relating to the part of this
that we’re investigating. And those are the events
from May 20 up until Sept. 11, the release of the security
assistance funds — is that correct?” “Yes that’s correct.” “A lot’s been said about
what was going on around the phone call. I’d like to focus more on
what’s happened since then to you and your career and,
and what’s going on. So when you got the word —
anytime an ambassador changes post there’s
a process you go through to pick what you do next.” “I recall that there was the
fellowship at Georgetown, and asked whether that
might be something that could be arranged.” “Georgetown is fertile ground for State Department
recruitment of future fledgling
foreign service officers, and so they now benefit
from your experience and your inspiration, to
inspire them to perhaps spend their professional life
in service to our nation.” “It’s like a Hallmark movie —
you ended up at Georgetown. This is all O.K. [laughter] But it wasn’t your preference
seven, eight months ago, correct?” “No it was not.” “Wasn’t your preference
to be the victim of a smear campaign,
was it?” “No.” “Wasn’t your preference
to be defamed by the president
of the United States, including today, was it?” “No.” “President Obama
had the right to make his own foreign policy
and make his own decisions as president of the
United States, correct?” “Yeah — I mean there’s
an interagency process. And obviously Congress
has a role as well —” “But he has the right
as president — I respect the
interagency process, I’m getting to that actually. But he has the right to
make his own foreign policy and make his own
decisions as president of the
United States as do all presidents,
correct?” “Yes. But what I’d like to
say is while I obviously don’t dispute that the
president has the right to withdraw an ambassador
at any time for any reason — but what I do wonder
is why it was necessary to smear my reputation —
falsely? “Well I wasn’t asking
about that, but thank you very
much ma’am.” “I would just say to the
American people, today’s show trial has
come to an end. We’re headed down
now to the basement of the Capitol to go until, I don’t
know what time. But we’ll be back there hiding
again behind the closed doors, interviewing more witnesses
that you may or may not be able to see in the public. I hate to break it
to my colleagues, if there’s anyone else out there
watching television ratings, but they must
be plummeting right now.”

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  1. Ambassador of one of the deadliest places in Europe… gets threatened and intimidated by criticism from a tweet by the President.

  2. In a country founded in free speech the chair does not need to bridle, or control questions which do not meet his own narrative, If we are after truth then the truth should prevail unbridled no mater what it shall present in the end…………. Just as the vile Pharisee were out to entrap Jesus, for any crime which they knew the temple and Rome would possibly hand out harsh sentence, no mater how absurd the methods of entrapment or how vile or childish the accusation…. the Democrats in Washington DC are doing the same to President Trump…. Matthew 12:14 Then the Pharisees went out, and held a council against him, how they might destroy him…..

  3. Big thanks goes to the New York Times for exposing the Trump-Guliani driven scenario in Ukraine and started all the chains of events that brought to the impeachment hearings.

  4. And yet obozo fired all the diplomats and nothing was said about it . Whats this chicks problem ? did her feelings get hurt . And she okayed the spying on a bunch of journalists and others . GOOD RIDDANCE

  5. Hahaha this is actually comical!! What a waste of time and money!! The Democratic Party is full of emotion with no fact!!!

  6. President Trump fell into schitts trap, waiting for Trump to tweet anything so he could start another fire against our President. When are we the People allowed to bring our 2nd amendment right guns and bring these democrats to justice as our founding fathers told us to do!

  7. This woman was just upset that she got fired, yet she had been in the job for years and was in Ukraine when the disgustingly fake Trump dossier was created by Ukraininan and US officials and paid for by the DNC. Trump had the power and good reason to do a wholesale clean out of the foreign servants in Ukraine bc they are not on a wonderful holiday at taxpayers expense. This hearing is pathetic. She was NEVER a first hand witness to anything, and all this talk about her FEELINGS is utterly irrelevant. Feelings over facts. Oh, poor woman, lost her job.

  8. This impeachment is the last chance for you Americans as a normal citizen in a democratic nation! If you still want be a leader of democratic world, none of you should support this evil president! I am surprised that still a half of you Americans like this pure evil!

  9. Nato must attack America obviously first with continuous airstrikes. Hospitals schools priority targets then remove the evil president and then establish true democracy by putting a suitable canditate in place. I mean this strategy is working perfectly else where also.

  10. President has show his true colors from the beginning the problem he doesn’t face the consequences for his actions since his supporters deflect his behavior and take the blame for him. But remember Trump supporters don’t you dare get mad when the next president has the same behavior, even if their a Democratic, Trump supporters you open pandora box of authoritarian, socialists, fascists monarchy, communists, dictatorship behavior. Everything Trump supporters complain about….

  11. soooooo. where is the whistle blower?
    where? where? where?
    all this and no actual person? hmmmm. there’s nothing funny going on here.

  12. Listen very closely to Adam Schiff talking to her about the tweet. This is exactly how Satan sounds whispering in your ear.

  13. So why post this? She was fired for bad mouthing the President and his policies. She's a bureaucratic cry baby. She offered nothing to the precedings except more nothing from the Democrats. The Democratic Party has become a joke and dangerous for America.

  14. Former Ambassador Yovanovitch perjured herself when she said that Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko had retracted his statement asserting that Former Ambassador Yovanovitch provided him with a list of people he couldn't prosecute. He never retracted that statement and still stands by it. This was part of the reason the Ukrainian government wanted her recalled.

  15. Disgruntled former employee. Sounds like a case for human resources. What is this woman doing in this hearing ? No pride quo, even she said no crimes committed.

  16. All American ambassadors serve at the Pleasure of POTUS!
    He Won the Election!!! 8 years will fly by,get use to it!

    Trump is going to win in a landslide in 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Trump =Best Economy Ever in the USA/the Wall /moving the embassy Jerusalem /taming China in Trade/Tax cuts/rebuilding the American Military/Taming NK/policies moving America to Energy independence/its morning in America!
    Demarcate.we Hate Trump!

  17. Trump bankrupted six businesses. Sounds like everywhere Trump goes turns out bad. Just look @ his incompetent administration.

  18. Yes, why was she even there. Seems she did very little in Ukraine other
    than ran cover (circulating a "do not investigate" list)for the
    corruption which filled a few Americans pockets with cash (Hunter Biden,
    Chris Heintz, and Devon Archer all of Rosemont Capital). She didn't
    know about Burisma. Did you know that Joseph Cofer Black, former CIA
    specialist in counter-terrorism with no oil or gas experience also
    joined the Burisma board in Feb 2016?

  19. Yes, why was she even there. Seems she did very little in Ukraine other
    than ran cover (circulating a "do not investigate" list)for the
    corruption which filled a few Americans pockets with cash (Hunter Biden,
    Chris Heintz, and Devon Archer all of Rosemont Capital). She didn't
    know about Burisma. Did you know that Joseph Cofer Black, former CIA
    specialist in counter-terrorism with no oil or gas experience also
    joined the Burisma board in Feb 2016?

  20. These Democrat politicians are liars and frauds. The case is 1,000,000 times stronger for the pay for play by Joe Biden to blackmail the Ukraine to fire the lawyer investigating the company Biden's son was working for. The "Democratic" party is a total disgrace! They know they will lose the 2020 election so they keep looking for a means to impeach Donald Trump.

  21. The socialist have judges that will and have convicted any Republican in the 100s .and not one socialist Dem has been convicted .Not following the same rules .like Antifa or Colin Kaperneck getting a private combine .

  22. Trump is an embarrassment for the American people. Hindsight will prove that to those who are too proud & stubborn to accept it.

  23. She never asked Trump for Aide for Ukraine .She never talked the Trump .She did allow corruption by the Biden's and was coached on how to spin any questions on the Biden Corruption but that is How dems roll.

  24. "To transform into a country where the Rule of Law governs and Corruption is held in check" – Sounds like she is talking about USA rather than Ukraine

  25. Why are these people always reading off something? Actors read scripts…People speak by using their heart and mind.

    This is a show (just look at the title of this video). Its easy to see these people are just playing a role on stage. The last thing on their mind is….YOU. Hopefully, were all entertained for the day, now that we’ve clicked on this video to see if “The Gavel Came Down!!!” cue eerie music
    Tune in next week folks- for more of “How the rich are going to manipulate you into doing what they want you to do!” Until next time!!

  26. No one asked what exactly she dud for that Country as our Ambassador. And now Trump is going to be impeached because he recalked this woman back to USA, but still was able to get the great job she wanted over here??? What a Circus this Congress has been.

  27. The Left always feels "threatened" by truth and reality. Poor "victim" lost her job because she wasn't "pro-Orange-Man", but she was pro-"inter-agency process". Deep-State garbage and Female-entitlement at its finest. Cry me a river.

  28. The HECK with $400 million to Ukraine ! (makes dems Insane )
    Mr. President Trump…. TEAR DOWN ALL FOREIGN AID (until the end of your second term) !!!

    My wishful fairy tale come true would be all foreign aid starting now till the end Of President Trumps 2 terms would be redirected to America's Poor and School debt from all the college tuition RIP OFFS ! You have better protections with credit cards, car purchases and being an illegal/refugee than what you pay for at many(most) college$ !

  29. My friends and I always make sure we have The New York Times, Washington Compost, MSN, and Google News to take to our fishing cabin. Not to read, but we need a lot of toilet paper in our two seater out house.

  30. Marie Yovanovitch is still trying to get her dignity back after the TSA found a vibrator in her luggage a few years ago. (they thought it was a pipe bomb).   lol

  31. Schiff's closing speech was the highlight for me, followed by the spontaneous standing ovation for former the ambassador. I almost felt sorry for the Republicans in the press conference afterwards: they have some very clever and tenacious people fighting their corner, but even they couldn't defend the indefensible.


  33. The key moments for me have been the let down of the so called bombshell that is supposed to produce an impeachable action. When are we going to hear about something the President did that is impeachable. All I am seeing is people that are either not on the same policy page or they are pawns in a larger conspiracy to protect the democrats that have committed corruption on foreign soil. Trump was getting too close to uncovering serious corruption in a foreign country by past leaders. That is the bombshell that needs to be uncovered. Trump is the first president in my lifetime that cannot be controlled by the establishment. That is good for everyday citizens and bad for corrupt politicians.

  34. Oh… baby Marie Yovanovitch, a woman, cannot face the fact that the President Trump fired her. And she feels terrible and shocked, men don't talk that way crying like a baby.The little cream puff snow flake, that more than likely, voted for that feminist arrogant Hillary Clinton. She has always hated Trump Now she wants revenge on the President for being fired.

  35. Why is she being heard, she wasn't even there at the time of the "telephone' call, she is just a disgruntled federal employee that was removed from her position, she wasn't even fired she still works for the state department and president Trump is still her boss.

  36. A key moment, not shown in this video, is when the people in the room started to applaud and cheer for the ambassador at the end of her testimony

  37. so this ambassador was relieved of duty and feels badly, shocked, applaud, devastated … etc…etc
    so does anyone really think that this ex-ambassador is an unbiased "witness"?

  38. Where's the part where she perjured herself? The part where she lied under oath about knowing that Hunter biden and Burisma has been undersuspicion by the Obama Administration intelligence?

  39. Wow. Nyt is soo biased. Show the entire deposition. Why the nitpicking literally 2% of the whole thing? They are justifying the ambassadors crap by saying but oh he threatened me.. Wow. Talk about self victimization.

  40. muh impeachment drumpf bad and orange and so on, criminal and stuff. Its amazing how anti American your democratic party is, fueled by blind hate

  41. Trump fired Obama’s tool, she got her golden parachute, now her 15 min. of fame, her opinion is not US foreign policy………hers didn’t work, (a disgruntled employee is not a high crime, or reason for impeachment)

  42. —How can some wave the flag and yet accept abuse of those that serve our nation so unselfishly and fearlessly?? Millions of Americans should rise up and scream that the abuse will go on no longer. I sleep better at night knowing that Marie Yovanovitch, Taylor, Kent and others like them sit on the wall, watching, ready to warn of danger that is real. Ahhh the decline of the Roman Empire. The moral void. The people are blinded by the "bread and circuses" and the death rattle from their lying, self gratifying leaders. Are we, as a nation, that deaf and blind to what is false and what is true? The world sees, and many are happy with our distraction. Ahhh the decline of the Roman Empire.

  43. "Hiding again behind closed doors" Hiding from whom? Republicans will also be there 'hiding' asking any questions they want. Nunes you are dimwit.

  44. It is resoundingly apparent that her agenda is to protect her public opinion at the expense of handling the issues that work against the welfare of America's problems with the countries she works in. This is probably the same self serving attitude that President Trump referred to regarding problems of Somolia. She places her reputation above doing the hard things to protect, correct and solve hard issues.

  45. Hold on She was working there under the former President when most of the corruption occurred. The new regime that wants to fight OLD corruption does not want her there?
    The Ukraine President said it in the transcript "She is not in favor of me" !!!
    Am I missing something?

  46. Let's see how many likes we can get for the whistleblowers name before YouTube censors my comment. Spread the word, let the people know what the majority on the right knows already. They whistleblowers name is.,.

    E.r.i.c C.i.a.r.a m e.l.l..a

    I had to put the dots in because YouTube automatically censors his name

  47. See this woman? She's a groomed CIA operative! Was born in Russia speaks Russian fluently ! Never was a naturalized U.S citizen! Raised in Canada! Brought to the U.S at age 18 to study at the Kent School in Connecticut! Known for the grooming practice!

  48. What an utterly pointless waste of time and taxpayers money……you cannot impeach a President for hurt feelings and he has the right to decide which people represent the USA….do the Democrats do ANYTHING other than suffer Trump Derangement Syndrome

  49. she ended up in georgetown so its all good? wtf seriously
    i am seriously disappointed in republicans. I understand that they don't agree with this but their questions were laughable. if this were a court of law their questions would not have helped their case at all. they are after all on the side of the president and trying to prove he is not guilty. but they don't refute any facts at all. they simply make remarks.

  50. At the rate things are going, Trump’ll be in his THIRD term before the merry media morons get around to even finding a reason to impeach him! #MAGA #KAG

  51. Countries around the world are seeing what USA is made of and that's why the BRICS countries coming up with a new world currency and moving away from US dollar just like it's president you can't trust it' dollar.

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