Kevin Owens Stuns Seth Rollins during critical Town Hall: Raw, Nov. 25, 2019

Kevin Owens Stuns Seth Rollins during critical Town Hall: Raw, Nov. 25, 2019

100 thoughts to “Kevin Owens Stuns Seth Rollins during critical Town Hall: Raw, Nov. 25, 2019”

  1. The way he talked and moved his hand reminded me of when james ellsworth was talking to aj styles couple years back after tlc i still think seth heel turn is getting a good tu

  2. It’s funny how everyone want to talk about Seth Rollins heel turn Nd y’all wanna talk about cm puck a men that wasn’t even out there Nd that’s not even trying to come back in the ring but nobody is talking about K.O aka Kevin Owens ! This is his moment so plz get off Seth and punk dicks thank you very much 🤦🏿‍♂️

  3. If that's a how Seth turns heel that's honestly quite pathetic. Can WWE not make a good heel turn anymore? Imagine turning heel in a way that you blame everyone but yourself (the team leader for you brand) for coming up short

  4. Everybody is talking about of Seth becoming heel but no one literary no one is talking about the guy who is wearing AEW T-shirt😐😐 3:02

  5. actually amazing how, KO was the one to steal Rollin's title when HHH gave Owens the title, this is some real long story building given HHH gave Owens the opportunity at Wargames, and now that Rollins is going out of control, Owens is again going to confront him

  6. I think the Chicago Wolves should fire Rocky Thompson and have Seth Rollins as head coach. I really like his leadership. WWE may not like it but I do.

  7. Became a face when he attacked Kevin Owens in 2016, Became a heel when Kevin Owens attacks him in 2019, how time flys 😂

  8. Dumbest, most embarrassing thing I’ve seen in a long time, the opening Seth Rollins/bashes everyone and they cower off back to the locker room segment. Way to make your entire RAW roster look like a bunch of pathetic wimps, WWE. Who is writing for this show?! What kind of response is it in a world where wrestling is central to get called out and trashed and then cower away back to the locker room pouting. I felt humiliated for all of the wrestlers made to look like they had no back bone. That goes especially for Rey Mysterious whose kid even got trashed on as “stupid” and all he could react with was scurrying off petulantly pouting. Yikes!!! To think I applied for a Creative Writing job in WWE and was turned down. I wonder who got the job over me, Chuckie from the Rugrats.

  9. dominic is NOT stupid. seth i loved you so much. for years i looked up to you and becky. but you just ruined your rep. kevin also took your spot. please dile it back, you where also my screen savor. i had to change it to becky. you just went too far.

  10. Rollins has officially become heel once again? I could not care less. I am not impressed with his potential twist in character. He is nothing special.

  11. I don't get it, you hate him for tweets? Everyone posts on Instagram Twitter facebook it's 2019 who TF cares? News flash EVERYONE POSTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA, and let's be real Seth IS right, he lead team raw and HE was the last one standing, the only people who actually won their match was the viking raiders, he's right and you guys are to pissed over stupid tweets that mean nothing, Rey couldn't best Brock Seth did it twice, Seth has main evented wrestelmaina best triple H and was a member of the shield, he pulled his weight

  12. Why is owens doing a stunner? I’m so confused? And why is randy looking like he don’t like this promo either hahah

  13. He shouldn't turn heel, he should be like this as a Babyface just like velveteen dream. It will give a fresh dynamic to his character.🤔

  14. Seth u should never allow people's negative opinion affect ur life. U know how these negative people r…they will always be there to complain, criticize even judge u n ur work no matter how good u r. Look I said to Joe once n now im saying this to you….the way when people treat u badly or criticize u or judge u, always remember it says nothing about u but everything about them.
    So just do ur thing like u always do – burn it down.
    N also there's nothing to apologize to us…ur doing a great job n for that I respect u a lot..its a great promo, believe me i enjoyed it very very much.
    See Joe that's my brother! 👉🔥 Monday Night RAWllins. 🔥 😎👏

  15. Seth rollins no pedigree no triple h 😡
    Kevin owens no stunner no steve austin 😡
    Tomorrow roman reigns roman bottom no roman bottom 😡

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