Kellyanne Conway slams Pamela Karlan: ‘Who the hell are you lady’

Kellyanne Conway slams Pamela Karlan: ‘Who the hell are you lady’

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  3. Thank you Lellyanne for telling what most of us who voted for Trump have known from day one. They tried stealing the election with places like Dade county, Fl. When that failed they planned this impeachment nonsense.

  4. Pamela Karlan is a Jewish Zionist. She is a real enemy of the American people. It is the Jewish Zionists who are behind the impeachment.

  5. Karlan ain’t right in the head. She has no finesse and only wanted to spew her hatred for the President. She didn’t even know what she was talking about. What a loser. She should be fired from her job and should not be influencing our younger generation

  6. poor kellyanne .karlan hasnt done anything illegal like the redumblicans .she dont have to agree with letting someone else think for her

  7. All you out there trying to get a “woman” to become President of the United States need to get your head right. A WOMAN SHOULD NEVER BECOME PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES AND SHOULD NEVER WANT TO!! And that not being chauvinistic in any way, but truthful.

  8. My brain feels full and heavy. I hope you'll keep the best clips of Karlan, virtue-lecturing the entire room and all those outside within earshot, and you will continue to play them ever so often. Its the very best reminder of what is being pushed on everyone, and what we are up against. Our republican reps have been tremendously awesome in the hearings: Lee Zeldin, Matt Gaetz, Doug Collins, Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes were the heroes of the impeachment over-reach and abuse of power, the only ones there who made the hearings interesting and safe for people. The republicans worked hard, to make a rally stage with all he trimmings, and in Congress they fought battle against an irrational foe. Imagine the help they could get if mental health services still had hospitals.

  9. Kellyanne Conway is an American treasure; what is unfathomable is how can someone with her pro-American middle class sensibilities be married to that liberal dipshit?

  10. We must use our own brains and most here seem to be very smart (REMEMBER WE DO NOT JUST AGREE WITH PEOPLE WE MUST REALLY LOOK FOR facts only) and we CAN vote people OUt if we see they are disastrous or not vote them in, either way. We must do it properly and get signed up or Registered if you are not already. My husband and I, were Dems, but we changed it, and now we will be Republicans well we are. We will not be part of this crime. It was done under the tables and they STIL ae INGORing IT ALL. tHEY THROW IT OFF ON pRES tRUMO WITHOUT PRROF AND YET THE DEMS DID IT. IT IS RIDICULOUS. SO WE CAN VOTE OR NOT VOTE, THAT SHOWS WHAT WE WANT ONCE MORE. WE MUST DO IT, We voted for Pres Trump because we heard someone actually talking about what they would od and what he said made sense, as we know our country would be destroyed if we just allowed people in without Bettering and no control on how many. We cannot afford that in this country. We have too many people on the streets now. We have to first fix what is broken and find places for them to live and have enough food etc, that is not happening. We are not that rich. People can only do so much. most give out money to other countries and it is fine to help them in ways we can, but sometimes it is impossible to place our people are risk over hee without good betting to know who is really trying to knock on our door. They are guests and do not have all rights immediately, We just liked all the various things he said and he is trying hard to accomplish it and he is actually doing alot of it. If the Dems would stop playing things would get done, But they must stop being so jealous. We are not a country with ONe party they cannot always WIN they are acting like children.

  11. Nobody cares what Pelosie says anymore, her credibility is gone, she is a national joke. I say Pence in 2024, after this great President retires. Pence Conway in 2024!

  12. Joe Biden you are the dumbest stupidest man on earth you're so stupid it's sickening you and your son belong in prison and God's going to see that your an idiot you're evil your corrupt hateful angry disgusting human being you Democrats you will get what do you asked for you will be voted out you dumb losers.

  13. Karlan get lost you moron!!!! Kelly sure gave to you there should be more people like her she tells it like it is!!! Now get lost!!!!

  14. They are more than welcome to "cluster" together and walk on sidewalks paved in sh**. (San Francisco).. How VERY fitting

  15. Trump 2020! KellyAnne we love you and Trump! Pelosi is a Pukehead. And all Democrats who support her in the hatred Impeachment vote are Trump Haters, NOT Constitutional Protection Advocates.

  16. KellyAnn America loves you, they are counting on their belief that we the voters are stupid get they are wrong , not one person needs a paper saying you are intelligent that’s just there to defame We the People and we the Many People made our choice without any degrees we are very WISE and we picked Trump and we pick Trump again

  17. Please is going down for speaker of the house is corrupt and allows impeachment of President only because they don't like him and not only that it's more because they ate being exposed for the corruptness they have comitted

  18. I'll tell you who she is Kelly Ann. She is a Communist! This is a 71 year old American who has voted republican since 1968 & served 27 years, 6 months & 4 days in the United States Marine Corps.

  19. Amen KellyAnne!! And Thank you! For using your voice for the people!! You said exactly what I want to say!! Bravo!! To you!! Yea!

  20. I used to be a Democrat. … also embraced liberal leanings. .. I came back to edit this: I really wish the comments weren't so hateful.
    Hey, YouTube, if you ever want an objective gentle voice, let me know. I'd be a fair moderator 😊


  22. God Bless You Kellyanne, for standing up and fighting for us deplorable Americans…….
    God Bless President Trump and the Great Americans who Support Him….

  23. The policies of both Bernie and Biden have flaws but Bernie has a clear message. Bernie is a man with a vision. That includes changes for improving the living standards of as many as possible. Biden is a man with a mission. That is to keep status quo.

  24. Joe Biden said in December 2015 to the Ukrainian then-president: "We’re not going to give you the billion dollars. Call president Obama. He will tell you I have authority to decide you’re not getting the billion dollars. I’m leaving in six hours. If prosecutor Shokin is not fired, you’re not getting the money."
    The prosecutor (Viktor Shokin) got fired. Did Barack Obama sanction Joe Biden's role to make foreign policy? Probably not.

  25. Joe Biden did the exact same thing, and bragged about it, that the Democrats are accusing President Trump for, namely, he withheld aid until he got his demands met. He is so blatantly lying that it's creepy. How long is he going to be allowed to get away with this?

  26. I want to know when Trump, who I like, is going to start arresting these corrupt politicians. He already flip flopped on arresting Hilary but how about all the others? I mean there must be some crimes he could find on Nancy Pelosi, making 100s of millions of dollars over the years while earning a much smaller salary. Once he truly drains the swamp will I believe he's looking out for the little guy.

  27. Love reading these comments. Just curious why our dictator has gone through countless staff members and why he cant keep a press secretary. No president in history has gone through as many as this fucktart. It's because they cant lie fast enough.

  28. They were calling for impeachment because of his other crimes they committed come on you have to tell your views the truth
    don't be fooled

  29. Pamela Karla, next time you offer your self as “witness”, make sure you are not going to show your hate for the Genius. “When’s a true genius appears you can know him by this; that all dunces are in confederacy against him”. Jonathan Swrift.

  30. The fact that Joe Biden can lie straight-faced on camera with all the "provable" crimes he has committed, is a true testament to his being a REAL politician. Get these idiot Socialist's out of OUR GOVERNMENT.

  31. The House has had it's witnesses. They present the case the president NOW gets a chance to counter. Not re establish the prosecutions case. If the house did e smuck job too bad. Done deal.

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