Kelly Clarkson is Okay with Spanking Her Kids | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

As a parent, Kelly Clarkson doesn’t see
anything wrong with some good ole fashioned disciple. The topic came up when the singer was speaking
during a radio interview, and she said that her parents spanked her and she turned out
fine, so she’s okay with it. But she was careful to clarify her point. She wanted to make clear that she was not
for hitting a child hard… just spanking, and often times hers came in the form of a
threat. Kelly is the mother of two children, and she
admitted that espousing spanking could be a tricky thing because some people think it’s
wrong. But as she reminded everyone, she’s from
the South, and her mom gave the principal permission to spank her – and she’s a
well-rounded individual with a lot of character. And hey – we don’t disagree with that.

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