K-Pop Group GOT7 Reveal Fan Stories, Surprise Facts & Play ‘Confess Sesh’ In Interview | PeopleTV

K-Pop Group GOT7 Reveal Fan Stories, Surprise Facts & Play ‘Confess Sesh’ In Interview | PeopleTV

All right, we are very excited to welcome K-pop group GOT7 All right, we are very excited to welcome k-pop group GOT7 to People Now! And you guys have a special introduction? Two, three. Come and get it, we are GOT7! Hello, we are GOT7! asshole I know a lot of k-pop groups have their special introduction. Who came up with yours? This guy. I’m Jackson. They’re just gonna take the credit You’re saying you weren’t sure if it was yours but you were gonna take the credit 100% sure it like You did a great job, okay. So for anyone in America who’s just being introduced to you guys Okay, how would you describe back 7 in your own words? [translates] For you YJ international group Global icon.right Yeah global and what more? chill.we chill bruh And what else entertaining entertaining and peace huh a peacemaker yeah, we are peacemakers peace to k-pop. Yeah, we are bringing peace to kpop peacemaker Peacemaker like chill cuz you have a really chill vibe. We’re yeah, that’s cool. Yeah savage. savage7 I think they’re all great ways to describe you guys You released your latest album eyes on you in March. This has been a very busy year Um, we want to know what can we expect next you have more music videos in the works Are you working on more music like what’s next? YG. What do you think always some make and Maybe come back soon We’re always working Okay is it kinda Like once you end the tour like you’re going right back in.Is there any rest at all? Always just pretty much all we got you know Nice. Yeah, whenever it’s ready then we’ll Yeah, well, obviously your fans are really excited for what you already have and new stuff I was telling you they’ve been messaging me to get you guys on the show. These fans are very passionate I’m always fascinated by how groups get ready to go on stage. You guys seem like you all get along But do you have any good luck rituals? Yes before you go and perform Let me show you the mission, you know, we give each other energy like this and then we go like G-O-T 7 Through our energy by hand and it go through each other. then we give each other energy and you do that before every performance Now – before the interview – you didn’t like energy delivery in Korean its energy ‘baedal’ Try to say an energy baedal. Can you do this one, I’m your energy I’m your energy. I’m your energy. Yeah No, I think got7 interview you It’s common for groups to live together in the house or apartment Some of you recently moved out of the dorm to get your own places Do you miss each other when now there some of you are apart? what do you think what do you think what do you think? we’re still together so. exactly, the question is do you guys miss us, yeah Us three like this, okay Yes. this guy too. So yeah now how has it changed? And do you miss them? Yeah, do you miss us? no savage yes savage we see you guys everyday We didn’t live together anymore so we see each other like every day. Yeah, we don’t really have time to stay home either. Yes Sure. Yeah We’re never at home like barely. Yeah when so but when you do move into a house or apartment What is your number one must-have feature? Young Jae, what is it? Uh-huh? Okay, boy Yeah, really Oh really wait, what’s that? Wait, what is pool table Oh pool table. Okay. Whoa. Hey, I like that nice So a house nothing but a pool table I need restroom. Yeah A nice a nice bed a nice nice They’re all great things I think a big bed then how about a big tub a bubble bath TV TV yeah, everybody did what see I still I still like the pool table. Hey, what about you? Refrigerators, oh cool. I need a food. Thank you What’s in your refrigerator though, kimchi, you know kimchi Everything yeah Like mmm icecream, you know how it’s very hard to like make rice like you like to to actually prepare Rice when you eat, but but they have like a package where you can just put it in the microwave. Mm-hmm. It’s called headband. Oh You know buds headband. It’s called headbands very famous in Korea. Yeah Seems like it’s a lot easier. Yeah, I’m terrible at cooking. So that sounds like something I would really like Yeah, they say when you come to Korea And you guys have lives all around the world in the past. So South Korea Hong Kong Saudi Arabia Thailand, Los Angeles Where’s one place? You would love to live that you haven’t lived yet live in like live there Probably gonna be do yoga. Oh, sorry Actually, we’ve never been to Saudi Arabia you are you haven’t yeah a factor it’s okay I think we would like to he’s been there though to visit. You. Haven’t been there ever been there. I don’t know. I lie sometimes Anguish Okay So actually, um, his parents lived in Saudi Erika son. Uh, yeah, so he he born there. He wasn’t born there, but he was conceived You’re born there. Yeah. Oh really keep on there Teaching some of you facts about remember No, we should visit there one time Then send us a video your requests from people now Speaking of all around the world you have so many fans around the world and your fans. Love you But what’s the craziest thing a fan is done to get your attention in a good way though in a good way Yes a good way Yeah, I like something that they like really enjoy the music like, you know Why we like doing a show they have some fun is like keep dancing. Like they know all the move Yeah Maybe like every single move that you do. What’s the question again? It was just like what’s like been like the coolest thing a fan has done to get your attention or something. Yeah. Wow. Yeah They know how to move sometimes I know they’re more better than that let’s do really yeah, that’s crazy Good though. He says you know, what are you doing for you guys? Before we come here we like by the bus and just in front of the bus the fan like dance like Try to track what I can’t oh we can all Work I don’t I I don’t have a bye Guys are very active on social media which makes your fans very happy. Why is it important to you that you interact with your fans? Know a little let’s take me talking come on well together Yeah So he you know like is a Good place for like get closer to the fans because I we like on a stage and then they can see are like different Like some moment that they can see like usually like like we like eating something travel somewhere, you know We don’t camera on the can see but you know through like SNS and stuff like it’s a good place that they I can we can show them how we leave and then we can like like get closer to and we can talk to them more we can spend time more with them in SNS and it is your Your opinion or like he’s translate I translate okay Think it’s really important, especially now with other groups to like you want to make sure you have that relationship with your fans It’s very important, especially now with social media You guys do share a lot of your personal lives on social media your pets your travels behind the scenes your favorite foods What is one thing though that you won’t show on social media? Well face JB he has his own room Boom what why just why why I need a private part. Oh Right cool cool cool bro. How about you you go Mmm my Real friends Real friends What about Mark Social media I wouldn’t show Your selfie Ugly pictures Showing people on camera then having it on my Instagram. Yeah. Yeah Twitter you’re gonna keep you in second. I’m cool, you know Yeah, you gotta keep it cool I do not I Don’t do everything as often. Sorry, you know really? It doesn’t really post anything Yeah he shows everything Mostly ID okay game ID Yeah, that’d be smart now So a lot of people follow you who is your favorite Instagram to follow do you guys follow a puppy a cone? so there’s certain like people you like to follow Oh Members. Mm-hmm. You like to look at members? I like some food inside. Well, yeah I don’t follow them personally, but I like to look at like those those like funny moments like Those are really funny and I I’m like you but I like dog instagrams instead of the cat ones and I like. he’s a dog person Follow the worldstar. Well, I can’t say that right? You know what cut it out Okay, obviously you guys are you know, you’re famous has a lot of perks But I’m sure you need a break once in a while. I know you’re all busy. What’s your favorite way to unwind? Maybe after like the tour maybe after a long day favorite thing to relax Only sleep Trouble I want to go somewhere that no people there Get out of this world turn off my phone no internet and stuff You have a favorite place to spend a day off In your hometown Maybe my room my house Gym gym workout gym Yeah, you have a friend People now confess Oh, could I just get yes awesome? So all you have to do is you’ll just pick a question out of here. Read it out loud And then you can all answer. Okay, cool. Cool. All right, do we each pick one man? Yeah everybody. Okay, I Hope it’s don’t we do one at a time. Is it one time? What is the first thing you do and you wake up in the morning open my eyes Check what time it is? Mmm look at my phone and see what time you shower sorry Yeah, say basically the same thing yeah, what do you do good idea Uh, I guess I check my phone like a turn the alarm off. Yeah, boy. Yeah. I wish there’s something more exciting All right. You can pick another one. Yeah So funny, right? Who spends the most money Than being buying a buying stuff for their pet For five is like four to five five five cats Yeah, what’s like what’s like the craziest thing you bought for your cat or dog craziest thing I move out because my cat Cat tower cat tower Crazy hey, why’d you have to move your house? Cuz because some of our members have a cat allergy so I gotta move out and I wouldn’t dare to run What is this? Who is the biggest sweet tooth Oh Tongo Tongo you got me That’s sweet Let me see my oh God most likely to hit the gym twice in one day No, I Think jinyoung no Jackson’s too You’d like to go to the club like that heroes club what’s like your favorite workout move can you show show me best one best best move. I’ll do push up. Okay do 100 right now? 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 they don’t cut me that they don’t cut me down Okay I believe you you’re most likely Times a day pleasure pleasure What’s your biggest guilty pleasure food or drink. I don’t understand. What is it? I’m pepperoni pizza Oh, I gonna go in yeah, I don’t have Anyone else you guys don’t have like a food that you’re like your favorite go to chocolate Chocolate, I think it’s a sparkling water. Oh, that’s good for your body Coke Escuela. You don’t know what I said. I Guess Cola s : yeah Just skip this okay Show us your a hidden talent. Oh do know You can touch your nose with your tongue. Oh Wow, I think it’s something else I didn’t he can take off his eyeballs ah stop talking about that You guys You gotta see this like trust only fella he’s gonna take out his eyeball. He’s gonna take out one of his eyes. Oh, my god the sounded Hey, he can break his neck Again I don’t want it. I don’t want to show it He wants you I don’t I didn’t break my nose Why did I do I can’t you can next question. Okay? And put this back here okay, there’s a last one. Okay. What is your go-to dance move? Like go somewhere Move Like this rooster, where are you going? Guys you can check out got7s latest album eyes on you it is available now

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    He can touch his nose with his tongue
    He can off his eyeballs
    He can break his neck
    He can break his nose..
    Me: died laughing*

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  7. Fave lines:
    "My real friends. " -YG
    "You have a friend?!"- BamBam
    "You die, you wanna die? -YG (2nd time BB says that to him he jk'd about it. Hilarious!)
    "I'm only icecream." -YG
    "That's sweet!"-JS
    "Ya, your right." -YG (So sweet YG not to get offended.) Lol…
    I โ™ก YG he is so sweet and chill and yet funny at the same time if that's possible! Haha~
    "Jelly boy, Jelly man" -JS

    When bam bam teased YG the 2nd time YOU HAVE FRIENDS? I DIED LAUGHING

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  19. I am stanning them so hard. I love them. Which group is doing it like them?๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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    Thereโ€™s enough in the group that speak well and could translate for the rest. Thoโ€™ tbh, I believe that they all do understand, but like many Koreans are a bit shy to do so in front of English speakers, as they put high expectations on themselves.

  21. Why GOT7 American interviews are special:
    โ€ข they blankly stare at each other after the question…#awkward_pause
    โ€ขthe chaos that unleashes when they find a slight free margin
    โ€ข they are trying hard to convey their feelings
    โ€ข the leader is not encouraging any bs
    โ€ข I love this take-charge-bambam

    Don't get me wrong. I love GOT7 with all my heart. This isn't shade or tea just things I see and the GOT7 I love.
    Proud agase.

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    Bam-high and making dirty jokes
    Mark- didnโ€™t sign up for this but laughs along anyways
    Jackson- the moodmaker
    Jinyoung- in the center but doesnโ€™t talk that much
    Youngjae- in the back and everyone wants him to talk
    Yugyeom- understands what the convo is about but lowkey wanting to go home
    JB- feels like he should control this mess that he leads but gave up in 2014

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