Justin Bieber Says He “Should Never Be Alive”!

Justin Bieber Says He “Should Never Be Alive”!

Justin Bieber broke down in tears while promoting his upcoming album saying he shouldn’t be alive. Hey guys. I’m Erin Robinson with Clevver News and the emotional moment happened while playing his new album in Los Angeles to celebrate the Grammys. After listening to the album, of which we still don’t know the title, Justin addressed his fans who got to hear the new material early. Variety reported this is when Justin started crying. He described the rough few years he’s had in the industry. “I don’t even think I should be alive never mind thrive,” he told the crowd. Addressing the depression he faced, Justin said he had “grown up in the industry,” and was “hurt by the industry.” But Justin also thanked the people who helped him get through the challenges. He specifically mentioned his longtime manager, Scooter Braun, saying, “You walked with me through a lot of sh-t.” He also thanked his wife, Hailey Bieber. “I love you with all my heart … and I’m so proud of us.” Whew! We’re betting the entire room was heavy as Justin shared his emotions. But Justin’s about to get even more open with his fans. In addition to the upcoming album, the “Yummy” singer is releasing a tell all documentary that goes even deeper into his struggles. “There was a period where it was really tough for him. He was a shell of himself.” “As humans, we go through so many ups and downs, so many good seasons, bad seasons” “You know, sometimes you wanna give up.” Whew! We’re betting the entire room was heavy as Justin shared his emotions. But Justin’s about to get even more open with his fans. In addition to the upcoming album, the “Yummy” singer is releasing a tell all documentary that goes even deeper into his struggles. And Justin has certainly been through a lot over the last few years. He’s talked openly about his drug abuse. Back in September, the singer posted a lengthy instagram message to his fans, outlining the struggles during his career, which began when he was just 13 years old. “I started doing pretty heavy drugs at 19 and abused all of my relationships. I became resentful, disrespectful to women, and angry. I became distant to everyone who loved me and I was hiding a shell of a person that I had become. I felt like I could never turn it around.” During this time, Justin walked out on a few shows. In 2015, he tried to wipe water off the stage floor, when this happened: The following year, the singer asked the screaming crowd in Manchester to quiet down. When they didn’t listen, Justin left and the audience booed him as he walked off stage: “Guys nevermind, I’m done, I’m not doing the show.” “I’m not doing the show.” The following year, the singer asked the screaming crowd in Manchester to quiet down. When they didn’t listen, Justin left and the audience booed him as he walked off stage: In 2017, Justin canceled his “Purpose” world tour saying he was taking time for himself. [crowd booing] [mic drop] In 2017, Justin canceled his “Purpose” world tour saying he was taking time for himself. “Me taking this time right now is me saying I want to be sustainable. I want my career to be sustainable, but I also want my mind, heart, and soul to be sustainable. So that I can be the man I want to be, the husband I eventually want to be, and the father I want to be.” Justin stayed largely out of the spotlight for the next couple years, healing and falling in love. He did end up becoming the husband he wanted to be when he married Hailey Bieber last year. This period of growth will also be featured in Justin’s upcoming docuseries. The music is definitely on it’s way. Just two weeks ago, Justin released the first single off his sixth studio album, “Yummy.” He’s also heading on tour this year, beginning in July through September. But Justin’s dealing with more than just a busy year ahead; the singer also just revealed he’s been living with Lyme Disease and chronic mono. On instagram, Justin posted TMZ’s news report on his condition writing: “While a lot of people kept saying justin Bieber looks like shit, on meth etc. they failed to realize I’ve been recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, not only that but had a serious case of chronic mono which affected my, skin, brain function, energy, and overall health…It’s been a rough couple years but getting the right treatment that will help treat this so far incurable disease and I will be back and better than ever” Justin added that the details of his disease will be featured in the docuseries, coming out January 27th on YouTube. Although the former child star has dealt with a LOT in his life and career, Justin has also been open about the one thing that’s pulled him through every struggle: his faith. He’s talked about his relationship with God many times over the last few years. And during his most recent speech, Justin again mentioned his faith as a guiding force in his life. Through tears he thanked God, saying, “There’s power in weakness… thank you for loving me at my worst.” “I feel this connection with something that’s a higher being and picture it as being a perfect thing.” “It just puts an ease to my soul that’s like, I can’t describe.” And during his most recent speech, Justin again mentioned his faith as a guiding force in his life. Through tears he thanked God, saying, “There’s power in weakness… thank you for loving me at my worst.” So, are your surprised that Justin broke down while debuting his new album? Do you like this side of the pop star? And how excited are you for Justin’s new music on the way? And the tour? Make sure you hit that subscribe button for all the latest Justin Bieber news, including all of his new projects. Also, there’s a video right here that you’re gonna wanna check out, so click it, have fun with that! I’m Erin Robinson and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. He can put al that in his art , in his music. Then he will get respect
    Not because u don’t want to do the work and take time and be creative like everyone else and make lazy song after 5 years and think 💭 u can just take it all !
    sympathy is nice, but I rather have respect and make my self proud and honest with ppl and my self

    I think he is just taking drugs for a long time this the reason

  2. Wow… the entire comments section is cancer and full of hate. I can't believe that people have no sympathy at all for someone who is suffering. I feel bad for all of you.

    And I hope Justin gets better 😊 all love

  3. Yall are disgusting with the hate comments! Hope you all don’t struggle with depression anytime soon, he has struggled for the past 3/4 years (at least!) he has only now opened up because he feels its the right time now xx

  4. Looking thought coments and I realise some people realy deserve a punch in face. How the fuck can you still throw hate on him and bully him, because he had a break down, the guy tried his best since 14 and he still gets all this hate. How the fuck can you say he realy shouldn't be alive or thing like that, and hate him because you didn't like his last song??? And btw, if you would actualy pay atention to him, and would stop throwing hate on him without reason, you will see that all the rumors about Yummy being a song that try to expose the child abuse at hollywood, and it has a WAY MORE deeper meaning… You are disgusting people

  5. Yall dont spred hate no matter how much u hate someone keep it to ur self it is not okay to talk or make fun or hate on someone who has a sickness depression anxiety anything yall need to grow the fuck up and stop hating on ppl …..

  6. What’s happening to him is a reverse effect on him, Yummy after those shit? c’mon, atleast Avril did head over water 🙄.

  7. That's probably all planned out by his management so that he could actually make his shitty song yummy and his upcoming album more popular. This is NOT OKAY if he is just doing this for attention. Honestly thought that he could change and become more mature but he still act like a little boy who just wants attention.

  8. he literally was so depressed and suffering soo much and instead of crying to the media about it for YEARS he kept it in for such a long time. he didn't tell anyone about the amount of pain he was in with the lyme disease issue until TMZ decided to leak his private medical information. he legit just said that he should be dead and he can't believe he's still here and breathing and happy and yall STILL are gonna sit online and comment about how he's playing the victim and wants promo cus is song is trash. this poor man has been to hell and back and is finally strong enough to be able to be vulnerable and share his story and yall still choose to bully him thats sad.

  9. To sum up a response to about 90% of the comments here… until you’ve walked in someone else’s shoes… do not judge

    I’m happy to see him happy, open and vulnerable about his struggles, and striving to be the man he wants to become. Not to mention… overcoming a serious drug addiction is a feat in and of itself! I can’t even imagine growing up with my whole life in the public… my ups and downs (WHICH WE ALL HAVE) my every decision and mistake scrutinized for everyone to pass judgment on.

    Not until you’ve walked in someone else’s shoes, do you fully understand what that person has gone through.

    Why not just support him… and wish him all the best… as I do all of you

  10. All I wanna say if you dont have anything nice to say, just keep to yourself. Your words can be powerful to someone.

    We dont know the truth if this is really just a different approach from him to promote his new song or it really is about how he feels about his life being in music industry.

  11. If you're a hater of Justin Bieber then why are you on his video if you don't like him I'm just saying if you really hate somebody you won't even want to look at the video 💯🤷

  12. Most of his antis and hateful comments come from ts and sg fanbase i mean he didn't get this amount of hate even during post purpose and he did pretty bad stuff but look ar this comment section lmao

  13. jesus what is this kid doing. i don't want to downgrade his feelings but if this is really what's going through his head right now, then he ain't done healing. yummi was such a bad comeback considering how long he's been gone and i don't know what the rest of the album is gonna sound like, but if that was the opening single… this doesn't sound like a "i want to make amends and show you i've learnt and healed" album, sorry. like i said, if really has that kind of dark thoughts i don't see why he should be so desperate to rush back into business. it's not going well and he knows that, which probably won't affect his mental health in a good way either.

  14. Lmao everyone saying they understand Justin and feel bad for him. But when Taylor speaks bad about the industry she's "playing the victim" AMAZING!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 This is called toxic masculinity men are allowed to have emotions they are allowed to cry

  15. He needs to step back and chill for a while. He sounds like he doesn’t care about anyone, anything, or even himself. He’s pushing fans to stream his music carelessly, doing drugs, and overworking himself. I’m not a fan but he needs to get some rest and take care of himself first.

  16. No shit, he's always on drugs in his own reality since all he sees is his own ilusions through drugs 24/7 he's practically dead. That's why he sais that. he low key, calls out his own mistakes. Like every kid does. He's still young minded. Pointing out the obvious.

  17. 🙄 I do feel for JB bc Hollywood eats its young. The day you stop earning $$ money for Hollywood is the day they no longer know you. Yet every kid wants to come to Hollywood & become a big star, at the corner of the boulevard of broken dreams & cross street gimme all your money. You have to have a strong backbone to handle it. It isn’t always yummy. 🍭.

  18. ngl yummy is such a shitty song. This is just my honest opinion. I like his other songs like love yourself and sorry but not yummy

  19. i'm honestly so proud of him, after watching him grow up in the industry for literally 10-11 years and watch him struggle and be at his worst, I never stopped supporting him unlike most "fans". ppl still don't understand that he's human just like us, WE ALL make mistakes but bcuz of his platform ppl will take it to the extreme and do anything to drag him down. clearly those who are STILL hating never truly understood what Justin was going through, he was in a battle with himself and it was clear. couple years ago when he was at his lowest Justin wanted to go on tour but scooter knew that if he did that he wouldn't be here. Justin was my first ever concert when I was 10, my sisters surprised me for my birthday, and I haven't seen him since cuz my family didn't have the money for his other tours. after hearing that Justin could've not been here anymore really really hurt. the person I love and care for says he "doesn't think he should be alive" and after seeing what he went through and never left, this tour means everything to me cuz I am now 19 years old in college with a job who's able to buy MY OWN ticket to see the one who I supported through it all. he fought through his demons and probably still is, but he found himself through god and the SUPPORT of his friends, family, beliebers. STOP HATING ON SOMEONE WHO IS TRYING TO BE BETTER.

  20. I feel like yummy is a good song for a comeback..I would rather have an artist combacking with a fun loving song rather than the same old depressed song that everyone releases..

  21. This poor Simp. His future is not bright. Once he gets dumped and abused maybe the little fella might come back stronger, but unlikely. He has the maturity of a 17 year old. A successful marriage is not in the cards. The odds of this guy being married three years from now is about 2%.

  22. Maybe yummy isn’t what you would call a lyrical masterpiece but still a banger none the less. It’s upbeat and chill which makes a nice change from the likes of Adele, James Arthur or Lewis capaldi who insist on writing sad depressing songs that would literally drive anyone to the bottle…

  23. Why this news always stresses on Justin and other related factors to him!!!?? Give us better news about other celebrities too!!

  24. Stop feling sorry for yourself honestly u have a good life slong with a good wife you said you love so chill. I get u hsve a disease and sadness i'm not saying that no one cares you're talented and amazing. Show people you are doing better and not say things to get attention and make people want to buy your album to help you.

  25. I'd venture to say that there's a certain someone who agreed that Justin shouldn't be alive…everytime he opens his mouth you want to wash it out with soap.

  26. There really was an "Anthony" after all. That's a reference to a "Twilight Zone" episode that was so compelling as was Billy Mummy's portrayal of "Anthony" to fans of the show that a remake was done years after "Anthony" bannished anyone who didn't agree with him, to the corn fields. Just an evil kid then…just an evil kid still.

  27. . I have so much respect for Justin. Everything he has become. I feel the Haters don't really know him because of the lying Media who makes him look so bad. His documentary will open up alot of eyes to seeing the real him. He's an incredibley talented Person. His messages through speaking and MUSIC are so positive. More Singer's should be more like him. He's a great example in life that it's normal to make mistakes and overcome them into being a better person. He shows Hope and real Love. He even shows a mature way of dealing with Depression. He shows the light of God and expresses his religion. He deserves more Credit and Respect. I'm so proud of him, he's my favorite person and Role Model. I'll always be his #1 fan and have his back no matter what. He is today's Era King and a Legend. All these Haters commenting negative things bout Justin don't even know him and his past. Research more bout him. Before criticizing him and judging him. Y'all just believe all the bad Media. Its terrible. I know everything bout him and know the truth bout him and I Love him and all he has done. Justin is worth Defending. 👑✊😎🎵💜

  28. He has done it to himself. Acting like an idiot in public for years and now he has to deal with the world mocking him. He will play the victim to get attention. This happens to many people in life but this is on a world stage. Maybe he will survive ,maybe he won't. But best for him to come down to earth and act like a regular human being. He is not a god like his behaviour represented. Peace out.

  29. It great that he’s happy right now, but I’d like to address the fact that Taylor Swift also has a documentary about her eating disorder ect, and people are saying she’s playing the victim and is doing that for publicity? Like cmon?

  30. Poor kid the illuminati is attacking him since he is not doing what he is told to do. They took his baby. His life. His soul.. they wont let him rest and be himself. Cause that's the price you have to pay. YUMMY is a song about eating babies. He is trying to let people know who's behind all of this. But if he keeps talking. He may as well end up dead in a few years. PEOPLE WHO WRITE ugly comments or hating comments are people or spam being paid to do so To bring him down. They get paid. … -^-

  31. Knew this was going to be one of the end results of Selenas months long campaign to totally blame and trash Justin. They have not been together for almost 3 years, however she just spent months laying a "heavy guilt trip" on Justin and bringing lots of social media hate on Justin and Hailey! Well, Selena got her desired result. Justin feels suicidal and is sick with two viruses! Congratulations, Selena, it must be just wonderful to be so perfect and like an angel in a relationship. It must be fantastic to always play the innocent, helpless, victim in a relationship to get everyone's sympathy and generate hate for the person who was so awful that you spent 10 years with them!

  32. Ok but he doesnt deserve all this hate… Tbh his music isnt bad at all… We all know that every single person has jammed to one of his songs… This industry pushes u way too much🖤 people forget that you once helped them and decide to hate because thats what other people do…

  33. Can you fix the grammar in your title? Kinda bad to have quote marks, indicating a person said something when a person didn’t actually say that, particularly if the quote involves bad grammar and the person gets slammed for that kind of thing.

  34. To me the way he responded to Selena all this time that she choose silence reveals a big part of his character. Speaking via social about his personal life all the time, the way he handled his recent song ( such a bad song), the way he handled his fans, the way he talks about his wife… All this lead to one thing. He hasn' t change a bit. He posts personal stuff just to keep them real… Sad.

  35. Why in the FUCK is Justin Bieber getting so much love and support opening up about his drug addiction and shit yet when other celebrities like Demi Lovato do the EXACXT same fucking thing, they get fucking hates on, get called names and everything else? This is beyond fucked up!

  36. Poor kid, i just think he's plain miserable, being married and lonely. He's trying so hard to convince everyone how much he loves his wife. you can tell he doesn't. He doesn't need to convince anyone other than convince himself that that married move was such a big mistake. The only reason he doesn't want out is that he probably doesn't want to hurt that Hailey girl since she's been head over heels and too good to him. That's why he's sticking by her side.

  37. U never no what some one is going through….but i am happy that u found some one 2 b happy with 4 the rest of ur life….i adore hailey she's perfect 4 u i admire the way she's by ur side but bro u not alone just keep doing what u do u do it best ur in my pray bless

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