100 thoughts to “Judge Jeanine: Donald Trump is bringing America back”

  1. Trump approves the Red Flag laws.
    Yet says he supports our 2nd amendment rights. Can't do both.
    Red flag laws and all gun laws violate our 2nd amendment Constitutional rights!!!!!!!!


  3. Our President Trump is the best President America has had in years and years. God bless him, his family and America.

  4. Mr. Trump , you are the best President of U.S.A. , because you have loved this country and American people . We love you , GOD bless you and your family.

  5. What happened after they met…trump gave up what again?

    Signed where? and what does it say that we agree upon by signing it?

    Nothing? That's RIGHT…

  6. As a Trump Supporter I have no problem voting for a Women, i would vote for Judge Jeanine as POTUS over any male Democrat anyday!

  7. The Democrats care nothing about the people or the country. They want money and power. Trump wants to lead. Dems want too rule.

  8. Judge Jeanine, you split the arrow1 Yes they are rooting for AMERICA'S FAILURE!! And Schumer is freaking demonic!

  9. Our President is doing things they never wanted to do. And they hate him for it. Their is no corrupt money or votes in it for these evil self servind human waste!

  10. If the left ever wins the fake medis will lose along with the rest of us. President Trump has been grooming for this his whole life. America wake up and smell success!

  11. Ahem, Judge Jeanine YOU are also helping bring America back and I'm grateful to the father in heaven that you exist.
    I motion that you receive a Presidential award plaque for journalistic excellence and patriotism.
    You deserve to wear my military medals.
    You're the kind of person I joined the military for.

  12. Tell the hater to Destroyed their hatred their old person,and and go read the Bible study understand and ,go love the the States they voted them in and put people that homeless gorong the in Houses ,that is leaders for, and that is what President Trump is doing to, mend and fix the broken promises
    Jesus Christ said if you love the poor you give it to God ,you put one homeless in a house a day the Angel s praising God.

  13. Thanks Obama for given me one dollar pension increase for his last two years in the office and thanks to trump for given me 29 dollars pension increase on his two years in the office and makes more cups of coffee in my life while actually the prized never increase since ten years ago

  14. You gave an amazing presentation of President Trump. I too would love to see parades of celebration with children learning the value of patriotism. If you believe President Trump is doing a good job now, wait for the big push. In 2020 you will see even greater things from this President. He will dwarf every previous President. He will make history on a global scale that may never be repeated. You will wish he could continue helping America be even greater and go beyond two 4 year terms. When the Socialist Globalist Democrats get out of the way, you will witness true greatness! No person is perfect. We all have flaws. But President Trump has the heart to serve the America People and position America to a place she has never seen. Wait till his son becomes President. Yes it will happen. Wait and watch.

  15. I love Trump for his intelligence,,,his guts. and his good sense ,,,Thank you judge Janine Pirro for your smart comments ,,,

  16. It's. Not .going .to .happen ..God ..put ..Him. In. .Their. he. Will ..prevail. With. Our .lord. Jesus . Christ

  17. Well I'm the same age as Hillary and I followed Hillary's political career all the way from Arkansas and there's nothing but a trail of corruption Blood and Bones I know you Hillary!


  19. Judge Jeanine…I am more than convinced, all who are against making America great and have to say so much against Trump are not of human intelligence nor of heart, but definitely carry a number demons inside and have lost the capability to reason…wisdom is highly lacking and foolishness has set in for ever more.


  21. On another Fox video where a Demonrat Congresswoman is planning to send her staff to Mexico to help them beat the system, can't President Trump get the Mexican authorities to hold them in a jail cell for a few months? Maybe they will have a different opinion on the situation at the border rather than making up false accusations. Hold them for breaking Mexican laws on wrongfully trafficking slaves across the border. Please do it! Please?

  22. Demonrats- 🤣😂🤣😂- THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING,you poor excuse for a demon- rat party…You look like the idiots ,that you are, before the world….You can only laugh at you all….😂🤣😂🤣.

  23. There should be a list people who have fought against and hate America. So we the people who love America can go after these people.

  24. How will polosi die? Heart attack? Fall down the stairs? Car crash? Eaten by wolves? Plane crash in the Everglades?

  25. Judge Jeanine you rock you tell those dumps the way it is best president we have ever seen in our lifetime.

  26. For real go look in the mirror.
    See, the you, that God issued you.
    And thank God you were blessed by being born in America. Pick your friends wisely. Stop sugar coating your values to get by.

  27. They would rather see America fail than Trump to succeed that's how evil they are they don't care if America fails in fact the rooting for America to fail so Trump will fail this is who we voted for while I did somebody did he wants America to fail he is not an American I can't stand people who say they love America but then want it to fail and don't like Americans ridiculous and Bs

  28. Oops I was wrong it was 400 million that Obama smuggled on a plane wrapped in plastic unmarked bills to Iran four hundred million dollars of the taxpayers money bastard

  29. You are absolutely right Deborah Nancy Pelosi is either on drugs or needs drugs LOL she is an idiot and has no business in politics dumbass should have been kicked out years ago

  30. And I am also disabled and they still kick me off Medicaid and made me buy my own insurance which I cannot afford so I don't have insurance now jackasses Obamacare is a joke

  31. I love you Jeanine for President Trump.why they all against Trump and his family. I love him and admire Him and you Jeanine.

  32. I so admire our president. at first with all the fake news I was little confused I thought maybe I was wrong but I am so glad that President Trump has lived up to what he said he would do for this country. I sometimes think what it would be like if Hillary had won and I have a little shiver of dread go up my spine. I believe that mr. President Trump will get another term but who will be after him and what happens if he does not get another term and a Democratic president gets in the oval office. I believe in the Bible the Bible says that in the end days it will be so bad that if God does not return that the whole Earth would be destroyed. the Bible essentially says that the end days will be a breeding ground for all types of unrighteousness unholy people and evil be called good and good be called evil. There's a lot I could go into but I believe after President Trump Mexico Canada and America will be one country under a union of a sorts and I do believe that those borders will eventually be torn down after Donald Trump there will be no more talk of borders because everybody will be a citizen under this new Union I believe will come soon. But who knows only God knows.

  33. Thank God for Judge Jeanine, may she bring truth and justice and may all her enemies and all the liars be put to shame. It is disgusting what has happened in this country. The atheist left has nothing but hatred for America and for our values. It is a real shame that these Dems won the House. They have no right to be leaders in this country. We need to fight with all our might and especially with God's help to bring truth and justice for all who love God and our country.

  34. Judge god bless america. She will need our help through this dangerous time. Keep up the fight. Tbis is war. We are with you judge.

  35. Judge Jeanine, The mainstream media is a socialist disgrace to our beloved country and our Constitution!

    We Americans love our duly elected President!

    We are sick of the liberal socialist Democrats, especially Nancy Pelosi and her bimbo cronies!

    We will vote them out of Office!

    American patriots love our country, our President and all his accomplishments!

    God bless President Trump!
    Trump 2020!
    Thank you so much Judge Jeanine!
    Your inspiring words of wisdom are as courageous and loving as you!

    I love you Judge Jeanine!

  36. Democrats/Deep-State and Globalist profit and maintain power and control through chaos and conflict ( racial & among nations ).

  37. Liberals hate America so much they root for America to fail…. they would commit mass suicide if they thought that would result in America failing.

  38. Judge jeanine you are a true soul a patriot I agree the enemy don't have to attack us we are attacking ourselves and they are watching in the stands who going to make the touchdown . As John Wayne said United we stand divided we fall much respect judge jeaniine

  39. The Democrats are the enemy of this country. They are nothing but hateful bloodthirsty animals that have to be . Trump 20/20

  40. Jeannie, your totally correct, Donald J. Trump is indeed a presidents – President !!

    The Democ-rats are, for the most part, a bunch of whining psychopaths who care little about America's well being. As you so aptly state the Traitors would rather see it fail so they can suck their thumb and cry !!

  41. It's sad how hatred has blinded everyone in the once acceptable democratic party. Now like the blind leading the blind they are falling into a place of no return .And I for one am happy to see them go because all they do is create caos in America

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