100 thoughts to “Jordan, Stefanik respond to Sondland’s impeachment testimony”

  1. ken, I think the POTUSs responsibility, right, and privilege is foreign policy. and, Burisma was already being investigated during our previous administration. and……replies to my YouTube comments end up in my " spam" folder. makes using the comment section a pain.

  2. They should have made an investigation into Biden and his son. A strong leader does not need someone else to state they are doing an investigation to do one. If the investigation into the bidens wasn't enough, do it again. How you did this investigation is wrong and impeachable. Suck it up.

  3. You can tell how clueless the Democrats are as to how hard us MAGA folks are winning by the comments lol. KEEP CRYING MY LIDDLE SHEEP

  4. Take your 5 mins of fame cause WE THE PEOPLE are taking you down !!
    STEFANIK IS A LIAR AND A DRUMPF SYMPATHIZER !! Your a Harvard law grad and you can’t distinguish FACT vs FICTION ?!!! Your a National disgrace !! Shame on you !! TEDRA Cobb is so much more qualified than you and will win NY21!! I just donated again to TEDRA COBB for Congress !! 🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🌊🌊🗳🗳🌊🌊

    O, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!!
    Sir Walter Scott., c. 1808

    Sock to ‘em Rep. Adam Schiff & Speaker Nancy Pelosi…GODSPEED to You Madame Speaker Pelosi, Adam Schiff & Congress!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷


    The king is not king,
    The LAW is KING…
    Thomas Paine

    Make no mistake people…

    ‘We The People’ through our elected congress are going to kick Mob Boss Drumpf & his adult criminal kids and criminal enablers like VP PENCE, Kushner, Barr, Mnuchin, Pompeo, Bolton, SONDLAND, Mulvaney, Miller, Sanders, Conway, Lying Hope Hicks, Moscow Mitch, Leningrad Lindsay, racist & Lying & racist MARK MEADOWS, Russian linked Kevin McCarthy, Lev Parnas linked Devin Nunes, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jones, LYING Rep. ELISE STEFANIK, delusional Gulliani, etc., ASSES!! Your ALL criminals filling your pockets with foreign money laundering!! We’re going to drain the ‘SWAMP!’ We’ll see you ALL to Prison!! 💥☄️

    Call Congress 202-793-3332 Voice your opinion about the most corrupt WH Administration ever in the history of this country!!

    WARREN2020!! 🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🌊🗳🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳🌊🗳

  5. Very smart that the Republicans got "everyone" that testified during this 2 week debacle, to say that each of them 'knew" and were 'worried' about corruption in Ukraine for many, many years, pre-dating the 2016 American election! Excellent! Can you democrats say "Bidens?"

  6. Are u kidding, he said that he wanted nothing after he got caught what is your problem, Jim? Zenlansky will not say aid was attached and put the president in a lie because he needs the help from the US what do u think that's silly Jim quit spinning things in another direction we the people are not dumb!! What was the favor Trump wanted? Now u got this female doing the same thing, u all gonna get caught up in this mess! It's all been proven by everybody's testimony! None of this is unfair!!. Why would Hunter need to be a witness to Trump's corruption does not make sense? Soland knows Trump wanted that to announce he said it was quid pro quo where were u all at? Just spinners!! No defense against the truth!!

  7. Listen to all the liberal scumbags. How pathetic you losers are. You lost three years ago,get over it your going to lose again. Winning, Trump train choo choo 2020.

  8. you jordan should be in jail for not reporting or not protecting those students from sexual abuse how can someone like this be in public office the hill seems to be a dumping ground for criminals these days.

  9. Two ugly Perverted GOP representatives that scream lies at the media to misinform. Playing to Trump who’s watching! Pathetic! A couple of Russian assets.


  11. so sad that republicans refuse to see the evidence. a sad sign of the great divide in our country.

    reminds me of 11/08/2016 sinking feeling that i do not live in the country that i thought i did. 🙁

  12. I can't wait to see the look on Pelosi and Schiff's faces when Trump and the republicans play their Ace card. We all know who that is. 😀. They're fixing to get shut down

  13. WAY to go little darl'n Ms. Stefanik YOU LAMBASTED the witnesses and held your ground and actually OWNED Pencil Neck in his crying rants against the truth being told. Keep up the good work because you know these morons are NOT going to stop until the IG report comes out and THEY get their ASSES indicted and then incarcerated!!! Tip of the hat to Mr. Jordan as well for absolutely destroying the witnesses so called credibility on the witness stand. Finally to Mr. Devin Nunes for summing UP the ENTIRE impeachment hearing/coup/ joke. IN 3 words HE DESTROYED AND PUT an END to this never ending saga.
    Quote " THEY GOT CAUGHT" Game over, End of Story and NOW its SHOWTIME!!!!!!

  14. Id luv to see DEMS GET A TASTE OF THIS BS FROM REPUBS only prob is if the DEMS get in power they would hurt you. In all the yrs of OHOMO the Repubs have acted so respectful to the libs but THATS HOW A CHRISTIAN ACTS TOWARDS mentally ill humans…we say AWWW-PWOH BWABBIES, them a lil slow. Maga to handicapped libs.

  15. So, 50% of these comments will be pro Trump and 50% will be against Trump. That’s the state of USA today. Mr. Jordan would benefit from training in public speaking. His style is very off putting. He speaks too quickly, too loudly and presents as lacking depth. For someone who is in front of the cameras so often and who is representing the Republicans, media training is urgently required.

  16. Whether you liked Obama or not he was an excellent orator. We should learn the best techniques from excellent speakers. Slow down, choose the most important points and deliver them carefully and clearly. Better to speak fewer well chosen words that concisely delivers the message.

  17. It still amazes me that the left controlled media is hailing this as game over, and the conservatives know that the impeachment game has crumbled. I truly hope that the left acknowledges that the Clown News Network et al, is cherry picking sound bites to sway public opinion and will not show Rep Jordan's clear summary of the farce that is being run by Schiff.

  18. The Republicans need to bring up a word when talking to these so-called journalists so the people can get a better understanding of what they are doing: OBTUSE: 1) annoyingly insensitive or slow to understand.
    Add the word DELIBERATELY as a pretext and you'll have a perfect description of "The Press" in DC: deliberately obtuse.
    Thankfully it's not a disease that most Americans suffer from.

  19. What's scary is that people are ok with railroading someone and ruining they're career and possibly hurting they're family , as long as it fits they're agenda ..
    That's not the people i want running the country ..
    Vote the guy out in the booths if u don't like him …
    Don't frame him …
    It's utterly atrocious at this point

  20. Stefanik(R) and Jordan(R) two Honest and Decent politicians standing up for what's Right.

  21. If this was a slam dunk impeachment there wouldn't be this much debate and he'd be ousted. It's not happening. Just win the election cuz this will be yet another L for Democrats. Say what you want about trump but he has humiliated, embarrassed, bullied, clowned, and dominated the Democratic party. Over and over he just dog walks them in front of America. And yes, im a Massachusetts democrat

  22. People in the comments are so funny. Everyone acts like they were there and knew exactly what happened. Like every single politician will lie to prove there point. On both sides. This impeachment is all here say. Let’s move on and start keeping the promises you promised when you ran for the house, Democrats. Why aren’t you guys working on health care for everyone? Instead you’re trying to impeach something that’s not impeachable. Put all that energy into helping the American people for once.

  23. True republican hearing. They only hear what they want to hear. It's pretty sad that Republicans think american are that stupid. I have watched the hearings and the ambassador said that there "was a quid pro quo".

  24. I am not aware that Hunter Biden is running for office. If the Ukraine wants to arrest him on corruption charges I am sure we can extradite him.

  25. Watching the impeachment joke was like watching kids,and I mean young kids playing,hoping if they say stuff enough times it would stick to someone.
    Can anyone imagine if Donald Trump Jr. had taken 87,500 dollars a month from a foreign entity?
    This is going to backfire so badly on Joe Biden and he can forget about being President…purely and simply,corrupt to the core.
    I'll take Trump any day over any lying Democrat,any Democrat…they are not to be trusted and Adam Schiff needs a good ads whipping.
    What an awful and useless man.
    How much does Schiffs office cost the American taxpayer each year? Thrown away money for sure!

  26. This is the nut job who is involved in a lawsuit for when he was a wrestling coach at Ohio State. He ignored sexual assault there reported by young men who were assaulted by Dr. Richard Strauss. He could have blown the whistle, so to speak, but did not. He knew.

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