Jon Favreau On How Democrats Can Beat President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC

Jon Favreau On How Democrats Can Beat President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. Not even knowing the Democratic candidate and you’re still going to vote regardless, just shows you how unhinged the Democratic Party is and how stupid they are.

    Misleading the public daily

  3. How absolutely pathetic. Sure we have no message, no reason for you to vote for us other than just don't vote Trump.

  4. I don't know who is worse you or CNN you guys are absolutely sickening you are so biased and narrative-driven you guys should be in NASCAR because you only make left turns

  5. I believe the participants were cherry picked
    I am a Democrat
    I did vote Obama(Hillary in the primary) due to Bush jr
    Because of Hillary's extremism, and in no way wanting Trump, I voted libertarian

    In this primary I am writing in "none of above" because every candidate is an extremist wanting to take my guns

    This is so important that I will not vote libertarian and take a vote away from President Trump

    It's even more important that the Senate remains Republican……however my senator Mitch and Graham need to go……I will do my part by voting for the Dem running against Mitch……. hopefully Graham will get gone, and a couple Dems will get traded out, then maybe both parties will see the light

    and let's not forget the house…….needs a complete changeover

  6. It looked to me you all completely missed the point. 7 out of 10 said they did not want to vote for Trump and but also did not want to vote Democratic. That tells me that the Democratic party can still lose via the electorial college again. The party and the media needs to wake up and start supporting canidates who will actually work for the people and not party agenda that has been so blatant for the last 20yrs

  7. O’Donnell, the final word! This piece of swill never shuts up but I keep waiting. He is like cow dung…you can get rid of it but the smell never goes away!

  8. I'm a little dissapointed… I'm canadian, but I'm not watching out the south window munching on Ketchup Lays Chips. I'm on the edge of my seat in a bad way because , in my opinion, the most powerful position in the world is currently occupied by a megalomaniac that was voted in because of name reccognition. It's unfortunate that the American Education and Reform systems are such that people want to tune out politicians and that they're all painted as liars.

    Politicians come in 2 main colours (many shades between). I'm not talking red and blue. I mean there are those that make promises and TRY to keep them, despite opposition and those that make false promises and lie about why they can't do it or take a full about face against the promise. The problem is, if the common person isn't paying attention enough, or goes back and looks, then they make assumptions based on their own situation and perceptions, not the facts, and as a result good politicians get destroyed and bad politicians remain and taint the reputation of the rest on a whole.

    Trump is a bully and a liar. The second type of politician I mentioned. Please don't let the bully stay in charge. At least rally behind the democrats long enough to get him out, and charged for the things that will jail him and block any future attempts to seize power. If Trump wins this impeachment trial and gets re-elected I'm afraid he'll do something to give himself permenant power and then the Entire Globe is in serious trouble… like join Russia or something.

  9. Mainstream media if you want Donald Trump to lose you have to keep lying saying he's racist homophobic and blah blah blah just keep lying fake news

  10. We also need to stop the Media and their owners from passing off their own personal beliefs and agenda’s as factual news. 🤬

  11. Dems have to start a new impeachment inquiry and hold more public hearings to inform the stupid doubters before and until at least october

  12. Americas laws are designed to allow corruption politicians appointing judges fi is crazy electoral college is crazy second amendment is crazy
    Gerrymanderimg is crazy
    Voters oppression s crazy america is crazy

  13. These Democrats and the people that listen to fake new’s CNN are about as knowledgeable as a puppet without a pair of scissors. It’s easy to brainwash these kind of low IQ individuals into believing every fake new’s concoction that the Democrats and CNN can dream up and fabricate. CNN is bought and paid for by Democrats and not to be considered as a reliable new’s source, EVER!

  14. Those that didn’t raise their hand are most likely Trump supporters. They tend to keep their votes private because of the pressures from the media and the fact that they don’t trust suspected democratic polls.🤨

  15. As long as there is a corrupt and broke DNC, better board the Trump Train. I point and laugh, I point… and laugh…

  16. You're so delusional you've called these people cultists racist and now you think they're going to vote for Democrats. So delusional you've lost the Midwest you're not getting it back you're going to see

  17. no tie = wild delusions.
    Same exact poll results before 2016 elections.. nobody admitted they were going to vote for Trump.
    Virtue Signalling..
    but you know someone did

  18. They won't vote for Trump but don't get that not voting for the Democratic candidate also gives Trump the win. The only way in 2016 and the only way in 2020 is to vote for the Democrat, no matter who that is. Third party votes are no different that not voting as they let someone else decide for you.

    But the worse problem of all were the Bernie supporters who voted for Trump. There were enough of them in the swing states to give Trump the win.

    Sanders supporters that voted for Trump
    in 2016

    WI: 51k

    MI: 47k

    PA: 116k

    Trump win margin

    WI: 22k

    MI: 10k

    PA: 44k

  19. There is so much wrong with voting in America, let's just add "the presidential election is essentially decided by the least informed voters" to the list.

  20. Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

  21. Crazy Larry gets hammered again—>>Lawrence O'donnell: An Enemy of The People – 100% Humiliated – #TFNOriginal #TFNSeries #FakeNews

  22. Lawremce. —- > If the Midnight Mitch rules pass, you and other media outlets could offer to re-broadcast the arguments against Trump.

  23. Perhaps if we didn't have almost two years of campaigning voters would pay closer attention and become more informed about their own government instead of trying to tune out the seemingly endless coverage of nothing. And please, stop treating elections like some sort of sporting event.

  24. can you do what this President has done. NO so just fu ck off msnbc and this guest, your hatred for him is beyond what he has done for Americans.

  25. My friend you guys suffers from delusions. These democrat idiots in congress and senate are anti American and anti people. Wasting public money, fighting like teenagers. Corrupt to core.

  26. Shame on them with that lame excuse for not knowing these important news matters given than access to information has never been this easy with connected devices 🤦

  27. Make lobbying a crime. Put all political donations into 1 pile to be split equally by all running for president, and prohibit donations (including services and in-kind) to any 1 political person, and this way the rich do not buy elections and it minimizes the power of political parties. We need selfless leaders to lead our nation, not the self-indulgent wealthy.

  28. This is the American people's problem. They often make bad collective choices. If we end up with someone good, it is almost by accident, because many people base their votes on factors other than ideology, competence, experience, issues. If we want the Democratic Republic that our founding fathers left us, we have to be an informed, concerned and involved citizenry. If we are cynical, then we are being cynical about ourselves.

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