John Oliver Spent Two Days with Creepy Silent Japanese Mascots

John Oliver Spent Two Days with Creepy Silent Japanese Mascots

-The last time you were here
was a while back, but I had — you sent over
a mascot to the show. -Yep. -This is the mascot you made
for a field piece. That’s Chiijohn. -That’s right.
That’s right. I remember, I texted you
not long before they arrived. -Yeah.
-Kind of just really like selling you on the idea
as a small unit of time. -Yes.
-It’s like “This will take 10, 15 minutes maximum.” What I did not realize,
at that point, was that they don’t speak
at all. -Yes.
-So, there are Japanese
mascots — mascotees? [ Laughter ] I don’t know what the technical
job title is — inside there. So, they don’t
speak English, but they also
won’t speak at all. -Right. -So, they had a translator,
so I could speak to them. But then, they would not respond
out of character at all. They basically went
full Daniel Day-Lewis inside two otter costumes.
Yeah. -And it is — I will tell you
first of all, it was true. You said, “This will take
10 minutes.” It absolutely did.
-You’re welcome. -It is so unnerving…
-Yes. -…to have a silent mascot
stare at you. -It is really — It seems
charming, and initially it is. But then, you look through
the grill of the eyes, and you see the silhouetted
outline of someone you don’t know
who will not speak to you. -Yeah.
-And whenever you give them, like, basic instructions,
they’ll just respond — again, in character —
with a kind of “hee, hee, hee.” And you go “Okay. Okay.” I get the “hee, hee, hee.
I really do. But can we go over there
for a second take?” -Yeah.
-It is genuinely unnerving. But —
they didn’t speak a single — I was with them
for two days. They didn’t say
a single word. And then, during breaks,
they were still in character, kind of grabbing
each other’s tail while everyone else is eating,
going, “Is this all day?” -It’s also unnerving to think
that you spent that much time with two people you could not
describe to the police. [ Laughter ] If they did something terrible,
they would be like, “What did they sound like?
What did they look like?” And you’d have nothing. -That’s right.
You say “I don’t know.” They say, “This story
just doesn’t add up. Two days,
they said nothing.” “No. I can describe the outline
of a human head.” -It was like sort of,
“Oh, and they did this a lot.” -They go “hee, hee, hee”
a lot — presumably,
after they kill. -[ Laughs ] We are talking right now
on Super Tuesday. -Yeah. -When this is over,
will you go home? Will you watch the returns
of Super Tuesday? -No. I mean, it’s — look,
I’m glad it’s finally here. -Yeah.
-But there is a lot — there has been a lot of talk
about it today. It’s kind of been irritating,
watching the news today, just having them say,
“Who do you think is
gonna win this state? Who do you think is
gonna win this state? Just wait. You’re about
to find out. People on the —
they’re like kids… -Yeah.
–…in the back row of a car. “Oh, who — who — who’s gonna
win Alabama, dad?” “Wait for the exit polls. Wait for the polls
to close. Don’t make me turn
this democracy around.” They just —
They just cannot help themselves but want to know.

64 thoughts to “John Oliver Spent Two Days with Creepy Silent Japanese Mascots”

  1. We should be very grateful to John for working so hard for Net Neutrality. That Trump appointee Ajit Pai is trying to take it away still is something we Cannot Ignore.

  2. Describing the media covering politics like impatient little kids is sooo accurate!! Thank god John blessed this show again with his voice of reason

  3. It was really sweet when John sent them over there after saying Seth was the best late night host. He won the Emmy, but he still thinks his friends are amazing. That was a really nice thing for him to do.

  4. The way that they did us here in TN was dirty. We had a few giant tornadoes rip through the state, but they made no attempt to accomodate for that fact- the most that they did was change a polling place or two, but no delays due to a declared STATE EMERGENCY! Cause you know, people like me who planned to vote yesterday still totally did, despite our apartment building being completely destroyed (trees fell into building, cars were flipped onto each other, roofs and walls were ripped out and tossed about), still were able to go and vote; oh, no wait, we were instead trying to salvage what was left of our lives! Biden won TN because all the old people living in rural houses were unaffected, but the poorer younger generation living in apartments, who would likely vote for Bernie, who lost everything, including their ability to vote. After we grabbed what we could to head an hour away to stay with our mom, my brother and I actually wanted to go vote, despite the car being full of all our earthly possessions, because we both support Bernie so much; when we tried, we found out the every road to our polling place was closed at the time, except one, which was also one of the only ways to get to that part of town, so just getting a mile and a half away was going to take several hours. So TN shold really have set up something to deal with the fact the several severe tornadoes hit at 1am on the day of the election, and obviously plenty of people had to forgo voting who would have otherwise, because they had to prioritize salvaging what was left of their lives. It should be like having a make-up test for those who couldn't make it to school because of the storm; kids who missed school most likely won't just get to not have to make up the work, so we adults should be able to do the same for our civic duty. I doubt that p.o.s. Biden would have won if not for the tornado keeping almost all the Bernie supporters from voting.

  5. I just showed this skit to my coworker for the first time on Friday and this story makes it so much better! 😅

  6. Former members of the Aum Shinrikyo, Church of Christ, now work as Japanese Mascots. Best known for their work with Sarin Gas, on trains!

  7. John describes perfectly what is wrong with American media coverage and for that matter, American life in general. If you consider watching a sport where nothing much happens for hours your national pastime, don't be surprised if elections last for years and whole networks do nothing but talk 24/7 about the possible outcome. Just wait for the election to take place, then count the votes.

  8. Now that Biden is having a resurgence look for Trump to be suddenly concerned about Ukraine "corruption" again.

  9. Got my Daniels mixed up and was baffled, picturing Daniel Craig inside an otter costume. Then two Daniel Craigs inside two otter costumes. Nope. Still nothing happening.

  10. i feel him so much about media speculating about polls before the results are in. what a waste of time. at times when i have to vote, i cast my vote and turn off all tv, radio and online news. then i read the paper two days later and find out everything that's still relevant.

  11. These mascots are extra weird, but this is exactly why I am wary about mascots. There are real people inside those costumes and one can never be sure about what they are really like. 😬

  12. Most Cosplay is super serious in Japan. It's all about impersonating/becoming the character. Not just looking the part.
    Though I would feel extremely uncomfortable with the silent otters.

  13. If Johnny O there can "turn this democracy around" the please DO IT NOW. It's not headed in a good direction.

  14. Do you know what I find disgusting? People who say, "Yeah, I'd love universal healthcare too, but how is Bernie going to get it through Congress and the Senate, myeeeah?" Um, it's Bernie's job to WANT that for you, rather than to fight against you on it. Since when was it ALL his job to get it through Congress and the Senate? What's wrong with you voters?!! Isn't it YOUR job to remind politicians who they work for? To invite them to town hall meetings and SCREAM AT THEM till they crap their pants and remember that it's YOU?? Civics 101, people!!

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