100 thoughts to “John Cena Wore Jorts in the Ring for One BIG Reason”

  1. He gained success pretending to be black because the wwe couldn't have a black guy with the same image become the face of the company..and they still employ racists and are slow to give opportunities to black wrestlers but they have no problem letting their white wrestlers steal black culture/lingo/attire

  2. I never stopped wearing jorts. Never let anyone tell you what to wear, who to vote for or what vehicle to drive. Cmon sheeple

  3. John Cena is adept at catering to any given audience. Having heard him speak about this subject on platforms nsfw, he has stated his propensity for sporting in-ring boners as his reason for switching to the almighty denim jorts. He probably got engorged imagining the crowd ogling his package!When Cena was younger, he was an admitted exhibitionist, finding great humor in getting naked, farting copiously with his enormous butt, and showing off his boner, especially during thuganomics era. Now, as he has morphed into a far more sanitized version of his former self, he thinks he is giving the masses what they want. As for being a decent, philanthropic human, that cannot be denied, however, as a spokesman for the underdog, I have difficulty seeing him in this capacity. I have spent my life putting others needs before my own, not in a sanctimonious manner, but, from place of empathy, a quality that is rare and almost obsolete, but by which, I come by honestly.

  4. I love how January Jones was questioning if jorts we're back in when I don't remember seeing her in anything since Mad Men

  5. John Cena was the A.I. (Allen Iverson) of the WWE world. He captivated many including me and mostly all of my friends growing up with his flare , rapping , the "street" persona and all.. it worked. He was the face of the WWE for years. Cena is a GOAT for sure. 💯

  6. Imagine a guy in jean jorts and wannabe rapper character made Vince Mcmahon think of him as top talent and became the face of the company for almost ten years.
    Just shows you how talented Cena is.

  7. This interviewer = selective bias. Why wasn't Stone Cold Steve Austin questioned for wearing jorts(Jean shorts) just about his entire career?

  8. He has weird knees the go inward that’s why he was wearing the shorts idk tho could be wrong I was young when he wasn’t a wannabe rapper

  9. Of course we'd be looking at your 🍆 "John" Cena! Why wouldn't we? 😂🤣😂🤣 Wear it and just act like we don't see it! 🤷‍♀️😁😁 0:50

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