Joe: Rep. Adam Schiff Gave Virtuoso Performance | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe: Rep. Adam Schiff Gave Virtuoso Performance | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Shifty schiff is a"compulsive liar"…
    Virtually everything he utters is a lie…he lies as a Kneejerk manner..what a CRIMINAL HE IS..Perjures himself continually..ShIftY is a CRIMINAL.

  2. Schiff was powerful and clear as a bell. I am actually stunned Republicans voted against subpoenas at this point. I just don't see how they possibly think it can look good to not even want to hear from people like John Bolton.

  3. The guy schiff was high when he was on that podium. Bulging eyes, ranting for over two hours in repetitive fashion… that’s not sober, that’s under the influence of something potent.

  4. POTUS is destroying U.S.’s Honor. The country’s trustworthiness on the national level is going down the drain.

  5. Drain The Swamp! Only elect uncorrupted politicians who take small dollar donations and supports workers and the middle class! Also, listen to alternative media coverage from pundits and reporters who aren't part of the Donor class themselves! 🤔😳✊🏼✊🏼✌🏼

  6. All these accounts praising Schiff is probably one guy with multiple burner accounts lol no one can possibly think Schiff is a good man

  7. Who would want to be led by such a man . Any one who knows anything about the law realizes what a danger he is! God help us if power ever falls in the hands of a corrupt man like Adam ! The truth will come out in the next few days. The media has distorted so much . There are good serious democrats , I pray that the Real Democratic Party gets control of this circus and cleans up These swamp creatures!,

  8. Schiff is awesome!! He reminds us who we are. Who we’ve always been. We need to go back to being who we really are and what we stand for. THE AMERICAN WAY! We do what’s right. Take this President out of office, he doesn’t stand for what America is truly about.

  9. Good to know that IF Canada ever needed help from the US, there would either be no help, or help with a very high financial and political cost.

    Trump's response to two Canadians being held by China? F you.

    Trumps response to China's financial retribution towards Canada due to the Huawei blackmail? F you.

    Trumps response to the Saudi's banning all trade with Canada because canada stood up to the Saudis? F you.

    Trump's response to Canadians fighting for a fair trade deal? F you. With blackmail thrown in for good measure.

    The US is a friend to no one except for Putin and the crown prince of Saud, trumps poodle.

  10. Trump has broken many of America’s promises. The Paris Climate Accord, the Iran Deal, the thing with the Kurds, and this agreement too. If we do not hold him to account, what reason will other nations have to trust the United States?

  11. The situation is dire, some say hopeless. But no matter how dreadful it gets, there will be hope for as long as there are men and women of honor and courage exemplified by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff.
    Dig deep from within you, even as you falter, the resolve to keep your Flag held high, so that all who behold their Flag still standing proud will be so inspired.
    "O say can you see, by the dawn's early light,
    What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming,

    On the shore dimly seen through the mists of the deep,
    Where the foe's haughty host in dread silence reposes,
    What is that which the breeze, o'er the towering steep,
    As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
    Now it catches the gleam of the morning's first beam,
    In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:
    'Tis the star-spangled banner, O long may it wave
    O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    O thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand

    Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us as a nation!
    Then conquer we must,
    when our cause it is just,
    And this be our motto: 'In God is our trust.'
    And the star-spangled banner shall in triumph wave
    O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!"

  12. Schiff was so clear in the way he explained it…but the Republicans are not really listening, they're doodling on their pads, they're walking out of the room for lengths of time, but of course the president demands that the movements not be shown around the room by C-SPAN….Trump and Bolton made up the rules for this Senate hearing, but their own people are not following it

  13. Your so fecking stupid to praise Such a virtuoso performance of lies even your democratic base of 5000 views are bored by his hate for Trump. Trump voters of 70 million and rising 70 million and rising Americans can't be wrong.. This just like the battle of the ( south, slave owners = democrats s ….and the north freedom and fairness for all = republicans ALL OVER AGAIN … So you already know who's going to win not the corrupt plantation owners of the south Democratic Party….

  14. He is full of BS. The Biden's cashed in on Ukraine and he has no problem with that. Trump asks them "Look into what Biden bragged about" and that's impeachable? Really? These people are so desperate they will lie and use tactics that would be thrown out in a real court. This charade and Trumps results will guarantee Trumps 2020 victory

  15. The MSNBC, CNN , ABC and all the anti trump and anti american news outlets are such polling bullshiters ….you only have to see Fox positive ratings to know these feckers even lie about their ratings like criminals like PARNAS HYPING HIS OWN PERSONAL SELF TO MAKE HIM LOOK MORE CREDIBLE … LYING SHISTERS……

  16. I hope Schiff considers running for president in the near future for America's own good, he truly has all the attributes of a great one, watching from Asia.

  17. A good friend of Shifty was arrested for murder and is believed to be a serial killer.
    Shifty himself was present at some of the S&M parties run by Ed Buck. Just
    last week another close friend of Shifty was arrested for solicitation of a 9 y.o.
    child. Schiff is a psycho-sexual degenerate. You don't know that because CNN &
    MS13NBC are keeping it a secret.

  18. This man has all of the attributes to be a great President. I don’t know the finer details of the American electoral system but can he run if he chose to do so?

  19. Adam, you all that are speaking up and fighting against the
    #DJDUMP💩 and "it's" evil ways. We're proud of you and the #dreamteamUSA/ DEMOCRATS !

  20. Obama didn't endorse Biden bc he feared Biden would be thoroughly checked which would likely lead to Burisma. Ukraine Corruption.with HEAVY OBAMA INVOLVEMENT.
    YES, Obama can be impeached.
    Treason is a great reason.

  21. I love reading the comments and seeing how uninformed so many liberals are. Oh wait…MY MISTAKE…you're all referring to Joe Biden literally threatening to pull aid, by order of Barack Hussein, unless they fired the investing prosecutor. Which isn't covered under Treaty 106-16, like President Trump's ACTUAL conversation was. No wonder there were so many screamers after 2016 election, thanks to your own fake news keeping you all in the dark, while the rest of us are enjoying THIS all being part of the swamp getting drained. We'll be waiting, with popcorn and soda, in 2020 for the encore performance. 🎭

  22. And The Oscar Goes To………. Adam schittt!! What a lying phony, pathetic piece of schitt. Every day that Potus Trump is in office he shows how useless, pathetic, lying, criminal, ineffective the DEMONRATS "leadership" has been for the past 30 years. Trump can run the whole government single handedly. TRUMP IS GOING TO END THE FEDERAL RESERVE AND THE DEMONRATS CANT STAND IT!!! 
    They are DONE!! X22 Report. The Pain is coming. General Barr and John Durham are bringing the indictments and soon after convictions!

  23. I'm so proud of Adam. He is a true patriot, willing to stand up to the orange, conman squatting in OUR white house, and history will remember him for his courage.

  24. ttump thinking is that he didn't make that promises. so tear it up and he will make a better deal once he gets reelected. Plus if you reelect me I'll safe the 1% money by cutting medicare and SSI. TTUMP 2020 will break the lower middle class people.

  25. He didn’t tell you that Obama let Putin take Crimea and gave them NO DEFENSIVE aid !!! Democrats said nothing ! Did nothing !!!
    Schiff is a F’ing liar and MSNBC pumps raw sewage and is NOT NEWS !!!
    Of course , that doesn’t fit your Trump hating narrative , but Obama was a real jerk and you guys pass over it !
    It doesn’t matter ,all your BS doesn’t matter because America knows this is STILL about invalidating 2016 and they know ‘ morning Joe ‘ is a lying piece of sewage pumping crap

  26. Morning Joe, a news anchor with a political agenda. Rachel Maddow is worse. Jim Lehrer from PBS just passed away, there are not many good ones like him left. At MSNBC, FOX and CNN they are considered to be an extinct species.

  27. Say what you want about Democrats or Republicans, but Schiff has been knocking it out of the park with truth, and integrity.

  28. The ending remarks from Adam Schiff last night illustrated the meaning of what every American should feel about this country. How can you sit in your living room and ignore those facts. What can the President's council argue based on those closing remarks, and the chronological information the House manager presented. I am sorry, but I am not going to waste my time this weekend to hear what the President's council have to say if they could not even give me an ounce of rebuttal against what the government accused the President of concerning Ukraine. It's just to hard to stomach those closing arguments. You have to be awake walking with your eyes closed to not see what actions Donald Trump took to sale his country out.

  29. I refuse to believe the Republican senators are going to vote to acquit now that all of the facts have been presented to them. If they unanimously vote to remove, they will restore trust in our government, they will take control of the party back from Trump and they show that their loyalty is to the constitution, to the republic, to truth. They will be deserving of our admiration. We will be in debt to them for their courage. They will be the new heroes. We Americans love a good redemption story, I trust that the 53 will redeem themselves if we all encourage them to do so. If we all treat them as if they are a lost cause, that is what they will be. We should all be doing whatever we can to help the 53 understand that voting to remove will save the Republic and save the GOP. This is their chance to speak truth to power.

  30. I'm glad that Mika is on the Joe show. Her father's background in politics and national origin gave her a perspective very similar to Madeleine Albright's. I'm buoyed by that, but simultaneously saddened that a ton of Republicans don't have that unique resumé and consequently lack the capability of "seeing" the damage they're doing to our country.

  31. Such a great Performance that even DNC Senators were reading and napping. A US Elected Congressman says that the American People should not elect the president We want. Outside of 6 States America does want President Trump. There is not one Dem running that can ow will get over 90 EC votes. As Clinton said. "Your time is Up"

  32. Such a great Performance that even DNC Senators were reading and napping. A US Elected Congressman says that the American People should not elect the president We want. Outside of 6 States America does want President Trump. There is not one Dem running that can ow will get over 90 EC votes. As Clinton said. "Your time is Up"

  33. During the call -in on breaks in the C-SPAN coverage of the trial for the past two days I was appalled by the comments of Trump supporters who dominated (Could Mitch have hired them to call in? I'm at the point where I wouldn't put it past him) Their vehemence was frightening.
    One gal from TX said those DEMS should be arrested and jailed for what they are trying to do to our wonderful President who has done so much for this country and further more…the host looked shaken as he cut her off and went to the next call. The next caller wasn't any better. That guy was close to incoherent although the word treason was heard before cut-off. Variations on that theme all day long which made me wonder if Adam Schiff should get protection. In addition to every other crime he's committed, Trump has unleashed a dark force that threatens everything and everybody.
    As Alexander Hamilton prophesied in Federalist paper 1. There will be a leader one day who will unleash a whirlwind he intends to ride to his own purpose. Not a direct quote but close enough to show that along with other characteristics and actions he describes, Hamilton must have seen Donald Trump in his crystal ball.

  34. Bottom line, Trump was already in the white house long before he was elected president. Questions about the government of the day. What is power and authority without control? Trump should be acquitted as a lesson to the American people in particular and the world in general: systems do not and cannot work on their own.

  35. The best part, clearly the dems are full of crap. Revealed. Unfortunately Trump will be acquitted, re-elected and we go through for more years of the dems in denial and their desperate attempts to reverse America’s clear choice.

  36. Schiff is absolutely the man of the year. He has done a fantastic job of laying out in simple terms the selfish crimes of this totally ignorant and corrupt president. We all know he is guilty!

  37. we the people are WATCHING, to WITNESS the acts of the people, we ELECTED, to protect us against this type of wrong!!! WILL our state reps protect US or the wrongs of trump? we didn't elect them for trump, we elected them to make sure people like trump, wouldn't hurt us… we are WATCHING to see; who is more important to them than US, (who voted for them, trusted them to represent us) will they put us in harms way to protect trump? will they VOTE against our safety? we want to KNOW, IF we voted wrong, when we voted for them to represent us? yes, we are WATCHING!!!

  38. Republican secrets to Trial!
    1. I LIKE BEER!
    2. I don't recollect/I don't Remember.
    3. No Evidence, NO Witnesses.

    If I am missing anything here. I will edit and add to this list.

  39. Since the Republicans are going to stand by their man, will he be able to run in 2020?

  40. That don't care either! Listening to Mr. Schiff speech and Adam Nadler was just enthralling. And the Republicans were bored?? What mindless souls ! There's just no more words if Trump gets away with his betrayal and thieving of taxpayer's EARNED dollars.

  41. Wow!! I did not know we asked Ukraine to give up nuclear weapons based on our assurance to help them in their struggle for democracy. And then to dangle assistance and go back on our words is a disgrace. Pulling out of Seria and leaving our allies to be slaughtered is a disgrace. I have heritage from Vietnam War. Cia recruited our people to help. For every 1 American who died, we lost something like 12 asian people. But at the end of war, at least the free democratic world like Canada, France, Australia…took us in. Yes some got left behind, but we were basically not left behind like our Kurd brothers n sisters. There was zero attempt there to assist them . Thats a sad day. Thats like us leaving our Ukraine ally to be slaughtered while sacrificing our dignity and security of our nation. This is a sad day. Let the strength of our nation shine through. God bless. Miss Ronald Reagon, Bush, Bush, Clinton and Obama. They made me feel patriotic regardless of party affliliation. They made our country united…not DIVIDED.

  42. A matter of demented opinion really, a sense of lies and misinformation are his arsenal. Eloquence of lies are still lies and canards no matter how stated.

  43. BTW: I have been on every Senators Facebook page, and they are getting lite up for not doing their job. It is probably 50% people talking normal asking for the Senate Republicans to add witnesses and do their job. 20% fringe Left wingers and 30% of Right wingers trying to keep the Rally behind "the Donald" alive. Who is gloating about his Obstruction of Justice on National TV. It never even dawned on me he will get Impeached in the Senate, but the Republicans are getting a lot of heat!

  44. The Russians invaded Ukraine under Obama, why didn't he do anything. Also he would not supply weapons to Ukraine but Trump is so now Trump is a concern to national security. We should stop giving billions of dollars to all foreign countries.

  45. Russia annexed Crimea, now they have in essence annexed Washington by gaining control of parts of the US Congress and all of the WH.

  46. Performance is a good way to describe what we saw. We will see more of the same today I have doubt. Unfortunately the Trump team will be quick to point out all the inaccuracies, misquotes and allegations that have not basis if fact. To hear the “experts” on MSNBC one might think they are supporting ending the process now because Schiff’s performance was so good why continue? We continue because the only person who has not been heard to date is Donald Trump. The pundits are quick to say that that his defense is incoherent and grasping at straws but all this is without hearing it. They say that the House Managers have already rebutted any defense the Trump team has but again, this is without hearing their defense. Is it the responsibility of the News to act like a cheerleader and applaud a “performance “ or is it to educate their viewers? Clearly MSNBC sees their role as something other than a news organization. To call this news would be false.

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