Joe Fact Checks President Donald Trump’s Davos News Conference | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe Fact Checks President Donald Trump’s Davos News Conference | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. They actually place bets, on how many lies Trump will tell. Hilarious…and ultimately sad, that our president is such a joke.

  2. The conclusion of this trial will be the 2020 election when the people will speak. I remember when so many republicans said a black man would never be an american president. But, the people had the final say and spoke clearly 2 times.

  3. The only way Trump can "negotiate" is to force the other side to capitulate by threatening financial ruin. Take for example the multitude of law suits he has been involved in. And his so called trade deals. Now he is using his power as POTUS and the taxpayer $$ to bully his way in to deals.

  4. It would be more interesting to see if you could find a time when traitor boy didn't lie about something at this point…

  5. what system allows a maniac to get in office and then fills all the posts with cronie criminals ?

    even judges and the doj ?????

    who isnt surprised trump managaed to get this far ?

  6. Why even bother fact checking. I just assume that whatever he says is a complete & total lie. Anybody with 16,000 officially documented lies just within 3 yrs should never be believed in the 1st place.

  7. The GOP won't allow the senate to impeach this guy. Remember at the polls, people! Don't lose hope if that happens. Don't stay home. Vote him out of office!


    Or the FACT he's a PUSILLANIMOUS, MORONIC, CON-MAN who's DUMBER than a sedated jellyfish!!!!

  10. Obama taught Constitutional law at the world renown University of Chicago, the Orange Sphincter started the scam tRump University. And that's the tip of the criminal iceberg. GOP supports this reprehensible creature? Thanks for telling us who you are!

  11. This president doesn't want anybody testifying, that could tell on him. DJ45 is a loser, a lier and a crook and the Senate is crooked too.

  12. In 2007, Trump sued reporter, Tim O'Brien and Warner Books for 5 billion dollars. In 2009, a judge dismissed Trump’s case against O’Brien. Trump appealed, but in 2011 that was denied, too. Trump accused O'Brien of being reckless and dishonest in a book that raised questions about Trump’s net worth. The reporter’s attorneys turned the tables on Trump, and brought Trump in for a deposition. During the deposition on Dec.19 and 20, 2007, Trump was caught lying at least 30 times.

    Trump had to acknowledge 30 times during that deposition that he had lied over the years about a wide range of issues: his ownership stake in a large Manhattan real estate development, the cost of a membership to one of his golf clubs, the size of the Trump Organization, his wealth, the rate for his speaking appearances, how many condos he had sold, the debt he owed, and whether he borrowed money from his family to stave off personal bankruptcy."

    The lies Trump told were unstrategic, needless, highly specific, and easy to disprove. When he was caught lying, Trump sometimes blamed others for the error or explained that the untrue thing really was true,  at least in his mind. Trump's lying deposition is now a part of the public record.

    This is a perfect example of why Trump's lawyers never permitted Trump to be interviewed by Mueller. They know that Trump is morally and pathologically incapable of telling the truth, about anything..

    Trump has now told more than 16k lies since taking office. And the volume of lies that continues to flow from his mouth like a busted fire hydrant have only increased with time.  Fun fact: The first lie Trump told to the American people, the lie that would be the foundation of every other lie he would tell as president, was the lie he told when he raised his right hand, and took his oath of office.

  13. In short, Trump spouted nothing but lies as usual.

    Nobody is going to believe the GOP anymore once Trump is gone, as without him, "Cult 45" will implode and scatter to the Wind… Like a bad *fart*.

    Because the stench from Donald Trump's constant bullcrap will take a long time to get rid off.

  14. I would like to see this (fact check list). I’m starting to think they might be over exaggerating things at this point.

  15. What we can focus on: voting all Republicans out of office and reversing all twisted, inhumane, corrupt, and ignorant legislation. Come election day 2020 the lights will go out on the twisted empty Republicans. PERMANENTLY. It will all be over well before dinner time. Republicans have done little more than smear their excrement on the walls for a generation. We've had it. We're tired of cleaning up their messes, tired of turning the other cheek. Tired of their dead weight and fetid odor. END THE REPULSIVE AND UNNECESSARY UNAMERICAN REPUBLICAN TRAITORS.

  16. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Hannity sits on that phony network and lies again and again to his audience for ratings and to make as much money as possible. He cries about Hunter Biden making $50k a month for a year from burisma. And has his cronies come out and cry about Biden making more in one month than most Americans do in one year. But what he doesn’t tell his audience is that he makes double that every single day. He wants you to think that he’s not an elitist and he’s a common man. He’s the farthest thing from it. He’s a con artist. $109,000 A DAY people.

  17. Trumpy thinks that American people are fools that we bealeave everything he says! 15.000 lies are just to much! RIGHT?

  18. It's a pity that trump was never taught social niceties. He just has no clue how to handle himself amongst people who have been brought up correctly. Does he really believe that the majority of the Davos forum don't know that he's lying through his ugly false teeth and no matter how you feel about a colleague, you don't call them rude names in front of the world. But then we are not donald dumpf who is functioning on a very tiny brain

  19. I believe an easier job would be to check only the truths since the lies far outweigh the truth. just assume he and his family are ruling. Filling their pockets with the influence the office gives them

  20. Morning no joe, you have 0 power. You have zero influence. You're a former Rino Republican that had a dead woman left in your office, you're a traitor, a coward and nobody but the sheeple on the left pays attention to you. You and your ugly wife are a sorry excuse for human beings, got that beady-eyed mf'er.


  22. It wont make the slightest difference whether or not evidence is produced at 'the trial', – the Republican Senators will stick together and find Trump 'not guilty of anything at all', – they dare not step out of line or they'll face a lynching by the Republican mob who believe everything and anything Trump utters!

  23. To stand in front of the world's political and economical leaders telling nothing but lies is embarassing, but only for himself.

  24. I listened from start to finish. The Dems presented facts in a clear, organized, succinct manner.
    Republican lawyers were so weak it was laughable. It was quite embarrassing, and I did laugh.
    Still, the votes to take down all the amendments to McConnell's guidelines, by the Republican senators was NOT funny.
    It was extremely discouraging and told us exactly who they are.
    They stonewalled and if they continue in the manner they DESERVE to be voted out of office!
    They ruled out any witnesses allowed. It was stunning.

    Ps Democratic legal team were prepared and presented the cases in a clear and informative way. Staffers put in a lot of work probably 24/7.
    Republican lawyers clearly had nothing and sounded like angry reachers.

  25. Unfortunately Joe’s missing the point. Trump’s base believe him and he is getting away with everything. He has the Senate, the Courts and the Justice Department stacked in his favour, so who are the fools?
    You need to take it to the street and force the Senate to do their job and stop this madman. He can do irreparable damage in the last year of his term.

  26. 🇬🇧 If I remember correctly didn't Barr decline Trump's request for him to agree that Trump had made a perfect phone call.

  27. Dear America.
    Could you please keep your Crook to yourself? That would be really great.
    The World

    PS: you can always send over legitimate presidents. No problem.

  28. Democrats should give Trump the opportunity to clear his name by testifying under oath… introduce an amendment to subpoena him so he can tell us all, in his own words, what he did and didn't do. If he didn't do anything wrong, as Mssrs. Cipillone and Starr claim, then he shouldn't have any problem with testifying under oath, or at the very least giving a deposition under oath.

  29. I don’t know why but this still astonishes me that the US has allowed this classless moron to be in and remain in the WH. And drinking in this reality show bullsh*t like it’s gold fever.

  30. When all of the information came out the president blocked the subpoenas at every turn now you got his republican senators keep saying why the house of representatives didn't get subpoenas at the start how can you get information when you have some one playing cat and mouse with you.and the information that is given the important information is blotted what is being covered up.

  31. The transcript will be like his taxes. Only a sociopath would take donor's money from a CHARITY to get a $10,000 portrait made of himself. Only a sociopath leaves sick children to die ALONE on the cold concrete floor of his cells. Only a sociopath attacks the families and survivors of decorated VETERANS. He is a FAKE and the world knows it.

  32. I think AG Barr got the job as long as he never recuses himself as Session's did. He as big a crook as Drump, why was he traveling around the world on the people's dime to pressure other countries to get involved in the USA's politics? All to scammy for me.

  33. It takes as long to "Fact Check" [review all the inaccuracies] in a Trump speech as it takes Trump to make the speech.
    Maybe cause it's always all lies?
    Just sayin'…

  34. America is in serious trouble. Half of the country can't seem to figure out, or doesn't care that their president is a corrupt, ignorant man, who lies to their face every single day. A truly pathetic state of affairs.

  35. Trump 1, dems 0… who didn’t see that one coming other than the delusionals on the left? When will you loony toons learn: Mess with the best squirm like the left!

  36. Almost every single con who awaits trial, has one of two defences, or both.
    1. Despite the evidence, I did not do what I’m accused of.
    2. It’s closest cousin. I’m being framed.
    This has been Donald Trump’s defence, for years.
    Me thinks he doth protest, to much.

  37. Hes honest and im beautiful and healthy and rich and have tons of people who love me and i have no illness,have no debt…how long can i play this game and can mine become true too just because i type or say it out loud or do i need more people to say it and then it is the truth?

  38. Being a liar is part of being conservative. Everything they say they stand for is a lie. Trickle down, fiscally responible, family values, support the military.

  39. Why even listen to this fool? It's the same old song and grift. Now GOP Senators are spinning the exact same nonsense in the "impeachment trial". Democrats present facts based on documents and testimony, while Republicans cry, lie, whine, obstruct and deflect. It's a total embarrassment. Even the most elegant and meticulously-designed watch will eventually malfunction. Our democracy needs a trip to the repair shop, some broken parts need to be replaced.

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