Joe Biden Says His Fight To End Trump’s Presidency Is ‘Just Beginning’ | NBC News NOW

Joe Biden Says His Fight To End Trump’s Presidency Is ‘Just Beginning’ | NBC News NOW

62 thoughts to “Joe Biden Says His Fight To End Trump’s Presidency Is ‘Just Beginning’ | NBC News NOW”

  1. My gosh this is scary. Our party is clinging too a bunch of losers. These candidates are horrible. Trump is going to smash us. Wtf.

  2. He is slurring in speech, @ 0.51 he cannot even pronounce 'Presidency'. He should not have entered the race, should have retired with dignity as VP.

  3. Ol Status Quo Joe gotta GO – Tired of his maudlin stories and insults – that lying, dog-faced pony-soldier! I for one, have had QUITE enough of ol Creepy Uncle Joe's Malarkey.

  4. Biden is on life support. After you drop out, please join Hillary on the road with mumbling, blaming others, and various other rants.

  5. Sleepy Biden 😴 sounds like he has his mouth full of pop corn when he talks 😂
    Somebody take his blood pressure please 😨

  6. I'm staying in the mount of the state to clear whatever was that my aunt poisoned me with, as to not spread whatever it is to other people

  7. I never knew that you could come in 5th place in any state, yet claim that you're electable. Joe needs to drop out.

  8. Joe, here's a tutorial for you while you're in S. Carolina. You're welcome.

  9. Biden doesn't even know where he is half the time. Why is he being pushed to do this? He should be enjoying retirement. He probably thinks he's running against Joe Biden.

  10. You are such a disgrace obama is backing someone else how is a former president wont even endorse you baaah haaa haa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

  11. Dial Joe 303… pony soldier 😆😆😄

    Joe belongs in a nursing house not the White House

    President Donald Trump & VP Mike Pence are doing a great job so far.

  12. Your choice to use the vice presidency to get your crack head son million dollar jobs at known corrupt foriegn companies ruined you ,Trump just put the nail in the coffin by calling out your b.s..

  13. Joe, please retire. Please. You are a cringey mess. Retire Before the wheels come off and you completely destroy your entire career.

  14. if Hunter Biden was not corrupt " nothing's there " as Joe Biden claims, why Hunter is technically banned to join his father Campaign trail ?
    why the timing is not appropriate for Hunter to be present at Joe's campaign trail ?
    why does it sound like Joe Biden is not going to be proud of Hunter in front of the law abiding citizen crowds ?!

  15. Biden is a national embarrassment, he also has been paid a lot of money over the years to consistently make wrong decisions. He hasn’t done anything for this country, except make a lot of money for himself!!!

  16. There comes a time in everyone’s career when it’s over and you have to accept it. That time is now for you, Mr. Biden. Please retire and tend to your anger issues and that dishonest son of yours. He’s corrupt, you know it. He lied about getting that stripper pregnant until a DNA test proved it true. What other things are you and your son lying about? I dont even care anymore. Go home already or stay in the game so interviewers can taunt you and the world can watch you explode! You’re an angry person. We don’t need another insane liberal wasting representation pursuing petty grudges.

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