Joe: Bernie Sanders, President Donald Trump Were Two Big Winners Last Night | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe: Bernie Sanders, President Donald Trump Were Two Big Winners Last Night | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Get your facts straight MSNBC! Bernie Sanders isn't a socialist! He hads socialist policy that would help out the middle class. However you don't care about that MSNBC because your apart of corporate media and a Sanders Administration makes you nervous!!!

  2. MSNBC, you’re idiots. Start paying attention to Bernie. He would have beaten the dictator in chief in 2016 if the DNC had half a clue. As a retired veteran I will speak a little about Democratic Socialism.. it’s already here. The Post office, the police department, the fire department, the library, the public’s schools, Medicare. I was stationed in Germany for 3 years. They live a very comfortable life there. The wealthy pay more taxes. Jeff Bezos who owns Amazon pays No taxes. Swallow that. Trump, is proud that he pays no tax. Stop trying to scam and lie to the people who pay tax in this country.

  3. I can't wait to see the look on all your faces when Bernie is the nominee and even better when he is President. It's going to be priceless. If only we could get a video of Hillary's reaction.

  4. Dear Donny Deutsch, Bernie Sanders is not, i repeat not Socialist.
    Socialist wants ownership of the means of production and workers' self-management of enterprise.
    Bernie Sanders is American centrist to all who even remotely follows what Bernie actually says.

  5. Donald Trump may be a problem but we have far greater problems like our Two
    party duopoly ; Most people don't have a clue how they are influenced
    by MSM , they in reality choose our candidates by reporting
    manipulated polls which in turn manipulates who gets the exposure in
    the debates and even then they choose how much time each candidate
    receives with some having 5 min while there chosen ones get 10 min.
    or more . If you go to when the candidates announce there candidacy
    is a sham all by itself , if your platform doesn't  conform to the
    views of MSM for the next eight or more months you have coverage on
    your campaign that are based on lies and smears which the voters are
    subjected to hearing day after day and no matter how blatant the lies
    are they become truth . Now if a candidate fits the MSM view you get
    all the free coverage you want ; This election more than ever has
    shown this extreme bias because of one candidate that spoke up
    against the MIC and the war mongering that has plagued our country
    since the Vietnam War that have become now continuous wars &
    regime changes on steroids . So if that isn't rigging the elections I
    wouldn't know what is . There isn't enough space here to show you the
    Ties between the MSM and MIC , something you should research ;
    President Eisenhower warned  us :  

    @fBfY  The American people need to WAKEUP !  Tulsi 2020  Aloha

  6. The mainstream media pretends they are for the people, but really they are just for the "liberal" elite. And I am a real liberal. Bernie's policy aren't too radical or too progressive, it just threatens their way of life TOO much. They only pretend to be on our side through social issues, but threaten their money and power? Watch how quick things change.

  7. Bernie is going ageist the system that makes both Democrat and Republican parties. He’s setting records with he’s fundraising Bernie sanders 2020!

  8. WHY is Donnie Deutsch talking about needing to see the cost regarding Medicare For All when there’s a Koch Brothers’ funded study available by Senior Research Strategist Charles Blahous, a former Bush administration economist working at a prominent conservative think tank? Did he miss this?


  9. I am very proud of my country and my president. Cuban Americans for Trump. If you want Socialism go to Cuba , we do not need you in free America. [email protected] Bernie and all the leftists communists democrats. Trump 2020

  10. You can almost smell the fear off of Donnie talking about Bernie doing the math. He has and the answers will almost lead to the rich getting put to the sword by the majority of the working class and minority groups. The Bern is beginning …..

  11. We all fairly know what they think of Donald Trump. Donald Trump is not going to be the Democratic nominee. So why talk about him ? They have been mentioning him in every other debate . It's not all about Trump. We need to know about the Democrats were putting in the White House , and more than whether or not the hate Trump.

  12. Bernie didn't win anything last night. He got called out for being a hypocrite on wealth (He doesn't need three houses any more than the billionaires need all their money) and had a very weak response. All he basically did was tell everyone what he uses each house for, as if that's supposed to matter, and say "Forgive me" which showed how he missed the point. Bloomberg isn't the one pretending that there's something inherently evil about owning way more than the average American. Bernie is, though, at least when it comes to people other than himself.

  13. Donny Doh! Is a modern day birther… "Show us the plan!" To quote the honorable Mr. Sanders, "The plan is online, go and look it up!" It clearly shows we will save money and get more for less, but these idiots keep claiming they want to see the numbers… when the numbers are right in front of their faces and from many studies. Even the Koch brothers commissioned a study that ultimately showed medicare-for-all would be beneficial. If you don't know what you're talkin about you should just shut your mouth and not be on Television.

  14. $450 billion per year is how much Medicare for all would SAVE. The media calling for a line by line honest analysis is hilarious considering the daily trivialisation and blatant propaganda that forms the foundations of your organisations (owned by oligarchs). You think we’re stupid?

  15. what's the item by item. go through his plan and deconstruct it…oh yale did and it's the tune of 450bn and 10's of thousands of lifes saved? net loss who? oh yea billionaires

  16. Donny, why don't you make the neocons like Clinton and Biden do the math on the run away Defense budgets? Where is your 'maturity' when the military gets billions more than they asked for and our military is larger than the next 10 militaries combined? My fear is that MSNBC will hire more Republicans like you.

  17. The biggest failure of this MSNBC coverage of the debate is that they missed the most important story. Five candidates said that they do not think that the Democratic voters should have the full and complete right to elect their presidential candidate. Instead, they want the decision to be made by the establishment's super delegates, who get untold millions from billionaires, to make that decision unless there is a candidate with more than half of the delegates. The decision would be made in dark, back rooms without transparency and could, I imagination, include the promise of monetary donations to some. WHERE IS BERNIE? They relentlessly covered Traitor Trump's rallies and still do. Well Bernie's rallies are just as big and enthusiastic. WHERE IS BERNIE?

  18. Donnie, and all of mainstream media, Senator Sanders has told you how Medicare For All would be financed, you simply don't listen.

  19. If the math for Medicare for All doesn’t work then how does Canada do it? The truth is it will save the country $450B a year. The question isn’t how can we afford it, but how can we afford not to do it.

  20. We should all vote for #Bernie because his policies are all for the working man universal healthcare for everyone which will be way cheaper over all than it is now and covers any and everything .also for minimum wage to starts at 15 dollar and everyone would have to pay higher depending on skill which will boost the economy because it will cause more spending. Free Universal 4 year college for everyone at any age. Student loan forgiveness as well. plus he cares about the planet and these are his guaranteed promises those all help the working man by taxing the rich and stopping regime change wars by bring our troops home.

  21. Michael Bloomberg was suddenly all at sea when he had to speak up for himself for a change. Not as easy as spending a few hundred million dollars in loose change to have advertising agencies do the touting for you, eh?

  22. Wow Joe and Mika… were all fired up about Mini Mike yesterday……saying he was going to crush all of these candidates and take the nomination. now in just 12 hours ….Dismissed !!!!

  23. It’s all embarrassing. They yell at hard working adults like they are juveniles. It’s difficult to hear the message for all the anger and emotion. There isn’t a single person running that could make America proud again. Any party.

  24. 1% of the population controlling a Majority of wealth in America is a red flag. Soon we will have Trump Tower in the Capitol, Washington D.C. The current President is mirroring the rulers of the Oil-rich nations. DOES THAT MAKE YOU REPUBLICANS HAPPY? Demos, you can stop this indecent display of disproportionate wealth.

  25. Know who “OUR” real enemy is. It’s NOT the other Candidates, it’s the current resident of the WH & his cohort putin . BLUE. Vote. Blue. Vote. Blue. Vote

  26. How much do you hate Donald Trump?

  27. Bernie has answered that question. He asked why is The U.S. The only democratic country that can't manage free healthcare for all? The U.K., Australia, Canada, France, Germany. All of these countries can do this. I'm pretty sure none of them are anti democratic. In the U.K. we all pay National Insurance. We pay for the NHS. If you don't want to use that, you want to go private, on you go. You pay your private fees but you still have to pay your National Insurance contribution as well. You chose not to use it but everyone pays for it. That is how it works. The rich don't want that in the U.S. It's about time the rich realise they couldn't make their millions or billions if it wasn't for the wee guys down below.

  28. American people worth 40 million dollars an more will go an fight over in Syria against Turkey.
    The poor and the middle class will sit this one out.
    We may watch on the side line and eat popcorn.


  30. MSNBC used to be a decent media outlet until Bernie came along. Suddenly, the fear that they show just makes them look so stupid. Why is it so hard for them to appreciate the fact that Bernie want to fight for the working people and not for rich fat cats like you guys.

  31. Warren is such a loser. She tries so hard to come across like a regular person “Chip in $2 bucks “. “Who wants a selfie”
    Loser warren

  32. Let’s ignore the polls, where Bernie wins with the biggest margin over Trump. Trump even fears Bernie in private! Bloomberg has zero chance.

  33. Honestly if Bloomberg or Sanders is the nominee we will just be saying hi to another 4 years of Trump. Honestly I think Buttiege is the safest bet.

  34. Remove the Electoral Process, it is unconstitutional. Every VOTE should count during a presidential election. This is not a State issue. #45*, Moscow Mitch and NRA betrayed our country and are Russian Entities funnelling money to the Russian Republicans. Follow the foreign money being invested in America. The TRUTH is There.

  35. Donny Deutsch is a political hack. Had he need not possess so much money, his opinions would be rightfully rendered quite useless. He expressed more concern about Bernie getting a boost than Trump receiving the same. Deutsch also constantly ignores polls showing the opposite of his biased claims.

  36. We got the majority! 5 dnc candidates choose cheat the voter of America!Not happening! Override the people and it’s on! No dnc corporate committee will steal the will of the people!

  37. Idiots think Bernie is a radical when in reality he is barely left of center. Oh it's so radical to want healthcare like every other civilized nation has. So dumb.

  38. Donnie is so heated not the fact that he doesn't like Bernie Sanders, but because the tax system he benefits so heavily off of will mostly end under a president Sanders administration

  39. Let,s talk grown up stuff we take the money from the rich and kinda look after them.That grown up enough for ye Bernie?

  40. 7 trillion on Middle East wars

    Media: crickets

    10 trillion + bailing out Wall Street

    Media: …

    Bernie proposes Universal Heath care like every other 1st world industrialized country


  41. When all else fails, they will call Bernie a "communist" . These multi-millionaires funded by billionaires want to demonize Bernie for advocating for polices that have been implemented in almost every 1st world industrialized country. They simply dont want their wealthy donors getting taxed.

  42. Can we stop going after Sanders in a news outlet designed to be objective and informative and not necessarily for propaganda purposes? Please

  43. Wow low blow warren i pray she never becomes president she’s really not helping the future of women in government atacking someone on his obvious personal problems she is just like Donal Trump !

  44. They are not putting a stop to the mass pesticide spraying where kids and families are and in hotels. They are not putting ROTTING cops and CEO's and local governments who use them against the citizens in jail and in misery. They are not stopping the poisons that create revenue for filthy doctors. They are not reducing rents for everyone. They are not telling people about the superfunds they live on and its effects etc…

  45. Does anyone really what Donnie freaking Deutsch has to say?? He may aswell be an ornament in the room, cause I definitely don't.

  46. The people don't want to see the Democrats fighting among one another…..
    It only MAKEs me feel like not voting for ANYONE!

    That's how Trump squeezed in the last time, with help from Putin and the Electoral College.😒

  47. All these people whining about Bernie being a socialist like tf lol i live in a socialist regime country, it's better than ever, minimum wages up, my people were so oppressed by the far right democratic, we're in a better position now that we have a socialist regime, even made my people's language official to the country most opposed it, just bcs you've seen corrupt politicians running a socialist country and f*cking it up doesn't mean socialism is bad calm down

  48. Someone on Democracy Now made a great point post debate, they always want to ask "What is the cost to do this?" instead of maybe "What is the cost if we don't do this?"

    Here's a few of the things that I believe would be the cost of not doing these things. The health of our nation continues to decline and our infant mortality rates continue to rise, an entire generation of young people that wanted an education living under the thumb of a bank and never living a quality life, unchecked war spending that results in more foreign conflict and less engagement with world leaders, ignoring the facts that the scientists are telling us and hoping it all works out and leaving a planet unfit for life for millions of Americans and billions worldwide.
    That's the true cost!

    So you want to talk grown up stuff? Let's go! Free State colleges and universities for everyone, I believe this also cancels all student debt. Paid for by a less than one half of one percent tax on all Wall Street speculation. Where there is currently no tax at all! and as far as I'm concerned if I have to pay my local coffee shop tax when they sell me a coffee then the folks gambling with our entire stock market should maybe have to pay taxes on speculation. This would generate 2.4 trillion dollars over a 10 year period and since it costs 2.2 trillion we are golden. Joe Rogan interviewed Sanders about this on his podcast and it's been clipped out.

    Wants some more grown up math? Yale University released a study a few days ago that Medicare for All would save the United States $450 billion a year. And, as Bernie says in the debate, people's taxes would certainly go up. They do in every country in the world that has universal Healthcare. But due to never again paying at the point of service, no deductibles, co-pays and out of pocket expense their overall expenses would and should be lower every year. It's all fine to talk about people's taxes going up and disingenuously say that is unanimously bad but then conveniently forget that we are paying overall less every year! Not to mention that for millions of Americans it will mean even being able to go to the doctor at all not to mention more frequently and the health of our nation improving!
    Democracy now did an interview with the head of the Yale school that conducted this study and it goes in to great detail!

    Let's keep educating each other on the facts! and let's never forget that it is the government's role to improve the lives of every single person in this country, try as they might. It is not to make the rich richer!

  49. We don’t have to choose between socialism and capitalism…you can have both…like Canada, Norway and Finland….they have a more equal and justice society❤️🙏🇨🇦

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