Jeremy Corbyn has turned into a remainer, says Boris Johnson during Commons clash

Jeremy Corbyn has turned into a remainer, says Boris Johnson during Commons clash

The country is deeply worried
that the new prime minister
overestimates himself.
I am deeply alarmed
to see no plan for Brexit.
He was in the cabinet
that accepted the backstop
and, of course, voted for it
on 30 March this year.
It would be welcome if he could
set out what he finds so objectionable,
having voted for it
less than four months ago.
Can he explain this flip-flopping?
The right honourable gentleman
has been captured.
He has been jugulated,
he has been reprogrammed
by his honourable friends.
He has been turned now
into a remainer!
He wants …
He has turned Labour into the party …
Of all the flip-flops he has performed
in his tergiversating career,
that is the one for which I think
he will pay the highest price.
People fear that, far from wanting
to “take back control”,
the new prime minister
would effectively
make us a vassal state
of Trump’s America.
[Background – Jeers/Noise.
Yes, you’re selling us to the US.]
Will he ask the new foreign secretary
to prioritise the release
of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe?
And is he working with European partners
to restore the Iran nuclear deal
and de-escalate tensions in the Gulf?
The right honourable gentleman
asks about trust
and “Who can you trust
to run the Government?”
How on earth?
He asks about Iran, Mr Speaker.
A right honourable gentleman
who has been paid by Press TV of Iran,
who repeatedly sides with the mullahs
of Tehran rather than our friends
in the United States over what
is happening in the Persian gulf.

100 thoughts to “Jeremy Corbyn has turned into a remainer, says Boris Johnson during Commons clash”

  1. @guardian This is unfair why did you not show the PM's whole response why did you only show snippets of what he said

  2. Past is no .ore coming for my gold and the throne go home. Thank you the imperial holy empire mother empress

  3. Boris knows how to bully, lie and generally mislead after all he is an Etonian. What I find alarming is the amount of people who are willing to be subservient to the political elite. It must be in their Gene's.

  4. با احترام خشت اول گر نهد معمار کج تا ثریا می رود دیوار کج فسا

  5. Corbyn wanted may to resign knowing full well who the next prime minister would be… why is he acting surprised?

  6. For some surreal reason I thought old boy Winston was telling off corbyn. And new boy corbyn was taking a lesson from the grand orator.

  7. Jeremy Corbyn only appealing to a bunch of naive youngsters who have no clue about politics. I was 16 once and think the voting age should be raised. Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are a bunch of fools.

  8. Nobody is worst than Theresa may ….. most useless ever in uk !

  9. Yes you are now the colony and we shall make England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 English again! We shall rescue our mother country from the communists!

  10. Corby is a contrarian.
    I don't believe Boris is too much of an American ally like he says he is. He has Turkish heritage.
    I wouldn't be surprised if he is more peaceful (and less stupid) with Iran than Theresa May.

  11. You just know Corbyn will now dread PM's question every Wednesday 😂 There's no way he can compete with Bojo at the despatch box!

  12. this new boris johnson seems like a clown to me. im not british but at least jeremy corbyn behaves like an adult

  13. Corbyn is a Albert Steptoe double ,
    As previous comments he has met his match .
    Boris please NEXT time do mention Corbyn & the meetings with the IRA

  14. Boris speaks for ages but literally says nothing. Instead of answering questions he literally just name calls and insults the opposition. Such a time waster and rubbish PM

  15. The Conservatives thought they would wipe Labour under Corbyn out at the last election. The opinion polls said the same. Look what happened. If Boris is so confident , let’s have an election.

  16. Businesses will go bust rich will get richer and house prices will drop pound will drop England will get smaller Scotland i bet will sue us crazy

  17. I am not British but I keen to hearing British people opinion about Boris Johnson as a new prime minister.

  18. BoJo just not answering Corbyn’s questions, also he seems to use same wrighters as Daily Mail…. pathetic!

  19. Everyone talking about Corbyn's face, but watch Rees-Mogg's, face in the background, dude's facial expressions are all over the place.

  20. Boris will be ousted before year end. This unelected PM is not representative of the citizens and his Brexit plan does not correspond To the wishes of a large number of citizens and regions. Scotland and NI voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU family and their decision is totally dirsregarded

  21. Yet Boris did not answer a single question. Only deflecting with personal attacks. A semi quote from Boris. When people are talking about you and drawing attention to something you don't want attention drawn too. Chuck a dead cat on the table. They will then start talking about the dead cat. Boris is not a PM. He is a clown who many other countries have already stated when he worked in the FO. He makes us a laughing stock

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