Jeffrey Epstein’s Death & America’s Prison Problem | The Daily Show

Jeffrey Epstein’s Death & America’s Prison Problem | The Daily Show

That’s right.
Pedophile and fake billionaire
Jeffrey Epstein was found dead
in his jail cell
after he apparently committed
suicide on Saturday morning,
which, if you ask me,
is some bullshit, right.
No, because I wanted
Jeffrey Epstein
to stay alive for two reasons.
One, so that his victims
could get their day in court,
and, two, I wanted him to snitch
on all his high-profile
pedophile friends.
Now he’s dead!
(cheers and applause)
He’s gone.
You know who we need?
We need that-that red lady
from Game of Thrones
to wake his ass up.
That’s what we need.
Come on, Jeffrey!
And what makes this whole
Epstein thing even worse
is that we already had questions
about his whole
pedophile operation.
Now we have additional questions
about how he died.
TV REPORTER: This morning,
the question on many minds,
how did Jeffrey Epstein die
while in federal custody?
TV REPORTER: Epstein had been
taken off suicide watch
and was supposed
to have been checked
by guards every 30 minutes,
but that procedure
was not being followed
the night before he was found.
TV REPORTER: Sources close
to the investigation
say Epstein underwent
a psychiatric evaluation
and they cleared him
from suicide watch
on or about July 29th,
allowing him to return
to his cell.
Yeah, they weren’t checking in
on Epstein
and they took him off
suicide watch.
Like, I’m-I’m not an expert
on psychology,
but if someone tries
to commit suicide,
I don’t think
two more weeks of jail
would suddenly improve
their outlook on life.
Now, you may remember the reason
this Jeffrey Epstein case
blew up wasn’t just because
of the magnitude
of his crimes, but also
because his circle included
some high-profile individuals.
Everyone from Bill Clinton
and Donald Trump,
all the way to famous scientists
and even royalty.
And because the story involved
so many people
who are so powerful,
many out there are wondering
if Epstein really
suicided himself.
This is a suspected suicide
and it just smells fishy
to so many people.
The timing is so suspicious.
This comes just one day after
those documents were unsealed.
I’m not a believer in
a conspiracy theory
but I do believe there’s lots
of suspicious activity
to investigate here.
TV REPORTER: Twitter erupted
with a number
of other conspiracy theories
following the news,
the shocking news of Epstein’s
apparent suicide.
Hashtags like #TrumpBodyCount
and #ClintonBodyCount
and #EpsteinMurder were among
the top U.S. trends.
Trump retweeted
a baseless conspiracy theory
tying the Clintons to the death
of Jeffrey Epstein.
That’s right.
I mean, I get everyone else
on Twitter,
but the president
of the United States
is also retweeting
conspiracy theories
that Jeffrey Epstein
was murdered by the Clintons.
Yeah. The president did this,
which is pretty wild.
I mean, ’cause this is the type
of moment where you would think
the president would be
the voice of reason.
Instead, Trump is jumping into
the fray.
Yeah. You know what he’s like?
He’s-He’s basically that dad
that when a fight breaks out
in the little league game,
he runs into the field,
but instead of breaking it up,
starts body slamming
the third graders.
(mimics Trump): “Yeah, take
that. Take that. Take that.”
(regular voice):
‘Cause he’s doing this in pub–
You know what Trump needs,
Trump needs a finster.
That’s what he needs.
Yeah, one of those secret
Instagram accounts
that only your close friends
can see, that’s what he needs.
Then he can use that
to just go crazy
with his racist stuff,
conspiracy theories,
butt pics,
he can just let it all out.
Just get it all out.
And America doesn’t have
to stress.
(audience exclaiming)
But this time, though,
this time, it’s not just Trump.
It seems like everybody thinks
that something shady
happened here.
People on the right are saying
it was the Clintons
who killed Jeffrey.
People on the left are saying
Trump killed him.
Jesse Smollett says it
was two white Nigerian guys.
(laughter and applause)
And I don’t know, guys.
I don’t know,
I’m not a conspiracy theorist
but something weird
happened here.
Like, I was thinking,
maybe it wasn’t Trump
or the Clintons.
Maybe it was… America.
This incident
should make us all troubled
about the jail system.
We know that there are
many deaths by suicide
in jails throughout the country.
NEWSWOMAN: The Metropolitan
Correctional Center
has been understaffed,
leading to low morale
among guards,
and the two guards
in the Special Housing Unit
where Epstein was kept
were both on overtime,
one of the guards on his fifth
overtime shift of the week.
NEWSMAN: Sources at the jail
tell CBS News
they often rely
on certain inmates
to assist guards
in monitoring other inmates
due to a lack of manpower.
Yeah, you heard that right.
Thanks to overworked staff
and underfunded prisons,
suicide among inmates
is all too common
in the United States,
with some prisons
so understaffed
that guards ask other inmates
to be on suicide watch for them,
which is not ideal.
I mean, what if the person
they put on suicide watch
is a murderer? Huh?
What happens then?
He’s just like,
“So, the good news is
he didn’t kill himself.”
So, look, man, I’ll be honest.
I get why everybody’s suspicious
of how this all went down
because you would think
a high-profile person
like Jeffrey Epstein would have
eyes on him all the time.
But, to be honest,
I’m also not sure
that there’s a conspiracy here.
Like, if anything,
for me, the conspiracy
has been taking place
over the last ten years.
First of all,
Epstein magically only served
13 months for his crimes,
and in that 13 months,
he got to leave prison
and go to the office
six days a week.
And the prosecutor
sealed the case,
which protected Epstein
and his coconspirators
and robbed his victims
of due process.
That, for me,
was the conspiracy.
How did that happen?
What was going on there?
-That’s the conspiracy.
-(cheering and applause)
And maybe…
maybe, just maybe
what happened here
is the result of there not being
a conspiracy anymore
and Epstein being treated
for the first time
just like everyone else.

100 thoughts to “Jeffrey Epstein’s Death & America’s Prison Problem | The Daily Show”

  1. Well for all we know it could had been Trump sent someone to kill him and make it looked suicidal. But time will tell. Epstein knew a lot about Trump a lot. And He was getting ready to talk. And well Trump got to him before he could talk. Trump has money he paid someone to do the job. Best believe that. But once again all will come out sooner or later

  2. Yeh he didnt commit suicide. He already got out on pedo charges once before. I'm 100% sure he'd atleast try to role those dice a second time. This, in combination with the dazzling amount of high profile people potentially incriminated, the falsified prison logs and bailed celmate, make it far more likely that he either got murdered for information he had, or spirited away to avoid that. Another nail in the coffin for western democracy. Russia wont need to do anything else at this rate. We'll collapse into a class war sooner or later if this keeps up.

  3. Epstein's death is very very suspiciously murder, assassinated by very high power that be, & will be covered up & gradually closed. That's 'democracy' for u!

  4. The Daily Show. The show that appeals to one type of person only… Your ratings are shit compared to other talk shows… You sell out

  5. It all sounds like BS, in my opinion, very powerful people are probably hiding him. He didn't commit suicide, and coincidentally he sold the Lolita plane… Riiiiiight! Somebody was planning to get rid of as much evidence as possible.

  6. So let Epstein go with half our prisoners cuz America's evil and sucks and he wouldn't have committed suicide. Problem solved, right?

  7. I guess these girls accusing Epstien wanted to be paid twice. Dont be mad at the billionaire for your own bad life choices of being a prostitute. I think the women should be charged for extortion. They dont care a man is dead they only want his money.

  8. As Trevor said, ‘the REAL conspiracy… what was going on there?’ Hopefully serious investigative journalists will continue uncovering THAT truth.
    Because the MSM/entertainment news just wants us to forget Epstein’s empire, just because they’ve reported he died.

  9. what you all gonna do huh? this is like a terrorist act, ppl of america, what you gonna do huh? nothing. f with us, dir like the rest

  10. You wanted him to stay alive I don’t think that would be good on your behalf Bill Clinton vistited the island 20 times

  11. I have heard that many career criminals were abused, particularly sexually abused, as children. Consequently, the prison population has good reason to hate other prisoners who are in jail for child sexual abuse. If they are left in the general prison population, such sexual abusers often don't live long into their term in prison.

  12. The "correctional" system in America is a joke. Every jail sentence is pretty much a death sentence, that's why people rather just suicide, and the ones that stick through it don't come out "rehabilitated" after they "paid their debt to society", instead they come out even sicker in the head than before, or with "new connections"

  13. So far, I still think he actually did kill himself…not necessarily that he wanted to, maybe there's more to that…but i think he seized the opportunity of not being watched. If new evidence comes out, that might change my mind.

  14. Gads, Trevor!!! Trump in a thong! I was eating my breakfast pancakes!!!

  15. I don't think there is a conspiracy. I think he committed suicide. It happens all the time in prisons.
    For the record I hate the moral calculus this guy tries to use in this video (several times) to justify suicide by inmates. You don't decide which life is/is not worth saving.

  16. Whoever smelt it dealt it. I have learned with Trump that whenever he points the finger at someone else that is a strong sign he did it!!! He is a master projector.

  17. Ewww, that butt pic! wasn't it enough with the conspiracy theories?! Thank you Trevor for mentioning it in the end. He finally ended up being treated like everyone else. I can only dream about the justice dept. at the fed level or state level paying so much attention to police procedures when the suspect is non-white, not rich or well connected. I'm sorry for his victims only. Unarmed, colored people continue to die at the hands of police before they're even accused and all they have to say is "I feared for my life, so I had to empty my clip on the suspect" to be off the hook.

  18. Nope it was murder.but they have tapes now..they got from epstiens house…so now the FBI has all these tapes and the truth will bring them all forward..and Sir you are a fucking ass hole..your not funny..and have the vocabulary of a 3 yr old…your will not become big in the news world cause your a fucking joke…

  19. This well spoken gentlemen should be in his native South Africa helping that benighted country.

  20. Holy crap is this video some propoganda…acknowledge the suspicious nature of this event, tell jokes along the way, and then conclude that it's an issue with the prison system…no conspiracy at all…go back to sleep America, if you believe in conspiracy theories then you must be crazy!

  21. Why do yall fake media sources still keep saying "conspiracy theories "? There is a log of folks who've been on his planes /islands & other known pedo,& picture pedos in pictures w/ him🤷🏾‍♂️🤔

  22. Vandat jy in fie USA is het jy ontaard in n regte sleg boesman. Almal weet HC en haar moffe man het dit gereel.

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    It gets better vision is catching up to that forseen moment!!!!!!

  24. Trump blames this on others, forgetting that prison was under Trump's (and his holster Bill Barr)'s direct control.

  25. Cut the bullshit you tool. Yes guards don't give a shit when it's a inconsequential nobody under their supervision. But this was Jeffrey Epstein, the most high profile explosive case imaginable. Unless they are actually medical cases of severe retardation, and I suspect they're not, they understood that if Epstein died under their supervision they would be in a lot of trouble. Forget losing the job, people will break into their houses 20 years from now to look for those millions they believe are stashed somewhere. No one in their right mind would want Epstein to die on their watch and you want me to believe they just went to sleep because they were tired? Horseshit.
    This is like some transport guards making a unplanned stop for some refreshments with El Chapo in the back. We were thirsty and we know it's against regulations but we do it all the time with other prisoners. So we were ambushed and he escaped. Yeah right…

  26. Love what he had to say. The real question is why wasn't justice served originally? Conspiracy theories everywhere and you may have hit the nail on the head.

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  28. This almost has a hint of El Choppo to it. The way he paid guards to let him flee. It would be interesting if the Metropolitan PD ends up with a boost in funding or some other "come-up" happens, within the next few months. For all we know, he could have pulled a "pseudoside" and changed his online/offline persona. People forget that cops can be bribed (if the amount could alter their lives). We may never know what really happened. Elites can bury anything with their wealth.

  29. How do we know he “died “. And how come the information of the way he died wasn’t discussed?. Hanging? Self inflicted wounds? None of that was discussed. The government killed him, he was going to talk and leek information. They had to get rid of him. The media tells you what you sleep walking dead viewers will believe.

  30. He was too much of a coward to commit suicide, he was killed and it was made to look like a suicide… He was going to snitch on high profile SBs… People that prey on weak young women and little girls are cowards!!! So yeah I’m pretty sure he didn’t commit suicide…

  31. I love how they try to flip everything around, make him non credible and not even look into those 26 flights bill Clinton had with him on his private jet lmaoo these dumycrats

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