Jeene Do – Let Us Live | Full Movie | Raam | Nithin Latest Hindi Dubbed Movie | Genelia D’Souza

Jeene Do – Let Us Live | Full Movie | Raam | Nithin Latest Hindi Dubbed Movie | Genelia D’Souza

Where did they go? Don’t be afraid. I am there with you. Look there.
Come on. – Yes. Come on. Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Look, the kids. Janki. No. Janki. Janki. ‘In the city of Mumbai
there is a sacred temple..’ ‘..of Lord Ram in Veerganj.’ ‘This temple witnesses a
throng of devotees, venerations..’ ‘..nonstop hymns and a
grand festival of Sita and Ram.’ ‘Veerendra Kumar
is famous as Veeru.’ ‘He has links with
Mumbai’s underworld.’ ‘Lord Ram’s temple
is an eyesore for him.’ ‘Since a long time a case
has been going on in the court..’ ‘..related to the temple’s rights.’ ‘And today the court is going
to deliver its final verdict.’ I am at the court, sir. I want to hear the verdict.
Keep the phone on. – Okay, sir. Leave! Come on! Leave! Leave! Come on! Leave! Since ages the court has
been delivering fair verdicts. Taking into consideration
the decision of the lower court.. ..and the statements
of both the parties.. ..the court will deliver
its verdict today. Considering all the
evidences and witnesses.. ..the court has decided that
the temple should be handed over.. Veerendra alias
Veerendra Kumar. And the court permits
the temple to be opened. And Veerendra Kumar
alias Veerendra will have.. ..every right on
the temple’s properties. This is the court’s decision. No. We won’t let Lord
Ram’s temple be opened. We won’t. Even if we have to kill all of you. We won’t let Lord
Ram’s temple be opened. As long as Rahim is alive.. one stand front of us. Leave me. Leave me. We won’t let it be opened.
We won’t let it be opened. Scoundrel Rahim. Hold on. Hold this, boss. Yes. What a body, boss! People go to Agra to see Taj Mahal. And they come to
Mumbai to see your body. Are you saying this
because you don’t have it? No. No. God gives brains to some people.. ..and such a body to some people. What do you mean?
I don’t have brains? How can I say this directly? God is there. – Shut up. Hail Goddess! – Hail Goddess! Come, my friend. Come. I heard the judgment.
It’s great news. Here, my friend. Are you worried, friend?
– Yes, my friend. The court’s decision was sweet. But Rahim made it bitter. Scoundrel Rahim. My friend, Lord Ram is our God. Our God resides inside us. He doesn’t have anything
to do with people like Rahim. You don’t worry. Hail Goddess! – Hail Goddess! Hail Goddess! – Hail Goddess! Hello, uncle.
– Yes. Bless you, son. I am throwing a grand bash tonight. You also come with your papa. Sorry, uncle. I have to go to Sai
Baba’s temple at night for hymns. Hymns? – Oh! – He is his devotee. Come, my friend. – Okay. Okay. What is this hymn thing? Nothing, man. I lied to him. – Yes. I have to go to my
guesthouse tonight. – Yes. A new girl is going to come there. Go. AIDS won’t leave him. Okay. I want to ask something
from you on this joyous occasion. Don’t worry about anything,
my friend. We are going to
become relatives soon. Yes, my friend. Your pious
son is the best for my daughter. Yes. That’s better. Shake hands. Throw the gun and bring flowers. Veneration is going
to be performed here. Sir, why do you perform
veneration four times in a month? And why have you
kept this getup for us? You are so worried about the getup. How will you observe fast? Fast? Since when? Junior madam has made
a new rule from today. I can’t do this. – If you come,
you have to sit besides God. If you don’t come,
you will go to heaven. Did you understand? Janki.
– We will come. We will come. You have come to your senses. My friend,
such tight security for veneration. What is the matter?
– It’s my younger daughter’s doing. This is how she dresses them
even if there is a small festival. Very good. You need
guards for God’s projection. I feel I have come
to Tirupati. – Come. Why didn’t you become bald? Madam has not made this rule. I will make it. “You are an exceptional man,
Lord Ram.” “You carry a bow in your hand.” “You are an exceptional man,
Lord Ram.” “You are the provider
of happiness.” “You are the provider
of happiness.” “You arouse love
in everybody’s heart.” “You are an exceptional man,
Lord Ram.” “I want to surrender
my body and heart to you.” “You are my Lord.” “You are Ram. Hear my prayer.” “You are my happiness.” “This is what I know.” “Don’t turn your face away.” “You are the lord.” “We are your servants, Lord.” “You are an exceptional man,
Lord Ram.” “You carry a bow in your hand.” “You are an exceptional man,
Lord Ram.” Dear, he is your uncle. – Hello. Bless you.
– And he is Kiran Shetty. Hello. – His son. Your fiancé. Why did she leave like that,
my friend? Shy. She felt shy. – Yes. Uncle, shall I go
and talk to Janki? – Go. Janki. If you come near me,
I will kill you. If you behave like
that till our marriage.. ..I will feel my would-be
wife is a virgin. Got that? – You.. A flower gets crushed
if you hold it. Similarly, you are looking fresh. I will sleep with
you on the nuptial night. Get out! Get out! Get out! Shut up! What happened, son? Nothing. I was asking her
whether she loves someone, uncle. If she gets married against
her wish, she will be hurt. You are so sensible.
I will explain to my daughter. You go, son. – Okay, uncle. You go. I am coming. I am sorry, dad. I won’t marry him. Listen, Janki. I have given my word.
You will have to marry him. It’s the question of my honor.
Got that? No matter what you do, but the
marriage will certainly take place. No changes. Understood? Ram…I don’t want to marry him. Are you listening? I don’t want to marry him. I won’t marry him. If required,
you will have to descend on earth. Friends,
Great India Private Company.. going to launch
a new cycle in the market. On this occasion a cycle race
has been organized in Hyderabad. So friends, let’s see
who will be the lucky winner.. ..who will win the race. Yeah! Yeah! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Yeah! – Why? Have you come to win? Street guys don’t come here, sonny. The path ahead is dangerous. Go. Go. Go. Go. Stand there and clap.
Come on. Clap. Clap. Go. Go. Go.
– Hey, go. Why don’t you speak? You lowly boy. Sir C.V.
Raman, Nobel Prize winner.. ..studied in a government school.
He is the past. Sachin Tendulkar,
who played cricket on the street.. presently the number
one cricketer in the world. Ram, who rides cycle on the street,
is the winner of the race. This is the future. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Ram! Ram is the winner. South India’s zonal manager
of Great India Private Company.. ..will present the
gold medal to Mr. Ram. Yeah! Congrats. – Thank you, sir. Dear friends, there is a
lot of talent all over the world. But we come first. But one thing.
Ram’s skill has surprised everyone. It’s true that we
are from this field. What happened today
was very different. We have selected Ram
as the brand ambassador. From South India. All of you please
give him a big hand. Yeah! Yeah! I also congratulate the
parents of this dynamic boy. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! – Listen.
He will come and touch your feet. Remove your slippers. – Yeah! Yeah! Dad, give me Rs.1000. I have
to give a party to my friends. He is asking for only Rs.1000.
Give it to him. Wear the slippers.
Someone might steal it. What is the meaning
of brand ambassador? We have Chiranjeevi for Thums Up,
Pawan Kalyan for Pepsi.. ..similarly Ram is
the brand for cycle. Did you understand?
– Ram, will you forget us? He will say it on TV. Govind’s tea really sucks. No need to tease me. Do you know? People come
from far and wide to drink my tea. Look, they are coming. What do you think of yourself? You should have found
out about me yesterday. It’s futile to talk to him.
Let’s bash him up right here. If you fight, it will be your loss.
– Is that so? Is that so? He has grabbed Ram’s collar. You grabbed my collar. It means
it’s a question on my character. “I am a magical wand.” “I am made in Hyderabad.” “I am a magical wand.” “I am made in Hyderabad.” “I will lay down my life.” “I will unite everyone.” “I am made in Hyderabad.” “I go forward and behind.” “I am made in Hyderabad.” “I have come.” “I am here.” “I am a magical wand.” “I am made in Hyderabad.” “I am a magical wand.” “I am made in Hyderabad.” “What is my goal here?” “If you get rid of it, it’s news.” “I have power among
a crowd of people.” “I have devotion in my heart.” “There is a stranger with you.” “Perhaps this is what you need.” “What to say now? You only think.” “You also revere everyone.” “I have come.” “I am here.” “I am a magical wand.” “I am made in Hyderabad.” “I am a magical wand.” “I am made in Hyderabad.” “I steal hearts
and dwell it in mine.” “I fill dreams in eyes.” “The one I am crazy for.” “It’s not necessary
that she also says yes.” “Life is to be enjoyed.” “All systems will be up-to-date.” “It’s the trend of the heart.” “I will tell you the truth.” “I have come.” “I am here.” “I am a magical wand.” “I am made in Hyderabad.” “I am a magical wand.” “I am made in Hyderabad.” Son. Son. You have to go for jogging.
Wake up. Mother,
I will have breakfast and go. What shall I make? 20 ‘Idlis’ (Steamed rice) and
20 ‘Wadas’ (Fried snacks), mother. All this for you? Not just for him. It’s
also for these useless fellows. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! We were sleeping at home.
How did we come here? I will kick you and
you will fall there. Excuse me. Is Mr. Ram there? You are calling him Mr.
Ram. It means you are new in city. Uncle has retired.
But he still talks a lot. Sit. Tell me. – Look, sir. Generally popular personalities.. ..are selected
as brand ambassadors. It means my son won’t be selected.
– He will be selected. Our chairman will
see him once and say yes. Here is the ticket. Show me. -And this is for
his expenses. – Give it to me. It will take only two
months to finish the formality. You will have to arrange
for the accommodation. What do you mean accommodation? Won’t he be selected here? – No. It will be in Mumbai. Mumbai? You guys also come.
First let me go. Don’t send him to Mumbai. Don’t worry.
Nothing will happen to him. Look, he is so happy
with his friends. Send him off happily. Stop it. This drama won’t be tolerated here. It won’t be tolerated! I won’t let Ram’s
temple be built here. Ram’s temple! – It won’t be built! Ram’s temple! – It won’t be built! Ram’s temple! – It won’t be built! Ram’s temple! – It won’t be built! Ram’s temple! – It won’t be built! Ram’s temple! – It won’t be built! Ram’s temple! – It won’t be built! Down with! Down with! Down with! Down with! Beat them! Beat them! Beat them! Beat them! A major fight has broken
out outside the temple, sir. Alert the entire force. The entire battalion is here.
I am trying to control, sir. I am telling you particularly.
Everybody should follow my orders. Okay, sir. Sir, it’s a serious problem.
Please listen to me. This temple is legally mine. Whatever it is.
We are not responsible. We can’t forget our self-esteem. Right, sir. If we open the temple’s
door forcefully.. ..there will be
beatings and firing. Media will get a chance
to sensationalize it. And it will become
a political matter. If you enter the temple directly.. ..the temple will be set ablaze. A delicate issue should
be solved delicately. Please leave today.
We will find another solution. Now there is only one solution. Go. Go. Everybody leave. Look there. They are running. Congratulations! Congratulations! Is it important to do this, madam? It’s important. Oh God! I wasn’t getting married
because of planetary problems. I wandered here and
there for my marriage. I visited so many villages. Finally, I found a groom. If he dies mistakenly,
how will I apply vermillion? If he dies,
I will give you 50 lakhs. What? 50 lakhs? Madam, will you shoot
or shall I shoot? Leave it, madam. You only shoot. Steady. – Not steady. Steady. It’s written in my horoscope
that I will travel a lot. But I didn’t know
I will die like that. God, save me. Oh no! These hymns are driving me crazy.
It has spoilt my mood. Listen. What happened? What happened? Her mood is bad.
And I have soiled my pants. What is this? Hymns. How
long will you sing hymns, Janki? Go to discos and pubs. See how youths enjoy. My veneration won’t
stop till I don’t find him. You don’t know how he looks like. You don’t know where he lives. Will you wait for
him all your life? Look, sister.
This is Subhadra’s holy book. And this is Rukmini’s holy book. If I finish this,
I will get what I want. Gone case. You have gone crazy. That’s why dad is getting
you married first instead of me. Wait and watch. Before he comes,
Kiran will marry you forcefully. Let me warn you. Damn! Damn!
He won’t speak. He won’t aim. Come, Ram. What is this, son?
– I have dressed up as Ram, uncle. I have come to impress
your daughter. – Yes. Your daughter likes Lord Ram. That’s why I have brought
him in this getup. Our madam likes dogs too.
So wear that getup. I can understand
that after seeing you. Sir, younger madam has
left this letter and disappeared. What? ‘Dad, I don’t want to marry.’ ‘I am fleeing with the boy I love.’ ‘Don’t try to find me. Sorry, dad.’ Rakesh, listen to me carefully.
It’s the question of my honor. Search each nook
and corner of Mumbai. Okay, sir. Sir, I looked everywhere.
I didn’t find her. Hey! Look there! Catch her! Come on!
The train is here! Come on! Move aside! Move aside! They are coming!
Please! Please save me! Catch her! Please save me! Please! If it had been Hyderabad,
I would have saved you.. ..even if you had not told me. But this is Mumbai.
It’s not my area. It’s not my village.
You can leave. Please. Hey! If we had been late,
you would have eloped with her. Now you are playing
a charade when you saw us. You are a great actor, aren’t you?
– What actor? I have nothing to do with her.
Take her with you. We will take the girl.
And leave you. We will rip your skin apart. We have told boss we will
bring your dead body. Got that? Come on. I was talking politely
and you grabbed my collar. You.. – Dharmesh. Dharmesh. Now he won’t wake up for a month. All his 32 teeth must have broken. It’s apparent. He won’t wake up for 15 days. Hey! Mumbai might be new for me.
But fighting is not new. So henceforth don’t mess with me. Because my future is very bright. Catch them! Catch them! Catch them! Oh God! Police! Catch them! Catch them! Catch them! Gaiety. Galaxy. Glamour. What glamour?
Were you whiling away time? Who is it? It’s the manager. – Manager? Isn’t the director there?
– He has gone to Tirupati. Tirupati.
Tell him to return bald from there. The entire theatre is empty.
– Sir, you are the director. Do producers and
directors have brains? This is black ticket seller
Rangeela. Kali Rangeela. Hey scoundrel! What is this?
You were going to pay Rs.25000. What happened?
– I will give double after a week. Are you jesting with us?
I will hack you to death. If you don’t pay
in two days.. – Yes. I won’t say anything.
I will twist your ears. And I will break your legs. Did you understand?
Arrange for the money. Got that? Hey! Better do it. O Lord! Why did you
give me so many problems? Just give me a gift. My head has broken. You seem to be from Hyderabad. Give me the bag. – Bag? Okay. Did you throw the bag?
– Yes. It’s me. You.. You threw the bag on me. You broke my skull. I have to go to the hospital.
I have to show it to the doctor. I have to take out x-ray.
And if required, operation. Give me Rs.1000. Is it required? – Yes. You spitted on my head.
– Spit is antibiotic. Hey! Don’t act smart.
Give me Rs.1000. I will give you Rs.2000.
First find me a place to stay. I will show you heaven. Come. Marriages are made in heaven. Marriages are made in heaven.
And heaven is here. If I fix anybody’s alliance.. ..the couple will be together each
hour, each minute, each second.. ..each lifetime
for seven lifetimes. Listen. This is my specialty.
Did you like it? I didn’t understand anything. Listen. – Coming. Coffee is getting cold. Shall I come? Or will you come? She is so devoted to her husband. I am coming, Lachu darling. She is so devoted to her husband. Made for each other. I had told you not to lie. – Yes. I had told you not to
fix marriages for girls. – Yes. Yet you conducted three marriages. One of the girls ran
away from the wedding dais. That was the second girl. In the second marriage the
boy ran away on the nuptial night. That was the first marriage. The third marriage was ours. It’s nice. From the time we have got married.. ..I have been pinching you.
– Sir. Sir. Have you ever spoken to me? I think a customer has come. Leave me today. I will go and see. Fine. Go. Go carefully. Yes. “Women are the light
of the world.” – Sir. Sir. I am coming.
Why are you calling me repeatedly? What, sir? You are limping.
Have you hurt your leg? I am not limping. This is Mumbai’s fashion.
Got that? – I see. I have got a tenant for
the vacant room upstairs. If you want my room, I have many
terms and conditions. Got that? If you want me to take your room.. will have to
accept my conditions too. I like you.
– But I should also like you. What happened? Here. Buttermilk. Wait. Let me speak to him. I know what I should
give you and at what time. Drink it.
– You have a strong memory. Aunt, look.
Uncle is not quoting a proper rate. Is that so? No. Your uncle
doesn’t listen to me. He does whatever he wants, dear. I will have to say
yes if she has said it. Tell me your condition. I want to sleep comfortably.
I want to wake up comfortably. Wow! – I like to do
everything comfortably. It is completely silent.
– It is silent. It simply makes noise.
– Why did you say that? Just now you said this
house is like a temple. Look, if you want it
with furniture, it’s Rs.7000. If you don’t want furniture,
it’s Rs.5000. In any case,
I want Rs.20000 advance. Yes. This boy.. Perhaps he has gone
to check the room. I didn’t give the room.
– He has taken it. Is it okay? – It’s perfectly okay. I don’t have a mother to love.
I have a father. But father doesn’t understand me. What do I do, Lord? Listen, sister.
I don’t have a mother. I don’t have a sister. If you don’t mind, from today
we will be brother and sister. What is your problem, sister? My father wants to get me
married to a boy whom I dislike. I ran away from home.
But father has sent goons after me. I am really scared. – You
don’t have to be afraid, sister. I am a fearless man, sister. Sister, even the
greatest goon runs away.. ..when Kali Rangeela is near.. Why, brother? Don’t you take bath? Is this what you thought, sister?
No problem. Come, sister.
But my uncle lives in that house. If you don’t mind.
– Is he a nice man? He is better than me. But goons are after you. Similarly, lenders are after him. If you give him Rs.1000,
his problem will be solved. I swear. I will repay your loan. She has so much money
in the side pocket. How much money will
she have in the main pocket? Thank you, sister. Come, sister. I will carry your bag.
Give it to me. Once she agrees,
I will make them a couple. Oh God! – What is this?
You slept off here? I gave you commission.
– Do you call this sleeping? Brother,
will you listen to my problem? I have a younger sister. Her marriage has been fixed. But out of fear of marriage,
she wants to.. ..jump in a well and die. Then go and save her. Go. Go. It lies in your hand.
If you give the room for two days.. ..the problem will be solved,
brother-in-law. Brother-in-law? – Yes. When was this relation formed? You are my brother-in-law.
She is my sister. Both of you are
going to get married. I have explained this to her.
– It means.. They are not going to marry.
– They are going to marry. That’s why I called
him brother-in-law. – Okay. Listen.
Come here. – Coming. Coming. I think something is fishy. I think
the entire relation is changing. Listen. What was done was done. I have not done anything
good since 25 years. That’s why my luck is bad. Look. The girl seems
to be an embodiment of Sita. Come. See. One moment. – I will venerate you. No. Let’s go. – Okay. – Come. Brother, this room is amazing.
– Fine. You can use it. You? Do you know him, sister?
– I know him. I know him really well. He had saved me from the
goons at the railway station. Thank you. – Will you live here? Let him stay here. Poor guy. Poor guy? Look, keep my bags inside. If you have any luggage,
keep it on the side. I should keep my luggage
on the side? – Yes. Okay. – Look, he is such
a nice man. God bless him. Oh God! Oh God! – What did you do? What have you done?
You threw away my books. He is such an insolent man. I thought there will be debit card,
credit card.. ..and currencies in the bag. Listen, younger sister. Are
there only books in this, sister? I read the books every morning. See what he has done to the books. He will never gain knowledge. Even if he gains it,
he will forget it. If Lord Brahma finds
out what he has done.. ..he will give him a tough time. Dogs will bite him. Isn’t this room yours? – What? Do you doubt it?
– Then why are you scared? I don’t want to stay with him. Come on. Repay my money. I will stay somewhere else. You don’t have to go anywhere
when I am there, sister. That is my room. You stand here. He is staying here for free. I will go and teach him a lesson. You are still here.
You haven’t left. There is no place to go. You guys don’t
have a place to stay. There is such a big ocean
in Mumbai. You can drown in that. Brother-in-law, she is so hassled.. ..if you say that,
she will really go and die. Please, brother-in-law. He is not leaving me alone. Listen. I am giving you
only two days. – Okay. After that.. – Thank you,
brother-in-law. We will leave. If my sister passes in front
of you, you will have a good day. Come, sister.
Walk slowly, sister. – Stop. My dear, the first time you met me,
goons came after me. Wonder what will
happen the second time. Do one thing.
You come here. I will go. Okay, brother-in-law. – Go. Go. My friend had also said that.
She lost her job. He will also lose his job. Hey! – My younger sister. One needs luck for any work,
sister. Come, sister. Come. Come, dear sister. Come. Come. Bye, brother. – Bye. Now my luck will shine. Brother, I hope you are not hurt. No, sister. I didn’t fall.
I was sleeping. – Bye. Will you take me to Bandra?
– Sit, sir. Hello. – Is it Ram? – Yes, sir. This is manager Pandey
from Great India company. Yes, sir.
– Your interview has been canceled. Canceled?
When will it be held, sir? After three days. – Hello. Hello. ‘My friend lost her job.
He will also lose it.’ Oh God! – Come, brother. Come. I was waiting for you. Why? Will you again pass
in front of me? – No, brother. Oh God! – Look, the holy
books have been damaged so badly. Oh God! – That’s
why I am covering it. Will you cover it? – Yes, brother. I will rip my skin apart
and cover this, sister. May the books rot! These are holy books. Don’t say
that. You will lose your eyesight. Then I will sit and beg. Brother-in-law,
you are giving sweets. That means your work was done. It’s guaranteed.
The work was not done. It’s okay if my work was not done. But she is very unlucky. Give her sweets
and tell her to leave. I should leave?
Not I, but you will leave. Yes. Quiet! – What?
She is talking so loudly. What did you say?
– For God’s sake keep quiet. And brother-in-law, you..
– No. Nothing. – Hey! Come with me.
– Will you throw her out? Come out. Come. – Yes. Come. If you control the girl,
you can use her anyway you want. Disgusting! – Yes. Listen. I am not saying this. Look, a maid charges Rs.1000.
– Okay. And a cook charges Rs.2000. – Yes. My sister will do it for free. But seeing your sister
I don’t think she will cook. When my sister will cook,
you will be stunned. Yes. Is it? – Yes. This is long. 5 kg chilies. 5 kg eggplant. 10 kg potatoes. Why so many vegetables? Because she is here for a week. Not a week. You guys
will stay for only two days. If there is a problem,
you can solve it. But you can’t let
the problem stay at home. Lucky? Where is Lucky?
– Return the change. What is this? What happened?
What are you doing here? He left. – Who? He is back. – Who? Janki’s lover. Janki’s lover. – Yes. Where is he? If we chop the eggplant
and stuff it with spices.. Sister, will you
finish off the eggplant? I will finish it off. Is that so? In how much time?
– In five minutes. I see. Cook it fast.
We will eat it together. I can understand that
we will eat it together. I don’t know cooking. Why, sister?
– I don’t know cooking. You don’t know cooking? What were you saying for so long?
I will do this and that. I have finished eating
fried flatbread. – Okay. If someone brings something,
I will finish it off quickly. Yes. – No. Is there any nice
restaurant in the vicinity? Yes. There is a restaurant nearby. You get ‘Idli’, ‘Wada Sambhar’.. ..’Uttapam’ (South Indian dishes).
You get everything. Yes. Come on. Within half an hour.. – Yes. He will cook all
these dishes. – Me? And if anything is less,
I will pull out your tongue. You.. For Rs.10000,
I have invited bad luck. What is this, brother?
Don’t be so good. You are working hard here. And he is relaxing comfortably
and talking on the phone. Leave it, sister. He has cancer. What? Is this how a person
speaks when he has cancer? It’s enough.
I will go and speak to him. Leave it. Leave him. If you go and ask him,
he will beat me. Spare me. How long will this go on, sister? Till I don’t get charred. I know, brother.
You are a brave man. But you have become a coward. I will call you later, mother. Look, you can’t take
advantage of my goodness. What? – My brother is quiet. I am not quiet.
You are a very selfish man. I am selfish? Hey! Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi. We looked everywhere.
We didn’t find her anywhere. Sir, we searched Old Mumbai,
New Mumbai. But we didn’t find junior madam. Hey! Didn’t find her!
Didn’t find her! Didn’t find her! Boss. – She has slandered
me by running away from home. She has slandered me.
– Control. Control, my friend. What control? I fixed her marriage. And she ran away from home. I got the temple. But that scoundrel Rahim
is not letting me open it. You can say that tomorrow
Rahim will be finished off. Yes. We will get good news tomorrow. Tomorrow evening Rahim
won’t recite prayers. I have made the plan
to finish him off. Yes, Khalid. Yes. Tell me. Rahim, they are planning
to finish you off tomorrow evening. Be careful. Khalid. Khalid. Traitor. Give me. Khalid. – Rahim. It’s your turn now. Try to save yourself if you can. Hey! Don’t be happy by
an ordinary soldier’s death. Listen. When we vowed to
wage a battle against all of you.. ..we had decided to risk our life. Got that? – Don’t speak nonsense.
– I am not talking nonsense. This is Rahim speaking. Rahim. Shut up. You have grown physically,
but not mentally. Jyotika, you are insulting me.
Please don’t talk like that. What kind of a man are you? You don’t know how
to talk with girls. Jyotika, please listen to me. Please, Jyotika. Please. Boss, KK’s son is here.
– Understand me. Hey, who are they? Run! Run! Catch them! Don’t leave them. Catch her. Are you blind? – What did you say? Hey! Catch him. Oh God! What kind
of a place is Mumbai? Goons keep chasing girls. Wonder what has
happened to everyone. I saw her at the railway station.
I met her at the shopping mall. I will have to return from here. I wanted to thank him.
But I am not able to find him. Rangeela, hit. Super hit. Look, I came to
Mumbai to be a hero. But here, I am washing clothes. Don’t wash clothes. Bang
your head against this and die. Shame on you.
– Rangeela, what are you doing? Come, uncle.
One should do one’s own work. It’s nothing wrong. – You should
have someone to do this work. That’s why I am saying get married.
– Oh God! Then I will have
to wash more clothes. What, man? We have been
washing it for 25 years. We don’t complain. Show me a couple. You will earn commission
by getting them married. Commission? – Yes. Is that so? Why are you standing in a queue.. ..with a ticket
in your hand, uncle? There is a couple at home.
Why are you looking outside? There is a couple at home. – Yes. My brother-in-law
and sister. – Yes. We will make their match
and bring them closer. Yes. “Sacrifice. Sacrifice. Sacrifice.” “Look, everybody gives sacrifice.” “Sacrifice. Sacrifice. Sacrifice.” “Everybody gives it. I don’t care.” “You are a flamboyant lover.” “Leave me alone.” “Find someone else.
Leave from here.” “Sacrifice. Sacrifice. Sacrifice.” “Look, everybody gives sacrifice.” “Sacrifice. Sacrifice. Sacrifice.” “Everybody gives it. I don’t care.” “Say it. Give a sign.” “It’s nothing like that.
You think you are Madonna.” “Sacrifice. Sacrifice.” “Sacrifice. Sacrifice.” “Sacrifice. Sacrifice.” “Sacrifice. Sacrifice.” “Sacrifice. Sacrifice.” “Sacrifice. Sacrifice.” “Sacrifice. Sacrifice.” “When she passes,
everybody becomes speechless.” “What would be the
plight of her lover?” “Don’t think about me.” “Whatever will be will be.” “First think what
will happen of you.” “What have you done, beloved?
Tell me.” “Love is not an easy thing.” “Oh God! Don’t say that.” “Listen to me. Don’t fall in love.” “Don’t leave me and go.” “I love you.” “I won’t let you go.
No matter what you do.” “You have worn a black shirt.” “You look like a loafer.” “You think you are a hero.
What else do I say?” “Sacrifice. Sacrifice.” “Sacrifice. Sacrifice.” “Sacrifice. Sacrifice.” “Sacrifice. Sacrifice.” “Sacrifice. Sacrifice.” “If a snake bites you,
what will happen of your heart?” “Give me my heart.
What will it be?” “I can’t wait.” “When nobody will ask,
what will happen?” “Come. Listen to me.” “I feel like smashing your face.” “Don’t say that, beloved.” “What will it be, betrayer?” “You are a useless fellow.” “You are a vagabond lover.” “Nothing will happen of you.” “Sacrifice. Sacrifice. Sacrifice.” “Look, everybody gives sacrifice.” “Sacrifice. Sacrifice. Sacrifice.” “Everybody gives it. I don’t care.” What sound is this?
Are you singing hymns? No. I am killing flies. Go to sleep quietly.
– I am unable to sleep. Mosquitoes are biting me. There is no AC.
There is no fan too. Shall I install an AC for you?
– You can’t do that. At least fan me. What? I should fan you? Rangeela, get up. Brother-in-law,
if you throw us out at midnight.. ..the police will catch us.
You also go to sleep. Scoundrel.
She is telling me to fan her. Tell her to sleep quietly.
Otherwise I will throw her out. If you throw us out at midnight,
where will we go? You know my condition, don’t you? I want to sleep comfortably..
– – Yes. I know. You want to sleep comfortably,
eat comfortably.. Absolutely right.
– Wake up comfortably. Sleep, brother-in-law.
I am there. You also sleep. Brother, why are you so nice? Nice. Nice. Nice. To hell
with my goodness. Go to sleep. You are nice.
I am nice. Sleep comfortably. Brother, I am sleeping. Fan me. You are sleeping, sister.
Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Burn me into ashes. Sleep, my sweet sister. – Quiet. Excuse me. Good morning, ma’am.
– Good morning. We were going to look for him.
And he has come here. Wonderful! Great! The great Raghav,
who selected you, is very great. Haven’t you been selected
as the company’s brand ambassador? You will decide that. Have a look. BA. Bachelor of Arts. Bachelor of hearts. You are really talented. – Madam. Get ready for the shooting. Sir, the cycle is ready.
Come on. Get ready quickly. Thank you. Can I go? I will wait for you. Brother-in-law,
appreciate me. – Why? For getting a fan. – Old one. There was only Rs.300
and not Rs.1000 in your pocket. You bought fan with my money. Hey! – Stop. You are scolding my
brother for just Rs.300. You are rebuking him so much. My brother is spending
Rs.1000 on you. – Sister. Control it, brother. Control. He will get a heart attack.
That’s why I am not saying much. I have told you before too.
You shouldn’t be so nice. He is a very selfish man. What is this? – No. She is calling me selfish.
And she is calling you a nice man. Is she crazy? – You see.. It’s time, brother-in-law. Brother-in-law, if you switch
on the fan that I have bought.. will be like how
‘Sridevi’ (Hindi actress).. ..used to shake her
waist in old films. Too much, brother. The winner should get the cup. The one who endured hardships
should get the fan. Come, brother. I will switch it on. Okay. – Yes. One minute, sir. – Yes. Is there a mental hospital nearby? Go down and take a left turn.
The hospital is there. You can go. – Thank you. Brother, we will take Lord
Ram’s name and switch it on. Are you ready? – Okay. Ready. Lord Ram. – Hit. Lord Ram. – Super hit. Lord Rama. – Bumper hit. What happened? – Lift it. Now I understood why you
were asking about the hospital. I already knew. This devotee will take Lord
Ram’s name and switch it on.. ..and you will be finished. Brother, drink water. Holy water is given to a dying man.
That’s how I am feeling. I will drink it. Keep it down. Is everything ready?
– Yes. It’s ready. Start camera. – Running. Action. Disgusting. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. What is this? Close your eyes
and sit on the cycle. Did you understand? Director. – Yes? Let his intoxicating
eyes remain open. It looks nice. I am the director, madam. Listen, madam has created it.
That’s why you are the director. Sorry. Keep your eyes
open like a cheetah. Director. Who gave him this jacket? I gave it. Isn’t it nice? It’s lousy. There should be not a single
piece of clothing on his body. It will look nice. – Are
you talking about the pants too? Okay, madam. – You also leave. Madam will direct it.
You have to simply learn. Will I have to do that too? – Yes. Madam, proceed. – Okay. Ready? Sound please. Roll camera. I have a small doubt. Are you smiling or crying? Keep quiet. Is she shooting
an ad or a blue film? Whatever she is doing is right.
You keep quiet. Lord Ram chases the golden deer. Poor guy left. But you and your brother
are not going to leave. Hey! Don’t speak nonsense! Your family wants you to
marry a boy whom you dislike. But you ran away and came here. Enough. Keep quiet. Once I read all the books, the man
I love will come in front of me. Is he a book vendor? Hey! Don’t say anything about him. Why are you coming
here with the book? He won’t be able to tolerate you. He must have settled
down with someone. Hey! Whatever you want to say,
say it to me. If you say anything about him,
I will kill you. I will kill you. Why to talk to the boy
who doesn’t know how to talk? Why to talk to him? It’s a waste. Rahim! Rahim! Rahim! Rahim! I have found the
address of the boy.. ..who had thrashed our
men in the shopping mall. Who is that person? He is the brand ambassador
of Veerendra’s cycle company. He is taking advantage
of everybody’s trust. Shabri. Devotee Shabri. Where has she gone? Has she left from home? Have I made any mistake? Brother-in-law.
Brother-in-law, come here. Brother-in-law, I am toiling and
cooking for that sleeping beauty. If you give me Rs.300,
I will bring pilaf for everyone. Where is your sister? – Why? I don’t know. She is not upstairs. Has she left? I am saying your sister has left. And you are dancing. Are you mad? Do you cook?
Chop onions and show me. Then you will come to
know what I am going through. But tell me.
Why are you sympathizing so much? Some people came and
took Janki with them. – What? Come on. Come on. Let’s see. What is it? Is he her lover? – Yes. What? Are you such a great man? People’s teeth break
when you beat them. Let’s do one thing. Let’s toss. The winner of the toss
will get to beat 10 times. The loser will get to beat once. If you win..
What will you win? You will beat me 10 times. And I will beat you once. If you fall, she is mine. I will win her. If you remain on your feet.. It’s impossible. She is yours. Number 5. – Heads. Heads. I will kill you today. Get lost! – Brother! Hey! It’s enough. It’s enough. You beat him a lot.
My brother-in-law is not out. Now my brother-in-law
will hit you once.. ..and ruin your face. Beat him, brother-in-law.
– Come. Beat me. He.. – I will take
him to the hospital. For one month or two months? Leave it.
I will ask the doctor. You can go. Superb combination. Why did you run away? If brother-in-law had
not reached there on time.. would have been so dangerous. Leave it.
– Keep quiet, brother-in-law. Hey! Why did you go out,
my sweet sister? Tomorrow I want to
donate food in the temple. But I didn’t have money. So I had gone to sell the chain,
brother. You should have taken it from me. You have taken Rs.10000
from my brother. What? – You depend
on brother for everything. How could I have told you? Oh God! – I can’t take it from you. Am I dependent on you?
– Forgive me, brother-in-law. I took Rs.10000 from
sister saying it’s for you. And I repaid my debt. Don’t you feel ashamed
to deceive girls? Why? I have been washing
clothes and cooking for you guys. Had I been working in a hotel,
I would have got Rs.50000. If you had cooked in a hotel,
the hotel would have shut down. If you need anything, tell me.
Not this fool. Why are you so nice, brother? Bless you.
– But you are very selfish. Oh God! – Oh my! This girl is so devoted to God.
Wonder what God will give her. May God give her
a husband like Ram! A husband like Ram! If they say yes, I will fix the
date quickly and get them married. I will unite them. – Is that so? Yes. – Come on.
I will give you a pinch. Kiran! Kiran! – Here! Here! Where are you? What happened, son? You see, with just
one punch he lost 32 teeth. Who is he? Who else? Your daughter’s lover. I won’t spare him. What are all of you doing? What are all of you doing? Go! – Why are you doing this? Don’t beat me. Don’t beat me.
– Why are you beating us? What have we done? – Beat them!
Beat them more! Beat them! What are you looking at?
Throw it. – We won’t tell you. Yes. Beat them! – Leave him! Don’t beat him.
I won’t tell you anything. Leave me. Sir, tell them to stop beating him.
– I won’t. You tell me.
Where is my daughter? Where is she? I won’t tell you. I won’t
tell you even if you kill me. Leave my wife. – Tell me quickly. She doesn’t know anything.
– Are you telling me or not? Otherwise I will kill you. Hey! You are such an evil man. Perhaps that’s why your
daughter ran away from your house. You can do whatever you want. But you can’t separate
Ram and Janki. Ram and Janki. Did you hear? You can do whatever you want. But we will ensure they
become husband and wife. Hey! – Sir. I didn’t find any evidence.
I just found a photo. Dear, veneration or anointment? Today is the birthday, priest. I want to do both the things. What is his name, dear? – Hello. It’s me, son. – Ram. Konteniyas Gotra.
– Okay. Happy birthday, Ram.
– Thank you, mother. If you had been here,
we would have gone to the temple. I am already in the temple. Be careful, son. – Okay. Okay. ‘Lord, Ram had got Sita.’ ‘When will Janki find her Ram?’ With this money perform
veneration for him, priest. God bless you! God bless you! There is a surprise for you.
Today is my birthday too. Is that so? Many happy returns of the day.
– Thank you. Today is not my birthday. So why were you performing
veneration in the temple? Actually, today is his birthday. Brother-in-law. – Yes. One came as brother.
The other came as sister. Now your brother-in-law
is going to come. I think I will have
to vacate the house. Lord Ram, who is he?
Where has he come from? I don’t know anything about him. When I was in trouble,
he helped me. He is coming closer to me. I don’t understand anything,
Lord Ram. ‘Mother.’ When will you come? Where are you? “It can’t be hidden.
It can’t be hidden.” “It can’t be hidden.
It can’t be hidden.” “It’s on the tongue.
It can’t be hidden.” “It’s on the tongue.
It can’t be hidden.” “It can’t be hidden.” “It can’t be hidden.” “It can’t be hidden.
It can’t be hidden.” “It can’t be hidden.
Feelings can’t be hidden.” “What do I say, beloved?
I am ready here.” “Don’t forget my love.
Stay with me forever.” “After getting you, the
sky has become my abode, beloved.” “Support me.
You are the reason of my life.” “Have patience. Have patience.” “Try to understand, beloved.” “Forget it, beloved. I can’t
be patient. I am going crazy.” “It can’t be hidden.” “It can’t be hidden.” “It can’t be hidden.
– Feelings can’t be hidden.” “It can’t be hidden.
– Feelings can’t be hidden.” “Be with me during the day.
Don’t come near me at night.” “If you want a kiss, tell me.” “I will give you a chance.
Take it.” “Along with joy give me love,
beloved.” “Your beautiful body
has made me crazy for you.” “Try to understand.
Try to understand.” “Don’t feign ignorance.” “Come closer. Don’t go away.” “You are my beloved.” “It can’t be hidden.” “It can’t be hidden.” “Love can’t be hidden.
Feelings can’t be hidden.” “It’s on the tongue.
It can’t be hidden.” “It’s on the tongue.
It can’t be hidden.” “It can’t be hidden.” “It can’t be hidden.” “It can’t be hidden.
It can’t be hidden.” “It can’t be hidden.
Feelings can’t be hidden.” Janki. Run! Run! Run! Run! Ram! Ram! Hey, hold it tightly. Ram! KK. – Yes. That’s him. Madam, I have been working
for you since ten years. You never increased my salary. You didn’t ask. That’s why you have
been working for me for ten years. Madam! Why are you shocked? It’s because of that. Madam, Rahim’s men. This is a good chance.
Remove the pistol. We will shoot him. Listen. If you give the
pistol to this crazy girl.. ..we will also be killed. Sorry, madam. I left it at home. Leave it, madam. Their wives
and children will always bless you. Yes. I will see them. Scoundrels. If the brand ambassador had been
here, it would have been great. But where did he go? Madam, where will he go? One can escape from satellite. But how can anyone
escape from this moonlight? Stop. Brand. Brand. Brand. Oh my God! They must have shot him. Pick him up.
Madam, pick him up. – Pick him up. Pick him up. – Come on. No. I cannot. There are bullets in his body. I can’t remove the bullets
without the police’s permission. He seems to be a don. He is not a don. She is a don. Remove the bullets quietly. This is her guesthouse.
Did you understand? So what? I am Chakravorty. Dr. Chakravorty.
MBBS. FRCS. London. If there is anything else,
tell us that too. It’s not necessary. This is enough. I will make arrangement
for the operation. Madam, I will try my level best. If anything happens, don’t tell me. If anything happens,
your postmortem will be done. I don’t need postmortem. Sir. These equipments are
like the ones in my clinic. We have brought you.
– Is that so? – Yes. Thank you so much, sir. I
think you have brought everything. Yes. We have brought everything. Rangeela, what happened? What happened?
Where are they? – Uncle. What do I tell you, uncle? Uncle, we used to sit here
and cover her books. – Yes. And we used to eat there, uncle. We used to fight here. I had made batter
for steamed rice here. I used to cook for my sister here. He always beat me. Wonder where he has gone. Son, the house seems
forlorn without them. Go and find them, son. Tell them that we are
missing them a lot, son. Yes. Tell them, son. – Listen. Tell them they don’t
have to pay us rent. It’s enough if they
come and stay with us. Go. Go. Go. Brother-in-law. Successful.
The operation was successful. Is the patient dead? What did you say? – How is he? Madam, he will open
his eyes in five minutes. He will get up and
sit in five hours. And he will start walking
in five days. – Very good. What do you want? Tell me. Drop me home without
resorting to violence. It’s enough for me. That is not possible. You will have to stay
here till he doesn’t get well. Will I stay here till
he doesn’t stand on his feet? Till he doesn’t start dancing. Does he know dance?
– Yes. So teach him. Should I stay here
to teach him dance? Where will my family
and patients go, sir? No. You will stay here, doctor. And they will stay there. Okay? You will stay here, doctor. And they will stay there. She is lady don. If you try to escape, she
will beat you like a policewoman. Understood, doctor? We are wedding planners, ma’am.
Please try this. Get out! Get out! Janki. Come. Don’t cry, dear. You love someone else.
You want to marry him. I have no objection. Tell me everything about him.
KK will have to die. That scoundrel Rahim
will have to die. Tell me. Can he kill them? No. No. Because I have killed
him with my own hands. No! – Yes. I have killed him. Marry the one who is alive.
And forget the one who is dead. No. It’s a lie. I won’t marry even if you kill me. Hey! Did you understand? Remember. My dear brand. How are you? I know nobody can harm you. Because you have intoxicating eyes. You have current in your body. And you are brave. – Listen, son. You were lying wounded at
the seashore. We brought you here. Our madam risked her
life and brought you here. All that is fine. I performed his operation
and gave him a new life. Tell him that too. – I see.
You have given him a new life. You performed the
operation at gunpoint. He is an orthopedic. Orthopedic? – Yes. What do you mean, sir? – Shut up. I have made all the arrangements.. that you can
stay here comfortably. This is a safe place for you. You can stay here
till you don’t recover. Okay? Take rest and have juice. Hello. – Mother. It’s Ram. You didn’t call up for
so many days. We were so worried. Mother, I have united with Janki.. the same place where
I had got separated from her. Janki. Tell me the truth.
Why did we leave Mumbai, mother? Janki loves me. Why did you lie to me, mother? That we don’t have any
relatives in Mumbai, mother. If you love me even a bit,
you will come back immediately. Regardless of the
problems I have to face.. ..I will bring Janki with me. Listen to me, Ram. Ram. Ram. What happened, Rajshri?
What did he say? Ram is doing what I was afraid of. He doesn’t want to come back.
– Don’t worry. What are you doing, madam? Can’t you see? I am making juice. I will make juice.
You go and sit there. And entice him. Not at all.
If I make juice for him.. ..I will get a different
kind of satisfaction. Isn’t it? – Yes. Go. After a long time she has
found the right person to entice. Not you but she has got a current. “My heartbeat increases
when I see a handsome guy.” “I am unable to control myself
when he comes in front of me.” “The symphony of
my heart is so sweet.” “My heart knows my
resolutions are strong.” “I get shocks.” “I get shocks.” “I get shocks.” “When I see you, baby.” “I get shocks.” “I get shocks.” “When I touch you, baby.” “I get shocks.” “I get shocks.” “When I see you, baby.” “I get shocks.” “I get shocks.” “The heart knows what it wants.” “The heart knows what it wants.” “The heart knows what it wants.” “Why does the night pass?” “The heart knows what it wants.” “The heart knows what it wants.” “The heart knows what it wants.” “Why does the night pass?” “I get shocks.” “Shocks. Shocks. Shocks.” “I get shocks.” “Shocks. Shocks. Shocks.” “I get shocks.” “I get shocks.” “Don’t be James Bond.” “I don’t care for troubles.” “I don’t want to
get into this mess.” “Beauty provides
enjoyment in life.” “You don’t look outdated.” “Always be modern.” “Look, beloved.” “Touch me and see, beloved.” “There is no tension.” “Beloved’s charm.” “She thinks she is Madonna.” “The world is seeing.” “The heart knows what it wants.” “The heart knows what it wants.” “The heart knows what it wants.” “Why did our eyes lock?” “The heart knows what it wants.” “The heart knows what it wants.” “The heart knows what it wants.” “Why did our eyes lock?” “I get shocks.” “Shocks. Shocks. Shocks.” “I get shocks.” “Shocks. Shocks. Shocks.” “I get shocks.” “Shocks. Shocks. Shocks.” “I get shocks.” “Shocks. Shocks. Shocks.” “Everybody there.” “Say yeah. – Yeah.” “Yeah. – Yeah.” “Yeah. – Yeah.” “Hear my confidence.” “Choose my dreams.” “Don’t handle my heart so lightly.” “Hear my confidence.” “Choose a big issue.” “Don’t say anything to anyone.” “Just listen to the heart.” “Become my beloved.” “Don’t go without
giving your heart.” “I can’t live without you.” “Always listen to your heart.” “Choose the direct way.” “Be my sweetheart.” “The heart knows what it wants.” “The heart knows what it wants.” “The heart knows what it wants.” “I want to give you all
the happiness in the world.” “The heart knows what it wants.” “The heart knows what it wants.” “The heart knows what it wants.” “I want to give you all
the happiness in the world.” “I get shocks.” “Shocks. Shocks. Shocks.” “I get shocks.” “Shocks. Shocks. Shocks.” “I get shocks.” “Shocks. Shocks. Shocks.” “I get shocks.” “Shocks. Shocks. Shocks.” “I get shocks.” Wow! Marvelous! Excellent! What happened, dear?
So many compliments. Madam is willing to transfer
the company in his name.. ..leave alone give compliments. Shut up. I was talking about
the brand ambassador’s photos. I have to put it
up in big hoardings. It will sell like how the
company’s shares are selling. Is that so? Is he so smart? You will also be
shocked if you see this. See this. Hello. – This is the
commissioner speaking. Did you call me? I told you to arrest Rahim
and resolve the temple’s issue. What happened about that? How can we arrest him
without a complaint, sir? Complaint? You have to handle that. Give me the phone, dad. Commissioner uncle. – Yes. This is Jyotika. – Yes. Rahim tried to kill
our brand ambassador. Where is he right now? His treatment is going
on in the outhouse. Lodge a complaint.
We will arrest him. – Okay. How did this happen? – Sorry, dad. You were busy.
So I couldn’t tell you. You have given me the right
news at the right time, dear. Hello, my friend.
– What is the matter, my friend? Rahim will be finished. No! No! It’s a lie. It’s a lie. It’s a lie. ACP, I am not a goon.
Did you understand? Veeru is a goon. Go and catch him. He made his brand
ambassador attack us. He tried to kill us.
I am speaking the truth, sir. Listen, Rahim. You attacked him. And Veerendra’s daughter
has filed a complaint. It’s clear. We will arrest you. Yes. It’s Veeru’s drama, sir. It’s his habit to blame
others for his mistake. He is playing a charade
in the name of religion. We won’t accept this. We won’t. We won’t. We won’t. It’s a lie. You can’t arrest Rahim. You can’t. You can’t. You can’t arrest him.
We won’t accept it. We won’t accept it. We won’t
accept it. We won’t accept it. We won’t accept it. We won’t
accept it. We won’t accept it. We won’t accept it. We won’t
accept it. We won’t accept it. We won’t accept it. We won’t
accept it. We won’t accept it. Hand over yourself politely. Otherwise I will have to fire. SP, haste is not good.
– Attorney, this is not right. If he doesn’t listen to us,
we will have to fire. SP, cool down. I am talking. We won’t accept it. – Keep quiet.
– We won’t accept it. – Keep quiet. Rahim, let the
police do their work. In the court we will see
what is true and what is not true. I am there. Attorney, I don’t mind handing
myself over to the police. But if you want to arrest, why don’t
you arrest the brand ambassador? Because I didn’t file a
complaint against Veeru and him. Fine. I am filing a complaint.
Arrest them. Listen. Don’t spare them. Don’t spare them.
Don’t spare them. – Come on. Don’t spare them.
Don’t spare them. Don’t spare them. How do I go through this? Hello. You can’t pass from here. You can’t pass from there too. Hello. What do you
think of yourself? I have already tried this. It means you were also
going to escape from here. No. I was going to leave
without informing anyone. You were going to leave
without informing anyone. See the security.
How will you escape? I have seen tighter
security than this. Will you fly from here?
– Absolutely. I will fly and go. How do I climb from here? I am an MBBS doctor.
Is it important to climb the tree? Instead of staying here and dying..’s better to climb the tree. You can climb, can’t you? I can climb. Shall I climb? I can teach you how to climb. Cling to the tree
like a lizard and inhale. Climb the tree like a frog. When you reach up, don’t
make croaking sounds like a frog. Because people living below.. Rakesh. Dogs are barking. – Go and see. Sir, our dogs are going
inside but not coming out. I think it’s very dangerous to
cross high security tension wire. It’s impossible. Is the brand ambassador
in this outhouse? You said you will go like that.
But you went like that. You lied down. What is the matter? I had got the message to stop. When will we leave from here? After the work is done. What is the matter? Is he the brand ambassador? Yes, sir. Are such people also selected? I don’t know, sir.
Wonder what talent he has. Yes. Doctor. I did it at the right time. Wonder what food he ate. If he is the brand ambassador,
we will have to sell the company. Oh my! Dr. Chakravorty! Your luck is bad. She aims the gun at my forehead. She says she is a lady don. Okay. The servant said
I am an orthopedic. That is also okay. Son. – Yes. You have changed my getup.
Why did you do that? You won’t tell anyone,
will you? – No. If he had recognized me,
he would have.. ..told IAS Rajeshwar Reddy. That’s why. – What do you mean? This is how you should be UG.
– What do you mean UG? Underground. There were bullets in his body. The operation was
conducted in the house. There was a message for him. IAS Rajeshwar shouldn’t find out. A mysterious life. I have understood. Boss, I have found out.
You are working with rebel person. Hey! – Yes. You found out. I have heard you trouble
patients a lot in the hospital. Who told you, boss?
Just tell me the name. I will cut him into pieces. Boss, I give free
food to my patients. And I distribute kidneys
like it’s nothing. I see. – Boss. I like red color.
I drink red color. I watch movies of such person. I watch it nonstop. May my flag always flutter high! May my flag always flutter high! Always! My flag! Lawyer. We need them. And they have
come to Mumbai at the right time. I had not imagined this. Ram, they are saying you are dead. When you are not there,
why should I live? I don’t want to live.
I don’t want to live. Yes. Okay. Okay. You liked it. Okay. Okay. Thank you. Dad, the brand ambassador
has got tremendous response. Shut up, baby. If he stands next to our car,
the car will also look dirty. Is he a brand ambassador? Nonsense. Dad, what are you saying? Look there. Our winner. You will be shocked. Is he nice, dad? You are my crazy daughter
who kept our enemy in our house.. ..and gave him publicity. He had eloped with your sister. Yes, boss. – Rakesh. Rakesh, Ram is in the guesthouse. Okay, boss.
– Yes. Close all the gates. If he tries to escape, shoot him. Yes. I will kill him, boss. Hey! Escape. Great escape. Where did he go? I will
also have to escape from here. Hey! Where is he? – Where? He ran away with
your daughter long back. Hey! – You slapped me. Sorry, dad.
It happened because of me. Sorry. No, dear. You didn’t
do this deliberately, dear. But she did this deliberately. She won’t survive.
She won’t escape from me. She won’t survive. He is there. He is there. Come on. Ram. Ram. Go. – Ram. Ram. How many people will come? All of you can come. Come. If you have guts,
come forward. If I come forward, you will die. And if you come forward,
you will still die. Come. Come. Come. “I am worthless. I am nothing.” “You are Lord Ram.” “I am nothing.
There is no Lord like you.” “You are the Lord of the world.” “You are compassionate. I am dust.” “You are everything.” “I am worthless. I am nothing.” “You are Lord Ram.” “I am worthless.” “You are Lord Ram.” “You are matchless.
You are Lord Ram.” “You are the slayer
of evil people.” “You are everybody’s friend.” “You are the lord of orphans.” “Mercy. Mercy. Mercy.” “Grant peace.
Grant peace. Grant peace.” “You are Lord Ram.” “You are Lord Ram.” You were a kid when I saw you. I thought you must be somewhere. I was craving to see you once. Look, everybody has
come to meet you, son. Where did you go
after leaving us, Ram? We want to forget what happened. We want to start a new life.
Let us go. No. I won’t let
you guys go anywhere. Rahim, we had decided
we will never come to Mumbai. That’s why we didn’t
tell our son anything. We don’t like to stay here.
Let us go. No. No, brother. – Let us go. You don’t understand our problem. Nothing will happen
to you when I am there. I won’t let it happen. My men and I will protect
you people round the clock. There is no fear.
– Leave us. We want to go. No. No. No.
I won’t let you people go anywhere. Nobody will leave from here.
Nobody will leave from here. Nobody will go. Do you see the glory of this sword? See this. It belongs to Dashrath’s son Ram. This incident occurred when Lord
Ram’s temple was being constructed. Your father was the one
who won the world with this sword. All my men are worshippers
of the eternal truth. We are humanists. Today, after a long time,
the wait is over. You have to pick
up the sword and fight. Don’t think so much. ‘This is Dashrath’s Rampur.
It’s the symbol of peace.’ ‘Hindus and Muslims
live here amicably.’ ‘People of all castes attend Lord
Ram’s veneration in this temple.’ ‘Once an incident happened here.’ Beat them. Beat them till there is
no blood left in their bodies. Don’t stop beating
as long as there is.. ..even a single drop
of blood in their body. Traitors. Beat them. O Lord! Have mercy! Have mercy!
What are all of you doing? They are innocent. Oh God! What are you doing?
They are innocent. Leave them. We will do whatever you want.
– Move. Move. Oh God! Why are you beating
them mercilessly? You live off God’s offering. If they steal God’s necklace,
will we worship them.. ..instead of beating them? He is one of them.
What to tell him? Beat them. What happened? – Robbery. What was stole? – Necklace. Hail Lord Ram! Lord Ram! During Hindu and Muslim riots.. ..they didn’t have a place to hide. You gave them a place to stay. He is doing the right thing. Evidence? – This necklace
was found in their house. The one who puts necklace
around Mother Sita’s neck.. ..and that Mother feeds him.. If someone steals her necklace.. means he is chopping
off his mother’s hand. For us Goddess Sita
is like our mother. What else is there to think? Everybody knows that. The attempt to come
to light from darkness.. like an evil gust of wind. Do all of you confess your crime? Speak up. Sir, we didn’t commit theft. We have been accused falsely, sir. We are innocent. – Sir, if you say,
we will leave this village. The thief should get the
punishment of leaving the village. What punishment should the one.. ..who has accused them
falsely of theft get? He should leave this locality.
That is better. No. Pardon me. You had accused them falsely. It’s your plan. I banish you from this village. If you are seen here again,
it won’t be good. Some people dislike it
that we live here, sir. – Yes. Every person living
here is the same. There is no differentiation here. Nor will there ever be. If anyone does this again,
he won’t be spared. You are here.
That’s why we are alive, sir. Even if I am not there,
all of you won’t face any problem. Because all of you
are living in my estate. On ‘Ram Navami’ (Lord
Ram’s birth anniversary).. ..King Akbar’s jewel and
Chhatrapati Shivaji’s necklace.. ..will be given to Goddess Sita. The government will give the
owners of shop a written document. Once I get the
document in my hand.. ..I will hand it
over to all of you. I promise you that. Glory to you! – Glory to you!
Glory to you! – Glory to you! Glory to you! – Glory to you!
Glory to you! – Glory to you! Glory to you! – Glory to you!
Glory to you! – Glory to you! Glory to you!
– Glory to you! – Yes. Since childhood nobody
has dared to point fingers at me. And that old man kicked me. I won’t spare him. I will kill the old man.
– Hey! Moron. You couldn’t harm him when
you were living close to him. Who knows what’s in our destiny? It’s apparent. Everybody knows you are a goon. Why did you quit
hooliganism and run? He is donating property
worth billions. I became his
son-in-law to seize it. To seize his property I
separated his daughter from him. I didn’t let Dashrath
see his grandson’s face. I want to see Dashrath’s
Rampur not from a distance.. ..but I want to seize it. No. You are my good child, aren’t you?
Eat a little. I won’t eat. – Eat a little, dear. It’s Ram’s bite. – Where is Ram? First eat. Then I will call him. You always say that.
Eat. I will call Ram. You don’t call him. He won’t come if I call him, dear. So who can call him? Sir, it had to happen.
Why do you worry? Leave everything to him. How will those who have
left us come on my saying? I am sure everything
will be fine, sir. My heart says this.
Talk to him once. Sir, sit. I will talk. Hello. – Brother, this is Rahim.
Sir wants to talk to you. Rahim. It’s father’s call. Yes. It’s your grandpa. Father, how are you?
– Forget about me. How is my grandson?
– He is fine, father. Here. Talk to him. Speak. Grandpa. Son. Give me a kiss. No. I won’t give you a kiss. I will give you a kiss when
you will take me in your arms. Yes, son.
Give the phone to your father. I will speak to him. Rahim. – Yes. Tell him that on ‘Ram Navami’.. ..I am giving the
property to everyone. Tell him to come on that day. As you say, sir. Yes, brother.
– I heard everything, Rahim. All of us will come
on that day. – Okay. Yes. Ramlal. – Sir. Everybody’s name
should be mentioned. After ‘Ram Navami’ I will
hand over the property to them. It won’t happen! It won’t be transferred
in their names. – Veerendra. You can’t change your character.
You also know that. You can’t wash off coal’s
black color, Mr. Dashrath. You don’t know the support
of other communities. It’s our foremost duty
to support other communities. It’s written in our scriptures. There was only one religion
in the world. Hinduism. God created humans,
not different religions. For your hidden agenda you
are discriminating between them. You can’t separate them. I am going to make a rule so that.. ..this dirty thing
doesn’t happen again. All of you will
have to obey my rule. We will celebrate
all festivals together. Tomorrow on ‘Ram
Navami’ a Hindu family.. ..and a Muslim family
will perform veneration. From the Muslim family
Rahim and his wife will come. Isn’t it, Rahim? – Sir. It won’t happen.
No matter what you do. Not just us,
but nobody approves of this. Don’t all of you
accept my decision? We accept your decision!
We accept your decision! We accept your decision!
We accept your decision! – Move! Hey! Move!
– We accept your decision! We won’t stay here after
being humiliated so badly. It’s your wish. You saw that your
husband was humiliated. We can’t stay here now. You also come with me. You don’t know what respect is. If I go with you,
I will lose my respect. Your husband is fighting
for your father’s estate. And you are fighting
for your father’s honor. Your father has
got a noble daughter. Grandpa. Ram. Ram, she is Janki. Hurry up. Goddess Sita is ready. Grandpa, we are ready. Will both of you bring
Goddess Sita in a bridal attire? They are not married, father. Children are a form of God. Their heart is chaste. There is no deceit
and treachery in them. Ram and Janki,
both of you bring the groom. I am feeling very content, sir. There is a strange
joy surging in my body. I am so happy to see
all the people gathered here. Rahim. – I am speaking
the truth, sir. I had never imagined that
I will carry Goddess Sita’s idol. You have bestowed
great honor on me. I salute you, sir. Everybody should live together. That’s the specialty
of our country. We have been born in India
so that we can live together. We are proud of ourselves. We vow that we will always
live together as per our culture. Come on. No! Nobody will enter
this sacred place. Drive them away. Drive them away. Beat them. Go away. Beat them. Janki. Hey! Beat them. Ram. Hey! Leave him.
– Leave him. Leave him. Don’t kill him. Don’t kill him. Vaidehi. – Vaidehi. Brother. Brother, all of you go.
Father, all of you go. Brother, all of you go. The kids are running.
Catch them. – Run away. Come on. – Run away. Brother. Who killed you? – Vaidehi. Where are the kids?
– Save the kids. Save the kids. Say something, Vaidehi.
Where are the kids? Go. Go, brother. Just leave. Sister-in-law, leave. Father! Vaidehi. Oh God! ? Vaidehi. Hey! You had kicked me on my chest,
hadn’t you? Rahim, look. They are killing sir. Come on. Let’s run. Hey! Hey! Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! – Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! – Sir! Sir! Sir, Ram and Janki.
– Nothing will happen to them. Sir! Sir! – Sir! Sir! They will live a long life. Someday Ram and Janki
will get married. Lord Ram will protect them. Sir. – Lord Ram will protect them. Promise me. – Sir. Every person living in
Dashrath’s Rampur is equal. Everybody is equal. There
is no caste discrimination here. Assure everyone. Dashrath’s Rampur is
the other name of unity. Sir. – It’s the
other name of unity. My soul will dwell here till Ram and
Sita’s marriage is not conducted. Rahim. – Yes. Salma. – Sir. Till both of you don’t conduct
Ram and Janki’s marriage.. soul…my soul… ..won’t rest in peace. Till then. – Sir. Hail Lord Ram. – Sir. Sir! – Sir! Sir! – Sir! Now you tell me. What shall I tell all
the people standing outside? Son, now you will
have to do something. Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Glory to Lord Ram! Glory
to Lord Ram! Glory to Lord Ram! Glory to Lord Ram! Glory
to Lord Ram! Glory to Lord Ram! People have come here and they
are singing your glories heartily. I don’t deserve everybody’s
ecstasy and glories. This temple will
always remain open. As per my grandpa’s wish.
– Glory to Lord Ram! Come. Come, my brother. Is everything fine? – Yes. Open the door. Come on. Come on. Look, brother. Nobody knows that you
have been released from prison. We will have a party tonight. You should feel ashamed. I was in prison for 14 years.
14 years. You people could neither open the
temple’s door nor get rid of them. Hey! Have patience.
Have patience, brother. Liquor has made you
forget that you are a man. But I am not a coward like you. I will be head him and ensure
that he gives everything to me. Stop the car. Hey! Listen. What do you think?
Would he have killed him by now? No matter what you think,
I won’t spare him. Wait and watch.
I will take my revenge. Otherwise I am not a man. Now you will see his dead body. You and here? Yes. It’s me. Where is your brother? Is he scared of me? Or has
he not been released from prison? If he has been released,
he won’t survive. I will be head him and hang his
head around your daughter’s neck.. a nuptial chain. I have decided that. Hey! Mind your tongue! Come on. Leave. Get lost. Hey! You know whether I
will run away or drive you away. I will play a game. I will show both of you. If I tie both of you here,
he will certainly come. Ram. Leave me. Leave me. Beat them. Ram, save me. Very good. Very good. Well done. Well done. All the residents
of Dashrath’s Rampur.. ..are begging for
mercy out of my fear. Do you know who
killed your grandpa? I had stabbed him to death. I had. Hey! – Hey! Quiet! Quiet! If you make a noise,
I will chop off your tongue! – Hey! What? Will you beat me? Beat me.
– You are making a mistake. Will you beat me? – I am telling
you. You are making a mistake. Are you a hero? I have heard that
with just one punch.. break the other
person’s 32 teeth. Is it true? Why did you stop? From small children to old people. Everybody’s life lies in my hand. If you take a step forward,
100 people will lose their lives. Will you beat me? Beat me. Are you getting angry? Look, I am quiet. Don’t provoke me. Otherwise I will finish you off. Hey! – Hey! I killed your grandpa. It won’t take me time to kill you. Priest. Start the incantations. The marriage and his death
should take place simultaneously. Son. – Ram. Ram. Ram. I won’t kill you instantly. I will beat you every time
the priest chants a mantra. Leave me. Leave me. Son. – Son. Son. See this. See how he is
being beaten. – Shut up. Shut up. Don’t spare him. Son. – Son. Ram. – My son. Son. Ram. Ram. Don’t beat my son. Don’t beat him. Leave him. – Leave my son. No. Ram. Ram. Ram. No. Ram, give them a fitting reply. I know you are strong enough
to give them a fitting reply. Get up! Ram. – Ram. Ram. Beat him. Beat him. Beat him. Beat him, Ram. Beat him. Beat him, Ram. – Beat him. Beat him. – Beat him. Kill him. – Kill him. Kill him. Kill him. Ram. Kill him. Kill him. Kill him. – Kill him. Kill him. – Kill him. Kill him. Beat them. Beat them. Beat them. Congratulations. – Congratulations. Thank you. You are very lucky. Madam, when will you be lucky? I will do an ad for your company. Why? Do you think
you are a superstar? Is there anything wrong in that? If you act,
you won’t look like a model. You will torture people. “It can’t be hidden.
It can’t be hidden.” “It can’t be hidden.
It can’t be hidden.”

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