Jamie Dornan Talks Final Days On Set & New ’50 Shades Darker’: “It’s Sexier” | People NOW | People

Jamie Dornan Talks Final Days On Set & New ’50 Shades Darker’: “It’s Sexier” | People NOW | People

or do you think it is an advancement on the first time I think we run things up a business the tax checks here and it’s you know we get the know more about the characters and story develops him anything quite a thrilling way in this characters introduced to check things off the innocents and the trees with looks like Christian Grey and annotated feel are back and senior than ever and the second installment of the addictive three-part trilogy fifty shades darker jamie dornan and dakota johnson to play Christian and Anastasia opened up to the apt about the intensity of the second film with over based on the looming end of the sexy series that’s right although the people is just keeping theaters in a few short days the cast and crew wrapped up filming the third movie 50 shades freed almost a year ago today when asked about the mood on set during that last day of filming Dakota noted how the sky was literally gray well Jamie reflected on the series literacy and what that we were shooting a scene that was a sunrise seen and truly the son was supposed to come up at 5 45 in the morning and at 645-7 it was not coming up and it was as though it was going to be the one day of the year in the history of the one day in the history of the world of planet Earth’s existence that the Sun never came up and it would be the last day of filming fifty shades and we would never finish that’s what it felt like you know we’re quite emotionally fraught anywhere he just rubbed the end of you know six months filming at them and the emotional goodbye of this kind of the factors six thirty in the morning we’ll be filming all through the night group instances and got a delicate heads fish so is this kind of weird it’s bittersweet saying finishing any job I think that especially one that has been a series and you go to the character for a long time so yeah it’s kind of weird that ok I think you’ll feel really weird next year we’re promoting free having put in the bank for a long time ago you know so but you know the sweetest things to instance while the RAB dr. wait too long and get to that about the series ending just yet fifty shades darker hit theaters this Friday 310 you still have a year to go for fifty Shades free hey you do but you forget to like this video and leave a comment if you enjoyed it and the more people now click on the subscribe button down here and check out more great video right now by clicking on one of these Lee

11 thoughts to “Jamie Dornan Talks Final Days On Set & New ’50 Shades Darker’: “It’s Sexier” | People NOW | People”

  1. Oh my God, the end of these videos is so loud and obnoxious – "HEY YOUTUBE! DON'T FORGET TO LIKE THIS VIDEO…"
    Not watching any more of your videos because of the annoyingness at the end.

  2. I think that both Dakota and
    Jamie are both bittersweet about the ending of the movies. How can you not feel that way after spending 6 or
    More months together for
    Many many hrs together each day. They became as one they were blended together not by their own validity but because of a job they had to do!!!!!!! The
    Chemistry they developed was unimaginable as well as their
    Connection. Jamie said they would be friends for life after what they went through and I hope he keeps his word. Best
    Of luck to the both of you.
    Go rainy maith agaibh and
    Sla'n libh

  3. I believe in Darker is when they explored their feelings, they couldn't deny it, especially if you have the Unrated versions of these movies, they bonded more and their kisses were more passionate and warmer than the first movie, and Freed there was no
    denying it. It was what it was. Jamie kisses were leaning into her in a more seductive way and their passion was visible, it was
    more they got lost in their roles and they were no longer acting…

  4. I just love love these two actors make moreovies like these fifty shades good job and I think Christian had fallen for Anna the said day she fell into his office
    .I look at these threeovies every night before going to bed
    Thank for making such the perfect love story love u both from your biggest fan JoAnn can't get enough

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