‘It’s not a holiday’: police disperse sunbathers in London during coronavirus lockdown

‘It’s not a holiday’: police disperse sunbathers in London during coronavirus lockdown

Guys, you can’t smell the green.
Can you all go home? Can you all go home please?
It’s not a holiday. It’s a lockdown which means you
don’t just come here and sunbathe. Can you please just leave? The government has a lockdown enforced. Can you please get off
the green. Go home.

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  2. Funny how we are all being told we need to save the elderly, when they can’t usually afford to eat or heat there houses, so they are prone to infections. Maybe the government should think about their health/wellbeing in the long run so that when these things happen they have a healthy immune system I deal with it Just a thought.

    Beyond scary the powers which they have given themselves.

    The ones to do with mental health, enforced medications and fast tracked death certificates. Make me feel very nervous

  3. I'm working in Croydon and the Ugandan workers there are convinced their are immune….. laughing about all this. Still meeting up for a smoke etc. This needs to be enforced. People need to take it seriously.

  4. Please word should be replaced by force… many Britons ignoring these rules, tubes n beaches was full. Police should be given tougher weapons to maintain these rules

  5. Not being funny… but when people look at 3rd world countries and mock the way they behave and live etc… now look at us from the so called 'civilised world' . All we've been asked to do is wash our hands and sit at home. And we can't even do that. Embarrassing and selfish. !!! Keep strong to the rest of u x

  6. loving it / so quiet and peaceful [not one siren] like living in a civilized country again / i could get used to this / i think they may have overthought this draconian measure / it reminds me of what they have really stolen / and not just our birthright

  7. It is not a full lockdown so that's just blatant lying from the police…and they were all 2 metres apart in a public place..

  8. Many people might think that the police here in the UK are too soft but I would rather see it conducted in a polite and courteous manner than the heavy handed approach adopted by other countries where they've used batans and tear gas.

  9. Police are disgusting. Sunbathers not harming anyone.
    This is a free world. It does not belong to the police or the government.

  10. Who are these arseholes that still don’t get it. The sooner we all just stay indoors the quicker this will be over.

  11. How come the police are on the streets??? Isn't this serious? after all they are humans too….or…. are they?!
    How come people don't ask this question…this is a joke…

  12. it’s blood boiling how stupid and stubborn people can be especially knowing full well people’s lives are in danger.

  13. I'd like to share my personal opinion that coronavirus is as tenacious as “Resurrection Grass”. 30 ° ~ 50 ° north latitude has become the hardest hit area. The autobiography of the earth makes the mutation for many times. Breathing together, sharing together, it is the community of human destiny.

  14. I live in student accommodation, yesterday the accommodation was closed down and we were all kicked out on the streets until someone came and collected us. The government are encouraging this behaviour by forcing people outside to encourage businesses to close. They are the problem not us

  15. FFS. Sitting while social distanced is a crime now? Are they going to jail elderly that stop for a rest during their daily exercise?

    Met should focus on those who are ignoring social distancing – not people sitting more than 2m from each other.

  16. In all seriousness! Can't we create a lockdown containment area, so if you are breaking lockdown because your bloody sunbathing or something equally as dumb you get dragged there instead of being able to go home and then face criminal charges which will be processed once the virus hopefully passes?

  17. Some people are so dumb and ignorant…… it's these scumbags who will probobly not die but take the virus home to elderly relatives…….🙄🙄🙄

  18. But the virus isn’t real, I’m literally contemplating that over 99% of the population have gone crazy. Everyone is in Hysteria right now, just we’re the government wants you. You’re playing right into their game, most of my comments on these videos have been taken down and apparently we don’t have censorship on this platform

  19. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😉😂😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😂😉😉😂

  20. It's a lockdown, your only aloud out to work as a slave and uphold the economy and saving lives is actually very low on the list otherwise we would be in an actual lockdown rather than just a partial lockdown.

  21. In times like this I go to one of the luminaries in the public health world and ask myself, and we should be all asking ourselves this: Are we part of the cure, or are we going to be part of the disease? In this situation I ask everyone to be part of the cure by practicing social distancing😷😷

  22. Questions: how not washing your hand and touching your face can infect you, but blood transfusion are safe?
    Can the virus be harmless in small quantity, breathed, ingested or in contact with your eyes and nose and may only become dangerous and causing covid 19 only in large quantity breading infected droplet from sneeze and cough and working in saturated environment with many people infected?
    Does not sunbathing bust vitamin D, and vitamin D boost our immune system?
    Does not exercise increase our lung capacity and overall well being therefore reducing the impact on the NHS?
    Does high level of stress decrese our natural immunodefences?
    I am aware of my on ignorance, naivete and stupidity but I am a bit wary on scientific ethic recently.
    Can anybody answer and I mean citing research paper on the above question?

  23. The word lockdown is being used by the police but not boris Johnson, I thought so long as people were not sitting next to each other there were ok to take a period of outside activity

  24. It's the same here in the U.S. People are simply not taking lock down orders seriously. We've just had a new COVID-19 in my state in a young person who attended a large corona virus party against strict orders not to gather in groups. Frankly, I say thin out the herd.

  25. They still have wrong vision that no need to follow the advices.
    They thought that persons who wareing face mask were the sick- persons,it is not that … and not nice,still showing ugly maner to the one who wared the mask on.
    pls…change these behaviours

  26. doesn't bother me natural selection will soon take its place soon enough for those who can't sit on a damn sofa for a few weeks

  27. If 700 people dying in 1 single day in Italy doesn’t stop people from going out then I don’t know what does.

  28. We all have our facts that support our side of the argument on this issue, but the world can’t be understood through brute facts. They are points of reference that need to be put in context in order to gain a nuanced perspective. This is a specific scenario, with a distinct set of people and needs to be viewed in that context, and therefore can’t be conflated with this, that or the other.
    We can all disagree, but the ones who are insulting others’ intelligence without themselves saying anything that intelligent in the first place need to get a grip.
    These people in the park aren’t being stupid, they’re assuming a risk which they’ve made based on information. Notice they’re maintaining “social distancing” too.
    Also Chloe Middleton is the outlying exception to the rule and shouldn’t be used as an “aha gotcha” argument.

  29. Since the new police powers came in (26th March) : police have set up checkpoints and are asking drivers if their journey is necessary. Penzance police on their Facebook page have said that driving to a location to exercise is NOT an essential journey. What am I missing here? Does the virus permeate metal now? How do people inside a car run the risk of becoming infected or transferring infection?  

    There has also been word about keeping any outdoor time (going out for shopping or exercise) to a minimum. Surely, if people observe the ruling of going out alone or with only one other person and of keeping to the 2-metre distance advice there should not be a problem with the duration for being outside. If there is, then why are the police themselves not limiting their shifts? They are out and about for long periods.

    Just a couple more things that make you go hmmm . . .

  30. Where I live this is happening too time to do something if nothing is done this will go on get the army out

  31. I always thought that i was surrounded by stupid people and they were just around me,but since covid19 showed up i realise that people are really dumb and they are all over the world,it's like they are infected by another virus that makes em stupid but i dont think its contagious coz there are still some smart people left in the world,i think

  32. Most people in uk live in apartments that's why they no like being inside all day but like me in America us Mexican American live suburbs houses yard's don't mind being house all day Evan weight bench i lift back yard

  33. Only highly extroverted people are gonna struggle with this. I was surprised to find out my everyday life is called 'quarantine'. Not difficult for me to stay at home, I do that anywa

  34. Think of it like Grand Theft Auto, we're on a 1 star wanted level with the police. We don't need a 5 star wanted level where the army has to come in.

  35. If its my time so be it..ive lived, loved and experienced..nothing on this earth is guaranteed longevity.. Accept evil..

  36. Attention ! Attention ! sun bathing is illegal now go home. Well Mr. Plod it makes a change from pointing that hair dryer thing at motorists I suppose.

  37. You have to empathise with these people. I’m lucky enough to live semi rural so I can go walk the dog in the countryside for my exercise. Where do people in the middle of London have to go? No where. Staying indoors in a city for weeks is enough to make anyone suicidal

  38. Imagine u are sick with corona. Offcourse u survive, but u kill your grandparents and all your friend grandparents.

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