ISIS Wives Speak Out: Inside Syria’s Notorious Al Hol Camp | The Dispatch

ISIS Wives Speak Out: Inside Syria’s Notorious Al Hol Camp | The Dispatch

This place is called Al Hol.
It’s a notorious refugee
camp in northeast Syria
where many of the wives and
children of ISIS fighters
are being held.
The Kurdish-led forces who
guard this sprawling camp
have struggled to secure it.
Hardline women have attacked
them with stones and knives
and ever since the
recent Turkish invasion,
some of the guards
have been redeployed
to the front lines.
The fighting has
weakened Kurdish
control across the region.
And now the fear is
that the instability
will give thousands of ISIS
fighters and their wives
the chance to escape.
We leave the area where
the Iraqis and Syrians stay
and head over to
the foreigners’ section.
Roughly 10,000 women and
children from at least
50 countries live here.
These women had
traveled to join ISIS
and many of their
home countries
now refuse to take them
and their children back.
We’d been warned by
guards that the camp’s
most violent and
steadfast ISIS followers
were to be found here.
But we were met with
pleas for sympathy.
Some of the women
were openly denouncing ISIS.
But their motives
were not clear.
Are they truly reformed
or are they just tired
of living in this place?
About two-thirds of the foreigners
are under the age of 12.
There’s not much
for them here —
no schools
or even running water.
Across the camp, hundreds of children
have died from disease and malnutrition
since the beginning
of the year.
Even before the Turkish
invasion of northeast Syria,
this camp was in crisis
— a breeding ground
for the next generation of ISIS.
But Kurdish-led
security was at least
keeping ISIS in check.
Now, as outside forces
undermine Kurdish authority,
the question of
what will happen
to these women
and children
becomes more pressing than ever.

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  1. 2 words…. radical-islam ! The centuries old fundamentalist system created them, they didnt create the system ! This issue can only be fixed within the muslim community … ! Meanwhile as a short term solution, many of these women should be separated from the rest, in prison, or on trial for death penalty… because they have no remorse for killing innocents… and still brain washing the rest ! They should not be raising these kids, nor have any rights to these kids! Brain-washing kids with religious fanatism is child-abuse ! By any country's laws, anyone who commits a crime would be seperated from their kids…

  2. The Muslim world forgets you're women, not the world and I can't believe I heard Islamic state will be back with so much aggressive pride😣

  3. Before we forget, ISIS was created by the US to destabilize targeted Middle Eastern nations, so that the US can control the oil resources of these nations and increase its profits.

  4. ذالك الجاسوس الخبيت يتربص بالنساء العفيفات .
    لعنة الله عليكم يا جواسيس إيران و ملة الكفر من فرنسا و بريطانيا و عامة شر الخلق .
    و رحمة الله على ابو بكر البغدادي و جميع شهداء دولة الإسلامية .
    تحت راية لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

  5. ذالك الخبيت اللعين يلين لسانه كي يتربص بكشف مجاهدين و هم بس نساء عفيفات .

  6. This person publicizes hateful remarks, provocation, insult, etc.
    Let him bear the punishment he deserves
    Bu kişinin kanalının ırksal nefret söylemi var; özellikle Türklere karşı nefret söylemi, içerik hakarettir, vb.

  7. They are Sunni Muslim's.. They are the Muslim's who believes in Prophet Muhammad..and in Allah… But the Syrian Govt.and the Majority of the people Supporting Azad.. their dictator is because they are Shiyas …Govt.and the people are saying terriosist to them coz they want only Shiyah to live in Syria….

  8. This the time to help those womens and childrens where those woarld leaders to say about humanity terrorism anti islam
    This the time to do and show real humanity i hope some middle east countrys will heard there voices INDIAN MUSLIMS pray for them

  9. ISIS is one of the deadliest worms in the name of religion, where thousands of men & women's are been mindstorming with ideology of heinous act. You will suffer bcos Almighty will never show a sign of relief on you bcos you destroy humanity….. Peace

  10. Its very sad to see. "Say (O Muhammad SAW): Shall We tell you the greatest losers in respect of (their) deeds? 
    Those whose efforts have been wasted in this life while they thought that they were acquiring good by their deeds!" Quran: al-Kahf 18:103-105. That being said may Allah have mercy on and deliver those who have seen the error of their ways and seek righteousness.

  11. The Democrats are defending ISIS Ilhan Omar loves ISIS she says ISIS is good and they should be accepted. PRESIDENT TRUMP ALL THE WAY. Hoping he get rid of ISIS, Ilhan and the Democrats.

  12. Can someone please explain to me why I am getting two completely different sides of the story, I can't tell is these women are innocent or not

  13. the main reason that these ISIS woman are protected is because of the American congress. these are there to full fill the destruction of middle east countries so that america can steal oil.

  14. Imagine these kinda of evil women on earth.. I pity the kids because they already have bad blood mix within them from isis father and isis mother no matter who adopt them!!

  15. If they dress in full black and cant even see an eyebrow…then they should not be trusted.
    I feel bad for the kids tho they are rised to hate and the conditions their mothers are in is the justification. Even tho it their own fault…

  16. We protest for bombing upon women and children but they do indirectly influence terrorism, leaving aside children those women can also be terrorists and be ready for suicide attack.

  17. Many of these women in black continue to support ISIS and possibly witnessed beheadings and other atrocities. They should not be allowed to return to Europe. Their whole outlook and culture is middle-eastern, so let them have what they want.

  18. As a Muslim, and Iraqi.. as empathetic and caring of a person I am keep these woman away from society. Thanks for coming to my ted talk 🙂

  19. Hamare Hindi mein kahavat hai ki aasteen ke saamp ko Kabhi Jinda mat chhodana Nahin to vah Wapas Aakar Hamen hi katenge…

  20. I think Canada has already started taking them 5 years ago…I pray for their lives that they may find peace and forgiveness…but history in the Middle East never dies….

  21. Take them children and let this women stay there till their husbands will returned… they are not to deserve to have these children.

  22. What if a deaf child was birn here and he wouldn't be able to recognize his mother because of the black robes and the kid can't here?

  23. What did Daesh do to women and children they've captured and enslaved ? Same for these women and their children , and no l don't wanna be better than they were , eye for an eye.

  24. They say that they came from Antwerp but there accent is crystal clear they come from Brussels that's for sure…They blame ISIS but they need to blame themself for their choices.

  25. Not a comprehensive interview. Too short. Not in depth. Needed someone local to contribute. What were the promises made by ISIS they folliwed? Why is the camp notorious? Did they say why they felt the need to throw rocks at the guards? Still have never heard from an actual ISIS member speaking for themselves. Only outsiders speaking a repeated cookie cutter narrative. This man is an opportunist that did s poor job of reporting.

  26. sterilize them while you got the chance! You'll be saving be preventing further misery, ignorance and a next generation of terrorists..

  27. Finally people have seen proof that Islam needs to be irradiated off of the face of the earth. Use the remaining Qurans as toilet paper.

  28. This was not about how many languages people speak. Yes, it's good to speak several languages.
    The ISil women who are still anti the west are pathetic in thinking a new "caliphate' will arise. And no, wherever they were from, joining Isis and marrying terr -orists means don't come back again. Your choice and there are consequences.
    Those black clothes are horrendous. For pity's sake! As a Christian I believe in covering myself, being modest – but those black clothes are so repressive. Imagine wearing that in the desert? It's completely taking a woman's personality and womanhood away.

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