Is President Donald Trump Open To Making Medicare Cuts? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Is President Donald Trump Open To Making Medicare Cuts? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Trump undoes the good OBAMA did only to bring it back pretending it was his idea. He's also trying to convince people to vote for him. He makes me sick. This jealous, old demented imitation of a man.

  2. Love the Nunes law suit! The best way to combat fake news is to hit them with one law suit after another and have all the court rulings in our arsenal to help expose the evil ..

  3. Maybe saying he may be open to making medicare cuts. is a threat to not find him guilty of the impeachment charges. Like he is saying if you find me guilty of the charges and i am not removed trhis is what I will do

  4. Fact Check: Jerry Nadler Forgets George Mason’s Proposal Was Defeated CLAIM: The Framers of the Constitution, including George Mason, intended impeachment to be used for “all manner of great and dangerous offenses.”
    VERDICT: FALSE. The Framers rejected Mason’s proposal.

  5. Big mistake .Hit the early bird and gas up.Must have banged the noggin in Davos.Never new how to survive w/silver spoon up the kiester.

  6. Doesn't matter what Trump says. Mitch McConnell has flat out said they are going to END SS, Medicare, and Medicaid. Do away with them altogether. He says they cost too much. We pay into them every paycheck. That's OUR money. MY money is NOT going to pay for more top 1% tax cuts.

  7. So this quote if from Trump before the last election: “I’m not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid.” 
    Gees, so Trump lied? I am shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

  8. Social Security money is being diverted to the General Fund, and from there to defense fund; because 7.2 billion more was just appropriated for the Southern border national emergency wall defence. In fact; trump knew he was going to do this when he said "Mexico's going to pay for it".

  9. I at 70 could kiss all the under 30 crowd …. Over throw the Orange Traitor …. I want to C the A – – to get roughed up when they pick him up. Oh yeah … He loves water boarding… Let’s give him have a few sessions and c what the real STORY is … or after his lying lawyers spread the BS thinly over this … we can get donnie to give us “THE REST OF THE STORY”

  10. Don't rely on polls to give you hope of Trump's demise.  I remember 2016 when polls had Hillary easily winning a week before the election.  Then Russia hacked the voting machines and Trump was put in.  It could happen again since the same voting system is in place due to the Republicans demanding it.

  11. I read somewhere that the highest percentage wanting Clinton impeached and removed was 35%, 51% is huge. Until just before he resigned, about two weeks before he resigned, the vast majority didn't want Nixon removed. There was a ten point swing in voting to the Democrats in 2018, that is historic. In 2019 that special election in North Carolina was a ten point swing. The Democrat lost. He needed a 12 point swing to win, but the ten point swing was still alive in 2019. By all indications that margin was maintained in every election in 2019. The Democrats won the governor races in Kentucky and Mississippi. This means no state Trump didn't win by over ten points is safe. There are not all that many. He will still win many of them, but how many? Trump won Texas by nine points. Trump vastly out raised individual Democratic candidates. That is to be expected, Trump is the incumbent, but if you combine what the top four Democrats raised, they blow him away. Money is important, but not the deciding factor. Clinton about doubled up Trump, but Trump is in the oval office. In 2019 I read the Democrats had the worst road map since the Senators were elected in something like 1919, and they lost two seats. The last time Orange County was blue was 1976. They have never been all blue. In 2018 every Congressman from Orange County was Democrat. There is a pretty good chance both Senators from Arizona will be Democrats. I don't think that has ever happened. A stronghold for Republicans is the suburbs. In 2019 the Republicans lost the suburbs in every race and is why the Democrats won in Kentucky. Trump will win the Senate trial, but it doesn't look like he will win the election. 51% want him out of office. I want him out of office, but by the election, not impeachment. I think the number that want him out of office is closer to 60%. That is the number to watch.

  12. Trump is always bragging about how much he spent on military and space force. He is a very sick man to constantly go after poor people. We are suffering out here. He's got to go! This was all a plan. Spend spend spend and then cut everything. They are profiting on our misery biggly!

  13. this plan is really to punish black people but they better be reminded that we have supper bodies with yahs protection.They better be careful because who laugh last laugh the best

  14. GOD is in control of everything let's not criticize any body pray to GOD He will direct our path  this is my advice Peace of THE LORD, JESUS CHRIST be with all

  15. Who coined the word "entitlements" in relation to receiving benefits from a plan that you paid into for your whole working life? They use that term to claim that people are getting a hand out when that is not the case!!

  16. Need more money from the poorly paid to pay for more tax breaks for the extremely rich… over 950Billion reasons POTUS45 needs the money according to Munchkin… as tax breaks pay for themselves (with poor peoples existing rights). Looks like communism for the wealthy only as the wealthy are more equal than other citizens.

  17. He won't get a second term, neither will most Republicans. They've finished themselves with their votes on this trial. Pelosi is a genius.

  18. He went to a country that doesn't have an extradition treaty because he thinks he'll go to jail and why he thinks this way is
    because he's guilty he's guilty of treason and should be treated as a traitor be this clown is a discrace

  19. Can't find nothing else fake .. news. You keep trying to find something we are searching and all the dark corners you can find one to look in your own life

  20. "He talks to fill the space…" EXACTLY! And his Cult45 is too ignorant of FACTS to understand it is All BS!! #BeLessStupid

  21. "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have."

  22. This is only a talking point for re-election. He'll defend it but later on—> he'll gut it.
    Has he replaced Obamacare? Border wall? What has he REALLY done?

  23. You are a fool if you weren’t bracing for this the entire time. Him waiting for the moment to deliver the true sucker punch you would really expect from him. He has no end game. He is as transparent as any other sycophant. Polishing apples to send to Russia.

  24. Mr. Donald Trump is so insecure with himself that he lounges attacks on the people at will. I am young, and I will likely see many Presidents succeed him, but to pick on retirees who rely on their Social Security to live is plain Shameful. The man is a Crook. He got caught in a robbery and got himself Impeached. You reap what you sow.

  25. Bull. He will make cuts in entitlement because he hasn't to balance the tax breaks for the rich. Mitch McConnell was asked that very question. And McConnell said, "Mr. President in order to give the type of tax breaks for the to present we will have to cut entitlement".

  26. Bernie is a Democratic socialist, there is a difference. Ask your corporate Democrat masters that dont want to pay their fair share of taxes and wants to keep the status quo!

  27. 'He Gave Away the Game': Doctors Condemn Trump Threat to Slash Medicare Funding

  28. Ask donald what year it is and see if he can answer. Your middle name? Are you married ?? That's one a couple others might want to know.

  29. Frankly, based on these polls 5:48, many many many people are perhaps calling Individual-1 a total stone cold loser., and calling him a stone cold loser very very very strongly. That much they can tell you? 🤣

  30. His supporters won't believe this because they don't believe he will mess social security and Medicare i told my aunt that she didn't believe me

  31. The Trump's tax cut was meant to run up the debt to leverage cuts to SS, Medicare and Medicaid. It was the second phase of Paul Ryan's college wet dream.
    … and to think, Trump said the tax cut would pay for itself. Not yet but maybe when the personal income tax cuts expire.

  32. Somehow republicans have trillion dollar deficits and none of that money is going to the American people.
    Where is that money going?

  33. I wonder if so many of the republican boomers would vote for Drumph if they payed attention and heard he was coming after their social security check. I'm a dem and a boomer and a never trumper! And I approve of this ad.

  34. Imbecile in chief calls MIKE BLOOMBERG “ little Mike “ but MIKE BLOOMBERG has a BIG BRAIN , SELF MADE , REAL BILLIONAIRE , MIKE BLOOMBERG WILL BUY low iQ trump a million X over , MIKE BLOOMBERG did NOT have Fred the CON as a father to give him millions like u got . MIKE BLOOMBERG PAYS PEOPLE HE EMPLOYED & NO BANKRUPTCIES . MIKE BLOOMBERG does NOT LIE & doesn’t kiss Putin a$$ . MIKE BLOOMBERG IS A TRUE PATRIOT ; not a Russian asset.

  35. The USA is an oligarchy and the top oligarch is doing his job by moving again money from the commons to the oligarchs.

  36. Stay focused! Trump is drawing your attention away from the Impeachment trials to issues that can divert your attention away from him being caught being a bad President.

  37. Why is everyone suprised?
    He is doing exactly what he promised…..
    And a whole lot american citizens think that is ok.

    Stop whining, start voting. This impeachment is going nowhere so it is up to the voters.

  38. Trump wants to take away from the old has he's thinking of going after Medicare,what a shame he already took from the vets, school, children now this? Waw…

  39. John F Kennedy didn't deserve the assassination but Donald J Trump does deserves it this man is evil so why not he deserves to get wack by somebody.

  40. "The economy is stronger than ever, I'm the greatest president ever!
    Also, we gotta cut medicare to save money."
    🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔… ☝….. 🤔🤔 😒😒😒😒😒

  41. TRUMP, What a lying POS!! And Congrats POS, you just admitted on International TV to ABUSE of POWER and OBSTRUCTION of CONGRESS. NOW or EIGHT months from now —- you and your POS Repubs are history. And election by election we will get rid of all of you cuz you're all cut from the same cloth. Oh and MOSCOW MITCH and GUILIANI, IVANKA, JARED, FLYNN , PENCE, & BEER BELLY BARR — we are gunning for all of you next and the first thing on our "to do" list is to declare the POS's Presidency illegal and reinstate all of the legislation from the Obama-era

  42. Trump gave a Trillion-dollar tax cut to the rich and corporations and after the mid-terms, they will cut Social Security, Medicare and every other program that helps pay for it. Republicans don't have a healthcare plan and kicked 20 million off healthcare! Two choices for the people: vote them out or put the crooks in orange jumpsuits.

  43. Trump hands huge tax breaks to the rich then steals out of the pockets of the poor. He’s like the reverse Robin Hood – the Grinch!

  44. How many of you Democrats would vote Trump 2020 if his VP is Tulsi Gabbard? Trump is not a GOP, and can wear his blue tie and wish to run as a DEM. Crazy, oh Yeah Very Crazy man

  45. If any country deserves a leader as dumb as a bag of hammers, it's the 'Land of the Free' 🤪🤣 (free if you're white) Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Obama etc. Who's next, Jim Carrey or Clint Eastwood ? Land of the Dumb Arses more like. 🥴😜😩

  46. I really hope these polls actually come to mean something. I'm no Trump fan but the fact that Trump's fans and others keep pointing to exit polls before the 2016 elections as evidence that he can win again is absolutely true. The Dems need to get their chit together and elect somebody electable. Bernie, as much as I like him, is not ideal for Swing states. MSNBC should give Andy Yang more air time.

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