Inside Turkey’s Offensive Against Kurdish Forces In Syria | NBC Nightly News

Inside Turkey’s Offensive Against Kurdish Forces In Syria | NBC Nightly News

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  1. fake news.. Turkey not attack to kurdish, Turkey attack to terrorist organization pkk-pyd, from kurds, turks, english, germans, french, arabs, danish… and other a lot of country's people, sorry, not people, terrorists…

  2. Turkey is fighting against Kurdish terrorist groups, not Kurdish civilians. Kurdish terrorist groups killed a baby. They are shooting Turkish journalists. NBC is a big liar!

  3. We are not fighting the Kurds, we are fighting the PKK

    There are 15 million Kurds in Turkey, If we want killed the Kurds, why would we go to Syria?

  4. Christian Zionist Evangelical backed criminal Enterprise 😂 the new revised Machiavellian edition of the Gospel 😜 it's better for the Zionist Evangelical backing to allow Trump to sacrifice the Kurds for personal gain than taking a chance of losing American taxpayers blood and treasure to continue to fight Israeli Zionist wars in the middle East 🙊 🙉🙈 🤫🤑 🤥, sanctions on Trumps many businesses in Turkey, Machiavellian Evangelical satanic alliance Gospel 😜 sanctions my as.. Trump is a oligarch and benefactor of the regime, sanctions on Trump organization in Turkey is the best place to start😂

  5. So much hypocrisy and lies in fake news MSM. I served there. ISIS was defeated long ago. Our troops there are acting as a spoiler. They encourage YPG not to disarm and reintegrate into Syrian state. The only solution to this problem that would satisfy NATO member Turkey. Washington swamp is risking American lives and wasting billions for nothing and when Trump wants to stop this lunacy, he is attacked from all sides.

  6. dafuq is with the journalist acting like an actor and think it's normal that there are explosions and people dying near him
    and the fact that he pranks the camera man saying "behind u behind u"

  7. I'm confused why Turkey didn't even first discuss with the YPG about pulling out and cooperate in "establishing a safe zone".

    This kinda shows Turkey's intentions. They don't really care about resettlement of the refugees. They want to commit ethnic cleansing.

    It was easier for them to just label YPG terrorists and start bombing. It's really clear they don't like Kurds, period.

    Sure, they had some terrorist attacks on their soil from PKK, but YPG and other anti-ISIS coalition was cooperative and didn't attack Turkey.

  8. 0:03 "Takbir"
    These guys remind me of… ISIS.
    Oh wait, they are Turkey-sponsored Free Syrian Army.

    Islamic Sunni extremists, but they're the good guys… Right…

  9. PKK that attacks Turkish Armed Forces for over 30 years, is an officially recognized terrorist organization by USA. Don't let YPG, SDF and all the other letter combinations confuse you. Their source is PKK. For getting involved into the Syrian Crisis while everybody was having a slice of cake, USA decided to use YPG to clean out the formerly created ISIS. It's like pouring honey on all over the floor in disguise and then hiring a cleaning company when all the bugs reached to your set goal of territory. By doing so and using a letter combination of PKK, USA also overcame the official recognition towards PKK in the past. To make them cuter they've even added a "democratic" title to SDF "Syrian Democratic Forces" . I mean seriously? Separatist Kurds and PKK are one of the extreme Marxist Communism followers. They use work to "establish" their state and attack to Turkish Armed Forces by using guerrilla tactics like Cuban guerillas till majority of them moved to Syria from Turkish mountains to operate there when there was higher chances to gain control of an area during the civil war, lack of authority. I mean they even call their martyrs or soldiers guerrilla. I don't think there's democracy here. Even if it happens and a state gets established for them. They'll not be independent in this anti-communist USA domained world. They'll be puppets of a corridor from Middle East to Mediterranean Sea just for oil.

  10. Kurd are invader of Arab land same way Zionist are doing !!! Western country trying to establish another Israel next to Turkey!!!

  11. shut the f up and let them do what needs to be done to protect their country. If you(your country) do not support Turkish offensive operation then please feel free to accommodate those 3.5 million refugees in your country.

  12. It never was kurdish land!!! The Ypg terrorists are accused of ethnic cleansing, forcing the arab and turkmen majority out of northern syria!!! Check amnesty international? What kind of disinformation is this ???

  13. The only way the middle east will ever have peace is when the Messiah comes……..US, Turkey, Saudi,Israel and all rebel groups,factions, powers must all be destroyed. They are ao confused that we dont know whose right or wrong….all these countries are inter operating together……….

  14. Islamofascist commiting genocide against Christian Kurds, why the world says nothing is beyond me. More Islamic terrorism against Christians. Nothing to see here.

  15. Why dont you show sivilian People Who died by pkk in Turkey.. Western media is liar… Europe country dont lıke Turkey because of ottoman and muslim. So they show false thinks about us to the World. But god (we say Allah) see truth..

  16. 3-year-old children who died by the esad's bombs Said that he will tell God what happend. I tkink that He told eveythink, because of this Allah sent his own army for all innocent chıld.. You (europe or usa) teach your languages fırstly when you Come this country lıke all Latin Amerika and all afrika than you exploid all rezerv in this country but WE TAKE JUSTİCE. BECAUSE TURKİŞH İS EXPECTED.

  17. Very good turkey…we appreciate this action…because turkey demolish the Israel and USA great game of terrorism in the middle east…

  18. This is a set up! Turkey is the next Middle Eastern country to face civil war! Rather than gain popularity, Erdogan will lose credibility and be seen as a warmonger certainly not a peacemaker. Trump wants the world to see who is the real terrorist? Turkey is invading yet another country again under a false narrative. The notion that a safe Zone for refugees is lie. He seeks the destruction of the Kurdish people. Erdogan’s aim is to ethnically cleanse the area of Kurds and commit a modern day genocide! Who really trusts this criminal caught smuggling stolen oil from Iraq and Syria? He has been supporting, funding and training ISIS and its affiliates. His daughter was running a field hospital for ISIS injured. His family run his oil companies. He is head of the Muslim brotherhood! He wants to build more palaces! Trump knows what has been going on! They are friends! Trump is one step ahead though! Furthermore, the Kurdish community in Turkey will not accept this invasion into what they now see as their territory. By pulling out US troops, Trump has drawn Turkey into a direct confrontation with the Kurds who will eventually call on many other sympathetic nations like Syria, Iran and Russia to intervene. The greedy Erdogan will face off with these nations with no support from its so called NATO allies. The Turkish army is the largest in NATO but no match against the combined forces of these other nations. Brace yourselves, this is WW3!

  19. Turkey unsuccessfully tried invading Serbian Kosovo land in 13th century, and it’s been Serbian since 1389, when we freed Kosovo. That’s how Albania and Bosnia of white people is predominantly muslim. Now the Albanians are trying hard to take that same land, and we will fight them…
    Btw, Serbian politicians say “If someone got Turkey to schedule democratic talks with us, that person must be dead already from the waiting time”

  20. Turkey is the Main reason behind all that uncertainty .
    They should learnt a lesson
    India is with syria & president Trump

  21. ISIS all along were assisted and organised by Erdogan a fanatic Islamist War monger who wants to revive the Ottoman Empire by expanding and declaring vital geographical ares belonging to other countries like HITLER DONE .The alliance between ISIS and the Turkish Islamist Government was revealed by undisputed by the Russians ( where is Putin now ) and followed by the very Turkish prominent newspaper CUMHURIYET WHOSE Chief Editor was arrested and imprisoned and the paper was forcibly shut down.Turkeyis conducting these atrocities by their czhihadist mercenaries who have escaped from their prison camps .DON'T BE SURPRISED TURKEY HAS AN EXCEPTIONAL TRUCK RECORD IN ITS HISTORY FOR COMMITTING MANY GENOCIDES AND ETHNIC CLEANSING it is Turkey's NATIONAL SPORT .

    I ALSO EXTEND MY CONGRATULATIONS TO TRUMP Please my fellow Americans and Global citizens address this "person " as TRUMP he really deserves it.

  22. They are not a kurds, As you know they are pkk and pyd terrorists and this terrorist organization has killed over 40 50 thousand people most of them are kurds, İ am a half kurdish person and every turkish people know that almost %70 of kurdush people support to ERDOGAN in turkey. By the way usa give to these terrorist guns carried with dozens of ships and these terrorist were educated by europian countries. We are laughing at you because your medittarenian dream will never happen in real

  23. Never rely on US as an ally.. Russia backed Asad solid… US just sells out its allies… south virtnam…. shah of Iran…. recently Saudiand now kurds… heeehee

  24. I love the fact that when America were bombing all of Syria they never showed family’s struggling and which btw they did this cause of oil but then when turkey does it all they cover is the effects of the Turkish bombings and not the actual reasons of why their actually doing it 🤦‍♂️, the actual reason of the push is to move pkk terrorists away from the border considering that all they were doing was shooting mortars and shells at Turkish villages near the border which also killed plenty of kids and humans in general and most the civilians in Northern syria are supporting turkey with this considering the effects of the pkk on the civilians, but the rest that are crying are the ones that are scared cause their being pushed away from their husbands which most of them would be pkk

  25. Who cares about the Kurds.
    Send all of our troops home. Enough war if the world wants to fight let them.
    We should stop wasting American lives & resources.

  26. Trump runs as Erdogan blackmailed him with knowledge about the Khashoggi murder. Bin Salman is Trumps friend. Trump betrayed the Kurds to protect the evil prince of Arabia

  27. I'm Kurdish and Turkey is doing everything right we do not want to have anything to do with Pkk and Ypg they do not serve the Zionists otherwise ✌️🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  28. “If turkey does something they shouldn’t be doing”……okay what exactly shouldn’t they be doing mr president?

  29. I made a sort of small explanation video of why Turkey🇹🇷 invaded syria. I just started this channel and wonder what guys think of it thx.

  30. Before Turkish Army`s operation: Pkk, Pyd: `Northern syria is gonna be vietnam of Turks
    After Turkish Army`s operation: Pkk,Pyd: `Pleaseeeeee Helpppppp America betrayed us`

  31. I am Kurdish/British, and I feel really bad for my people, even those little ones, I hope they stop doing this.

  32. You're lying. I get angry as you say Kurdish. Our army is fighting the terrorist organizations fed by you western countries. Syrian Kurds in Turkey now that the Kurdish our guest. and even though the western countries are rich, 4,000,000 Kurds took refuge in our country, we spent 40 billion dollars with our feelings of compassion. You armed the terrorists and murdered those poor unarmed innocent Syrians. Syrian families watched as the offspring drowned in the sea. Now, as if you like Kurds very much, you're making black propaganda. These are traitors for sale who have betrayed Iraq during the Iraq war, cooperated with the US and betrayed Syria during the Syrian war. If you love it very much, let us give you 4,000,000 Syrians, but our fear of the President is blown out of fear that Tayyip Erdogan opens the doors. Our operations Kurdish Syrians not PKK, PYD, ISIS, not your beloved terrorist. These are the unscrupulous creatures who have expelled the Kurds from Syria, forcibly recruited their children, persecuted them, attacked our country and tried to divide us and whose ropes were in the hands of western countries. If you love them, we will send them to you :))

  33. He wear bulletproof vest but no helmet 😂 they gonna shoot directly on head boom no change of living must wear helmet

  34. Dear Editor,
    Can anyone remember when the "Mainstream Media" ignored Obama and Hillary arming ISIS to invade Syria? How Obama released 5 major terrorists from GITMO to recover one captured US Army traitor ? How Obama allowing the "Osama Bin Laden Brigade "to help take out Assad?
    Named after, You know, the same Bin Laden that Obama boasted about killing?

    The Kurds were total nomads up to WW I! Since then their MO was to occupy other other people's buildings, much like Hermit Crabs. So now Syria will work with the Kurds and Russians to police that region at no cost of money or lives to us! That should be good news! But the rabid Trump detractors will never give Trump credit for anything good.

  35. Turkey is skating on thin ice.The sanctions are working in Iran and sanctions are far more destructive then guns and bombs and save American lives.

  36. Turks, tough time is coming for you guys, run away.

    Love from India to all Kurds! Keep fighting, you will get Kurdistan sooner or later.

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