Inside Northeast Syria: What U.S. Troop Withdrawal Cost the Kurds | The Dispatch

Inside Northeast Syria: What U.S. Troop Withdrawal Cost the Kurds | The Dispatch

These coffins hold the bodies of fighters. Members of a
Kurdish-led militia that’s been the
primary ally for the U.S. in its war against
ISIS in Syria. But a few weeks
ago, President Trump withdrew U.S. troops
from the northeast, and gave Turkey
the green light to attack the Kurds
in Syria. This is the result. Since the U.S.
departed abruptly, the story for the
Kurds has changed. They had hoped their
sacrifice would be a path to self governance. Instead, they face
loss everywhere. We’re visiting an
elementary school in the city of Hasaka. It’s being used as
a makeshift shelter. Around 180,000
people are now displaced by recent fighting. We meet Hamza Mustafa. His town was one of the first
to come under Turkish fire. We travel to Qamishli, a city on the
border with Turkey, and visit hospitals that have
received casualties from the frontlines. More than 200 civilians have been killed and
hundreds wounded. This is 8-year-old Sara. Her mother says she
was outside her home when a Turkish shell
landed in the street. Her 13-year-old
brother, Mohamed, was killed on the spot. Sara’s grandfather
rushed her here, where doctors had
to amputate her leg. Turkey defends its incursion by saying
these fighters are terrorists. They are in fact linked to a
Kurdish guerrilla group that has launched
attacks inside Turkey. But for the last
five years, they’ve been the foot soldiers
in the war against ISIS. They say they’ve lost
around 11,000 fighters, men and women, in that conflict. Cekdar spent years fighting
alongside the Americans.

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  1. Hello, everyone. I’m the reporter in this video. If you have any questions about it or the situation in northeast Syria, please let me know. I’ll be covering the story there as it happens. You can follow along at @neilacollier on Instagram and @NeilCollier on Twitter. I’ll be keeping an eye on the comments section and will do my best to answer. Thanks for watching.

  2. face of Marxist PkkYpg terrorists.. Worse than ISIS. They were killingthe kid(who was trying to save his mom) and woman.That’s whom Turkish troops dealing with PkkYpg not the Kurdish brothers. Like Taliban not the Afghans.😢:;:

  3. why New York Times not care the thousands killed by US missiles in Raqa, Masoul, etc.

    Or the Arab lives does not matter to New York Times?
    Very Jewsih like. It reminds me of what their Zionist friends are doing in Palestine.

  4. The only the Kurds can fight erdugan the terroist is the put bombs and m turkeys city
    And make them pay for ther crime
    Also tourist location is justefaid
    Cous they bring money for the Turkish criminal regim
    That sad but true …

  5. My mind is too weak to understand all the politics and propaganda involved in this war. All I know is that Syria and it's citizens have suffered enough. I can't even imagine what those displaced citizens feel like. Just look at the young girl dude, she's 8 and she's already lost a leg to a war that she had nothing to do with. Seeing her and her mother crying made me feel really bad. RIP humanity, sacrificing Innocents just for the sake of some power influence

  6. In the midst of the war, an innocent can still believe the presence of a God. His name is death.
    I hope that it won’t be today the God bless the people.
    What more sacrifice needs to let them rule their own nation by themselves?

  7. Eyes with tears and saying there is no hope 😞 little girl with no legs
    And more , this war is a heaven for reporters cause they can do there fav job and exposing the wars jn the same time

  8. What does all this suffering & misery say about a NATO member whose military regularly receives American & European weapons & artillery?

  9. Whether u r a Muslim ☪ or Christian ✝ or Hindu 🕉 or Buddhist ☸ or pagan 💀 or atheist ⚛ or etc.. Can we agree those politicians r dirty and they feed up human blood and innocent children 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦. I wish those soldiers can go outside the city and fight face 😀 to face 😀.. Then he who wins will rule the innocent civilians and children 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦. Finish the story.

  10. but there only 50 us troops there ? what could they have done to stop turkey anyway. realistically speaking and not hollywoodly.

  11. God, I'm writing an essay about the Kurds and the more I look into them the worse I feel. I already supported their sovereignty, to begin with, and it just hurts to see how one man can completely curb stomp a beacon of hope in the middle east. I feel sorry, and it sucks. There is nothing the American public could've done. Almost no one supported this move and yet here we are.

  12. Look well Kurds bury the bodies of Kurdish fighters means armed soldiers but when you look at the victims of Kurdish attacks with the help of their American allies you find most of them women and children 70% mothers with their children die burned and often because of the US bombing, so you know who are the real terrorists 😃🔥

  13. As a Turk who is ethnically Kurdish, I remember these "freedom fighters" massacring the women and children of Turkish army officials who were stationed in the southeast of the country, from a mere lieutenant to corporals, not long ago, in late 2000's.

    So when us Turks or Kurds in Turkey watch such documentaries glorifying or pitying YPG, we actually know the background story, as opposed to virtually the whole of the western audience.

    Nothing is black or white in the Middle East.

  14. My heart broke immediately the man said there was no hope. My heart goes out to you all. No human should live under such circumstances. All i can say is Sorry and dont give up on life.

  15. US troops have hearts and would have stayed if it was up to them. Thanks again trump for letting innocent Christian people die. Seeing that little girl broke my heart. May Jesus return soon and stop this chaos

  16. We just abandoned our allies. As an American I feel ashamed and like a traitor to our own soldiers who fought along side them. Imagine the trauma our American troops must have felt when they were told to leave their friends behind. Let’s not make the Kurds regret fighting along side us or trusting in us

  17. Harming civilians is never okay. Turkey shouldn't be careless about that.
    But the armed kurdish fighters are terrorists who killed lots of civilians and soldiers in Turkey.
    Their independence dream led to thousands of people to die. And the land they call theirs, the land they want to build their independence on, also hosts turkish, assyrian and arabic people as much as it hosts Kurds.

  18. This just looks like a political game. They use this to go against trump.
    All kind of people were dying. But now you care about them?
    What about other conflicts? What about the mothers and fathers that lost their only child in a terror attack?
    How long will it take until you forget that this happened? A week? Two? A month maybe?

  19. Hey speaker make people more hateful.Keep going.
    You even say Asselamu alaykum.
    Salam?! You just wanna make fire in the middle East.

  20. At a minute 20 you make 3 mistakes, ….."We" were the allies of the Kurds, in "their" war against Isis, not vice versa. And president Trump specifically warned against, and threatened the Turks if they made wholesale invasion, we didn't "remove" forces from the field, in fact although some troops were relocated (in country) only "58" soldiers from front line recon and security, have been reassigned. None have been removed from the region . It's gut wrenching sad to see innocent children caught in the cross fire, and yes we are "big brother", but could it be there are bad gangs of Kurds, who go inside of turkey…..with terrorizing intent, then quickly run to hide behind US special forces and civilians, in Syria ? (Ironically it was a very quick, isolated and targeted, invasion and military campaign, with no occupation,…….just saying) [Be nice if we could do this cross boarder, search, destroy and termination of drug lords and cartels south of the US border in northern Mexico…..just saying]

  21. Is NYTimes a Blackface, demorats, they are behind the wasted 3 years the democrats trying to impeach the president, millions of taxpayers dollars wasted and all they have to show is nothing, and nothing or no one to run against Trump! Demorats have hurt our country than Trump ever will. 2020 TRUMP, don't let the demorats take our rights away, they will rewrite the constitution if given the chance, it's for the people not for the government.

  22. What if this fellow’s daughter loses her leg and those 2 idiots are wiped off, then????? Will he then understand? He won’t, he will go to the ICU to grab it. Period. S-bag

  23. For them in the war situation is normal but why when turkey join the war the us reporters start to doing this…lol

  24. They need to impeach Trump right away because these poor children are suffering and I know it’s going to continue looking at this it makes me angry because that poor child was probably playing outside minding her business her brother is no longer in this world this is really crazy🤷🏽‍♀️😢😢😢😢🙏🏿🙏🏿

  25. Scum, anti-Turkish propaganda!! how about casualties by US in Afghanistan, Iraq and also in Syria itself ?? and how about the cruelty of Al-Assad regime brutal massacre against Syrian peoples for more then 8 years!! you not reported about, this is journalism, where is the balance ??

  26. It's indiscribable feeling seeing that 8 years old she’s been divested from her leg ..i Just had that feeling we have to extict

  27. Separatist's are always doomed in history. Remember that next time you make a deal with the devil and betrayed your own country.this is the price due.

  28. Neil collier deserves double salary, give this man what he deserves, this man is another level, just check how many languages he knows, check how he is polite and friendly while he is interviewing the people in sorrow.

  29. Please stop hurting our beloved loyal allies Kurdish Mr. president Trump. Please, please, please. Can you imagine what you would do if someone that you trust as your great ally betrays you to let your sons and daughters get hurt? Can you put yourself and your family in their shoes before you make any poor decision in the near future, please? Thank you.

  30. Everyone is blaming Turkey,but not the tertorists That killed thousands including childs.Well,if you are really with the innocent ones,check out the Palestinians.They are being killed too.Aw,but all you care is oil right,ye I feel you.

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