Inside Madrid: Reds arrive for Champions League Last 16 tie | Atletico vs Liverpool

Inside Madrid: Reds arrive for Champions League Last 16 tie | Atletico vs Liverpool

I know, yeah. He’s up there. Oh, my God. Me? Hello. CAMERAS CLICK Jürgen, obviously over the past couple
of years you’ve come through some really big tests in the knockout phase
of the Champions League – Bayern Munich, Barcelona,
Porto, City, Roma – how does this test compare? Atletico, I would say playing them is one of the most difficult things
in the life of a football player. Really well-organised, squeezing results
out of pretty much every game if possible. Yes, people told me already this year
is not exactly like what it was, but it’s a transition period, that’s normal. But still, fighting with all they have,
don’t give a lot of chances and all that. It’s really difficult. How they played so far this
season was not as bad as people say, and has nothing to do
with their chances tomorrow, because the team who
will play better tomorrow and in the next game,
who fights more and wants it more, will go to the next round, and not the team who plays
a better Premier League or La Liga season. As easy as that. We will give it a proper try. See you tomorrow.

100 thoughts to “Inside Madrid: Reds arrive for Champions League Last 16 tie | Atletico vs Liverpool”

  1. 2:37 Dont get these kind of questions XD What do you expect??? That he says, that Atetico should be easier, and so makes him unpopular in the entire city??

  2. Impressions I got while watching this video
    Klopp: the enthusiastic teacher
    Milner: introvert nerd
    Salah: perennially smiling guy
    Virgil: the heart and soul of the class, also known as the class clown 👌😁

  3. Would like you know that 'Love' you all very much and hope we can make it. Come On young guys, be strong, strength and stand firm to face them tonight. 💪💪💪
    Never Give Up And YNWA!👍👍💘💘

  4. There was no desire to win today.just playing around with the ball where were our penetrating passes no shots on goal…completely outplayed.should have subbed on keita for some creativity.disappointing game.

  5. I feel like Henderson is taller than 5,11.5 he looks more 6ft 1, if u pause at 4:37 you can just about see him standing next to ox-lade Chamberlain who is 5,11 and hendo towers over him

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