100 thoughts to “Ingraham: The kids cash in”

  1. The love of money is what there itching for so they lie there way thru it or being put there by there parents a lying crack of dawn hunter biden doesn't know what he got myself into they are blind facts not spiritual remember

  2. Hunter "WHERE'SHUNTER" Biden
    L O S E R ! D U M B A S S ! L I A R !
    D R U G G I E ! E X P E L L E D !
    S A N D B A G G E R !
    D A D D Y ' S B O Y !
    M O N E Y L A U N D E R E R !
    Yup… that just about sums it up.


  4. why should we care what the English are doing, we have all we can do to keep up with   the thieves in DC .The Clintons equal dirty porn equals money in this country

  5. They're all a bunch of spoilt rich elitest leftist hypocrites. Do as I say, not as I do, and know your place by keeping your questions and concerns to yourselves, otherwise you'll be labelled a "racist".

  6. Can’t wait to see what kind of “work” these entitled brats are going to perform to support themselves? Why, oh why does anyone support this BS? Gullible or just plain stupid?????

  7. No love for these two, especially Markle. She is destroying a monarchy and Harry is a wuss. Does Markle think the money is going to flow in? It shouldn’t. They are either in or out! Moochers! For those that fall for these Moocher’s ploys, go ahead, make them rich!

  8. This is my angle all those people that have been stealing the taxpayers money and get away with it I can't understand it it just makes me angry every minute I'm watching nickels and dimes from the IRS trying to make a living for three people I can't even do one mistake and then they come after me these guys take millions and billions of dollars they run around with it jet-setting the media goes kissing at but acting like that special what's wrong with these people in this country they better wake up they're all devil children evil

  9. White royals are considered "White Privilege" but Saudi regime and princes, which there's like 200, are not considered "Brown Privilege". Anyone else smell leftist BS?

  10. Meghan Ono 😂 They are working to be financially independent, which means they aren't. A pair of 40 years olds living of mommy. Whose money are they using to create this foundation if they aren't financially independent? Mommys!

  11. Put their bank accounts to zero and let them go. Copy write the royal family name so they cannot use it and let these idiots become the next honey boo boo if they choose. This broad is as bad as yoko ono for the beatles.

  12. This is a huge hoax. They are brother and sister. This whole thing is a "dossier" narrative, written by Steele-type think-tanks. That's not their baby. Guess who is Meghan's daddy.

  13. For a moment, I thought she was going to do an honest story but no. She did this story to defend the disgusting trump children . Trump's children used tax payers money to travel to a number of countries to make business deals and sell books. All these children used their position in life to make a buck.even your precious TRUMP'S children. TRUMP SPENT 120 MILLION DOLLARS on GOLF. TRUMP LOST MONEY BECAUSE HE IS A BAD BUSINESS MAN. your monologue was a joke. But fox is full of jokers but the problem is you're not funny

  14. Don't be fooled by the optics Elizabeth from England, her bratty grandson, Megan, William, Andrew and the lot of them are PUTTING OUT TO THE PUBLIC.
    NOTHING THEY DO is happenstance, PERIOD!
    They're moving COMMAND around.
    Wills and Harry both have MILITARY BACKGROUNDS.
    They've been in control of their provinces/subjects for hundreds of years…..They WON'T
    GIVE UP and roll over.
    REDISTRIBUTING POWER GRAB I believe is what they're doing.

  15. Why would they want to come here to Canada, for Obama and Trudeau. I don't like them so I don't care, maybe they will help the homeless get off the streets and into homes so they can get help for pot weed or pills. Trudeau will not do anything to help them.

  16. We don't want those globalists in USA! They'll make a foundation but not with our money, so fraud that this prince became since he married the apprentice gold digger of television. She was never famous as she claim! Most of us heard her name in her job of fishing the prince!

  17. MSM and guest are out of their mind just to compared the Clinton's, Biden son with Trump's kids. Trump's kids learn how to work and make money since they were kids, so what is their point here? …. it's just so insane.

  18. They are blaming the Trump kids…lol! Hunters a crack addict and Chelsea isn't even Bills daughter…it's Webster Hubbell's, not to mention the body count left behind the Clinton's name.

  19. Im not surprised. She didnt waste time after she married PH to divide the brothers & now the family. SAD. Hopefully PH will wake up! After the taxpayers paid $3 Million to renovate Frogmore Cottage Im sure to MM specifications they spit in the faces of the hard working taxpayers. I guess since her family is tore up she wanted to make it fair & so why not tear his family apart. How sad……….

  20. Laura, please talk more about the high-skilled workers being replace by foreigners. We need to help President Trump understand that high-skilled workers from the USA are better than their foreign replacements!

  21. Standard operating procedure for liberals; anything that you do that is wrong morally or is illegal, just accuse conservatives of that exact thing. The fake news will eat it up.

  22. Lazy, greedy, selfish and annoyingly self-righteous. I keep wondering when the British public will finally have enough of this and shuck the whole royal business. I wish we could send them the Clintons.

  23. You Fox News people got to start doing some homework, this is the only network I watch.
    Didn’t you know that Megan fox and prince harry were being counselled by the Obama’s. There is a lot of evidence supporting that that Obama influence in the Trump era is still alive and well and they are trying to rip both nations apart!

  24. Yeah, because Hillary actually raised her daughter. She didn't have a Nanny do it while she was out and about doing politics.

  25. How much has Harry changed since Megan got her claws into him. Is it just me.?? Because i just cant see what Harry see's in her.

  26. This is how wealthy people's kids stay wealthy. It's not the education. It's the contacts to get you in the door at the lucrative jobs. Rich kids are just as stupid as anyone else, if not more so because they've been insulated.

  27. R WOMEN ONLY THE HUMANS..as left thinks..When men r 3 times more homeless, murdered & left with no option but suicide?

  28. All I can say is America is corrupt just like Australia. I am sorry I cannot find one good person in politics anymore. They are all a joke making money for themselves.

  29. "feminism is about fairness". BWAHHAA! Who told you that load of garbage Megan? Second and Third wave feminism is about superiority over men, always has been. You women want everything and men will provide or else.

  30. Wake up, people, the world is less safe. Step one. The "kids" vacay at a lovely island halfway around the world. Step two. A queen blesses. Not to look like, but maybe it is, eggs, one basket, better make it eggs, two baskets. By the way, eggs = eggland. England. Eggland. Brexit ought to bring the fun! For you and me, especially.

  31. At least when it all goes wrong, we in the UK won't be blamed, cause at the moment it is all the nasty UK everything, in fact it is our weather also – all the horrid UK.

  32. The British Left is non ironically defending a mega rich royal couple over the taxpayer. What does it even mean to be left wing anymore?

  33. I was personally in Haiti in 2010 and spoke with people at an orphanage and they were literally screaming that the Clintons were evil!

  34. Feminism as an ideology sounds so sweet and innocent when actually in human relationships which is in actual practice it is sexism against men and boys.
    ALL equality ideas are political ploys used to solicit tax payer funds and game the system.

  35. $9 million = paid by internet investment firm to Chelsea, Hillary's shadow delusional….
    … no wonder we're being ripped off by brokers, to pay off these political parasites

  36. Why aren’t you people sticking up for Meghan? Clearly she’s been facing deep deep racism. Way to make her and Harry the victims. White privilege at its finest.

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