Ingraham: Bloomie (doesn’t) get your guns

Ingraham: Bloomie (doesn’t) get your guns

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  1. THE World Bank, and their Private Army (called the U.N.). . . . will strip the Rights away from the American People. Read U.N. Agenda 30 Folks.

  2. thank you laura. hannity better start admitting that trump has to come out and start fighting for the people who HELPED vote him in.

  3. An 1874 Henry rifle was a "assault" rifle just ask any plains Indian, the Brown Bess was a "Assault" rifle just as any Red Coat. So PLEASE tell me what rifle will assault anyone???

  4. Every time a guntard kills themselves or a loved one, accidentaly, with their own weapon….A Jay-Z sits through The National Anthem.

    Well that and then there's the fact that we are all a little bit safer now that Daryl and or his "kinfolk" are no longer a danger to the public at large.


  5. Whether we're white, black, or brown, tenth generation or newcomer, most of us want the same things. Trump wants to divide us from each other based on what we look like or where we come from so we'll look the other way while he hands out kickbacks to his donors, hands social security over to Wall Street, and undermines health care.

  6. The Minutemen should be reborn across the nation, once again ready to go in a minutes time. We will stand vigilant, ready to take up arms and defend the Constitution of the United States. Sign me up and just send a text when we are needed.

  7. We can have a country where men and women are both treated with basic respect, but the impeached president needs us divided while he shovels even more money to his rich cronies. We've fought against unfit politicians like Trump before. We can win this one too on Nov. 3.

  8. With the impeached president still at the helm, the world may seem bleak at the moment, but people in this country are coming together – black, white, and brown – forging new alliances to build a better future. We've been through tough times before. We can get through Trump.

  9. FIRST, Bloomberg and all politicians that are against guns, set a good example by giving up ARMED body guards. This hypocrite has on average FIVE armed body guards.

  10. They just don't get the facts. Gun owners who passed background checks are not the criminals. Arrest the actual criminals and the problem is solved.

  11. Universal healthcare and a fair economy are possible. The impeached president is doing everything he can to divide us – attacking women, blaming immigrants – because his ideas have been terrible for our families. Are you worried that Trump can’t be beaten?  Americans have a long history of beating bullies.

  12. For centuries, people have moved here for the promise of freedom and opportunity. Trump is trying to divide us by attacking immigrants.  Instead, let’s create a process that respects families and allows people to earn citizenship by demonstrating commitment to our country, our language, and our laws. Together we can build safe communities.

  13. Well, we have seen it does not take much intellect to be in political office. Unbelievable we allow such garbage to make law!

  14. Why the hell do we the people give these douchbags a position to tell us what is good for us???????? Seems like all they do with this power is hurt the people they were elected to protect! They NEED TO BE KICKED OUT OF OFFICE!!!

  15. They can pass whatever laws they want. I want to see them try to come and take them. I don't think that would work out very well for them.

  16. Bloomberg is a nice jewish boy, just like the others who have taken over the federal gubment. Wake up and understand the zionist threat. Satan is real. Look up adrenochrome.

  17. Any laws or policies that prohibit the free exercise of the Second Amendment are illegal and it legal to enforce by law already. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are great but it's the people that stand up for those rights that make them great

  18. Bloomberg has already lost and he doesn't even realize it. Foolish of him to try taking away our guns like some communist scum.

  19. Come and get mine if you got the guts mikie !!!! Now his liberal cronies are at it here in Oklahoma and other states !!!! Do y'all need to keep your eyes and ears open to the liberals doing their BS in your States !!!!!!!!!

  20. Mini Mike took 17 retiring NYPD officers with him when he left office as his personal security team at a $150,000 yearly salary…..for what reason??….not fake news, one is a friend of mine

  21. I bet Bloomberg has 10 armed guards around him 24/7 but I can't defend my family.Will never take my protection away I can promise you that!!

  22. I’m just wondering who’s getting killed by firearms🤔. How many are suicides? How many are inner city thug on thug? How many are armed robbery or burglary gone wrong? How many are getting even cuz a dispute at a bar?
    In my city is pretty much thug on thug and quite frankly who gives a fck!

  23. What else do you except from a mad man spending 100's of millions of his own money to buy the presidency of the United States of America. He is in bed with Red China so they are either bank rolling him or he is going to be getting big kick backs from them after he is elected.

  24. After his hilarious attempt at a debate last night , bloomy hopefully will go back to the abyss . Virginia gun owners mean business , so stay out of there business bloomy .

  25. Typical leftist hack, try and take guns away from Law Abiding Citizens yet have a heavily armed entourage protecting you at All Times! Pffttt…..keep dreaming little mike! 🖕❄

  26. The fact is, that the Second Amendment has been outlasting governors like this since the day it was penned by The Framers of The Constitution…fact.

  27. That man reminds me of George Soros that believes he is a person that will and can control all people because of and with his money. He has paid to get Virginia democratic in the house, senate, and Governor which we have found out through our Washington government officials are corrupt and don't care for the citizens of the USA but themselves and their pockets. Would be interesting to see when their elections come up how many democrats get back into office. Virginia seems to be anti-guns, anti-babies, and anti-American principles. I personally am grateful the gun owners and believers of the founding fathers stood up and blocked the legislation that the democrats were going to push down their throats. Don't you just love a democracy.

  28. Why not let's strike up a compromise: we'll keep the guns, but he and his fellow democrat mob members can have the bullets.

  29. Feb 20, 2020
    I am Victor J. Bravo
    I served this nation with honor as a U.S. Marine and Police Officer.
    I wrote a report [located at:] titled “The Smollett Hoax”… and that documents criminal acts committed by the California court system… to falsely imprison me, when I
    attempted to force an investigation of criminal acts committed by wealthy/influential individuals.
    Please read my “report” (book – located at: and support my Petition for an investigation of the criminal acts committed by California Court officials.
    Thank you.
    Victor J. Bravo

  30. More people are saved by guns than killed by them. You have to be on the lookout for the missing "other side of the story". When a politician leads with, "…is an emotional issue…", get ready to be manipulated! hahaha

  31. Both sides need to wake up. There is an orchestrated plan to take ALL of your freedoms away.
    The rich and powerful are after this piece of real estate called the USA

  32. The Census data contradicts Trump's claim Wednesday that inequality is declining under his administration after he pushed tax cuts and other policies that disproportionately rewarded the wealthiest Americans.

    "Wages are up, and inequality is down," Trump said during a press conference following the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York. "Something that people don't like writing about."

    Wages have increased slightly in recent years. But, according to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), "nominal wage growth has been far below target in the recovery."

    Donna Ginther, an economist at the University of Kansas, echoed that point in response to the new Census data.

    "We've had a period of sustained economic growth, and there are winners and losers. The winners tend to be at the top," Ginther told USA Today. "Even though we are at full employment, wages really haven’t gone up much in the recovery."

  33. this blacked face moron needs to step down. we the people have a right to bear arms. if they take the guns away from we the people than the only ones with guns are going to be the criminals who don't get their guns from gun shops. they get them from other states or the back of someone's car. bloomberg is just a rich moron. we the people are not for sale at any price.

  34. If you don't live in a state, state politicians should not be able to accept money from them. And I don't mean that you just own a residence in the state. I mean you have to actually reside there & pay state & local taxes.

  35. Let's get serious here. Where is Bloomberg's budlulllliiittt definition in his assault weapon ban bill? budlulllliiittt firearm's have been heavily restricted since 1934. Were his he been? As the mayor of New York he should know that there's already a ban on budlulllliiittt's.

  36. Big problem is that the bad guys won't abide by gun control laws. This Bill would strip law-abiding citizens from owning certain guns. But such guns would remain in the hands of criminals. So the issue is not gun-safety at all.

  37. You can tell who the actial fake news is by seeing who bans commenting on youtube . Notice commenting on abc cnn msnbc all turned off .

  38. Governor blackface said he was gonna take the guns out of the hands of those that shouldn't have them. So he goes after law abiding citizens. How does he figure those are the people that shouldn't have guns? His reasoning never made a lick of sense! He ought to be recalled! Immediately!

  39. Please in S Africa gun control controlled by government. we have nothing to defend ourselves. to get a license takes 3 to 5 years. you must hand in your gun. americans don't be stupid. keep your guns.

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