31 thoughts to “Indiabulls housing finance news | Down by 34% | Subramanian Swamy #latestnews”

  1. Once more a nice & informative video. Sir, I have 10 shares @ 688 and today I bought 5 @ 270. Now in this situation, what should I do ? I know, u cannot opin on stocks, but though, if u can, that will help me a lot. Thanks.

  2. It will bounce back…m sure…
    These days are not good for construction and housing loan companies due to floods and rain…
    This is the main cause of low business…

    Once floods and rainy days are over, it wilo bounce back..

    This is the golden period to buy the shares…

  3. Basics of share market for beginners – Part 1 | Beginners to Advance series……..where is the next video..??????

  4. Jab DHFL 690 se 38 ho sakata Hain toh Indiabulls HFC kyon nahi 1400 se 100 ka ho sakata woh bhi same chij ko follow karegaa

  5. धेले की वीडियो नही लगी। कुछ बताया तो है ही नही। कोई guidance नही दी। ये तो मोटा मोटी हम जानते ही थे।

  6. Sir.. what is the current news of indiabulls as of 2nd October and what you assume to happen to its shares in next two days

  7. Agar tum ko is share me itna confidence he to dikhao tumne kitni buying ki aur fii ka data show karo common people are innocent pl don't make them

  8. Aarop Laga k jail me hai aabhi Swamy ji.
    Ibulls se paisa kha Nehi paya to aarop Laga Dia.
    Pehele bhi bahaut aarop lagi thi ibull k upar.
    Jinho ne lagaye the aarop
    Wo Baad me court me jaa kar mwafi bhi maangi.
    Aur ye Swamy ne aarop laaga k jail me jaa Chuka..
    Jail ka hawa kha Raha hai aabhi.
    Ibull se paisa ne Mila na isiliye..

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