100 thoughts to “In Search Of The Next “Trump’s African-American””

  1. Lmfao. I don’t care what nobody says. That shit was racist. Look at my African American? It’s so possessive and narcissistic. Horrible. And in a crowd of white ppl.

  2. Trump actually has support from 1/3 of African Americans right now. The sad thing is you guys are not living in reality.

  3. When that old man questioned his hairstyle….I would have responded with "and you have a little wee wee, and that aint black…..bro"

  4. "This title sounds kinda 'Old school' … I'm not gonna be anybody's African-American."
    And the face at 6:20 pretty much said it all.
    Sorry Donnie, but it's all cock-asian from here on out … good luck with that.

  5. so, at what point did he think?? (while he was "having fun" with it):

    that's my guy!😁

    what a pathetic, grotesque, self-hating Uncle Tom!🤦🏾🤦🏾

    same brotha who would have been turning in runaway slaves, back in the day, no doubt.

  6. btw, it happened in 2016, the "my african-american," nonsense.. and Greg Cheadle, after all this time, being in the GOP & supporting trump, that self-hating super-racist is pretending he went to that rally only "out of curiosity." LIAR!!

    and it took him until late 2019 to announce that he's done with the GOP?? what a disingenuous @&&hole.. who just happens to let this 'news' out at the same time he's letting the world know he's throwing his hat in the ring.. and for what reason??:

    gee, he would be so arrogant as to think we should take him seriously because now he wants to be a Congressperson?? he actually thinks he has a chance at winning a seat because he's supposedly done with supporting trump & the GOP (make no mistake re: that uncle Tom)??.. because, "the GOP just isn't what it used to be."

    ummmmm, he wants us to believe he got the memo on that just recently??!! that it happened so long after he, Cheadle himself, got born into this world??

    well, at least that sociopathic, lying, self-hating hypocrite will fit right into the demographic of that political fray of dishonest fools.

  7. "pay me up-front." ;0
    5:00 hey, is that keegan-michael key?!? ;0 "pay me up-front!"
    5:32 "pay me up-front!!"
    6:20 brill!! ("pay me up-front, mutha-fucka!")
    6:52 "no."

  8. Apparently Cheadle just recently learned about the Emancipation Proclamation! Shame on him for supporting a blatant racist and shame on Agent Orange for espousing “my” anyone!

  9. Roy Wood Jr. found Trump’s “next African American” in Atlanta. His name is Chris, and you can hear him starting at @ the 50 second mark:

  10. Can the lady with the black cap please start recording audiobooks? I would buy every single one, her speaking voice is amazing!

  11. Y'all know this is the epitimy of fake news right? You're allowing someone else opinion and a paid audience to shape and alter your own personal opinions

  12. Freedom Dividends IS NOT A HANDOUT, do your research…without us as customers who buys things on Ebay or Amazon…they wouldn't be a billion dollars companies, SO YES we want our shares of the investment!

    Because had they been paying their taxes all these years…the government wouldn't of been as greedy(maybe) and not raise taxes on us or cut fundings from educations!

  13. The Bible does say let he who is without sin cast the first Stone and by the looks of it everybody's guilty of something

  14. Jim Anchorman, you're the bee's knees with a side of hot sauce.

    Love from the Upper East Side, just ever so slightly south of Black Harlem, lol.

  15. Those dudes pointing out his neat guy-perm was the best part. What IS the deal with his hair tho?? He got a aunty Joc going on Lol

  16. Lol. It's funny how liberals think that they're a gift of God to mankind and morally superior. Every time I hear about race baiting and identity politics mainly involving minorities, why is it that it always involves Democrats and liberals. Let me guess they fought against Abraham Lincoln and Republicans to preserve slavery.

  17. People have to stop lissen to this idiot.. and .. just get him the hell out of office.. and admit you did a mistake if you voted for him.. let life go on, stop waste it on such a dumb weird creature.

  18. Doesn’t the single person of color at the campaign rallies, about six rows up, over Donnie’s right shoulder, always come from Central Casting?

  19. I love the spirit of my black sisters, and no one I mean no one says "Oh Hell no" better than them. Funnier than shit every time.

  20. Are we just going to ignore the fact that Ben Carson is already Donald Trump's African-American?
    I guess Ben Carson doesn't count because his Black license has already been suspended, just like that French Actor….Juicy Smooliyay.
    By the way, it's hilarious that Gregory Cheadle is such a stereotypical Black Conservative and Trump couldn't even keep his vote.

  21. I've heard many disgusting things come out of that man's mouth, but this is one of the worst. I can not imagine anyone saying that. EVER. The fact that our president said that is mind boggling and horrifying.

  22. I seem to remember this group of white Americans who used to talk about 'their' African Americans. Wonder what happened to them. Something about a Civil War, I think.

  23. 6:02 This clip and the look this brotha gave was priceless television.
    ♥ <- My ancestors would be very disappointed in me.

  24. I'm home! I just came from a video of people who couldn't praise Trump enough. They love him, think he's the greatest president ever, has been a Godsend to America, blah blah blah I couldn't stand it and had to unsubscribe from that channel and a few other similar channels. Thank God for Stephen Colbert and others who see Trump for what he is, a dangerous racist bigot with low intelligence and a big mouth.

  25. CDC FDA HHS Dept Of Health AMA etc. allegedly loooooooove Donald Trump for not prosecuting them to the max for genocide and treason allegedly

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