‘I love Europe, but …’ Boris Johnson announces his Brexit plan

‘I love Europe, but …’ Boris Johnson announces his Brexit plan

Let’s get Brexit done on 31 October.
Let’s get it done because of
the opportunities that it will bring.
Not just to take back
control of our money
and our borders and our laws,
to regulate differently and better,
to take our place as a proud
and independent global campaigner
for free trade.
Let’s get it done because delay is so
pointless and expensive and debilitating.
Let’s get it done because we
need to build
our positive new partnership
with the EU because
it cannot be stressed too much
that this is not an anti-European party.
This is not an anti-European country.
We are European.
We love Europe.
I love Europe anyway. I love it.
But after 45 years of really dramatic
constitutional change we must
have a new relationship with the EU
– a positive and confident partnership –
and we can do it.
And today in Brussels, we are tabling
what I believe are constructive
and reasonable proposals which
provide a compromise for both sides.
We will under no circumstances
have checks at or near the border
in Northern Ireland.
We will respect the peace process
and the Good Friday agreement.
And by a process of renewable
democratic consent by the executive
and the assembly of Northern Ireland,
we will go further and protect
the existing regulatory arrangements
for farmers and businesses
on both sides of the border.
And at the same time we will
allow the UK, whole and entire,
to withdraw from the EU,
with control of our own trade policy
from the start.
And we will protect our precious union
between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
And yes this is a compromise by the UK
and I hope very much that
our friends understand that
and compromise in their turn.
Because if we fail to get an agreement
because of what is essentially
a technical discussion of the exact
nature of future customs checks
when that technology is improving
the whole time,
then let us be in no doubt conference,
of what the alternative is.
The alternative no deal and
that is not an outcome we want.
It is not an outcome we seek at all
but let me tell you, my friends,
it is an outcome for which we are ready.

71 thoughts to “‘I love Europe, but …’ Boris Johnson announces his Brexit plan”

  1. Whats wrong with only taking the best and brightest. Peoples perception of immigrants has been run threw the mud with an open border policy and it's only going to get worse.

  2. Checkout the Youtube channel Simply politics which aims to break down the complex world of politics into something simple .

  3. I think he avoided one of the biggest issues as I understand it as an outsider: control of the borders and immigration policy. I presume he knows this, but in the world that is today's West it is taboo for a politician to discuss it openly.

  4. So it's team Brexit that promised an amazing deal before the referendum and never spoke of borders between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Instead you're getting no deal (no plan), and destroying a backstop that would respect and support the peace accord between two countries. It's like driving a Lamborghini into a demolition derby, and saying it was worth it..

  5. I promise many new jobs will be created after Brexit. In fact I am looking at 20,000 new exciting jobs and opportunities. First however, we must look for efficiencies and make a million people redundant during the first two quarters of 2020. These are exciting times for our nation

  6. And most of Europeans are fed up with these ever cherry-picking Brits. Please England, make come true what you ever wanted to be: another state of the USA.
    Europe won't miss you.

  7. Lefty, self righteous wealthy better then though types read the Guardian. It is a national disgrace. Queue Guardian trolls.

  8. We in Europe do not doubt your love to something, Mr. Johnson.
    Your UK-people instead ask for solutions at the Irish border.
    Your plan is about customs checkpoints, we were allowed to learn today. In IRA-tems: You are planning nothing else, but targets? Instruct engineers, to answer this – sorry – still far too open question beside all other promises. My impression: UK is not prepared, Sir.

  9. My plan – I consider it an English and Welsh problem, put the border there. Create an Independant 'Wengland' for brexiters and Rees-Mogg & Co, and the other half stays the Queens England which keeps the UK together and in the EU. Both sides get what they wanted and the island of Ireland remains unaffected. So simple.
    I really don't understand why it's being imposed on Ireland and the EU27?
    Of course it's stupid but just how stupid looking at the other options including this latest one? None please everyone except mine. Ok a bit of house moving for some but thats how one voted. Consequences….
    I forgot about Gibraltar! Not affected, stays in the UK.
    Think outside the box

  10. A PM 20+ votes short of a parliamentary majority. Should Britian find herself outside the EU on 1st November I just hope for all our sake he has lost the blame game. History hopefully places the blame for a disorderly Brexit fairly and squarely on the UK side.

  11. I used to dislike Boris, but since this whole Brexit thing started he has been the only leader willing to actually implement the results of a democratic referendum. The EU however has shown its true colours; that of a nasty cabal of scheming snakes. Count me out! Brexit now!

  12. I read my U.K. referendum leaflet in 2016 it’s said in or out only. Out of the single market, customs union, ECJ and Free immigration. We voted out/ no deal. Lisbon treaty’s a nightmare U.K. doesn’t want another treaty. It’s no deal then a free trade deal we voted for

  13. LOL, Boris, who is days from being impeached is offering an olive branch to take his last ultimatum. Only admire his chutzpah as he pushes the UK over the cliff.

    Europe pretty much is tired with this divorce. Just jump off the cliff without a parachute and take Queen and country into the abyss.

    Let the UK figure it out in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. And Scotland will probably want to exit it out as well.

  14. A bit of science does not hurt. I was teaching my students at the Public Policy Analysis class
    at  masters degree level that for a public project to be viable, sustainable there are three main conditions: 1-the project must be very well documented; 2- the financial package that makes
    the project feasible must be as little as possible of a burden to the taxpayers…and 3-  the project must be the result of a political and public consultation/negotiation process.  With Brexit, they completely lost the plot.None of the three conditions were observed!! PS. The Mogg, in an interview last week spelled it loud and clear what is the main objective of Brexit: To protect the interests of the CITY!! Period! …and this is exactly why all of these who voted leave are complete imbeciles….the interest of the CITY are not one and the same with the interests of Britain!!…they are bit more " Eastern-Mediterranean"..where Patel took her  orders from…and where Boris is from…and where the Brexit campaign was funded from…and so on..

  15. So British! He has the timing of British rail and the style of British Leyland.  This is the man who was supposed to be a great hero orator? For an extra couple of quid we could've got Jeffery Archer.



  17. British sovereignty is not up for negotiation; it would be like negotiating with a rapist who had broken into a woman's bedroom.

  18. Johnson's genious is to do the unexpected. on the Irish problem- 2 borders instead of 1, no one could have seen that one coming.

  19. PM strikes secret deal with DUP as he draws up 'final Brexit offer' ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/oct/01/johnsons-final-warning-to-the-eu-accept-my-brexit-deal-or-its-no-deal

  20. Does this mean the end of the £1bn deal with the DUP which helped the Conservative party stay in power. Its British taxpayers money spent on an EU country.

  21. It’s May’s deal in a new dress. Unless this is rejected by the Eu and Remainer Parliament, the Tories are finished.

  22. We'll take back control of our borders, but there won't be any border controls in Northern Ireland, but there will be a customs border in Northern Ireland. It will be done by technology that isn't working anywhere else. Could the tories be any thicker?

  23. They believe English politicians have a right to impose a customs border across Ireland, against the will of the Irish, North and South. What century are they living in?

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