I Got My DREAM Furniture! (Home Decor Update)

I Got My DREAM Furniture! (Home Decor Update)

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  1. Hi Raven… I usually don’t comment but your home is beautiful… I follow styledbycasanova on YouTube and she is an excellent designer…just FYI… maybe she can help

  2. I love seeing such positive comments and support for you Raven. It’s a breath of fresh air to read and I love your taste and this home decor series! (along w/RH too 😏)
    I also can’t wait to see the finale and how all the decor will come together in the end. I’m also sure your mother will be a great support system and advisor along your journey in designing your dream home! If you’ve never watched Rebecca Robeson’s (interior designer) you tube videos, you should check her out. I love her designs.

  3. Girl you described my “big girl house” style to the T. Can’t wait to see Ziya’s room when it’s finished. But I still love the stars and clouds on the wall

  4. I love the brass and glass it’s beautiful! With the black hardware, white cabinets and stainless steel appliances!! Sooo nice!😍

  5. I love the pieces you added in your living room!! Ever since you moved in, you always said you wanted to fill those spaces and these pieces were perfect!! Your big girl home is really coming together 😭😭

  6. I'm loving this video in it's entirety. I can already tell I'm going to love this series. Very grown up Raven and I'm here for it sis♡

  7. Raven I'm so proud of you, your young and doing things that half of the Millennium children don't get. Keep up the good work

  8. I have a few suggestions if you can’t sell that old canopy…perhaps have some pillows created or make some Christmas ornaments or a tree skirt for a Christmas tree in her room, have a back up shower curtain made or even upholster an Easter basket just for her.

  9. Sometimes you gotta spend money to make your house look great! So don’t feel guilty about it. So far, your house look great!! Cannot wait to see the finished product!

  10. Everything look great Raven. I cant wait til the end of the year and see all the things you've added. Love the gold/brass, grey so nice and modern country. Love it!! Oh and Ziya princess fairytale room will be perfect for a little girls room.

  11. Ziya is a little girl you should still do DIY things in her room because she will want to change her room when she gets older

  12. I moved into my apartment (my first place by myself) last May, and although I wanna do it up for my channel, this literally takes time like you said!!! I don't wanna do DIY as much as I used to, but I also don't wanna excessively spend. This was great cause I'm like "YES GURL I FEEL YOU" 😂😂❤️

  13. Love love love this video Ray. The editing style of the vid was on point. Your home decor style is just like mine. You got taste girl lol. I’m excited for this series. 💖✨

  14. I have the same glass office desk. I recommend you get a protective plastic cover or else you're going to damage it. It scratches easy! :'(

  15. You are literally LIFE GOALS!!!! Your vibes are totallllly my aesthetic and I am living for it! Cannot wait to be as successful as you one day

  16. I find my self loving interior decorating and I don’t think I would want an interior decorator helping me 🤣 because I want to know I did THAT by my self but I know exactly where you are headed .. I think you should go to TJ Maxx and look for some crystals ( seletine ) and put them on that console table the selenite always gives that edgy Restoration Hardware look .. you can also look for nice paintings that look like restoration hardware in their catalogs

  17. I know u say “Forever Home” but your daughter won’t be that age forever. Her likes will change as she gets older. What if she likes a different color next year and is over pink and flowers. Then what are you going to do? Kids grow out of things so quickly. I do love your content overall! Thanks

  18. Raven!!! I love watching videos on your home. I remember when you first posted the walk through of it and me totally admiring the lay out and how beautiful it is! Now, fast forward, the home that my husband and I have made an offer on and now have under contract is EXTREMELY similar to yours. I’m so excited

  19. This calmed my nerves. I am building my home with a usda home loan. You’d think my anxiety would be running off the fact this is my biggest investment ever, but no, I toss and turn over not having everything I need furniture/decor wise right now.. and knowing it will not be completely how I want on the inside right away… trying to find more patience.

  20. New subscriber 😊. I will definitely be following u on ur decor journey..I'm here for it!!! I love everything I've seen so far but what caught my eye is the hand stand u have ur Rhianna book on…where did u get that or what can I search similar to it??

  21. Love how you’re home is coming together! SN: where is that necklace from you’re wearing in the beginning during the explanation? It’s beautiful

  22. RAVENN!! girl, i’m an artist and i would really love to paint a piece for you!! contact me on instagram @ashliebreeze and we can work something out designed just for you!! ❤️

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  24. I love your home videos!! So pretty, and agree on the big girl house topic💁🏾‍♀️💅🏾alsooo sherwin williams has some wallpaper lol.

  25. I wanted to get my daughter a canopy too but we are currently renting and our lease is almost up so not sure if itll be worth putting up.

  26. *SOFA*
    I think you should add to your rug, to make it bigger. You have HUGE space, so should have HUGE furniture. It will also make it look richer.

  27. *OFFICE*
    To have a Big Girl/BOSS Office, girl you need to put ur desk in the middle and away from the wall. Make it look like a BOSS Office. Against the wall, it doesn't look like an CEO office, it looks like your an office sitting at an cubical or an assistant's office. I have left this comment a few times, hope you read it. This is a positive comment. Put the desk in the middle, away from the desk.

  28. Not only loving all the new pieces you’ve added, but also the new filming setup/style! Excited for what’s to come from you! 💟

  29. I started out in Flip Houses and buying and saling them because I love decorating and building homes. Now my twin daughters work for me. You home is beautiful and really good pieces no you can't get enough of decorating your own home

  30. I definitely agree with the difference between cute and affordable vs forever this needs to last for years type vibes but I think for Ziya's room cute and affordable would still be fine since shes going to change her mind so much over a small amount of time and It wouldnt be worth investing in things that she wont like in a year

  31. Raven where did you get your necklace from??? I couldn’t stop staring at in this video!! 😍 and this video was so satisfying your house looks GREAT sweetie!!

  32. I feel you! I just bought a house and while it was still being built I ran to the stores and just started grabbing so much random stuff. Now I’m totally regretting more than half of what I bought and there’s no returning any of it😑 I was buying all those temporary apartment items as well! I want my house to grow with me and be mature as I age as well. The stuff I got just isn’t me and is just cheap looking and too “young”.
    Biggest advice to new home buyers..just wait to decorate! Feel it out, plan it out!

  33. Thank you boo!! I am not one who knows how to decorate that much hahaah !! But I’m learning how to be more organized and make space for things !! So yes I appreciate and love all your advice and love your home vids !! Keep doing your thing !

  34. Where’s the Christmas tree going to go now? Because if the cabinet is so heavy where are you going to put the tree? 😂🤭

  35. We get it!!! This is your home spend the money love the look you want! You pay the darn mortgage and you’re the mom. Forget everyone else.

  36. Your such an inspiration to me i dont know what i would do without u 💗💗💗 your soooo kind to your child to im so glad she is having a great chiled hood

  37. i loveeeee the rose wallpaper…and sis we're here for the adult/forever home vibes DW!!! elevate your house, elevate your decor!! + even if it doesn't make sense to US who pays your mortgage?? you lmao

  38. I would like to add ( my opinion) replace the fake plants and trees with a real Tall tree and tabletop real plants. Its taking away from your beautiful furniture that you're buying

  39. Good for you. I truly think a part of growing up is purchasing things that will last and maintain value. Bargains are good, but there are times when you need to move beyond boundaries if you can afford it. I’m a Restoration House and Ethan Allen fan…it has a unique “being you’ design attitude. Congratulations! Designers have purpose…use them. 🎀✝️✝️✝️

  40. You could've ordered same console table from Walmart for 94 bucks. Maybe wasn't as heavy but how many people come over and lift your furniture? Well u must be rich. One of those gals that has a 300 plus purse. All good. Enjoy your possessions.

  41. I love this. It doesn’t sound stuck up your audience has grown up with you. Girl I just got married in November, moved to Maryland and going through the decorating pains as well. 🤦🏾‍♀️ The struggle

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