Hunterrr (2015) Official Trailer | Gulshan Devaiah, Radhika Apte, Sai Tamhankar | Latest Bollywood People my type are called VAASU I’m a fucker! I’m in the business of
dating for fourteen years! Hi, I’m Mandar, Mandar Ponkshe.
I want to be friends with you! Sir I was misled by the poster. Thought
‘Jack & The Beanstalk’ was playing Really!! Jack? Or were you here to play
with YOUR beanstalk? Always pursue the 2nd Best,
Chances of netting the fish are higher! Everywhere you’ve a hard on! I’ve magical hands.
Let me massage you? HEY! What’s your score like?
Fifty Shades of Grey? Sir, your hand…it will get squashed! What’s there to be squashed? I wanna meet! So come. You know where I live! Leave the door ajar! Just a kiss! How do you manage all this? Pretty simple. Smell the needs of a woman. Sniff deep! Sniffer Dog! I want to marry you! But you’d already proposed? I’d brought comic books for Akshay In return for sex? SORRY SIR! Please don’t start sniffing again! Never. Not with her.
I’ve turned a new leaf! Who are you here for? MEOWWWW MAY I?

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