Hugh Jackman Celebrates Hot Christmas in Australia

Hugh Jackman Celebrates Hot Christmas in Australia

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  1. Marvel is no straight line they can change timeline with laura just like logan and his friends did so wolverine can be back? They do it like all the time

  2. What a load of BS. Can't really say it was hot in Hughes home town of Sydney. It barely got above 20c. Hardly a hot summers day.

  3. I'm also from Australia and I've watched many of his interviews and he just seems like such a genuine and humble man. He's wife is pretty lucky to have him.

  4. I'm an Aussie and our Christmas, from what I've heard, is pretty similar to an English Christmas except the food is cold not hot

  5. How can anybody not love Hugh? He is just the coolest, funniest and hottest! This man is so pleasant, gracious and charming!! I always love his interviews!! "Who's my competition –JT?" Hahaha, I'm amused!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  6. winter at Christmas would be a pain in the ass in the US… mother nature be like, merry Christmas, now shovel the fucking snow off your car…

  7. In Australia we often actually celebrate a mini Christmas we call "Chrismas in July", as that is when it's coldest.

  8. Why does Jimmy always interrupt his guests when they talk?!!! I couldn't even get past half of this video. What a moron!

  9. Damn, Hugh Jackman is getting better and better and just like a bottle of wine, he's becoming a more "FINE" gentleman through the years….

  10. that reminds me, isn't there a place called "Christmas Island" in Australia?
    What do people do there on Christmas?

  11. mann…
    carols by candlelight
    waking up in a pool of your own sweat
    early morning swims
    bbq lunch– sausages of cause, watermelon, the almighty pavlova
    eating zooper doopers by the pool
    those stupid blisters from your thongs around your toes
    all the adults being drunk by noon
    being fat
    eating mash with gravy ham and turkey
    last but not least, the christmas pudding on fire (plum pudding)

  12. Like not that Australians are the only ones who do it, but when he was like 'seriously you gotta leave your show when I get overtaken in most appearances or whatever'. Like I'm not even sure if I'm laughing anymore cause thats what people over here are like 24/7 I never know if anyone is being serious.

  13. You know.. In Aussie, you want to chuck a snowball at others at Christmas but…. It's hot AF… I'm used to the heat but goddamn Hot Christmas is… Rip

  14. Lol. An English Christmas in a hot summer Australian day. I know that feeling. My mother is English so we used to do all the English stuff. At that time I even lived in the tropics (Darwin), so it was a double whammy of hot and hot while cooking/eating a winter meal.

  15. Bruh it’s bloody hot in Australia like I was going to die of dehydration bc in Townsville yesterday it was 43c and it was stormy but still hot

  16. Think about this. Australia is 15 hours ahead of New York. And our Christmas is in summer, so Ours is the right one.

  17. Love how the yanks think it's so weird and can't comprehend a hot Christmas, yet down here we have all known the duality of having a hot day xmas day, and watching crap american christmas movies where everyone is freezing and it's snowing outside!
    To an aussie it's just normal! XD

  18. The "orphan tradition" is a thing in Australia. I recall 24 years ago when I was posted as a police officer in Qld 1200km from my family and the community united behind us orphans. it wasn't just police but QAS and QFES. The families that took us in for that weekend are memorable.

  19. Another Aussie making us proud! Best wishes from your homeland down under Australia. PS, never lose your accent!!

  20. I love how Logan and Hugh are complete opposites. Logan is gruff, has a surly attitude, and is prone to berserker rages, hardly ever letting out so much as a chuckle, whereas Hugh Jackman is simply the coolest, down to earth, and most jocular guy you'll probably ever meet lol it's perfect!

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