92 thoughts to “How the new coronavirus compares to Ebola, Zika and SARS”

  1. Obviously China, is targeting Countries. 2002 to 2003 that's when we started war with Iraq and now with what recently happen in Iran, the coronavirus appears again! China trying to spread an apocalypse.

  2. Too many people living in one area. Mutating diseases and easy transmitting them. They must use proper hygiene or this will continue. Send them a lot of hand sanitizer.

  3. Has anyone done any calculations to determine at what point of the number of deaths does that mean that it's going to be a global pandemic like the movie Contagion where like 60 or 70 million people are eminently dying has anyone done this calculation like how much time do we have if the virus replicates just with binary not exponential but just binary means doubling each day so you go from 20 people today 40 people tomorrow 80 people the next 160 people the next day until we get up to like 60 million or 70 million people that are imminently going to die from pneumonia has anyone done this calculation

  4. Maybe Nike can make a commemorative shoe blaming this on the President. Super corporations never give back. Now go and pay $200 for a $12 pair of Nikes. They'll be asking for AID soon get out your checkbook

  5. This is going to be a cortisone that the virus needs to stay there will be stay there especially that many of Asia and in the US must be a quarantine Zone that took a tenant of the virus not spread the virus especially that what's going to happen everyone need to be very seriously to do that job

  6. Hey, wait a second! Diversity is the issue? Wildlife? I think the analyst misspoke there. Super dense populations and domestic factory style livestock raising would have been the reasonable answer.

  7. So what happens to Chinese Travelers who had already made it to the U.S. for the Chinese New Year before the Quarantined? Especially those visiting families that have Chinese Restaurants & Shops in the U.S.?!😱

  8. Hey look ma, the new coronavirus is out for 2020! It's sweeping the nation! It's all the rage! It's the new thing now! Let's see…… What other new deadly diseases can we think of next! 😳👍

  9. There are videos out now where you see people laying in the streets with blood coming out of their heads. NOBODY IS SHOWING THIS on the MSM.

  10. You guys do realize this whole scenario is literally the movie Contagion that came out back in 2011 which a Bat was involved in the spread of the virus in the movie

  11. What's next the T-virus outbreak!?!
    Months later….
    September 28, 2020
    TV news: there's widespread panic all around the world regarding this epidemic, where people are becoming enraged cannibals(zombies) eating one another…

  12. The ONLY Intellectual Property China does not Steal is Viruses.
    They crank out Viruses like Faux Gucci Sunglasses 😁😂🤣😂🤣

  13. This reminds me of the movie contagion where the sickness they had came from pigs an bat scat combo that made an new virus that was killing ppl. Scary to see it for real. Im sorry but that fish market should be shut down and cleaned. An the ppl who brought those animals there to sell that was livestock should be penalized for their negligence and "Don't care ima sell it anyway even though its a problem" attitudes. Repeating history with a virus that was already an issue 15 yrs ago. Smh…crazy.

  14. At least it started in the US in a good spot now if it will move down the coast and clean out California. Hoping it just gets liberals and democrats

  15. Hears about new deadly virus.

    Mid panic – learns its from China

    Looks over to pile of broken Chinese crap. . . . . "Meh"

  16. The Earth is overpopulated, it understands this.

    The scary part is how much of us will it decide to shake off. Either way, this won't be a big deal….

    Assuming it doesn't mutate…

  17. Bill gates owns the patent on coronavirus. He’s a globalist, and is for population reduction. The NWO agenda is still going forward in spite of the peasants finally awakening to what these people have planned for us.

  18. They just sent out a Health alert email at my university reporting that an international student from Wuhan China may likely have contracted the virus before coming to Texas and that we should take measures to not spread it 😷

  19. The severity is far more worse than WHO is willing to admit. I give this Virus two years before it becomes extreme and made well aware.

  20. That 1 person in the plane contaminated 200 some ppl. They didn't have the fever until hours after the flight. Let that sink in.

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