How Testimony From John Bolton Would Be Significant | Morning Joe | MSNBC

How Testimony From John Bolton Would Be Significant | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Why Bolton worry about tweeter just like trump..if Bolton want to say some thing then go the news reporters or to Congress and them tell the true..easy simple to be a honest citizen.

  2. Oh dear! Another example of the damage Trump has done to America.
    We have no idea who to believe about Bolton’s twitter account.
    We will never know the truth.

  3. You could really shame d tRUMP by getting him to take an IQ test in public. He would refuse. Time to illuminate his level of intellectual incompetence for the world to see. C'mon dumb donnie what are you afraid of?

  4. IMHO, Bolton appearing at the impeachment hearing would escalate his book sales.
    I don’t think this is Bolton’s reason for not coming forward

    114 ) November 24, 2019 Navy Sec. Richard Spencer RESIGNS over the controversial case of a Navy SEAL that has created high-level friction between the president and the Pentagon.

  6. The only particulars about the specific extent of the corruption in Ukraine, was by it's handlers, the Obama Administration . The Bidens, the Clintons, Obama, Kerry, Robert Mueller and of course Mueller's buddy, Paul Manafort, and not forget the Podesta brothers, they all made millions in the Ukraine, the most corrupt country in the world. And then the Impeachment witnesses all spoke countless times of the corruption, as it was a mantra being chanted hundreds of times. But Adam Schiff says that the pointing to the Bidens and Burisma is irrelevant. Sounds like the Democrats are SHIELDING the guilty, using as their tactic, an offense upon Donald Trump to deflect from the guilty. The way they were sure to set up Rudy using stooges and confidence men, made me think of the Chicago Machine run by Al Capone. If they could not buy the politician, they framed the honest ones.

  7. Politics turned up-side down.
    Bloomberg has announced he’s running.
    Biden may not be the nominee.
    And Trump may be impeached.
    In just 6 months— imagine that.

  8. Don't forget. This is pushed by NBC. They want the stars to align and everyone votes for Mr Biden. If Trump gets a second term they will revel in the money they can make from the resulting end of the world. Get Biden? "We were right watch more".

  9. Trump is fine lol.
    You guys….are in big trouble….jail time.
    EVERYTHING out of your mouths is a lie. You gonna pay. Watch. Dec9th.

  10. I witnessed a spectacle today. Two people talking about Trump and the impeachment using Trumps exact words as FACT. "It is terrible what the fake media is doing to Trump. The only facts that exist are that Biden and his son were involved in corruption. There are no other facts besides that. There was no quid pro quo!" I asked them "where do you get your facts from?" They immediately deflated and hid behind conspiracy theories. I was just asking non-biased objective questions.

    We are witnessing mass delusion. I knew Bannon and Breitbart knew this was achievable. I hoped there would be enough Repubs that would not be enablers. It is literally like the Matrix movie. Differences of opinion are one thing. This is mass delusion though. Hitler would be so proud of Trump. The Matrix has them.

    How in the world can we save this country with millions in delusion I wonder. Vote, vote, vote, vote, VOTE, V-O-T-E!!!

  11. ANDREW YANG ANDREW YANG ANDREW YANG ANDREW YANG for president,. Why ANDREW YANG will be the next president of the United States of America because he is help all of the people now, not just the two richest and the incumbent. ANDREW YANG ANDREW YANG ANDREW YANG ANDREW YANG

  12. Bolton is as sleazy and slimy as the rest of them. His refusal to testify tells you everything you need to know about the creep. He is much more concerned about his big book deal than he is about America. He is a republican, after all. You gotta be nuts or stupid to expect anything honest or loyal from a modern republican. The god party sold its soul.

  13. A few talking points about what I really saw on the direct cam into the Whitehouse called CSPAN verses MSNBC AND CNN NEWS!!!!
    1:So MSNBC AND CNN lied about the Russian collusion and nothing was found in the present nor will be in the future and the president is not guilty of Russian collusion!
    2:The Mueller report came out and MSNBC AND CNN lied again by saying Trump was doomed by the damning report that was about to be revealed!
    Well if you all were watching C-SPAN instead of MSNBC AND CNN you would get the truth!
    3: out of all the witnesses in this latest trial of this Ukraine scandalous kangaroo court not one witness can say without a shadow of a doubt that Trump had a quid pro quo involved with Ukraine!!!! Yes after the intense investigation that was performed by the Republicans not one can say of the witnesses that there was a quid pro quo!!!!
    Only and assumption!!!! Obstruction maybe? The phone calls and there transcripts where all released by the President! And whew reed outLoud in there entirety on "CSPAN "! But not on MSNBC AND FOX NEWS!
    So I came to the conclusion that there was no actual facts that is nothing that could be damning to the president really only nothing,nada,zilch!!!!
    And once again ambassador of Ukraine, said there was no quid pro quo, no bribe, no pressure, "nothing nada zilch nothing"while CNN continue to profess with there lying lips that the president for sure!!!! for sure this time???? if you've been watching C-SPAN instead of MSNBC AND CNN you would know that there is nothing that they can impeach the president ON!!!!
    Although that the Democrats will impeach the president anyways even if they can't find anything wrong with his life and are even threatening to go to his taxes which tells me that they just want to get rid of Trump for no good reason at all!!!!
    My final question is to all of you today, do we really live in a free America? Or are we listening to a communist news networkS that's no better than North Korea's news network, and that they all just hate Trump because he wants to make America great again???? do the math!!!!
    If you watch C-SPAN you have a direct link to what is going on in the White House in the Senate and in the house! you can see for yourself that MSNBC AND CNN is lying to you!!!!!!

  14. Trump accidentally admits on Fox that the money allocated for Ukraine was contingent on an investigation into the Bidens

  15. If you asked me who to believe: Trump or Bolton, it'd be hard to take Bolton's side, but I would. Bolton is a war-mongering-mad man. Trump is a pathological liar.

  16. Why do you keep harping on this? Bolton would not be a good witness for the Dems. After all he's still a partisan hack, radical right-winger! Just months ago, according to you, he was a Trump brown noser, war hawk just waiting for the chip on his shoulder to be knocked off!

  17. Bolton is a left over Odumba war mongering piece of chitt just like McCain and a deep state tool to the status quo swamp that Trump is draining – MSNBC – Lying scum – Trump has the lying azzholes and crooks by the balls and they will be going to Jail. Shame on you for perpetuating all the leftist Propaganda – You are just as guilty as the doer's you miserable lying chittbagg's . You are covering for the scumm that is about to be exposed for the devils pieces of chittt that they are… You are Fake News just like the rest of the deep state media… I hope you mother fuwkers get sued to high heaven for your spreading of blatant false hoods. His testimony will be ripped to shreds – bring it on – Dirtbaggs… EVIDENCE AND FACTS WILL DESTROY THIS LEFTIST PIECE OF CHIT AND YOUR False Narrative.

  18. He should just testify and not sorry about Twitter. But I find it very funny how they want to downplay Boltons complaint about his twitter access…..when frump always whines about being blocked. Although we know like many things he says were lies.

  19. Federal Court just ruled that people like Bolton, McGahn, Mulvaney etc have to obey Subpoenas to Testify to Congress, Hear that sound? It's the sound of another shoe dropping. lol

  20. Sounds like Bolton may be pulling a Trump om Trump! Now that he says that he has his twitter account back, does that mean he can testify now!!!

  21. Sounds like a cover story to explain the switched narrative ..from "I will have muh say in dew course" to kiss and make up… he aint gunna testify

  22. So what Bolton – twitter is for twits like trump. If you cared you'd testify -but we know you don't and it's all about the money.

  23. My mother used to listen to Lou Dobbs. That was the one area that we were in complete disagreement. Twenty years ago, there was Lou Dobbs chewing on illegal immigration like the country was ready to fall apart. Well here we are Lou, still talking about immigration and the country still survives.

  24. Ah, Fox, how debased is it possible to be? He has to testify in the flesh not via twitter, get the stand you giant tache,

  25. why do act as if trump doesn't lie daily anything he states should be automatically considered a lie until proven the be tuthful

  26. Someone of an advanced age, like Trump, may have forgotten that he told his henchmen to block Bolton’s twitter… why have someone that describes your actions as “drug deal” right??

  27. Do not be confused. John Bolton was the National Security Advisor for the USA. Yet, he cannot stand up and testify on behalf of the American public. Explain to me, if you can, how sick is that?

  28. Bolton knows Trump is afraid of what he can disclose. Trump change of tone during the Fox interview makes it obvious. Bolton is just savoring the torment he is giving to Trump after being thrown out of the bus for not being in the loop with hand grenade Giulliani

  29. Oh, and no one Bolton knows could have suggested resetting his password? This is not someone living in isolation without assistants.

  30. BOLTON is a brilliant strategist by filing a lawsuit to compel him to testify. NOW since the judge has ruled that McGann must testify, ALL who have refused will now be defying court orders to testify. pompeo mulvaney + dozens of others will come forward ad nauseam

    he wants to take TRUMP DOWN as bad as he wanted to take down Taliban.
    he used the LAW to play his hand.

    remember what happened on sept 11 2019
    trump announced that the ''Taliban cancelled their visit to camp David'' ???
    that was the day that Ukraine aid was lifted & then bolton resigned/got fired by trump

  31. John Bolton to testify? Why not the whistleblower? Actually he was the one who started the Ukraine CIRCUS and provoked the Impeachment gimmick .

  32. Trump's toadies have been lying publically, to every reporter, news group and citizen for over 2 yrs. Why should we think putting them under oath will suddenly make them have integrity? They've shown they have none!

  33. Where is the smoking gun if your going to impeach the President you need something substantial so far all Ive heard is hear say.. ????

  34. we looks like these people will haft to testify to congress now the court have ruled McGahn now haste to testify to congress, subpoena Bolton and if he doesn't show up put him contempt of congress these clowns think they don't haft to show up maybe put them in prison and lets see who's the parrot

  35. OMFG, she went to the "advanced age" defense? I would have been less likely to believe him, if the White House hadn't used that excuse. BOLTON? He's never come across as being senile or not understanding technology because he's old! I'd believe that of Trump, more than Bolton. Nonsense. Why doesn't someone ask Twitter?

  36. If he doesn’t testify, don’t buy the book. We have watched stump and his band of “little tiny mushroom” munchers sell out this country for 3 years. Maybe we could stand up as Americans, not Democrats or Republicans, and do something about it.

  37. Okay, we have Trump's assurance the NO WAY the White House disabled Bolton's Twitter account. Trump denied it, so we know that he lied. Should we ignore the fact that Trump has meetings in the White House with social media giants, like the visit from Zuckerberg a while back. Of course, no way in the tech world, that these giants could disable Bolton's Twitter account. LMAO
    After the White House and a lengthy prison term, Trump can have a hit comedy show on TV. He cracks me up. Very dry humor, and his delivery is "perfect". Perfect delivery. The best i have ever seen.

  38. hey everybody, Bolton is gonna time his testimony for his book release, and he probably has a staff of writers frantically "cooking it up" as we speak. you're welcome.

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  40. Trump tweet:
    John Bolton is a patriot and may know that I held back the money from Ukraine because it is considered a corrupt country, & I wanted to know why nearby European countries weren’t putting up money also.

    Trump may want Bolton to say that. But I don't think Bolton is playing with trump or afraid of trump.

  41. Please, John Bolton, speak up for us, the citizens of the US !
    We need you ! Our livelihoods are at stake. A monarchy is NOT what we need here. Please !

  42. Like Trump; John Bolton's balls shriveled up during the Vietnam War, now lets see if he get's them back and tells the truth!.

  43. Chickenhawk Bolton won't rat out his capo boss, he has two million reasons to keep his mouth shut. He will take the book money deal and then will kiss off…..

  44. I loathe Bolton and his politics, but he's still way more believeable than anyone still in the WH and/or connected to Trump.

  45. I cannot understand why the Democrats won't punish the GOP members that are ignoring their subpoenas and just toss them in jail. They will continue this behavior while they think the Dem's are not serious.

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