How Scientists Are Trying to Develop a Coronavirus Vaccine | WSJ

How Scientists Are Trying to Develop a Coronavirus Vaccine | WSJ

(pleasant synth music) – Scientists at the National
Institutes of Health are working to create a
vaccine for the new coronavirus that originated in China, but they’re not starting from scratch. They’re employing an approach called Vaccine Rapid Response Platforms. It involves high-tech methods
that have the potential to shave years off of development time. Ideally, they’d offer protection while an epidemic is still
spreading instead of years later. Within weeks of the world
learning about the Wuhan outbreak, Chinese scientists uploaded
the novel coronavirus’ genetic sequence to a public database. That allowed teams around the world to start designing a vaccine. Traditional methods require
an actual sample of the virus. Typically, scientists inactivate a virus using special chemicals before
it’s put into a vaccine. When the inactivated or weakened virus is injected into the body, the
immune system recognizes it as a foreign invader or an antigen. Vaccines use antigens to prime the body to protect against a particular virus, but vaccines developed with Rapid Response
Platforms work differently. Rather than directly injecting
antigens into the body, these types of vaccines
typically send instructions to cells in the body. It gets the cells to
produce antigen proteins that are specific to the
virus it’s designed to defeat. These instructions are in
the form of RNA or DNA, the molecules that contain the
code for building proteins. Scientists say this process
cuts down on development time because they don’t have
to grow the whole virus. Plus, once scientists identify
and create the instructions for one virus, they can
tweak those instructions to make a vaccine for a similar virus. – So think of the backbone
as a cassette player and the new virus sequence of our target, like from the new coronavirus, that sequence that we design, and think of it as a new cassette tape, so we can just slot it in. – You can slot in new virus antigens. – [Jason] Melanie Saville is the Director of Vaccine Research and Development at the Coalition for
Epidemic Preparedness. CEPI is a global partnership that was launched at Davos in 2017. – We were actually formed specifically to look at this type of situation. – [Jason] In this situation, the emergence of a new coronavirus, CEPI’s funding several
teams from around the world that Saville says are
each independently working from the platform model. – The sort of technologies
that we are looking at, some of which are really quite pioneering, can really move very quickly. (pleasant orchestral music) – [Jason] Three of the candidates are in a category called
nucleic acid vaccines. One of those candidates is Moderna, which is working with the NIH. They’re developing a vaccine on a platform that uses a part of
the virus’ genetic code called messenger RNA or mRNA, so again, unlike the
conventional approach, with mRNA vaccine platforms, it’s our own body’s cells
rather than lab techs that produce the antigen proteins that are like the ones
made by the coronavirus. – Your immune system
then will be stimulated and develop antibodies to the virus so that when you see it again, it can immediately recognize the virus and prevent you from becoming sick. – [Jason] More and more
people are becoming sick from the novel coronavirus. As the race for a viable
vaccine continues, public health officials don’t know how bad the situation will be
by the time they hope to have a vaccine ready for
widespread distribution. – Normally, vaccines would take years to get into the clinic, so
the sort of technologies that we are looking at can
really move very quickly. So an example of that is
getting from identifying the sequence of the virus
to developing a vaccine, doing all of the pre-clinical testing, manufacturing, and getting
into the clinic in 16 weeks. – [Jason] So, around four months. During the 2003 SARS outbreak,
that process took 20 months. Experts say if one of the
four teams CEPI is funding is successful, it would a
watershed moment for human health. – These are very promising candidates, but they’re still quite early days.

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  1. Since SARS died out during summer, will this COVID-19 di the same? Anyone studied if this virus can be killed by heat and radiation?

  2. Covid-19 will disappear suddenly around April to June period this year. So, just like SARS there will be no vacine required nor produced. It takes years to clear all the tests. So it's not practical. There will be new Novel viruses in future. So, that's how it works

  3. been thinking about these brainy people are into very futuristic anti-vacc, WHAT IF what they need to do is go back to the basics, and do natural first aides. like if what patients need is ventilation, they should have a very well ventilated ward. and flu usually dies if the weather is hot, so they should turn off their aircon and let their patients go to the rooftop to have a sunbath every now and then. I'm just thinking, maybe our body is too immuned to advanced meds, maybe it's time to go back to basics.

  4. They don't even create the exact vaccine for SARS… How the fok yall people still hoping and believing to get this vaccine?? Its useless stop making this type of videos just comeback and make a video once you got the right vaccine…

  5. Plot Twist: Trump created the virus so the world will back his ridiculous Space Force in a mission to send MAGA Midwesterners to Mars

  6. Anyone else see this as a COMPLETE irreversible experiment!! Seriously. It causes each cell to put out RNA/DNA for the virus "code" that the scientists plug into the vaccine. We have NO idea how that affects our body and all of our cells over the long run. Now add 5, 10, or 15+ different "codes" we are injected with over time.. how do these interact? What other effects are we having on each of the cells in our body? Its just one HUGE laboratory experiment. No wonder we have an unprecedented number of auto-immune diseases. The body is being experimented on. By their own words.. I trust my body to do what it is brilliantly designed to do over choosing to take injections that permanently alter what each cell is doing, without anyone knowing the long term effect!

  7. So… the vaccine is an injection of DNA and RNA? So you are injecting a virus then, no? I.E. Hepatitis C – Viral infection. if you had it or have it, you test positive for Hep C on DNA tests. To verify that you have it, they do a RNA test. If you're positive for RNA you have it because RNA is activated virus.
    Why would I want anyone injecting an active version of anything into me, regardless of anything? And did the same thing not happen with H1N1, which many accused pharma companies of falsifying news and propagandizing an illness into something it wasn't. Same with Ebola, the hype around that was insane and yet, nothing happened here.

    It's the same process EACH TIME, we go through this every 5-10 years, are we gonna keep falling for this?
    May I add, we are approaching the end of the "2020 Adult Immunization Plan" in which a plan is outlined to get all people in the United States vaccinated by the end of 2020. Good timing I guess

  8. When developed in a hurry long term side effects cannot be known until they happen to the people vaccinated. These could be worse than the disease.

  9. 🤔 so if some president or important people will get infected that work on vaccine im sure will be more faster, no sh… the cure is in dirty hands and the people cant accept that virus in the global goverments, the goverment is not the solution is the problem in this world

  10. Any vaccines that they create in under a few years time, is a vaccine you don’t not want in your system.

    It’s either going to cause massive internal damage, or if it works, it proves that this virus man made.

  11. Release the virus on enemy territory then sell them the cure. America knows how to win wars. Who won the economic trade war now? America knows how to make money.

  12. The Corona will be just like HIV, we just live with them. Virus vaccines? It's over 30 yrs already where is the HIV vaccine? Maybe it's on the top of Mount Sinai. Mount Sinai (Hebrew: הַר סִינַי‬, Har Sinai) is the mountain at which the Ten Commandments were given to Moses by God, and is one of the most significant of the Stations of the Exodus.

  13. I'll same you the time, drink 16oz distill water and mix with 1 teaspoon of baking soda two times a day. Baking soda kill all viruses!

  14. They create these virus. They use tv propaganda to hype up fear, then once they begin injecting it in cowards who wish to escape natural selection, an outbreak occurs. Rinse and Repeat.
    Follow it up with anti vaxxer ad hominem rhetoric and you got a fool proof scam that produces its own statistics simply by creating the problem that later arises. As if humans that existed for around 2 million years somehow need a medical safety net from extinction. Heres some statistics:
    7 billion humans – 10,000 deaths= 6 billion forced intravenous concoctions designed by a medical industry that kill over 200,000 annually with anti lawsuit articles in place to prevent accountability of damages. Its more likely that doctors will kill you before some silly hoax before the scam plays out from greedy corporate america that hold more Constitutional rights than the flesh and blood that wrote it.

  15. This will never be called Covid-19 by anyone. It's forever Wuhan Virus. I mean who doesn't want to say Woohan virus? It's fun to say. It just rolls off the tongue. It's sounds like a virus when you say Wuhan Virus. If I say I have Wuhan people will sympathize with me. If I say I have Covid-19 people will ignore me and continue eating their crackers and caviar. Wuhan is a conversation starter.


  17. The Western governments and Chinese government invented Coronavirus to discrease Chinese population. Next virus is going to be in India and Philippine because of high population they contain…

  18. I still do not understand how is this message given to the cell. Do they use recombinant DNA to change the sequence of the human cell? If they in fact do that I think it would better to grow the virus instead. I gave rapid response platform a google search and it came back with nothing… First time I hear that so I wanted to see what it actually is?

  19. They have to run the numbers to see how to profit the most from human misery. Big farm is still big farm remember. By the way China has its own version of Big farm

  20. I stated this before they even started this process for the vaccine smh I swear they delay of doing things but at least finally they doing something but it may need another vaccine to keep it in tact . Mark my words am stating this. Before they do.

  21. In short, scientists are injecting DNA and RNA information into the infected's body's cells versus going through the middle man by having the virus itself help produce antigens (which go into the vaccine) in the lab. Then, the infected's own cells produce the antigens. Now if they could just transfer this philosophy to social programs where Auschlitzians are required to get their help from the fascist leaders of their families, neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and so on. It's not rocket science. Oppression is just as easy to deal with. They just won't let us.

  22. What the result Dr .
    Do we have any medicine for this
    Dear Dr , please be god for us .
    Peoples are waiting for you .
    Please save china n entire world .
    Lots of respect From India 🙏🌹🇮🇳

  23. corona virus created in a Lab probably Fort Detrick Maryland where AIDS virus was created = link =

  24. Stop trying to fool the world. Vaccine has long been created and hide it in the lab.We are not stupid as you think.Corona virus is a bio-weapon.

  25. Well the thing is….. San Diego already created a vaccine, but they said it would take 17 weeks for the vaccine to go on sale

  26. I feel bad for china because people are going to say stay Away from Chinese people and be racist that happens a lot in my class and I have some Chinese friends they have feelings

  27. NIH: "This will shave years off of the development time"

    Everyone else: wait what, years? you're saying, this will still take AT LEAST a year?

  28. This is an animal disease that jumped over human body, because human's disease never becomes so dangerous that they might never get any medicine to cure it

  29. You know what funny about this. It's from a bat imagine we all become vampires and all the dead come back to life after a while as mutant vampires and the movie I am legend starts

  30. You will be infected everywhere , even if you wear a mask approaching another person , he had pneumonia , also wears a mask, as soon as you walk a certain distance, you will be infected, such as the website has computer analysis results.

  31. my family and i are terrified of the coronavirus, we are all excited to get the new coronavirus vaccine when it is avaliable


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  34. God will make WAY wherever there is no way trust in him fear not he will deliver you and heal you read your bible to remind him of his promise upon your life.
    Mathew 15:13
    Mathew 10:2
    Isaiah 46:3-4
    Isaiah 40:31
    Read and pray with them BELIEVE God through JESUS Christ and you will receive your
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  35. 😂 so hopeless…. More people from Cardiovascular disease and obesity than corvin19 😦😷 10% of total death in USA and 20% in India………. 🙄 Nobody cares about it….


    China has the cure all along and theres just controlling their population until a few million people die
    just saying

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