How Dr. Luke Still Profits From Kesha’s Latest Album ‘Rainbow’ | Genius News

How Dr. Luke Still Profits From Kesha’s Latest Album ‘Rainbow’ | Genius News

Kesha: “Why have I been abandoned by everyone and everything I’ve ever known?”
[JACQUES] Kesha is back with ‘Rainbow’
her first album in nearly five years.
It’s a strong, personal and defiant body
of work that is sure to satisfy her waiting fans.
The hiatus is due in part to her
ongoing legal battle with record producer and longtime partner, Dr. Luke.
Luke first signed Kesha back in 2005 when she was only 18 years old.
Dr. Luke is one of pop music’s
most successful producers with 40 Billboard
Top 10 songs to his name.
Kesha is currently signed to Dr. Luke’s former label, Kemosabe Records,
an imprint of Sony Music.
Luke stepped down as CEO in April of this
year after Sony declined to renew his contract.
Luke still benefits financially from his stake
in the company.
In a 2014 lawsuit, Kesha alleged that Luke “sexually, physically, verbally
and emotionally abused” her.
Luke has denied these allegations and filed
a countersuit for defamation.
Kesha also claimed that Luke was
preventing her from releasing new music.
She was denied an injunction in March 2017
that would have allowed her to work with other
labels and producers outside Kemosabe.
However, it appears ‘Rainbow’ did receive Luke’s blessing.
A rep for Kemosabe told the New York Times that the album was quote:
The release of ‘Rainbow’ may be a minor victory for the 30-year old singer,
but Dr. Luke still stands to profit off of
it’s success.
According to the album liner notes,
all the songs belong Dynamite Cop Music/Where Da Kasz At,
publishing properties owned by Dr. Luke.
Kesha appears to address the controversy on ‘Rainbow.’
Several songs contain lyrics that seem to
allude to her battle with Dr. Luke
This case is still in the preliminary phases
and a trial is unlikely until 2018.
On the bright side, at least Kesha was able
put something out because her fans have been
waiting for a very long time.
I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News
bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.

46 thoughts to “How Dr. Luke Still Profits From Kesha’s Latest Album ‘Rainbow’ | Genius News”

  1. I'm sickened that she still has to share her profits with such a disgusting repulsive scumbag. I hope the courts see differently next time.

  2. I think it's really stupid to use an ongoing case, to make up the lyrics in her album, especially considering she's potentially lying about the horrible things she has claimed Dr Luke has done to.

    So how about:
    1. Fuck you racist pieces of shit who say she can't get raped because she's white.
    2. Fuck you scumbags who are calling Dr Luke a scumbag, when he hasn't been proven to do anything wrong.
    3. Fuck you arseholes who wish Kesha to raped.
    4. Fuck you peeoples who call Kesha a liar.

    Innocent till proven guilty is what I believe an it works both ways.

  3. Comments here are disgusting. "She use it to sell her album"… Guess it'll be better for her to kill herself than to write about it

  4. I was a huge fan of kesha's music when she first came out; her music was the soudtrack to my senior year of highschool. I want to see kesha win. it sucks that scum bag puke still profits and i had no idea that he was behind a lot of the top songs on the radio from 2004 -2012 which majority of them were my favorites. Sidenote 2004-2010 were great years for pop music.

  5. It's a win win for Kesha if she declared that she was raped, she gets out of a label that she's stuck with and get more publicity. Everyone is just riding this chic right into her album sales lmao

  6. It really doesn't matter what the truth is anymore. The masses are sheep who will believe both sides and any lie spewed forth because it makes for an interesting story and entertainment.

  7. I think Dr. Luke has had it with this situation and is it doing nothing but to screw his career as a producer, not that he didn't have it coming – my perspective. On the other hand is the driving force for: greed of money. In my opinion (perspective), the overseas company is in the business to profit and thus collateral morality damage has nothing to do with it. On the other hand, this collateral damage will damage;, producer Dr. Luke and restore Kesha to Kesha (the only winner). Due to the brilliant/amazing/important 'Rainbow' album released about 3 weeks ago, order has been restored. Us and Kesha will enjoy this restoring and listening to her music for a very long time. Keep in mind that order will always prevail and no good will come from chaos///////

  8. I love love love all her music. Best album
    Yet! But I don't think dr Luke cares what she releases if they're good songs and the fans enjoy it. I agree that she should be freed. But he doesn't really care if the songs are about him or not… it made him money. A lot. This whole thing the kesha come back was a big deal and made a lot a lot of money.

  9. Okay but it was never about whether Luke was profiting off of her music. It was about her having creative control + not having to work with him.

  10. what if someone shoots doctor Luke actually slowly tortures him until he almost dies around 50 time and then finishing him off then what happens

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