HOT NEWS !!! Wileyfox Swift 2 Family Smartphone Receiving Android 8.1 Oreo Update

if you’re an owner of the wileyfox
Swift 2, wileyfox swift 2 plus or wileyfox swift 2x
then your phone should
have just got a bit better as Android
8.1 Oreo is now rolling out to the range
this is the second major Android update
that the Swift 2 range has had and it
brings new features such as
picture-in-picture mode notification
dots and battery life optimizations so
your phone should also last a little
longer between charges along with the
new Android goodies this software update
will bring the wily phox care app to
your phone which offers 24/7 Live
Support chat functionality apparently it
also offers self-healing features to
help your device feel brand new every
day it’s not clear exactly what that
means but it sounds like it might be
some kind of system cleaner designed to
keep your phone running smoothly the
update to Android 8.1 is apparently
available now so you might already have
it but if not don’t worry as it’s sure
to get pushed to your phone soon so just
keep an eye out over the next few days
and if you’re not using a phone in the
wily phox Swift 2 range you’re not
necessarily out of luck as the company
has said that for the wileyfox spark
range its awaiting google’s android and
media tech news on a support timeline
for further upgrades

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