Hong Kong offers $2.4B stimulus package to appease protesters

Hong Kong offers $2.4B stimulus package to appease protesters

100 thoughts to “Hong Kong offers $2.4B stimulus package to appease protesters”

  1. Sounds alot like what the Dems are doing with our people, trying to buy the people off with free FREE FREE!!! THINGS

  2. For some reason it seems they do not approve of the deal that lamb made, I think financial is just part of the deal.

  3. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣, the PEOPLE want FREEDOM, with FREEDOM comes $$$$$. ✝️🇺🇸WWG1WGA 🇺🇸✝️

  4. the stimulus package must be free healthcare, free tuition, free monthly salary, free housing. China is rich country.

  5. I did the math on a calculator and every hong kong person only gets around $300 which isn't that much (if you exclude police it would only be $20 more for every hong kong person) and that isn't enough to buy freedom. $300 dollars isn't worth enough to buy freedom.

  6. Interesting new development in the soft cold civil war of Hong Kong and China Communists. This situation could possibly ramp up into a full fledged formal petition for autonomy and for a self governing region known as Hong Kong. But, the protesters need to play their cards very carefully, and to seek good allies, and seek legal ways of formal petitions for self governing. Perhaps they can continue the two systems agreement, or enhance it, or arrange a political solution that is technically supported within the upfront language in the Constitutions of China and Hong Kong. Can it possibly be attempted?

  7. You can't buy freedom with money …. if you are bought with money you are controlled by the root of evil its self…..

  8. these kids are dumb traitors brainwashed by the West nothing more….US UK don't give a crap about HKers they just don't want China to win

  9. A popular saying in China states that any problem which can be solved w/ money is no problem. Patrick Henry's famous speech holds true now more than ever for the freedom loving people of HK.

  10. We love HK with many famous movies which I watched over hundreds! Also, I knew over hundreds HK and Taiwan movies stars! I still watch HK and Taiwan movies every night before going sleep! God bless Hong Kong! We prey for HK!

  11. are you guys really that gullible that you're this easily manipulated by a dumb video title? use your head once in a while. the stimulus is for the businesses that are effected by the protests…. not money for protesters hoping to buy their silence. somehow you guys aren't offended by fox who thinks this is all it takes to make you believe what they want you to believe. on the other hand i guess i can see why fox would think that, considering you all think Mexico was going to pay for your border wall.

  12. The govt shouldn’t have done that. Instead they should increase the taxes to 30% for everyone because that is their taxes we pay in the USA. They Want to be a colony of the USA then pay 30 % taxes first !

  13. Yes All 7.5 million HK people want to be independent and freedom. Fox news media only show a very very very small part of protests in HK. They did not show another 95% of protest in other part of HK. I think fox news think China is always their friend.

  14. its about more then money. the globalist own China thats one reason why they are protecting. communist governments globalists.

  15. Corrupt Hong Kong politicians : Do you want freedom? I will give you communism "free money" or supression your choice.

  16. An estimated 70,000  prisoners of conscience murdered for their organs every year by Beijing's state sponsored organ harvesting program, a multi-billion dollar business. And they offer the freedom protesters some of that blood money in exchange for their freedom.

  17. Wow this is what it means when a country tries to appease and work with it's citizens, unlike here, protestor's would be met with force.

  18. As China sits on the border with Tanks take the money or face the steal wheels all to claim and take there FREEDOM(some choice)and people wonder why we the people will never surrender our 2nd Amendment. Hail to all the people of Hong Kong Bless you All.

  19. They have more balls than all of the people of the USA. People here only want to protest against tyranny when hostess goes out of business.

  20. it really does not need money to fix… just learn from US cops, shoot them when they threw bricks to policemen or beat the men in the airport. so easy.

  21. US is the biggest bastard and hypocrite of the world and so is Fox News, the bastard mechanism of spreading fake news. US is fearful of China rise, come u American bastards go burn yourselves in hell

  22. What the hell kind of deal is that. this is insane. We love be in wars that we have no business being in. The united nations should be involve. We don't support communism. Trump needs to stop worrying about the this china trade deal and focus on the people. These people are singing our national anthem and waving our flags. We should be involve.

  23. Lol. Hey are way of life is so bad they’re willing to pay to get people on our side. 😂😂. Hey can’t blame them. It worked for the democrats and black America. They gave em smart phones and freebies for Obama’s vote.



  25. This is the Chinese stuff that pisses people off and escalates stuff… it's just going to make things so much worse… its teenagers causing the riots not buisinessmen. it's this authoritarian patronizing attitude of the PRC that fules the rioters rage. Same thing happened in Tiananmen.

  26. So Hong Kong is giving a stimulus in the amount of $2.4 billion? Lets say the population is 7.44 million, does that mean they will give them $322.50 each to shut them up? That’s funny, but either way the protesters wants something beyond monetary compensation that will give them rights and freedom. Money cannot appease what they want.

  27. Commie puppet HK gov is stupid, this movement is not about money at all but 1) the evil Bill, 2) Needs badly real universal suffrage to prevent another puppet Chief Executive from selling out HK to china criminal party. CCP been robbing, grabbing, stealing, abusing HK's rich tax reserves and US bills daily off HK in an amount much more than that!

  28. Did you ever play that game when you tight a line on the money and you pull it someone followed and when they get closer you are laughing. Nice trick!

  29. When so many people are protesting like that is evident that the problem is the government. Free Republic of Hong Kong!

  30. $2.4 billion has a limit but the price of freedom is forever. Don't take it. Keep fighting our brave brothers and sisters.

  31. Power to the HK people! The brave HK protesters, the Nelson Mandelas of today, are fighting for freedom and a better tomorrow! HK forever!

  32. It is wrong strategy… should not give the sweeteners here …. the protester is funded by the good Hong Kong economy of their parents… only the non protester is the one still working hard have no time to come out and protest.. Guess you need to sacrifice some economic progress in order to teach your Hong Kong kids a lesson.

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