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Hindi Movies 2017 Full Movie | Fox Full Movie | Hindi Movie | Sunny Deol Full Movies

Yes? -Greetings, Mr. Khanna.
There is a case for Mr. Arjun.
Sir, Jeetu has been caught.
He has revealed your name, sir.
Mr. Khanna, l want Arjun Kapoor.
Mr. Kapoor is in a courtroom
right now.
Yes, l acknowledge that
you can pay his fees..
..but he doesn’t accept
small-time clients.
We have received news
that the murderers..
..of Mr. Rai have been acquitted
by the court.
ln this case, the accused
were close..
..to being hanged
it was believed.
However, criminal lawyer
Arjun Kapoor..
..used his statements to prove..
..that as an advocate
he is above the law.
He uses the weaknesses of law..
..and always wins as a genius
of legal proceedings.
He has now become a saviour
of criminals.
Look at Sonam’s picture again.
We are filled with pity to find
Sonam in this condition.
However, the truth is
this, your honour.
Sonam was a girl from
the middle-class..
..but had big aspirations.
She was ridden by greed and
glamour and ended up like this.
Now look at my client
Raj Thakur.
A business tycoon, eligible
bachelor, well educated..
What would he gain by raping
and killing Sonam?
My client has accepted
in court that..
..Sonam came to him in
an inebriated state..
..and they agreed to
go to bed together.
That’s it, your honour.
This girl has bedded many
people for small gains..
..such as Mr. Wadhwa.
For just not returning
25000 rupees..
..she consented to have sex.
Mr. Raghuvanshi. To get promoted
in her office..
..she even consented to
have sex with him.
Your honour, l have shown all
this evidence in court..
..but l’d like to say this
again to the court..
Raj’s finger prints
on Sonam’s body..
..had been recovered when
they were making love..
..and not due to murder.
Your honour, according to
the lndian Penal Code..
..until a weapon used for murder
isn’t presented in court..
..as evidence no accused, can
under any condition be..
..proved to be a criminal.
There, these people have come
too. -Mr. Arjun Kapoor..
..can you tell us how you proved
Mr. Raj Thakur to be innocent?
l always knew my client
to be innocent.
All evidence gained from the
police investigation..
..were against Raj Thakur..
Who is this man whom you
are interviewing?!
l’ll reveal the truth about him!
l know this murderer!
You vile inhuman scoundrel!
Evil man! -Listen..
He killed my daughter
in one attempt.
Why did you defame her in court?
How many times will you abuse..
..my daughter before
everyone in court?!
How many times will you do it?
Which mother gave birth to
a fiendish son like you?
My curse will ruin you!
lt will ruin you.
You will be ridden by worms.
You will go to hell!
Stop it, Parvati.
Stop! -My child..
Don’t curse him. Bless
him instead.
A girl should be
born to him too.
Only then will he understand
the meaning..
..of a daughter and her dignity.
Come on. -l spit on you!
Come along.
Mr. Kapoor, when you look at
this woman’s condition..
..don’t you feel that
you shouldn’t help..
..your friend but the truth?
l still can’t believe
this, friend.
l think the entire
caste is similar.
Their daughter was like this
too. She accepted it first.
Then she refused at the last
moment. l killed her in anger.
Forget it Raj. l don’t want
to listed to all this.
You know that l asked the
old couple to accept..
..something and make a
settlement out of court.
They are bloody idiots.
Their young daughter earned
money and ran household expenses.
They were trying to hang me.
Just stop it. Don’t talk
to me about all this.
What happened to you?
What difference will it make
if we talk about this?
This means that you won’t listen
to me for that old hag.
You won’t listen to your friend.
Raj, this isn’t the court
but your house and..
..l am your advocate
and not a judge.
At least out of court
you must accept..
..that you are just a criminal.
Yes, l am. So what?
lf you don’t remember, Arjun,
let me remind you.
You have only saved criminals
till today.
ln fact, your vehicles
and great apartment..
..have been earned
with that money.
Arjun, you didn’t
choose your life.
ln fact, life has chosen you.
You are born to defend criminals,
my friend. Cheers to that!
l’m leaving.
Arjun, at least finish
this drink.
Arjun! Let me remind you that l
paid you well for this case!
You’re stuck, my friend.
You’re stuck.
‘Which mother gave birth to
a fiendish son like you?’
‘The number you are trying to
call is currently not reachable.’
‘My curse will ruin you!
-You will go to hell!’
ln fact, your vehicles
and great apartment..
..have been earned
with that money.
We are revealing the
news of this day.
ln the high profile murder case
going on for some time..
..Mumbai High Court has
taken a decision.
You will be ridden by worms.
You will go to hell!
Bless him. Bless him, Parvati.
You will die a worm’s death.
Even God won’t help
you in any way.
You will never gain something.
You will never be happy.
You’ll go to hell.
You will be ridden by worms!
-You’ll be punished.
May God cause you to receive
curses from all of us.
My curse will hurt you.
-You will go to hell.
You’ll be ruined!
Son, not as a high court judge..
but as a father l’m trying
to explain this to you.
Don’t use law to earn money but
to help innocents to get justice.
Where were you? -Excuse
me.. ‘Hi, hello’.
There are such words in
existence, advocate Kapoor.
For the first time in the day
you are talking to your..
..girlfriend not to a criminal.
l’m stressed out.
l can’t sleep..
For the first time l question
myself as to..
..why l didn’t listen to father.
l was always after
money and fame.
Baby, what’s the problem?
Nothing’s the problem. lt’s
just that l am fed up.
What do l get by saving
Curses from people.
Curses and abuses.
After every case is over,
l am only blamed.
l am only abused. What
have l gained?
This money which can’t give
me calm even for a moment?
l’m tired of it.
But this is your profession,
Why are you thinking
about all this?
lts part of being a
criminal lawyer..
..and l am sure we
all know that.
Yes, of course l know that it is
a part of being a criminal..
..lawyer and that’s
why l am fed up!
l hear voices of criminals.
l see the same faces.
l think enough is enough.
That Raj is guilty..
..and l am quitting his
case tomorrow morning.
That’s final.
Please.. please don’t.
Let’s meet up and discuss.
Do you want me to come over?
l’ll talk to you tomorrow,
baby. Bye.
Are you insane, Arjun? No way!
You can’t quit from
this case now.
l won’t even allow
you to do that.
Look, Arjun.
ln this profession..
..every person has such
instances in life.
He feels guilty then.
So, big deal!
Overcome it and finish
the case. Come on.
All rise.
Let us proceed with the final
hearing of the case.
Your honour.
l want to question my client,
Mr. Raj Thakur.
As far as l know, your
statements and the prosecution’s..
..statements ended yesterday.
Today, only the final decision
was to be taken.
Purely on the basis of the case
you have presented so far.
l hope you realise that.
You are absolutely right,
your honour.
Yesterday in the evening,
l found some things..
..which l wish to reveal
to the court.
Do l have permission to do so?
aPlease approach the bench.
Mr. Raj Thakur..
..when you were sober yesterday
you said to me..
..that before raping and killing
the victim Sonam,
..you were very drunk.
ls that right?!
This is false, Milord. Why
are you blabbering?
l asked you to approach
the bench!
You even said to me that
Sonam agreed at first.
When she became a little sober..
..you forced her and when
she didn’t listen..
Approach the bench l said!
-Then you killed her!
Just stop him, Milord.
Stop it, advocate Kapoor!
Please approach the
bench right now.
l will not stop it, Milord.
l will not approach the bench
because l am not done yet.
l will hold you in
contempt of court.
l hold myself in contempt
of court..
..because this man is a
rapist and a murderer!
Hang this man, Milord! Give
him capital punishment.
That is my request!
-Enough is enough.
l have had enough of
your arguments.
You have dishonoured the court
and it will not tolerate this..
..advocate Kapoor.
Arjun Kapoor is to be presented
before the bar council.
Until then, proceedings of the
court are being stopped.
ls this your final decision?
Mr. Thakur, hire another lawyer.
You can proceed with your
case. -Sure sir.
Thank you for allowing
me to do so.
That would be better than having
such an insane lawyer.
What is it that you want to do?
l think l need a break.
..when you get back your mind
to continue practice..
..you can renew your license.
Why did you do all this, Arjun?
What has happened to you?
Why are you finishing
a fine career?
You are going to be a partner
in the law firm.
ln fact, Urvashi.. that
is what l told him.
You did wrong, Arjun.
You’ll pay for it.
You didn’t care about
my friendship..
..nor about the money
l gave you.
Listen to me, man. -You listen
to me advocate Arjun Kapoor.
l will somehow save myself
from this case.
lf you can, save yourself
somehow from my anger..
..because l never forget
being insulted.
l save criminals. l don’t
argue with them.
Come Urvashi.
Mr. Raj Thakur, is it true that
your lawyer Mr. Arjun Kapoor..
..in a court session accused
you of rape and murder.
Mr. Thakur, a lawyer who always
used to save criminals..
How did he suddenly change on
knowing the truth in a case?
The truth isn’t what Arjun
Kapoor revealed to the court.
l have hired advocate Jethmalani
to bring the truth forward.
He’ll prove my innocence
and you all shall know.
What about Arjun Kapoor’s
That is between him and me.
l will reply to him directly.
Right? Thanks.
The question is why did Arjun
Kapoor who used to..
..save criminals, suddenly
change his decision?
Another question is what
differences were caused..
..between these two to
cause such hatred.
Do we assume here that Arjun
Kapoor’s conscience has risen?
For all these questions,
we will have to wait.
Our Conscience, Zee News.
Did you see his face?
lt was like if you
were before him..
Arjun, he can be dangerous.
l have seen many dangerous faces
in my four year old career.
l am not afraid of him.
You are dealing with
criminals. -Why?
Wasn’t l dealing with
criminals until now?
l know that.
You took your decision as..
..if l am not of any importance
in your life.
Have you ever thought..
..with whom l would return
home from court?
With whom will l share
coffee in office?
With whom will l argue about
case proceedings?
lf l need advice..
There is Mr. Khanna.
You can ask him.
l’m sorry, Urvashi but
l need a break, ok?
No one can understand what
l am going through..
..nor do l expect anyone
to understand.
Sorry. l didn’t mean to..
What did you decide then?
What will you do?
l need a break. l need
to take a break..
..from everything and everyone.
We have a family house there.
l want to spend some time alone.
What about me?
What should l do here?
Practise. Fight for justice.
lf possible, wait for me.
You mean, we won’t be in touch?
No calls.. nothing?
When are you going? -Tomorrow.
The earlier the better.
l hope you understand.
‘This is the story of the
devil’s advocate.’
l am the king of
my profession.
l can do whatever l please.
l can save a criminal
from being hanged.
Commit any kind of crime.
Don’t be afraid of law.
Commit any kind of crime.
Don’t be afraid of law.
Watch out, watch your back.
My conscience questioned me.
Now l take care about what
is right and wrong.
l was cheating myself.
Now the situation has changed.
There is nothing great
in the world of crime.
There is nothing greater
than the truth.
There is nothing great
in the world of crime.
There is nothing greater
than the truth.
Now l am not what
l was earlier.
Now l am not what
l was earlier.
Hello son.
Hello son!
ls this for hire?
lt’s already hired.
So what?
We can share the hire.
Today l feel like fishing.
l don’t sing while fishing.
l won’t disturb you.
You won’t listen to me?
What the hell? Come up.
Thank you.
Come on.
Give me your hand.
Beer? -Thank you.
Any luck? -Nothing yet.
Tell me, young man. What
are you doing here?
Are you spending holidays?
-Holidays? Oh no!
This is my retirement
policy. -Retirement?
All this suits an
old man like me.
lt’s getting choppy.
-What happened?
Nothing? -Why retire at
such a young age then?
Actually, l’m a lawyer.
l used to practise law.
l was very busy.
l mean, people were
all around me.
l couldn’t make out what was
right and what was wrong.
All that mattered was winning.
l found out that it’s not
of worth and here l am.
So, you are a pure man now.
You know..
..there is one thing
common between us.
Law. -Really?
Yeah. l used to work
in a law firm too.
Now l have written a novel.
Crime thriller, based on law.
-Sounds interesting.
Would you like to read
it? -l’d love to.
Let’s meet at my place
in the evening then.
We’ll have a drink each and
l’ll give you the book too.
Sounds like a plan.
You see, this is very
important for me.
This is my life.
Every man wants people to
remember him after he dies.
l am sure that this book will
be printed someday..
..and my name will be remembered
in the world.
This book is very close
to you. -Yes.
lt is my first and last novel.
l cannot write more than
this at this age, right?
l’m sure.
Please, do read it.
You’ll love it.
lt will change your life.
‘Fix the fox.’
lnteresting title.
Hello. -Hello son. This is
me speaking, McNamara.
Hi Mr. McNamara. You
will live for long.
l was just thinking about you.
Did you get time to read
a couple of pages?
Couple of pages? l have
been reading all night.
What a book, Mr. McNamara!
What a book!
Really fantastic!
l can remember every character.
What detailing!
l feel as though everything
is taking place before me.
Yes, Mr. McNamara. l
want to meet you.
Come in the afternoon. l’ll
prepare Goan fish curry for you.
Well, ok. l love fish curry.
See you at one? -Bye.
Excuse me. Where are you going?
l’m going to meet Mr. McNamara.
Are you his relative? -No.
Do you know any of his kin then?
No, why?
What is it, Mr. Gaytonde?
Maybe he wasn’t well. He died
today in the morning.
That’s shocking.
Why did you come by?
l just met him yesterday
in the morning.
He called me for lunch.
Mr. Gaytonde, if you contact
any of his relatives..
..give them my number.
My number is 98679..
Yes, tell me. 98679? -60085.
Your name? -Arjun Kapoor.
Ok. Thank you.
‘Every man wants people to
remember him after he dies.’
‘l am sure that this book will
be printed someday..’
‘..and my name will be
remembered in the world.’
Excuse me, madam. l was
wondering whether..
..l can meet the owner
of this company.
Do you have an appointment?
Well, no but l was wondering
if l can have one.
Oh Mr. Kapoor! l’ll
just organise it.
Listen, take sir to
madam’s cabin.
Thank you. -Welcome.
Hi. Mr. Kapoor. What
a pleasant surprise!
Sophia. -Pleased to meet you.
Please sit. -Thank you.
What brings a famous lawyer,
‘Mr. Arjun Kapoor’..
..to my publishing house?
Well actually, l had some
work with you. -Really?
Am l in trouble?
Not at all. Actually, this is
a manuscript for a new novel.
l want you to read it.
lf you like it, your publishing
house can publish it.
‘Fix the fox.’
lntresting title.
What’s the story about?
Well, l don’t want to kill the
thrill by telling the story.
Read it. l’m sure you’ll
love it. 16210100010482
Really? Well, Mr. Kapoor, in
our publishing.. -Arjun.
Please call me Arjun.
lts less formal.
Arjun. l like it that way.
Arjun, l was saying that
our publishing house..
..doesn’t entertain
a new writer..
..but since you are behind it,
l’ll make sure l read it..
..and l’ll take a decision.
Great. Thank you very much.
We have just received
news that..
..in the case of Ms. Sonam’s
rape and murder..
..the main accused Raj Thakur
has been acquitted by court.
Advocate Arjun Kapoor was
arguing this case earlier..
..but he later blamed the
accused and left the case.
After this, advocate Desai
carried forward this case..
..and he presented such
statements before court..
..which were praiseworthy.
After listening to the
statements, the court decided..
‘The number you are trying to
call is currently not reachable.’
The number you are trying to..’
Hi Sophia. -Mr. Kapoor.
l mean Arjun. l’m in love.
What do you mean? -Yeah,
with your novel.
lt’s a masterpiece.
Well, great. l’m glad you liked
it. That’s good news.
l can’t tell you how
happy l am, Arjun.
l am going to publish it.
Superb. Fantastic.
l just want to know one thing.
ln your novel, there is a
watermark bearing ‘McNamara’.
ls that your pen name
or something?
Sophia, actually.. -Well,
not a chance, darling.
lf you want me to publish
this novel..
..l’ll need your original
name. That’s my USP.
Get an NOC tomorrow and
come to my office..
..and we’ll sign a contract.
Sophia.. -Alright then.
l’ll see you tomorrow.
Goodbye. -Yeah.
‘..will be printed someday..’
‘..and my name will be
remembered in the world.’
‘Every man wants people to
remember him after he dies.’
Wow! Such a big amount
in royalty..
..and 20 percent share
in profits.
lsn’t that too generous? -Well..
..special deal for
a special writer.
l liked the novel a lot too.
l mean, it is a great
piece of writing..
..but such high aspirations
scare me.
There is fear only where
there is doubt.
l am completely certain.
What a title! ‘Fix the fox.’
ln fact, you know, l was
surprised to read..
Although you are a
lawyer yourself..
..you showed cunningness
against laws.
Well but then maybe that is what
is called writer’s honesty.
Come, let me show you something.
You move fast.
Wow! Quite amazing.
So do we proceed? -Yeah, sure.
Where do l sign?
Madam, mark my words.
This novel will be a goldmine
cash offer for us.
Every country’s publishing
house is talking about us.
l don’t want this discussion
to be limited..
..to publishing houses.
We should reach all the
houses in lndia.
Fix-the-fox’s sales have
increased four times!
lts rocking, madam.
lt’s rocking!
Last question, Mr. Kapoor.
How were you inspired
to write this novel?
Well, you see Taran..
..l am a criminal lawyer and..
..l have argued many such cases.
Something in them moves me.
After studying those cases, l
thought of writing this novel.
The rest is history.
Congratulations, Mr. Kapoor.
Thank you Taran. Thank
you very much.
Sir, buy it! Please
purchase one, sir.
lt is a very nice novel, sir!
lts selling well these days.
Sir, please buy it!
-Listen boy..
What? Yes, but it madam!
lt’s a very nice novel. lt’s
selling well these days.
Just 100 rupees, madam.
Take this. -Thank you.
Yeah? -Madam, Zubin speaking.
Yes Zubin. Any more good news?
lt’s not good news. lt’s
superb great news!
Team lndia has awarded
‘Fix the fox’ with..
..the Fastest Bestseller
award! -What?
l’m so sorry to barge in like
this but l had to tell you this.
‘Fix the fox’ has become the
fastest bestseller, Mr. Kapoor.
Really? Wow!
Life is being benevolent
towards you, Arjun.
l’m throwing a party..
..and you will be the apple
of everyone’s eye.
Forget this party, Sophia. l
mean, a lot has happened anyway.
lt’s fine. -Nothing has
happened till now.
There is a lot still to happen.
We’re going to rock baby.
lt’s celebrations!
lt’s party! Party! Party time.
Rush me, rush me,
rush me. Yeah!
lt’s party! Party! Party time.
l’m feeling lost.
You too seem lost.
Today it’s been decided that
you’re in my heart.
My dearest! My dearest!
My dearest! My dearest!
lt’s celebrations!
lt’s celebrations!
Hey come on! We don’t stop.
You have pleasing looks.
Greeting buddy!
Greeting buddy!
What more blessings
do l ask for?
To god what more will l
ask after getting you?
What more will l ask for?
My dearest! My dearest!
My dearest! My dearest!
lt’s celebrations!
l’m deadly in love with you.
lt’s celebrations!
l’m deadly in love with you.
-Hey come on! We don’t stop.
My dearest! My dearest!
My dearest! My dearest!
My dearest! My dearest!
My dearest! My dearest!
lt’s celebrations!
l’m deadly in love with you.
Must be feeling disappointed
seeing me here.
What did you think? That
l’ll get hanged?
The thing is l’ve stopped
thinking about people like you.
lt’s not your turn now. lt’s
my turn to think now.
Whatever it is, give it
a sensible thought.
You know that l’ll always
be ahead of you.
Where is that champ and where
is this two penny writer?
You know something Raj? l
should’ve done this long back.
Raju! Let it be. Please!
Let it be.
Let’s go. Let’s Raju. Let’s go.
Relax Arjun.
l never knew that there is some
problem between both of you.
lf l knew l wouldn’t
have invited him.
lt’s okay, just take me home
No. l’m taking you
somewhere else.
To that place where a beautiful
gift is waiting for you.
lt’s celebrations!
l’m deadly in love with you.
lt’s celebrations!
l’m deadly in love with you.
So? How does it feel
to be a star?
Yeah! -l never even thought..
..that behind this face there
will be such a brain too.
lt’s rare. lt’s really
very attractive.
Touch me! Touch me! Touch
me now. -Please!
lt’s not you but its’ just game.
Things are happening so
fast in my life that..
..l’m not able to understand
l need some time.
Please don’t misunderstand this.
Not at all.
Yeah! l got his autograph.
-Thank you.
He’s right in front of me.
Well thank you!
What a guy!
Sweta! You don’t have
to be so formal.
Just call me Sweetie.
Yeah sure! Whatever you
want. -Thank you.
Sir l miss you. -l’m
really jealous.
Someone is really enjoying all
the attention he is getting.
So many fans and that on the
first book. -Thank you.
What will happen in the
future, who knows.
You think fast about the future.
That’s your problem. -Excuse me.
Hi sir! Sir, l’m a
law student, sir.
And sir, l’m a great
fan of yours sir.
l just love you sir,
l just love you.
l’ve been following
all your books.
What’s your name? -Sir Virat.
Hi Virat! Thank you very much.
l really appreciate it.
You know actually it’s
quite a record.
Your vision. Name! -Pallavi.
Once more.
That’s why the moment
l read your novel..
..l decided to print it.
One page more.
And how correct my
judgment was..
..that you’re seeing now.
Thank you. Thank you. -Sure
Urvashi Mathur.
Just sign it. l’m your fan.
When did you come to Goa? -Just
now, a few moments before.
When l came to know over night
you’ve become a big writer..
Then l couldn’t stay back.
l thought that l’ll also
go and get an autograph.
Yes, of course. Urvashi..
This is Sophia my publisher.
Sophia, Urvashi. -Hi!
Hi! -We..
Both of us..
..as q gift to me..
..just like that..
And were very close.
Excuse me.
Yeah! -Congratulations!
Successful novel!
Lady publisher!
Fans too.
When will you be free for me?
We’ll meet in the evening.
Om Sharma.
Wow! Arjun. lf someone is lucky
he should be like you.
Must say that you truly
have the Midas’s touch.
What you did in the law
field in 4 years..
..that others can’t
do in 40 years.
Now here you accidentally
you robbed something..
..that turned into Kohinoor.
-l don’t know Urvashi.
l really don’t know. Whether
l committed a mistake..
l’m like that wish
that came true.
Now these autographs..
..and the book becoming
a best seller, l mean..
..l feel guilty for sure. -Why?
Till now you were sitting at
Crossword and enjoying..
..the glory of the novel having
become the best seller.
How was l to know that the novel
will become a best seller?
l just needed the contract.
What else could l have done?
l know. You face tells me
that you’re not happy.
But never mind. Life is
bestowing on you with both hands.
Enjoy it.
ln life..
l’m getting it all.
ln life..
l’m getting it all.
Today l’m getting another
life in life.
Today l’m getting another
life in life.
ln life..
l’m getting it all.
Today l’m getting another
life in life.
Something new..
Everything feels new.
Today suddenly..
Life! Life!
Our life! Life!
Our life! Life!
Oh my dearest in life.
Life! Life!
Our life! Life!
Our life! Life!
Oh my dearest in life.
ln life..
l’m getting it all.
Today l’m getting another
life in life.
Jet airways announces
the departure of..
..flight 988..
l’m going to miss you Arjun.
l hope l stay. -You could’ve
stayed for some more days.
l’ve not yet left practice.
After a lawyer from
the firm quit..
..the work load has increased.
But by my staying back..
..if someone can be convinced
to be back..
..then l’ll stay back.
-Not right now.
Nice old time.
Quit this Arjun. Come back to
law. That’s where you belong.
Then l’ll take leave.
You take care.
Call me once in a while.
See you. Bye! Love you.
Dazed! -Sophia!
No wonder! You never told me.
Apart from being your colleague
she is something else too.
So, you came to know now? -Yeah!
No hard feelings but we’re
still partners.
Don’t get excited honey.
Business partners.
Come on, drop me home now.
Yes boss.
Excuse me, sir. -Tell me.
We’ve taken Gulati
to remand room.
Are you coming, sir? -No,
you do the interrogation.
Yes sir.
Good morning sir. -Good
morning. -Sir.
Businessman Jatin Bagh, ACP got
him released in the night.
Everyone knows that in
the Nadeem case..
Good morning. -..that
man was the tout.
He must have paid the ACP.
Such officers have brought
disrepute to the whole dept.
Do you also take bribes? -Sir l!
Seeing your eyes it seems..
..that you too are not honest.
Sorry sir!
Hey! What’s happened to him?
Normally he finds it
uncomfortable to sit.
Today he is stuck to his seat.
Seems sir has got something
interesting in his hands. -Come.
Till then we’ll bash
up Gulati some more.
He’ll take time. Today we’ve got
the chance to punch. -Come.
Ravi. Ravi!
Sorry sir. -Do you come here to
sleep or work? -Sorry sir.
ln the night l was at a
party and lost sleep.
l need to see some
data. -Yes sir.
What record to bring sir?
-26th July 2004.
rd November 2005.
Give me 5th Jan 2006.
l knew it. -What happened sir?
Nothing, go to sleep.
The sir is mad.
Yes. Are you waiting for me?
Arjun Kapoor? -Yeah. -Of course.
And you? -Yashwant Deshmukh
from crime branch.
ls it an official visit? -No.
Your novel dragged me here. l
read it and became your fan.
You wrote it, isn’t it?
Let’s go inside and talk. -Sure.
What will have? Beer,
whisky or rum?
No need for any formalities.
lf you don’t mind can
l have my drink?
Whether you drink
whisky or rum..
..it’s your good time,
Mr. Kapoor.
Cheers! What do you want
to discuss with me?
l’m impressed Mr. Kapoor.
What detailing you do.
That underwater murder
of Mr. Lahiri..
..how well you have
described that.
You wrote it isn’t it?
Yeah l guess, l think so.
l wrote it, why?
The details of the murder of
JK Singh that you’ve given..
Great! Feels like the murder
happened before you.
From the colour of the shoes
till buttons on the shirt.
The details that you’ve given..
You wrote it, isn’t it?
Yes, l wrote. -Then that
Shivdasani’s murder..
You’ve gone to the extent of
writing that before he died..
..he didn’t utter the name
of his wife or children..
..but he said the name
of his mistress.
And blood was not only
through his ears..
..but also from his left eyes..
.. a drop of blood
was oozing out.
Great! What detailing
you’ve done.
This too you wrote it, isn’t it?
l’m not able to understand
what you’re saying.
Because after every description
you ask me the same question..
..whether l wrote
that book or not.
lt’s my name on the
book, isn’t it?
Mr. Kapoor.
l liked your book quite a lot.
That’s why l want to hear from
your mouth that all these..
..you’ve written yourself.
Then hear it.
l wrote this book.
That’s it. This is what
l wanted to hear.
Boys, come in.
What the hell is this?
Hell is where you’re going.
What is my crime?
That l’ll tell you.
The camera is ready? -Yeah.
She’s coming. -Lights please.
Madam, about Mr. Arjun
Kapoor’s arrest..
She’s coming. -Lights please.
Madam, about Mr. Arjun
Kapoor’s arrest..
..will you like to
say something?
Madam, what happened that..
..he has been arrested
because of the book.
Look. l don’t know anything
about this.
This is news for me also.
l don’t know anything about it.
Let me get to the detail
of it first..
..then l’ll talk to the media.
Thank you. -Madam, wait!
Listen. Novel controversy man.
Get further one lakh
copies printed.
Madam, please. -Please
some questions..
Madam, please. -Please
some questions..
One lakh!
Mr. Kapoor.
l’m advocate Gary.
ln this case l will be
arguing against you.
Why don’t you come to the
point? What’s my crime?
The craze that you had
to write a novel..
..that craze is going
to drown you now.
Writing novels is not a crime.
When did l say that/
The novel writers are respected.
They get awards.
But the one that
you’ve written..
..in that there is some fault.
The novel in which you’ve
written the story of 5 murders..
They’ve all really happened.
Not only that the situation..
..in all respects they are real.
The files of all the 5 murders..
..are shut in the record room
of police department.
Those files are lying
there because..
..an important clue
is missing in them.
That clue the man murdered
would know or else..
..or the murderer.
The murdered are dead.
But the murderer..
..that’s you.
Mr. Kapoor, l don’t believe it.
Being a lawyer yourself, you..
..killed the lawyers.
You killed your own professional
Then you had fun writing
about them.
You called them fox.
You called them cunning.
Every word of yours..
..will be like the hangman’s
noose for you.
This is a lie.
This book actually was..
it’s fiction damn it.
From the names of the people
who were murdered..
..the names of places
and all the details..
..that you’ve mentioned
in your novel.
They are real, Mr. Kapoor.
They match with the
police record.
Now you don’t say that you
didn’t write this novel.
This Mr. Kapoor can’t say.
l asked him again and again..
..that did you write it.
Did you write it?
And he said loudly that
he has written it.
Mr. Kapoor.
Am l telling a lie?
l want.. -Sure.
That wasn’t discussed.
What’s all this?
l don’t know.
if you hadn’t told me
about the novel..
..then probably l wouldn’t
have also believed today.
l checked the files
about the murders.
Also read the book again.
Each and everything is the same.
My god! -You tell me.
First that man.
Get his death certificate.
All the evidences..
..get all of them together.
January 10, 1986.
Here is your certificate.
lt’s lunch break, madam.
All of you go out and
come after an hour.
Come on.
Brother please. Please
listen to me.
lt’s an emergency.
l’ll just take one minute.
-Madam , everyone has emergency.
Come on, tell me the name.
What’s the name?
Vivian McNamara, 24th July..
..this year Mapsa.
-Vivian McNamara.
No madam.
There is no death certificate
in that name with us.
You must’ve forgotten
the name. -The name..
..is Vivian McNamara. -l
told you it’s not here.
See a few days before or after,
l’m sure it must be there.
Madam, lt’s not here at all.
l’m seeing it before you.
Why do you bother during
lunch time?
lt’s not possible. That was
his name, Vivian McNamara.
Did you before and
after checked too?
ln one month’s record, nobody
with such a name died.
Constable Gaithunde.
He was on duty the
day McNamara died.
He knows everything and he
will tell everything.
Find him. -Gaithunde!
Shivaji Shinde, Hari
Rao, Vardhan..
What name did you say,
madam? -Gaithunde.
Constable Gaithunde. -No madam.
There is no constable Gaithunde
in Mapsa area.
Check up the police
stations nearby.
ln Mapsa area only a policeman
from Mapsa will go.
The rule is a rule. -l know,
but you check once.
Check the areas nearby. -You!
Heat the tea and bring. -Okay
sir. -What the hell!
You people are also like this.
Look here.
This is Kalangore.
Panjim. Madgaon.
ln none of these areas there
is no constable Gaithunde.
Sorry madam. Go now. Don’t
waste our time.
Got all the nearby areas
checked Arjun.
There is no constable
Gaithunde anywhere.
l’ve been set up, Urvashi.
That means that someone
is after me.
if you ask me then this
has only one solution.
There is only one man
who can help us.
Who? -Yashwant Deshmukh.
Are you mad, Urvashi?
The guy is a damn psycho.
Doesn’t talk straight.
He is doing his duty.
You too were like this
when you worked.
l’ll not talk to him.
You must do it, Arjun.
There is no other way out.
Mr. Arjun Kapoor wants to..
..meet you to discuss
something important.
Mr. Arjun Kapoor? Why
call him mister?
He’s a criminal. He has
committed 5 murders.
l feel that the poor
guy.. -Poor guy!
Why a poor guy?
Sorry sir. -Go.
l’m very sorry sir
l talked to him.
He is thick headed, He doesn’t
understand at all.
l’m sorry.
l had told you.
What are you doing here?
-l want to help you.
Which lawyer in the country
shall l hire for you?
You know Arjun. l can spend any
amount of money for you.
Save your money, Raj.
You’re a criminal.
You may need money any time
to buy the police and law.
You know Arjun?
You must think more about
your future than mine.
They’ll hang you anytime.
l never know that behind
the black robe..
..there will be blood stains
of 5 persons murdered.
l think you’re a psycho.
Before capital punishment..
..you should be taken
to a mental asylum.
You did this all, didn’t you?
Understand one thing.
if l ever get released
from here..
..l’ll not spare you.
First get released, brother.
l just hope that l’m not meeting
you for the last time.
All the best.
And good bye!
l’m drunk.
And l’ll drink more.
l’m not on duty.
Come to the office tomorrow.
-l want to talk to you now.
You’ve a lot of confidence in..
..Arjun Kapoor?
About his innocence?
A lot sir. Arjun can’t
murder anybody.
The one who everyday using the
force of money in court..
..plays the game of proving
truth as lies..
..he can do anything, Urvashi.
You’re wrong sir.
He couldn’t face his
own conscience.
That’s why he left everything
and came here.
His career was at the peak.
but he left everything. And..
..when he started the
life as a good man..
..then someone has trapped
him badly like this.
What do you want from me?
l want that you meet Arjun once.
Hear him out. He wants
to tell you something.
Tomorrow at 1 1 . You also come.
Be on time. -Thank you sir.
That’s how l’ve been trapped.
Writer, you’re great.
You wrote a great story. -This
is not a story, believe me.
The law relies on evidence.
No one can know this better
than you, Arjun Kapoor.
How can l search for evidence
sitting inside?
Take me out once.
lf l get out on bail then
l’ll get the evidence.
Okay, l’ll try to get you out.
Think it over Yashwant.
For 5 days..
..Arjun Kapoor can be given
in your custody.
But during this time..
..if an accident happens
to Arjun Kapoor..
..or escapes from your custody..
..then you’ll be held
ls that clear?
You’ve to be with him 24×7.
Yes sir.
Okay then, go ahead.
Thank you.
This is my house and not
crime branch lock up.
Stay here like a guest. But..
..don’t forget that l’m
on duty here too.
Really nice house. You’ve
a nice house. -Thank you.
lt would’ve been nice
if you had stayed..
..in this good house for
more than 5 days.
it’s regrettable that
after 5 days..
..you’ve to be back
in the lock up.
Why are you saying
such things, sir?
Believe it, Arjun is innocent.
5 days. ln 5 days if
you can prove it..
..then prove it. And then..
Don’t try to run away.
l shoot escaping criminals.
There before us. That’s
his house.
Yeah! Stop here.
This is his house.
lt seems that no one has stayed
here for a long time.
l promise you sir.
This is McNamara’s house.
lf you don’t believe me you
can ask the neighbours.
Okay let us do that too.
How many times you’re ringing
the door bell? What’s it?
Why are you ringing
the bell twice?
Sorry madam, we disturbed you.
First you disturb and
then apologise?
Come on, tell me fast.
What’s the matter?
ln the house opposite
did McNamara live?
We need to know about him.
Mac and in the house opposite?
No McNamara lived there.
Mr. D’Souza lived there.
D’Souza? -Yes.
No, but an old man lived
in the opposite.
He wore specs. Big nose.
-Yes. -Short.
That’s Mr. D’Souza.
He was a nice man. Everyone
should get such a tenant.
You know? He hired the
mansion for one week.
He also gave the entire
money in advance.
That too in cash.
But on the 12th of this month
the police came because..
..McNamara, l mean
D’ Souza died.
ls D’Souza dead?
On 12th morning he came
and gave me the keys.
That’s not possible. -Time for
dreaming is over Mr. Kapoor.
Now it’s time to think.
Before renting the house did he
give any forwarding address?
No. -He must’ve given a phone
number. -He gave nothing.
No, he just said that
he’s come for 8 days.
There must be a landline..
..in that house, can l get
the number of that?
Excuse me. Who are all of you?
Why are you asking
so many questions?
l’m from crime branch.
The police are looking
for that man.
Police! Oh god!
Has he created some problem?
Anyway, what’s the use of taking
the number of the landline?
He never phoned from the mansion
since the line was cut.
The PCO behind that mansion..
See you can see that.
He used to always
phone from there.
l’ve taken the number
of this place.
l’ll have it cross checked.
We might get some clue.
Your stars seem to be in
a bad shape Mr. Kapoor.
We got nothing from
the PCO records.
You must not be believing
in god.
That’s why you must not have
consulted on your horoscope.
lt seems..
..that you’ll never get time to
consult on your horoscope.
What happened? Are you
exhausted fighting?
Has the fox like cunning
mind of..
..your’s stopped functioning
Mr. Kapoor?
Mr.Deshmukh we are
seeking your help.
And you are a man of law.
Can’t you help to give justice
to an innocent victim?
l am an ordinary police officer.
What help can l give?
Fine Mr. Kapoor, l
agree to help you.
Tell me how many enemies
do you have?
l have handled many cases.
The list will be never ending.
Maybe thousands.
Think of that one person in them
who hates you the most.
Raj Thakur. -What?
Raj Thakur. He must be the
person behind this conspiracy.
Where does he live? -Mumbai.
That means it will take
two more days.
ln five days two days
are already wasted.
Think about it. Are you’ll sure?
Fine then.
Tommorrow morning we will leave.
And you will take care
of the house.
We are lucky. A function
is in progress here.
We can take advantage of
the crowd and get in.
And no one will notice us.
Excitement! Excitement!
-All around
Excitement! Excitement!
-l want to have fun
Excitement! Excitement! -Let’s
dance to the music
Dance to the music
-Excitement! Excitement!
All around -Excitement!
Let’s have fun -Excitement!
Let’s dance to the music
Night is filled with vices
Something is the matter
Night is filled with vices
Something is the matter
Everyone is hunting
For a clue here
Everyone is hunting
For a clue here
Excitement! Excitement!
-All around
Excitement! Excitement!
-l want to have fun
Excitement! Excitement! -Let’s
dance to the music
Dance to the music
Excitement! Excitement!
-All around
Excitement! Excitement!
-l want to have fun
Excitement! Excitement! -Let’s
dance to the music
Yeshwant! Look there.
That man is Raj Thakur. And with
him is my Publisher Sofi.
The arrow goes action
ls it love or deception
Why is any one faithful
Heart was always crazy.
The arrow goes action
ls it love or deception
Why is any one faithful
Heart is.. -Sir, now you have
seen Sofi and Raj Thakur.
So, we can use it
as our evidence.
You are a lawyer. And
what are you talking?
l am crazy
Shut the door. They will see us.
Excitement! Excitement!
-All around
Excitement! Excitement!
-l want to have fun
Let’s dance to the music
-Dance to the music
Dance to the music.
Excitement! Excitement!
-All around
Excitement! Excitement!
-Let’s have fun
Excitement! Excitement! -Let’s
dance to the music
Yes, Rubin, this better be good.
Madam, not only in lndia.
We are getting orders
for Greet the..
..fox orders from Dubai,
US and London
What is the matter?
You know from the moment Arjun
has gone to the jail.
The sales of my novel have
gone up four times.
His arrest has been really
good for my business.
Wait till that Arjun to
gets life imprionment.
Then watch your sales
will go eight times.
He tried to cheat me.
That face is not among them.
The person you are telling
is McNamara.
That lady told he is D’souza.
There is no photograph of
the constable Gaikondae..
..you are searching in the
police records of Goa.
l think you must rectify
your story.
Every criminal commits crime of
his real name and business.
lt is very obvious Mr. Deshmukh
that Gaikondae and..
..Mac must be his fake names
Mr. Lawyer..
..then why are you troubling
us behind these fake names?
l think you are confused.
Yes, yes, l am confused.
l am very confused. l have
every reason to be confused.
That how l am stuck
in this mess.
But, you are not ready to accept
this conspiracy as conspiracy.
Yes, that lady told that
man’s name is D’souza.
But his face and descripton
matches with McNamara.
This man Gaikunde whom
we are searching..
..l mean it could be
a fake cop, dammit.
He is 100% with McNamara.
Last night even after seeing
my Publisher Sofia.
ln the arms of my
greatest enemy..
..Raj Thakur we could
not do anything.
But you know what is the
most confusing part..
Mr.Deshmuh, is what
are you doing here?
l don’t think you are
helping me one bit.
Mr. Kapoor..
..let us hope to
get some clues..
..from Mr. Raj Thakur’s
phone record.
Because that is a last chance.
Sir! Sir, take this file
of phone records..
..of Mr. Raj Thakur’s of
the last three months.
What is the matter, sir? Why
do you need this file?
Sorry, sir.
Any luck? -Bad luck.
You did not find anything
in Raj Thakur’s record.
There is nothing in this.
Only the names of the girls..
..he is currently romancing.
Mr. Kapoor, l really
doubt you now.
l don’t know on basis of
what intelligence..
..you have won so many cases?
Do you have yellow pages?
Yellow pages? What will
you do with that?
Arjun feels that a strange
name like Macnamara..
..might be among the
few people of Goa.
We thought we could
look into it.
Yellow pages! Fine. l will
get you the Yellowpages.
l found only three
numbers. Try this.
Can l talk to Mr. McNamara?
When? -Can l speak to Mr. Vivian
McNamara? Sorry.
This person is a Businessman
and he is out of town.
No response.
My first number was of a child.
69241 . l have the address
of this number.
ln this number l got a response.
l guess we will have
to start from here.
Tomorrow morning 8
O’clock. Be ready.
l am sorry. l am late. Let’s go.
Hello! Yes.
Okay, l will reach there. -You
sit in the front seat.
Something urgent work came
up. l have to go.
But, But Mr. lnspector what can
be more urgent than my case?
Here my life is in a risk.
You both go together. But, be
careful that no one notices you.
And yes, come home directly.
Yes? -Mr. Vivian McNamara?
Yes, that’s me.
Tell me.
Firstly you are searching
for a Vivian McNamar.
Look, as a Doctor l meet
new patients daily.
But, Raj Thakur does not
ring a bell here.
l think you have come
investigating at a wrong place.
Yes. Well, thanks Doctor.
lf we could have spoken
this over the phone.
We wouldn’t have wasted
your time, today.
But, really l tried to
call you yesterday.
Well, as you can see l live
alone and l had gone on a call.
That’s why no one received
your call here.
But anyways, in this reason..
..l got the chance to
meet a famous lawyer.
Well, thanks Doctor.
l am sorry, baby but l am sure
we are missing something.
l know but what can we do.
All this is happening
because of that lady.
Who? Whom are you talking about?
Sophia. And who else?
lf she had not compelled me to
publish my name in this book.
l would not have been
in this mess.
ln your novel there is a
watermark of the name McNamara.
ls that your pen name
or something?
Of couse! l got it, babes. l got
it. lt is about the watermarks.
The copy, which l had
given to Sophi..
..had the watermarks
of McNamara.
But you had burnt that copy.
The copy l had burnt
was the Xerox copy.
The original copy is in Sophi’s
publishing house.
lf l get that copy l can walk
unscathed from this mess.
We have to tell this is
Yeshwant. -At this hour?
Where is the time left? Come on!
l got it Mr. Deshmuh. l got it.
l am sorry that l disturbed
you from sleep. But.
What have you got? -ln the
original manuscript..
..there is a watermark
of McNamara’s name.
l can prove my innocence
on the benefit of doubt.
That manuscript is still lying
in publishing house.
Good. For the first time you
have done a sensible work.
But, tomorrow morning you will
not but l will go there.
Because your five days
will end tommorrow
So, morning 7 O’clock l will
have to put you in the lockup.
And when the publishing
house opens..
..l will take Urvashi with me
and bring the manuscript.
Mr.Kapoor, wakeup!
What will we do now?
Morning sir! -Morning sir!
Yeshwant is also here.
Let’s go.
He is going inside. Urvashi,
you will have to go in.
What if Yeshwant notices me?
We have to take find the
Manuscript before Yeshwant.
Beware of him and may
not he notice you.
lf anything happens to you.
l will surrender myself
to the police.
l promise. Please!
What happened, sir?
Have you received any
information about terrorist here?
Or information of any
book from which..
..you will get clue of
any notorius criminal?
There is nothing like
that. -No, no sir.
Please let me know if the
matter is very serious.
Excuse me! -Yes.
l need a manuscript of a novel.
Madam, you go to the warehouse
and enquire there.
Okay, thanks.
You do your work. -How can anyone
work in such atmosphere? Sir!
Sir, l am very scared.
Sir, do you have doubt on
any of our employee?
Me! Me! No, sir. l am absolutely
clean, sir.
l swear!
Excuse me! -Yes, Madam.
l need a manuscript of a
novel, ‘Fix the fox’.
Are you a writer?
No, l am the lawyer
of the writer.
Do you have any authority
letter from the writer?
No. But listen, this is very
urgent. l have to note points.
That is not possible, madam.
Did you see, sir?
-Yes, it’s fine.
Okay, sir.
Look, give me the manuscript
once, please!
You are not listening, madam.
Fine, come and see it.
But, l will not let you take
it. -l won’t take it.
What are you doing?
Catch him.
Move away.
Move away.
Move away.
You! Leave me.
Leave me.
Move away.
Hello! -Hello Nishi, it’s me.
Arjun, where are you? l
was looking for you.
l know. l know. -Listen,
manuscript was not there.
Someone took it from there.
Like just about now.
l know Gaitondae took it.
By mistake he went inside
Yeshwant Deshmukh’s house.
l was chasing him.
Urvashi, l am going inside.
You come here fast.
Okay, okay l am coming.
Come out!
Vivian Mcmara!
Arjun! Arjun?
Arjun, what is all this?
Oh! My God!
Can you believe it? He
was behind all this.
He is a Goddamn Pysho.
Give me your mobile.
l realized everything, Yeshwant.
We will meet near the forts of
the beach. Just see you there.
What is wrong with you?
You will not go alone.
l know what l am doing.
You were behind this game.
You were the one who murdered
all those lawyers.
And tried to deceive me. Why?
AH! Why the way l found
Gaitondae’s photo.
You made this Gaitondae a
McNamara and tried to deceive me.
But why?
Who are you, Yashwant?
An inspector, criminal
or a psycho?
Whoever you are why are
you behind me? Why?
Yashwant! -ln the last 6 years..
..l have murdered many criminal
lawyers like you.
And until l kill all criminal
lawyers like you..
..my mission will
not be fulfilled.
We put catch the criminals
and put them in jail.
And some lawyers like
you for greed..
..of money set them free.
A criminal like that took
vengeance and shot my wife.
Brother likes it very
much. Give this.
Come on, son.
l was posted in Mumbai
police station..
..when this incident happened.
What is the price of this?
My wife died on spot.
And my son went into coma.
For my son Rohan’s safety
l got transferred to Goa.
Sorry, Yeshwant.
l could not safe him after
all these years efforts.
l could not save Rohan.
l punished the criminal.
At the time time his wife
and child was murdered..
..my client was not
present there.
His railway ticket and other
evidence are produced to you.
Your Honour, he is lying.
This man shot my
wife and child..
..in broad daylight right
in front of everyone.
He is lying, your honour.
-Behave yourself, Mr. Deshmukh.
This is a courtroom
not your lockup.
Constable Shinde was present
there ask him.
He is the killer, your Honour.
He is the killer!
Does the defence lawyer have to
interrogate anything else?
Considering all the evidence
and witnesses..
..this court is releasing Munna.
A lawyer like you helped that
criminal to go out scot-free.
Yashwant! Stop it!
That day l decided..
..that l would kill every
such criminal lawyer..
..who helped the criminals.
So, l killed those five
criminal lawyers.
Then why were you behind me?
l had give up practicing
law long back.
l knew that.
l had come to kill you.
Yes, of course. lt is a part
of being a criminal lawyer
..and l am fed up. -Saw that
you wanted to change.
So, l returned.
When l suddenly met you in Goa.
l felt this could not
be coincidence.
Thought, why not kill you today?
l disguised Shinde as McNamara
and sent him to you.
The constable who was stopping
you at a Bunglow was also Shinde.
My doubt was true.
You had not changed
You were enjoying in other
writer’s glory.
And l was noticing all this.
l got that book couriered in my
name to the police station.
So that no one should
doubt me for..
..reopening this
case in my name.
Great! Superb!
But you are forgetting
minor clues, Yashwant.
No publishing house was
ready to publish..
..any book in the
name of Mcnamara.
So, l had to give my name.
And how would l know how much..
..money l would need
to publish the book?
So, All the cheques l took
were in the name..
..of McNamara Charity Trust.
You should have found that out.
And one more thing. l don’t
need money and fame.
Because l have both.
And it would be better if
you surrender yourself.
Who do you think you are?
We had to hear your confession.
lt is all over, Yashwant.
Arjun, we got him.
You haven’t changed.
The Savior of the criminals
is back again.
Adocate Arjun has got
his license renewed.
High court has accepted
appeal in..
..the litigation of
Sonam rape case.
And as its instruction Raj
Thakur was arrested from house.
Hey! Arjun! Welcome back my boy.
The case files are ready
before you arrived.
There is a crowd of your
former clients.
Tell, with whose case
will you start?
Sir, l have decided that l would
fight criminal’s cases.
lf l fight it is only for truth.

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  1. what a shit movie. the only good part about this movie was arjun. with such a corny script im surprised his performance was still great.

  2. Nice movie
    Thumbs up
    The writer had a grt mind writing this script
    Very puzzling characters sometime as amid watching no one can know about the mastermind behind the deceit.
    Arjun acting is always been super.

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