‘He Got Caught’: Pelosi Played McConnell On Trump Impeachment | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

‘He Got Caught’: Pelosi Played McConnell On Trump Impeachment | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

100 thoughts to “‘He Got Caught’: Pelosi Played McConnell On Trump Impeachment | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC”

  1. Trump's Daddy Vladdy now has openings for corrupt politicians in Russia. What a once in a lifetime opportunity for all those traitorous Republicans to start over in a new country where they can have a clean slate, helping Vlad the Defenestrator write a new constitution based on the concept that venal despotry shall not perish from the earth, that All Criminals are created Equal in the eyes of President for Life Putin as long as they give him a 50% cut of the action.

  2. Republicans are more Afraid of Brietbart news than Vladimir Putin!
    They are Traitors to the Constitution, the people if the United States and our Democracy! The Republicans deserve an Electorial Suicide in 20/20!

  3. Apparently, Trump, Giuliani, Pompeo, Pence, Nunes, and Barr were all in "the loop"……as this narrows McConnell may find himself under the microscope. Because the evidence keeps piling up and the GOP denial keeps denying. I hope Kentucky voters are paying attention…….

  4. Let Moscow Mitch call irrelevant witnesses. It'll play even more poorly when compared to credible, dignified witnesses.

  5. Has anyone figured out what card Pelosi actually played over the last weekend? Between her comments on the Sunday morning show and McConnell's boardline crushed reaction on Wednesday, it must have been something good. But I can't for the life of me figure it out!

  6. Moscow Mitch and Lindsey Graham BOTH committed Perjury as soon as they stood there and took the oath to be partial.. Why isnt anyone talking about this ??? No one figured it out yet maybe ??

  7. Watchdog? More like BS hearsay. This new evidence is trash. Pelosi has done nothing but broken the Constitution. These fools in the Democratic party seem to think they control the Senate, they do not.

  8. Yea guys the witnesses have to be relevant to the case… that settles it, the bidens are counted out, because jr biden is an expert in the energy field.

  9. I am not an American and this trial is a joke. They are not gonna remove Trump from office and why are the democrats reffering to Trump as a dictator? If Trump was a dictator this dumb trial would've never happened and oh yeah….You would be all arrested. Go to China if you want a real dictator, say that you hate Xia and you will be put prison. Stupidity in America is at an all time high.

  10. With all of his braggadocious a** kissing bravado.
    In the [a**] end Moscow Mitchie Mitch Mc "Con All" will find
    that he just like Donnie Con, ultimately conned himself.

  11. "The pressure " is about if they value their careers or not, be accountable or not, everyone has a chouce, pass the popcorn bucket 🍿🍿🍿🍿

  12. Wrong! Moscow Mitch doesn't give a f**k. He proved that with Merrick Garland. And again with him publicly stating that the trial will go nowhere.

  13. How to keep your Constitutional Republic

    America requires that everyone who drives a vehicle be tested and licensed but America doesn't require politicians to be tested on their knowledge of the Constitution‼️

    In fact it's barely taught anymore…
    Why is that ⁉️

  14. Well if it was true Pelosi would have sent it in immediately. But, i also think that Democrats are only using the Constitution to benefit them not for this country.

  15. U communist solicst idiots …this nation will never be a solicst nation with out a war …the first ones to be killed will be these communist in the house and Senate ..

  16. So Lev Parnas was indicted by the SD of NY- what a surprise. Just coincidence they were looking into Parnas? SD of NY has become a legal arm of the Democratic Party- Did they have time to look into REAL BRIBERY $$$$ will they were busy tracking down campaign violations? This sham, using a RUSSIAN no less, will not play well with the middle 20%..And thats who will decide the 2020 election.

  17. One can want in one hand and doodie in the other and see which will weigh more.
    Nanc, could have held her box on indictments and Mr. McConnell would have not cared.

  18. Never make deals with corrupt Democrats, let them out, work only with Republicans.
    Mark S. Zaid, the attorney representing the “whistleblower” in the impeachment  against President Donald Trump, tweeted in 2017 that the “coup has started,” adding that “impeachment will follow ultimately and CNN will play a top roll”
    Nobody in their right mind will trust corrupt Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, Jerry Nadler, CNN, ABC, PBS, and MSNBC, their goal is to destroy America, the American workers, and President Trump.
    “It’s pretty clear to me that Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, OBAMA and the leftwing Intelligence Committee Democrats are colluding on this attempted  COUP. Now I know as a fact that anti-Trump attorney MARK ZAID with Adan Schiff’s committee was working with this leftwing democrat CIA whistleblower, changing the whistleblower rules breaking the law  to include "rumors" "gossipy" a Month before the report. Now anybody that hates President Trump can write a complaint. I know more corrupt CIA officials will write complaints. “Concerning the complaint, it was written by a team of anti- Trump attorneys. Intelligence doesn’t write that way. We see the very detailed legal footnotes to this. This, I know, was and is a setup job, a coup that included anti-Trump attorney  Mark Zaid, Chuck Schumer, Adan Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, attorneys with the House Democrats Intelligence Committee and anti-Trump Diplomats.”

  19. Democrats present a clear and present danger to the United States of America with their treasonous actions. They will be dealt with harshly in November.

  20. Bring on the Bidens, whistle blower and shifty Schiff!! Then we will have a real impeachment party! Asslicking Demowacs.

  21. This is driving me crazy…why didn't Pelosi slow the actual impeachment proceedings down so all these witnesses and all this new data could have been delt with in the house? That would have been the truly prudent move! And then perhaps she would truly deserve all the kudos she has been receiving!

  22. Democrats are fools. Everyone knows when an all caps tweet yells out a phone call is perfect it should be taken at face value.

    -A Republican

  23. Pelosi didn’t do anything. All these new allegations, and lev Parneses interviews changed the tide. Establish Democrats are weak compared to the corrupt republicans. Democrats are soft where the republicans play very dirty.

  24. Of all the truly horrible things Mitch McConnell has ever done, going on Faux News and declaring himself a partisan hack and promising America a rigged election may rank right up there at the top of his unpatriotic and Anti-American resume.

  25. Democracy is dead in America if after this trial Trump was not removed for those crime he has committed , and No one will believe the democracy in this country anymore

  26. Everyone named by Lev Parnas needs to be put in the hot seat then removed. People defending trump as damning evidence comes out need to be put in the hot seat then removed.

  27. Parnes is a patsy you Democratic morons.

    I sooo used to be an independent. Voted for Clinton and Obama, the first time. Now I'm a full fledge Republican since no one runs as an independent.

    You guys are Whackedddddd

  28. Trump is under trial by the senators and all the senators are under trial by American, American is watching and which senators need to be removed in the next election

  29. Know how people was slamming her. But its game.. playing possum.. now its looking almost bad on trump and mich now. Trump didn't know that guy. But theres videos and pictures them talking next to each other. Come on u trump lovers. Hes lying to u right in front your faces and u guys and gals are so dam.. gullible. I want dam government and a president for once work for us and also tells the truths.. stop voting stupid people to run our country… period!! U all being gullible

  30. McConnell wants to go home and eat a lot of cocaine😂😂😂Trump is a disgusting con artist, he will do something crazy in order to win and get away with his crimes from the 80's until now.

  31. This is what is typical. We expect deception sometimes…but this is incredible! We've always complained of the system not being fair for all people. However this is craziness. Our democracy has truly failed all of us if they (republicans) don't take this to task. No one is above the law! The Republicans look weak and feckless. Party of Law and order my azz!!!

  32. The Left are never satisfied. No matter what you give them they want more. They are never happy, never satisfied and never pleased. All you can do is shut them down and ignore them..

  33. All the BFF of Trump will go to jail.
    Come on RNC leaders, be on the line with the truth or else…. maybe ask Trevor Noah for advice…..

  34. The promise made and the promise kept. Over 3 years of planning and preparing and trying to impeach President Trump since he was elected from one thing lead to the other, from Russian collusion and Robert Mueller to the whistler blower. Finally,Nancy Pelosi,Nedler and Adam Schiff sent the article of the impeachment to the senate. The promise kept. In the same time president Trump also signed the trade deal phase one with China which no president is able to do in the past. President Trump also made the promises to the American people to have good trade deal with China, Mexico and Canada to protect the American workers and farmers and American industry which will create millions of new jobs. The promises made and the promises kept.

  35. DOA = Dead on Arrival.. The Dems should have had a Bi-Partsen vote. They didnt because they knew it would not pass, So they had partisan vote. The framers designed fail stops in the impeachment process for unfair situations just like this. So now the Senate will crush this with the same amount of fairness that the house offered. Dems want you to believe they actions are done by majority and what is true is that many many many people support this Great president. Pelosi should stop getting liquored up and slurring ……. and please have her clean up her SF district. There worst neighborhood in the US.. The Tenderloin….

  36. I can't wait to hear from Schiff and Nadler! People are going to be surprised at what all Trump has been up to!!! DVR is set and ready!!!!!

  37. The only hope for Trump is to make this trial a mockery. He's good at that, just look at his recent rallies about toilets and having to flush them ten times.

  38. You can’t have a trial without evidence. You seldom have evidence without witnesses. Also they cannot exonerate the president without a trial. Therefore I need to bring witnesses and evidence.

  39. Where did this all go wrong? What happened to make Senators not care!about this country and to be involved with corruption and all this racism not to mention all the other things. Time to put the ax down and do the right thing or what you do not only to the country but your own integrity will not ever be able to be fixed.

  40. Some people have commented that they fear what will happen when Trump is gone, they fear the newfound power of the Christian Right to enrage and inflame, perhaps even rise up. True or not, my bible tells me to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s – simply pay your taxes and worship your God. I don’t bother god anymore but so very many drool at the thought of their new worldly power.

  41. I am looking forward to reading this feed again after Trump is re-elected. Your field of wannabees' is so weak, its embarrassing. And if your reading this, you know it. This is the most cringeworthy period in history.
    You guys are so salty over criminal Hillary Clinton losing, you can't see the truth.

  42. What a farce.
    A ‘trial’ with a blocked documentary evidence, no witnesses and an openly declared predetermined outcome.
    A Soviet style rubber stamp for covering over corruption that the man and woman in the street can see clearly for themselves.
    How proud they all must feel.

  43. Wannabe mobsters getting played by the "enemy " ; a woman with a backbone and a sharp brain standing her ground. Brilliant stuff. Go Nancy!


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