100 thoughts to “Harry Dunn’s family spokesperson on Trump meeting: It was intimidating”

  1. Trump thinks he can do a shady deal about anything, even the death of a young UK citizen. The man has no sense of morals or ethics.

  2. This family asked to meet Sacoolas, they then decided that they would not meet her until she was back in the UK. This family has been dragged into a circus and paraded round the democrat news networks. When the networks are finished with them then they will cast aside. Radd Seiger is making a lot of money out of this

  3. Hay anyone who thinks Andrew Yang doesn't have a chance of winning, I encourage you to put what you think you know aside and have a good look at what is happening on the ground. His ideas are spreading person to person, building momentum and this is going to lead to exponential growth. The more time you spend with him, the more you will like him, watch a one of his long form interviews and see for yourself why he is going to win.

  4. Great, finally we have a President that doesn't kiss ass or take bullshit from anyone. Besides, the coward, pansy, pushover Obama that unbelievably bends over for the Queen of England and the Japanese Emperor. I thought we won the war with the blood and sacrifice of our brave against the Japanese Imperialists in the Pacific and Obama bend to this bastard. We are the United States of America and we don't bend to anyone but to God and our flag!

  5. Trump is a moron, his statement to help people grief is basically.. "People make mistakes and sometimes they don't make it" Insensitive and stupid.

  6. cnn using these people for political reasons to try and make the president look bad is disgusting,cnn could care less about what happen to there son. JACKASSES.


  8. You need to met her with your lawyer in a court house, only way even though it was an accident she needs to be investigated and made accountable.

  9. When Trump said "it happens (driving on the wrong side) a lot of people do it", he made it sound like, "oh that's ok , no big deal, happens all the time".
    I'm Norwegian, we drive on the right, meaning not on the left side, and I've bin driving in the U.K a number of times. I've never bin on the "wrong side", when driving there.

  10. The Anne Sacoolas is no better than any human being in Gods eyes. If she were a decent human being she would own up to her accident as we all would have to. Shes looking pathetic as a person thus far and anyone who covers up for her equally pathetic. And if Trumps religious why won't he encourage the woman to answer for it in court of law?

  11. Trump is a coward and surrounded by cowards! She wants to take responsibility? Then go the hell back to England and face justice you coward!

  12. This is a disgrace what this poor family was put through because this orange moron wanted to get a photo op and with that try to look like the great negotiator………DISGUSTING!!!! Not surprised by this heathen that has zero empathy or compassion for anything other than what he can get out of any situation for himself. Another embarassing situation for us created by this UNSTABLE MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. There's no way her diplomat husband is going to let her come to Britain to face justice. It was him who got her out of the country as soon as it was physically possible! Trump was trying to look good in front of the American camera's. The man's just condemned hundreds of Kurds to die! Does anyone think he's gonna give a shit about some brit on a bike?

  14. He thinks what he did was helpful? He has no thought or idea to others feelings. I am so sorry this happened to them. This woman needs to go forward and accept the consequences for her actions. Understood it was not intentional but it does not negate that she killed someone.

  15. hey.. but it not me that gonna live knowing that i killed a kid and the just flee like it never happen smh hope karma hit you like a train in full speed nasty bitch

  16. It happens? Sure driving on the wrong side in England. But not hit and RUN! Hit and run doesn’t just happen and it isn’t okay! If she was black I’m sure we’d be talking about her extradition and conviction.

  17. Look at the expression on the face of the woman just behind Trump. (I assume she is a WH stenographer.) At several points while Trump is talking she looks at him as though she wants to stab him in the ear with her pen.

  18. Anne Sacoolas sneaked back to the U.S. without facing any justice. This is the type of thing that the Saudis or Turks do.

  19. Anne says she wants to meet with the family and she's sorry ,wants to apologize and take responsibility. Well there is only one way to do all of what Anne is saying. Go back to Ukraine and turn yourself in. You have to face the consequences of the laws in that country. Someone lost their life and that's a serious crime. You will never be truly free if you don't face this in proper way.

  20. In not some many words the US is Harboring a criminal. We have been in Wars fighting for Humanity in other countries all around the world fighting against the Injustice and this is the position we take.

  21. Forget about Trump, because we all know he has zero self awareness, integrity, or empathy. The woman who killed the child should’ve had more sense than to even entertain that foolish idea smh

  22. If my son was killed in accident here in U.S. i would not get invite to white house. Normally you would have to go thru channels so you lucky for invite. Stop acting like ungrateful assholes. Hunt her down and run over the hit run woman if it brings you justice.

  23. Congrats they didn't want Trump to be the Mediator, Even Brits Know Trump is not a good Mediator. Sorry for your loss by the way.

    I am an American citizen.  I do not hold office, but I represent the recent (it's about time) majority of Americans who are trying to remove the criminals from the White House.  On behalf of all USA citizens (and screw those who do not agree), I wish to express how ashamed I am of the actions of my country in this matter, and extend condolences to the loved ones of the late Mr. Dunn.  I am ashamed of my country.  If our country continues to exist, and it may not, it will take decades to repair the damage that has been done by the insane criminal in control . . . damage both within our divided country and on the world stage . . . if it can be done at all.
    Many nations have shameful acts in our past history, and the USA and UK are no exception.  However for the last century or so, to a great degree, both great nations have been a beacon around the world representing hope for freedom and a paradigm for justice to more troubled evolving nations.  Perhaps now the UK must do this alone.
    If the USA has failed as recent events indicate, please remain steadfast as a nation and continue to carry this torch if we cannot rejoin you in this role.

    I know I speak for many in expressing my shame and embarrassment, and extending my condolences.  The parents of this victim have represented and upheld the well known traditions of Great Britain that demonstrate courtesy, dignity, and patience; setting a high standard and example for all . . . . and I(we) thank you for showing so much class and not acting like many of the lunatics and bigots that have been given license to run rampant by our own president . . . 

    It has been said that a British subject escaped justice in Japan in a similar incident.  I do not know if this is true, and I will not waste time checking . . . I mention it only to ask for your patience and understanding that our country is besieged at this moment and state the reminder that it is not a perfect world, and to consider the imperfections of human nature within us all.  The anger and disgust many British subjects have displayed is understandable and justified.

    Peace be with you.  
    Please allow us to clean house and hopefully attempt to regain your trust.
    The young Mr. Dunn shall be long remembered in many of our hearts.


  25. The point is that these ‘diplomats’ are permitted to get away with murder. They commit crimes that anyone else would go to jail for. It’s lawfully and morally wrong. Stop hiding behind curtain you gutless cowards.
    I’m hoping this family, and others who’ve been scared by these self-righteous criminals, band together and seek international retribution and justice.

  26. She keeps saying the the women needs to go back to the U.K to go through the justice system. She needs to understand that the women can NOT be prosecuted because of the Diplomatic immunity act of 1987. She can never be prosecuted no matter how awful the family feels. One person can not be prosecuted because of her diplomatic immunity. Many diplomats and/or their family members have broken laws in other countries, including many diplomats and/or family members breaking laws in America including rape and manslaughter. You can't just pick and choose who to prosecute, it's either all or none. To revoke the diplomatic immunity act, almost all the countries involved must agree. Good luck with that. It's a stupid law and should have never been implemented.

  27. It seems no one in the comments realize that the murderer just ran to the US to escape justice, instead blaming trump.
    I mean we all know trump is narcissistic, so we shouldn't have expected more than this from him… But this women should have been shipped over to the UK and be put in jail for life, she killed someone and ran off, then left the country using diplomatic immunity which she did not have as her husband wasn't working as a diplomat at that time!

  28. Another example of an attempt to abuse of power by this horrible president. I feel sorry for these parents to have gone through this all.

  29. Trump knows no shame. You can see why the more educated and cultured people of polite society never wanted anything to do with him. He has no manners and is extremely vulgar and he is always prone to saying something very stupid and/or offensive so he is not the type of person you want around at a classy event. He always tried to get invited to these big events but he could never understand why they wanted nothing to do with him. I guess this is why he started hosting his own stripper parties at Mar a Lago with the likes of Geoffrey Epstein.

  30. To the Dunn family: This was despicable act performed by a very unprincipled man. Please accept my personal apology as a US citizen and I sincerely hope you have the justice and closure to this most horrific and devastating loss to your family, community and humanity. My heart breaks for you.

  31. Interesting that the interviews this family is doing on the other side of the ocean………are spinning it as a total positive experience and are hopeful for justice.

  32. How much clout do these folks have in order to have the White House and Trump himself try to negotiate their murder trial evasion?
    That would not happen for anyone else.

  33. Funny how Trump failed to mention that she fled the scene and then fled the country !!!  Wonder if he'd say the same if a brit had done the same to one of his kids over here ??

  34. My condolences to these Parents and as an American Citizen, my Apologies for having to deal with such an un-empathic buffoon for what he is not President and endearing this moron intimedating you because that is what Asshole Bully do!!!! Glad you had a family friend there to tell Criminal Trumpf NO even though he kept pushing and pushing!!!! The entire World knows Criminal Trumpf is an embarrassment and for that I apologize, not because I voted for him because I did not, just having to be sucked into his ugly Chaos World, which Criminal Trumpf while you grieve and seek Justice for your son!!!!

  35. TRUMP said that it was "the most beautiful meeting but sad". I wonder . Is that a correct demeanour for bereavement ?? Trump has NO sympathy OR empathy in his body for serious occasions like these.It is not only the English language that is different but also the CULTURAL values are different

  36. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, holding back tears: 'Not many people have asked if I'm OK'
    No? Maybe nobody gives a rat's ass about the wench! Royal family so annoying

  37. I appreciate you hate filled CNN supporters comments that reminds us why we voted against you.
    Hate and racism lost that day.

  38. I guess they thought they wouldn't receive the same treatment as Sgt. Johnson's family did, smh. That's all I can say but RIP to their son.

  39. If she so wants to meet with the family that she has decimated, get on a plane and get to the UK and stop hiding in the USA behind diplomatic immunity. Yes, she might well have met the police in the UK but she got on a plane out of the country VERY quickly

  40. This absolutely breaks my heart you know if roles were reversed 45 would want the person sent back to the US. I can’t imagine what this family is going through and the hole that losing Harry must leave my heart goes out to them and I hope they get justice for Harry.

  41. Okay, now these fools have had their 15 minutes of fame – you’ve gotten your answer – no one is making Mrs. Sacoolas go back to the UK. She remained in the U.K. for three weeks after the accident! Accidents happen – go the hell back to your country, YOU ARE NOT CALLING THE SHOTS IN THIS COUNTRY! Give me a break /they want psychiatrists present BS! Again, you’re not calling the shots!
    I can’t stand it or them…… GOOD, they were told “she’s NOT GOING BACK TO THE UK. GIVE UP!
    I predict their next will to FILE SUIT and/or start a gofundme page!

  42. Just another episode in Trumps reality TV show!! That's how he sees it. No compassion for these people who are grieving the loss of their son. He has no shame.

  43. Wait let me get this straight, she commented a crime in England and somehow was allowed to leave the country???!!! WTF no class none whatsoever, these people need justice for their child.

  44. Trump then could say how great his ratings were when he ambushed these poor people grieving their son. Despicable

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