Harmonious Monks  – World News (Official Music Video)

Harmonious Monks – World News (Official Music Video)

Fuck an assumption!
I’m buckin’ at Donnie Trump and
Then somethin’ is bein’ done and
I promise a storm is comin’!
No runnin’ from nothin’!
I am
A Native Son of Orion
Attackin’ the wacker masses–
To get em cryin’ like onions!
The gun is my fuckin’ written;
I’m makin’ you eat ether…
You didn’t see this angry shit comin’?
Well me neither!
A nativist is trash on the road;
I’m a street sweeper.
Sayin’ “Fuck yo western science!”
While flippin’ off Dr. Isaac
‘Cause it’s Huey Newton’s turn
To get hectic with E. Cleaver.
Take me to your leader!
Hopefully somebody’s ‘gon cut ‘im before
He tries to kill Britain with heatseekers…
People, y’all should understand:
I’m no ordinary man; Got brothas like
But this ain’t Leave it to Beaver!
This a Revolutionary Black Grim Reaper!
Hide the women and children;
I blame the fact that your teachers
Didn’t educate the Populace:
Kept Africa Anonymous…
So step back, this Jet Black knight is gettin’
them heads slashed.
I rap great, to make cat’s late, but never
Our set drags your national pride across the
dead grass
If you was thinkin’ buildin a wall would
not be a step back!

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