100 thoughts to “Hannity: US is less safe thanks to the latest partisan witch hunt”

  1. If a person listens in to a phone call without warrant and then uses information collected through illegal means and attempts to present this as evidence in a legal proceeding, any Judge worth a crap would specifically exclude that "evidence" as illegally obtained and as such fruit of the poison tree. That has been the standard of evidence for 200 years. The Democrats want to introduce information "allegedly" that was obtained via illegal means. As such it is not admissible in a court of law not to mention a legally binding Congressional Action. The Dems cannot legally use anything produced so far.

  2. I wouldn't think that fox is fake news but Hannity claims they want to ban planes and cows so could someone point me to where I can find who said that? Also Hannity claims the US is energy self sufficient however in 2018 the US imported 61.4 THw of electricity from Canada.

  3. the US is on the verge of A Cultural brake down. IN 20 years.. there's gonna be another civil wars if these goofs keep getting there way!!
    Drain the swamp!!! LOCK HER UP!!!!

  4. Of course it will backfire ! Thats what happens when you listen to and follow the advice of a pack of emty headed morons..

  5. I wonder if this is thier strategy ? Get rid of trump then get rid pence and the speaker automatically assumes the presidency !

  6. She looks like witch all she needs is a broom..they should impeach her instead these demrats are embarrassing to our country. Very stupid, they tried everything on this PRESIDENT they always come up with bs n empty handed….people you better wake up vote red period!!

  7. Okay Sean so what are you going to do about it are you are on your little platform what are you going to do
    Talk talk talk that's what you paid for to talk and you're not obliged to do anything more than that so you don't
    I know you think you're doing America great service bah humbug
    I've not heard you once invoke anyting about Christianity about Christ's return no no no that'll build build drive you right off the air right
    You need to be there stoking the fires that's how you get paid important ratings viewers money your fraud

  8. We are going to have to decend on Washington 2 or 3 mil deep and demand the ousting of career politicians, republicans and dems. They will continue until the people speak.

  9. Hannity, there is 1 thing you have failed to report on that the American people want answers to. We want to know exactly witch people, as in each persons name, has committed treason against the American people and what is being done to punish them people. Until the American people hear that any thing that comes out of a news reporters mouth is nothing more than the same old HOT AIR!

  10. I hate Democrats more than anyone I know, but Jesus Christ Hannity is a shill.
    Trump is blatantly guilty of trying to bribe a foreign leader to dig up dirt on a political opponent. This is illegal and impeachable. It's literally spelled out in the constitution.

  11. Compare this hysterical name calling hack with the reasoned fact based tone on CNN which is supported by the best legal minds in the country. The info for UKRAINEGATE comes from Trump appointees who were outraged by his conduct Its one thing for TRUMP to steal tax payer money by "suggesting " that the military stay in his failing hotels . [ts something far worse when he risks war by witholding aid from a US ally for his personal political reasons . Trump deserves to be dragged from the WH & hangged upside down like Mussolini who he greatly admires

  12. I’m glad hannity told me I wasn’t safe. I’m glad he’s here with his firearm. As long as said threat is on the ground and in the midst of reloading, then possibly he could save us.


  14. It didn't just damage our national security it also compromised the new Ukrainian leader who must be especially pissed at this point.

  15. What the democrats are doing is their major donors bidding like Soros, If they don't push impeachment they could lose campaign funding. I call this quid-pro-quo by the democrat party.

  16. Republicans are the ones who will be on the record for their vote. Do they support the constitution (checks and balances) or a criminal president? Sean is deceptive everyday.

  17. The president was protecting us from more of the same corrupted shifty untrustworthy politician. Biden is bought and under influences that are not to our benefit. Thank you Mr. President.

  18. If anyone could accept one word that comes out the mouth of that grotesque creature Pelosi, from this point on wards would have to have serious mental issues. After that earnest speech, telling us with authority about Trumps wrong doing with absolutely no evidence is beyond wrong. She reminds me of a small burrowing rodent.

  19. Democratic party is being run by a Bartender!  That is her credentials, she was a Bartender!  Pelosi is a pre senile old woman, that why she can't lead the party!

  20. All the news from the clown Hannity, lmfao. It has to do with Trump asking a foreign power to help him win an election, it is so stated in the transcript that he released.

  21. Opener “I am going to give you all of the facts”
    Then continues to spew anti left hatred with zero facts and only opinions

  22. So proud! If the illegimate putin implantation pig shot my mom on 5th ave I would still vote for the traitor. 🎉🎉🎉🎉😃😃

  23. "They can't except that he won."
    This may be the first time in a long time that the people and not "The Deep State" actually chose the president.

    I keep coming back to the e-mail written to Podesta by globalist Bill Ivey.

    'And as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.

    The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking – and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging.' -Bill Ivey.

  24. Trump is one step ahead, they don't care that they look like imbeciles, if he hadn't made them defend themselves, we wouldn't realize how incompetent they are, have been, they fear irrelevance, no power, they feed on, vampires feeding off American's.

  25. Sorry about all the duplicate posts…I'm not sure why this is happening? I only hit the "enter" key once…and lightly but it keeps happening so I'm giving up on this computer and no more posts…

  26. Sorry about all the duplicate posts…I'm not sure why this is happening? I only hit the "enter" key once…and lightly but it keeps happening so I'm giving up on this computer and no more posts…

  27. Sorry about all the duplicate posts…I'm not sure why this is happening? I only hit the "enter" key once…and lightly but it keeps happening so I'm giving up on this computer and no more posts…

  28. Sorry about all the duplicate posts…I'm not sure why this is happening? I only hit the "enter" key once…and lightly but it keeps happening so I'm giving up on this computer and no more posts…

  29. Watch the movies OUTFOX and the BRAINWASHING of MY DAD. The first one shows tactics done by FOX. Wanna claim a lie without saying it came from you? Say,"SOME PEOPLE SAY" Hannity is shown saying that a lot. In, the Brainwashing. It shows a man, that was not political, hated no one. Then, started watch FOX and listening to Conservative talk radio. Then, began hating any one who is not white. Ever noticed that their talk radio brings up the same subject on any given day?

  30. Since it's not a crime, looks like Pelosi and the House now have permission to contact foreign countries and ask for a "favor" just in time for the 2020 election. Important to let that foreign leader know that the House has the power to derail U.S. aid to their country before asking for a favor though. Maybe ask the Mexican president to investigate the failed trump Baja resort and the lawsuit against trump for fraud. Or perhaps they could ask one of the Arab countries where trump does business to do them a favor and investigate his businesses that went belly up there, you know, so nothing blocks those oil exports that make them so much money.

  31. for an old person lke you nadler pelosi schiff, quit your hate to an individual. for us people not in politics, for us people out here, we are always reminded by same people like us not to hate, let it go. How many more years does each of you have left before you rest in the grave? Trump is not that bad of a person that every time you three wake up in the morning you feel hatred for him. IF Trump did you three wrong, learn to forgive and move on. Focus instead of improving the welfare of the people of the US of A.

  32. What is impeachment? Remember the house is like a grand jury, where simple majority is need to impeach, but the Senate is where the real teeth are at, it would take 67/100 votes to remove the President. There are not 67 votes even if you include every know RINO's in the Senate (like Mitt, Collins, etc)–so really what we seeing today is Political theater, designed to smear the President before an election. They hope you will be disgusted with the whole Process and vote him out. Because as of now, they seem incapable of winning an election.

  33. Certain Dems much more concerned with self and status than national security, let alone cooperating w/ Pres to protect nation.!

  34. With that said the dnc is putting us all in harms way these people must be charged and removed from office now, they are not doing the job and they are wasting our tax paying money, how much damage are they going to allow these people to do to our country, they must go now, enough is enough already

  35. You truly are delusional and probably smoke crack daily… You really need serious help you're mentally disabled along with. Donald Dump.

  36. Adam Shifty shaft and Auntie Nancy Pelosi of course is getting ahead of the narrative and spending it as well as a double headed spider can!!! This is embarrassing to America and I cannot stand how this is going!! Of course the Ukrainian government has been trying to get this information to us for about two years since Joe Biden said those words with a puffed-up chest like he is the boss!! The Ukrainian government wanted this to come out so where are we going with all this Democrats?? Embarrassing??!! Isn't it??

  37. 4:10 – God, Nancy is just babbling a bunch of nonsense. I seriously want this woman drug tested. She has some major drug problem going on.

  38. It would be so nice to see Trump sweep the elections at record historical levels. The Democratic Party needs to just dissolve. They are completely useless to the American people now.

  39. This is what I was thinking from the beginning, more spying and phone tapping. What other explanation is there? And now how can anyone trust that their conversations will not be put out to the public, that's pretty important. Doesn't matter if you like Trump or not you have to see the seriousness of this but it seems to me that Dems followers/voters just think this is some kind of game :/

    These people doing these things need to be gone period!

  40. I had an pre dream of 3 country's attacking us from different sides .I didn't sleep well afterwards! They are grouping up in the future to attack us on our land.the large migration is and tool to have people in place Military age men to be there to fight.they are running these people out for an reason and weakened European countries first because they are the smaller countries..They are unknowingly helping the other countries to attack us.because of this anmosity for the President!

  41. Huge favor. America hasn't believed media or Dems for years. Amazingly they still trying to remove a president without a crime!!!!!

  42. Hannity on June 4th "Inspector General Michael Horowitz could be released “any day now” and that “it may now have already been handed over to the attorney general.” STILL WAITING FOR THIS HANNITY

  43. "we will give you all the news and the information the "mob" will never give you", I'm sorry to say this is not news at all but a political platform in salvage mode.

  44. The FACT that cortez drove 25,000 jobs from her district (ala Amazon) has nothing to do with her constituents feeling the pinch of President Trump's policies I'm sure. (SARCASM)

  45. sure america is less safe because you NEVER tell both sides of the news. you're a shill for trump and everyone knows it. cnn is not much better.

  46. Talk about projection! All they ever seen to talk about is this "Trump hatred" which they seem convinced must be a real thing because they harboured such deep animosity towards Barrack Obama! The right seems to always accuse the left of their own worst aspects & seem unable to understand how people can genuinely have a different world view or be animated by different goals & desires than their own?!

  47. Dicktator Trump and his criminal administration finally got caught and is going down and all his Kool-aid drinking brownnosers will be dragged down with him too. Oh, the misery those who were duped by this snake oil salesman will feel. Trading tax dollars of support for an ally for political purposes is treasonous. If you support tRump you are a traitor to the US.

  48. I don't know if Hannity and Tucker are helping or destroying Trump any longer? They provide a lot of information that favors the Democrats. They should deliver some kind of facts, not just feelings, if they want to help Trump.

  49. I’m sorry but if you can’t see that this is actually a serious and illegal situation (not just by opinion but by blatant law) then you have a problem.

  50. I don’t understand the purpose of complaining about an investigation. If trump is innocent, then you have nothing to worry about. But the fact that you keep complaining makes me feel like you are worrying because you don’t think trump is innocent

  51. From what I hear America has never been a safe country what with constant murders, rapes,gun shootings,people going missing,drug dealers and kidnappings so stop kidding yourself a less safe country, never ever been a safe country

  52. Grown folks acting like children We might as well turn the government over to a bunch of third graders. I think they could do a better job.

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